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How to Approach, Attract and Seduce Women: The Seven Day Intensive Crash Course by Dwight White How to Approach, Attract and Seduce Women: The Seven Day Intensive Crash Course by Oct. 15, 2018 $15.00 12,820 words
How to Approach, Attract and Seduce Women: The Seven Day Intensive Crash Course
The Hands of Thyme by H. D. Huddle The Hands of Thyme by Oct. 15, 2018 $3.99 80,260 words Sample 20%
In 1911 the ethereal world awakens after a century of rest as it has done countless times before. Chosen to represent the balance between good and evil on Earth, it is left in the hands of a seemingly ordinary human woman to claim the final victory of a battle that has waged since the beginning of time.
Rebel: Part Three of The Riptide Series by Brooke Page Rebel: Part Three of The Riptide Series by Oct. 15, 2018 $3.99 62,730 words Sample 20%
I’m coming to pick up the pieces. To rebuild what I broke. I was mistaken when I thought taking down my father would restore my faith in love. Lauren did that with just a flash of a smile. She’s who I need, Whom I desire. The only person on this planet that I trust. I’m not leaving until I have her.
Waiting for You (Indigo Series #2) by Kate McBrien Waiting for You (Indigo Series #2) by Oct. 15, 2018 $2.99 76,220 words Sample 20%
Do you believe love can transcend time? A shy art historian. A sexy rock star. A medieval cross that holds a secret.
Touch Up: A Rose & Thorns Novel by J.A. Rock Touch Up: A Rose & Thorns Novel by Oct. 15, 2018 $3.99 57,310 words Sample 10%
A movie star with a firm anti-retouching stance falls in hate and then love with the photo artist who deliberately Photoshopped her on a magazine cover.
All the Dogs are Dancing by J.M. Goguen All the Dogs are Dancing by Oct. 15, 2018 $6.49 85,090 words Sample 20%
Werewolves Burner and Aaron fight for their love and survival in post-apocalyptic America.
Legacy Strain by Taylor Brooke Legacy Strain by Oct. 15, 2018 $5.99 61,130 words Sample 20%
War is on the horizon. After fleeing the white-walled labyrinth where Brooklyn and her friends were caged, trained, tortured, and studied, the group of renegade Omens prepare for the fight of their lives. But an unexpected arrival from Kirin—the dangerous, secret project Juneau has kept locked away in Isolation’s main facility—complicates things.
Faith by Archie Hellshire Faith by Oct. 15, 2018 $3.99 30,370 words Sample 20%
Tuck’s not sure what’s going on. He’s not sure what the truth is or who to trust. He’s not sure they’re going to make it out of this. And as the night wears on, he’s not sure how he really feels about Sam anymore. Sam is always sure about Tuck, though, and Tuck isn’t going to let him down.
Freelance (Star Minds Lone Wolves) by Barbara G.Tarn Freelance (Star Minds Lone Wolves) by Oct. 15, 2018 $3.99 32,620 words Sample 20%
Elsa's story. Icy Aya's mentorm born blind and with albinismm manages to carve her way into the world of adventurers and rogues. A Star Minds novella
Deadly Revenge by Nancy Kay Deadly Revenge by Oct. 15, 2018 $3.99 79,810 words Sample 20%
A former Marine is captivated by an alluring widow until a sniper's bullet shatters the illusion his covert past is behind him. Culinary herb gardener Ada Blaine lost her husband at a tender age. To survive she channeled a family tradition into a successful business.
Christmas Poems The Calling of Christmas by Veronia Wilson Christmas Poems The Calling of Christmas by Oct. 15, 2018 You set the price! 9,290 words Sample 20%
Christmas is finally here. The breezes blows softly through the leaves with the harmony of Noel, Noel. As we all decided to have a Merry Christmas, the merrier the better. Laughter fills our homes with the breathe of love. Poems to be read and reread. To fill our minds with welcoming of good tiding and new discovery. Christmas happened because it was fitting...... to give up one's very self.
