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Nifty-What Next?


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Market-this word has changed many lives over time in good or in bad ways. There is a long history how markets have emerged from a few people, to ring trading to latest trading even from your mobile on a finer tip. I