Broken Halo (Saints and Sinners 1) by Dayo Benson Broken Halo (Saints and Sinners 1) by Oct. 15, 2018 $2.99 53,980 words Sample 20%
What do you call a knight in shining armor if the knight is a woman? I’m trying not to stare at this blonde knockout when I get robbed. I don’t expect the blonde to chase the thief, blast him with pepper spray, and retrieve my money. And that’s how I met Chloe Campbell. The last thing I need is my lady knight thinking she can save me in other ways.
Apparition Lit, Issue 4: Diversion (October 2018) by ApparitionLit Apparition Lit, Issue 4: Diversion (October 2018) by Oct. 15, 2018 $2.99 21,380 words Sample 20%
Welcome to Apparition Literary Magazine! As the fourth issue of our magazine, our theme was Diversion. We wanted stories that distracted you or took you off the beaten path. Apparition Lit is a quarterly speculative fiction magazine that features short stories and poetry. We publish original content with enough emotional heft to break a heart, with prose that’s as clear and delicious as broth.
Owl Manor - the Dawning by Zita Harrison Owl Manor - the Dawning by Oct. 15, 2018 $2.99 110,080 words
Stifled by the status of women in the 1800s, trapped in a loveless marriage, Eva is dissatisfied and frustrated. Fate leads her to the Rocky Mountains during the gold rush in 1859, where she finds unexpected hope at Owl Manor, a strange, dark place with owls in the very fabric of its walls. But Shadows wander the dim corridors, and the owner of the manor is moody and volatile. Can he be trusted?
Glory in the Flower by Karen Elizabeth Hann Glory in the Flower by Oct. 15, 2018 $5.99 130,100 words Sample 20%
Two sisters... HIV. In the space of a breath, Kate’s golden life is shattered, her marriage is turned on edge, and her unborn child is at risk. Mia lost her trust in a loving God long ago. Caught in a downward spiral, fueled by futile longing, she makes one final attempt at redemption. Two sisters learn the meaning of betrayal, faith, and suffering.
Thunderstruck - Verse 1: The Return of the Divide by Justin Bedard Thunderstruck - Verse 1: The Return of the Divide by Oct. 15, 2018 $0.99 49,940 words Sample 15%
Tracking down Alice after she's flown the coop proves pretty disastrous for the Divide as their nationwide tour goes wrong in the worst of ways. Before they know it, they're whisked off to San Francisco to help overthrow a tyrannical government. Unfortunately for Joey, they're stuck working with the black metal band Matricide, and he soon realizes things are about to get a lot harder for him.
Seed by Aya DeAniege Seed by Oct. 15, 2018 $2.99 97,820 words Sample 10%
As a vampire, Kazimir DeElysia has grown accustomed to doing things his way, and he always gets his way when mortals are involved. That is, until Ashley Wright, a mortal of some talents, finds him in his favourite bar and asks for his help in her search for her father.
Stepping Out, A Journey of the Soul by Kim Laliberte Stepping Out, A Journey of the Soul by Oct. 15, 2018 $16.99 77,090 words Sample 20%
This story of discovery and recovery is for every believer who sits in church week after week wondering why they are not experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised. Kim tells of a painful time in her life when she stepped out of Jesus’ footsteps into sin and how God lovingly drew her back. He gave her victory, soul healing, freedom and joy beyond what she ever experienced or believed possible.
Selected Stories: Horror and Dark Fantasy by Kevin J Anderson Selected Stories: Horror and Dark Fantasy by Oct. 15, 2018 $5.99 121,820 words Sample 20%
This volume features Kevin J. Anderson’s wide-ranging imagination in the horror and dark fantasy genre. Read of a creepy Wisconsin small town, rock stars raised from the dead, vampires, werewolves, zombies, murderers and sorcerers…and the heroes who battle them.
Building Forever by Kelly Jensen Building Forever by Oct. 15, 2018 $4.99 81,230 words Sample 15%
A new town, a new neighbor, and a new chance to build a forever....
The Mystery of Wicklow Hall by Sandra Maggs The Mystery of Wicklow Hall by Oct. 15, 2018 $0.99 22,120 words Sample 20%
The gift of time travel is a blessing for Bess Hooper, but sometimes the people that she meets along the way can only add to the confusion. In an effort to get to know herself better, Bess encounters another traveller. After a brief conversation, she begins to solve yet another mystery. But who is the girl in the boxroom and how do you find an answer for crime that's already been solved?
Poncha Springs, Denver Cereal V17 by Claudia Hall Christian Poncha Springs, Denver Cereal V17 by Oct. 15, 2018 $2.99 94,260 words
Everything is in motion in this volume of the beloved serial fiction, Denver Cereal. The past years of healing have left our friends in Denver Cereal ready to take real risks on new beginnings with characteristic craziness. Poncha Springs is classic Denver Cereal with great relationships and filled with action where fantasy, paranormal, and everyday life connect to make Denver Cereal.
Seduction of Guilt by Emma Calin Seduction of Guilt by Oct. 15, 2018 $0.99 71,020 words Sample 15%
Widowed Helen and Lanza, a police dog team of trust and loyalty. A terrorist gunshot and her only friend is down. In her desperate loneliness a superstar singer takes her hand. Can tough-yet-gentle Marco rebuild her life? Can love survive her fight against hate and terror?
Gruesome Tales From A Broken Mind by Berek Morris Gruesome Tales From A Broken Mind by Oct. 15, 2018 $0.99 11,090 words Sample 20%
A collection of psychological short story thrillers. These stories encompass such subject matters as drug addiction, knife fights, inner voices, imprisonment, nightmares, and much more.
Worth the Wait by KLRamsey Worth the Wait by Oct. 15, 2018 $1.99 61,900 words Sample 20%
Tag Harrison never met a woman as stubborn as Piper Flynn. Fifty-two times he’s asked her out, and she has turned him down each and every time. Will Tag be able to help Piper get over her painful past to move on to a future with him?
Motivatitry by Khali Raymond Motivatitry by Oct. 15, 2018 $1.99 2,780 words
Feel the essence of nature and motivation with this new collection of poems by Khali Raymond.
Lost in the Quagmire by Jay Ruud Lost in the Quagmire by Oct. 15, 2018 $3.99 119,270 words
When Sir Galahad arrives in Camelot, his vision of the Holy Grail at Pentecost inspires the entire fellowship of the round table to rush off in quest of the most holy relic. But when knight after knight turns up dead or seriously injured, Gildas and Merlin begin to suspect some sinister force behind the grail madness.
French Quarter Clues: The Mystery House Series #3 by Eva Pohler French Quarter Clues: The Mystery House Series #3 by Oct. 15, 2018 $4.99 62,800 words
When Ellen and Sue discover that a demon is attached to Tanya, the three friends fly to New Orleans to enlist the help of a Voodoo high priestess. Soon they learn that Tanya's life depends on them finding and consecrating the remains of a "Devil Child," cared for by Delphine LaLaurie and Marie Laveau.
Mental State by M. Todd Henderson Mental State by Oct. 15, 2018 $3.99 83,470 words
MENTAL STATE by M. Todd Henderson is about two brothers learning about each other in death, and about the things people will do when convinced they are in the right.
Сладкият Апокалипсис (Есе За Днешната Загиваща Цивилизация) by Ochnavi Atatoj Сладкият Апокалипсис (Есе За Днешната Загиваща Цивилизация) by Oct. 15, 2018 $0.99 5,320 words Sample 25%
In Bulgarian. Този материал е посветен на залеза на нашата цивилизация, в което ние ме вярваме особено, защото това не се усеща като загиване, тя /мирише/ добре, обаче това е залез, което е очевидно за тези, които се замислят за това.
Spit and Pathos by Sumiko Saulson Spit and Pathos by Oct. 15, 2018 $2.99 54,610 words Sample 20%
Spit and Pathos is a collection of short horror stories, beat poetry about love, death, and grief, and essays on African American literature and black womanhood by Sumiko Saulson. Born in the wake of the death of her former fiancé Gregory Hug, the collection includes award-winning essays and short stories such as "When We First Become Other"
Interdictum by Allen Kuzara Interdictum by Oct. 15, 2018 $0.99 51,660 words Sample 20%
(Book 2 in the Anti Life Series) An impending anti-life attack is expected, and Alvarez is suddenly thrust into action as the new face of Novos diplomacy. He must thrash against the slow-moving wheels of corporate leadership and convince holdouts from other settlements to join the inter-corporate defense strategy. But can he do it in time to give mankind a fighting chance?
Meteor Mags: The Battle of Vesta 4 and Other Tales by Matthew Howard Meteor Mags: The Battle of Vesta 4 and Other Tales by Oct. 14, 2018 $4.95 61,930 words
Four action-packed stories full of anarchy, asteroids, and excessive ammunition continue The Adventures of Meteor Mags and Patches! Hoist the Jolly Roger and get ready to rock! Join Meteor Mags and her fun-loving crew at the birthday party of a lifetime—until death rains down from the sky! Strap on your battle armor for the most brutal, barbaric, blood-soaked fight of your life!
A butterfly called hope by Lieper publication A butterfly called hope by Oct. 14, 2018 $2.99 7,550 words Sample 20%
Penning down her thoughts into words, Sweedle D'souza brings to you her debut book to evoke your inner desire to make all of your wishes come true . Comprising a collection of poems and short stories ,she blends each of them with different themes relatable to common day to day life situations. From soul touching heartbreaks to uplifting tales of inspiration, get ready to enter the simple yet effe
Bewitched by Roxie Brandon Bewitched by Oct. 14, 2018 $0.99 24,660 words Sample 20%
Emma’s sister is missing and she knows who is responsible, Jeff, the vampire Prince who wishes to force her to marry him. But, Emma refuses to marry Jeff and bear the half-witch, half-vampire child he wishes for. There’s only one man good enough to locate where Jeff is hiding, and that’s Dylan, the werewolf tracker...
Logical-mathematical Intelligence by Dhruv Logical-mathematical Intelligence by Oct. 14, 2018 Free! 750 words Read a sample
This article is about logical-mathematical intelligence which is one of nine multiple intelligences proposed by the famous developmental psychologist, Howard Gardner.
A Score Settled (Book Two) by Kim Hunter A Score Settled (Book Two) by Oct. 14, 2018 $5.40 61,930 words Sample 20%
A Score Settled is the second in the series and will leave you holding your breath unable to wait for the conclusion. Will Davey Wiseman be made to pay for his sins or will he outwit her once again, forcing Shauna’s plan to fail?
The Constant Tourist by John Dodsworth The Constant Tourist by Oct. 14, 2018 Free! 2,810 words Read a sample
Welcome to another reality, where skyscrapers ascend the clouds and humanoid hybrids walk the streets with everyday people. In this mind bending exploration of of time, identity and self-worth, we will attempt to decipher what lies at the core of our humanity, all the while being lead along by a mysterious man in a black suit and red tie...
Facebook Ads made Simple by Joshua seng Facebook Ads made Simple by Oct. 14, 2018 $20.00 1,520 words
Written by Singaporean marketer Joshua Seng on how to create detailed targeted facebook ads to sell anything.
Shadowsite Chronicles - Book 2 ~ Tides of Change by Mike Deregowski Shadowsite Chronicles - Book 2 ~ Tides of Change by Oct. 14, 2018 $3.99 73,600 words Sample 10%
Bruce Stryker feels like he is meant for greatness. What he doesn’t know is that he is right! Follow him as he continues his journey in the world of Heroria, where he will make new friends, new enemies, gain powers, and potentially save or destroy the new world. His destiny awaits! Book 2 follows the Awakening in Book 1 with Bruce's realization that he is not the only one with powers.
Edge.Zero De beste Nederlandse genreverhalen uit 2017 by Edge Zero Edge.Zero De beste Nederlandse genreverhalen uit 2017 by Oct. 14, 2018 Free! 103,020 words
De derde editie van EdgeZero geeft je de mooiste verhalen die in 2017 zijn gepubliceerd of hebben meegedaan aan fantastische verhalenwed-strijden. Een vakkundige jury van schrijvers, uitgevers, redacteurs en recensenten heeft zich voor deze editie over meer dan 150 verhalen gebogen en een top 15 geselecteerd van gerenommeerde auteurs en aanstormend talent.
Children's Short Stories & Poems - Volume 5 by Uncle John Children's Short Stories & Poems - Volume 5 by Oct. 14, 2018 $2.61 11,350 words Sample 20%
This is volume 5 of children’s short stories and poems by Uncle John. Once again it is full of your favourite characters enjoying great adventures. Children all around the world have fallen in love with stitches the bear. I can understand why, he is so lovely.
Historia Política de Colombia Parte II by Manuel Arteaga Hernández Historia Política de Colombia Parte II by Oct. 14, 2018 $7.99 112,070 words Sample 10%
Historia Política de Colombia escrita cuatro manos por los académicos Manuel Arteaga Hernández y Jaime Arteaga Carvajal, es un compendio de sucesos importantes a lo largo de la compleja existencia socio-política del país, como consecuencia de la conquista y colonización española del hemisferio americano, que desde la época de su hallazgo en el siglo XV fue denominado con el mote de Nuevo Mundo.
Demonstrated For Your Entertainment by Dustin Lewit Demonstrated For Your Entertainment by Oct. 14, 2018 $0.99 390 words Sample 15%
A piece of flash fiction written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit. Copyright 2018 by Dustin Schuyler Lewit. All rights reserved.
Rebel Destiny by Leslie Hodgins Rebel Destiny by Oct. 14, 2018 $7.99 107,850 words Sample 10%
Two Worlds - Two Women - Once Purpose The two worlds, Zemĕ, and Kalypso, so different - just like the two women who come from them. Although their lives are so different, both are independent and know what they are after in life. One focuses on survival, while the other dreams of discovery. Their purpose: love and destiny...
Bloodlines by Karen Probert Bloodlines by Oct. 14, 2018 $2.99 46,610 words Sample 5%
The author of Fragments of Lives and Colouring Our Lives, both collections of realistic short story fiction, brings you the short story that got away! In her first novella, Karen weaves intriguing plot lines and believable, likable characters, whose lives and discoveries will encourage you to want to discover who you are and where you came from, too.
Evanescent Death by Bob Young Evanescent Death by Oct. 14, 2018 $5.99 73,630 words Sample 5%
C. K. discovers what his rich past experiences can do to make him a son, boyfriend, husband, father, and member of his community. Can he live a “happily ever after life” this time?
Cupid's Light by Tami Lund Cupid's Light by Oct. 14, 2018 $2.99 63,700 words Sample 20%
Adora Adone is a hapless Cupid with a lousy track record. She has one last chance: Find shifter Matt Tigre a mate or lose her wings. Should be easy enough. Shifters are some of the easiest species to mate with one another. Except Matt doesn't want a mate. He's been burned in the past, and he's not interested in a future with another shifter. Now with the Cupid, on the other hand...
Stocking Stuffers - A Christmas Short Story Collection by J.E. McKnight Stocking Stuffers - A Christmas Short Story Collection by Oct. 14, 2018 $1.99 21,300 words Sample 5%
Stories and poetry with a holiday theme! Stocking Stuffers makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the reader on your list.
Cassie's Bears by Luna Black Cassie's Bears by Oct. 14, 2018 $3.99 33,560 words Sample 5%
Thin, hot and fresh out of college, Cassie chases her dreams and meets four hot men who show her that she’s able to dream far larger than she ever thought possible.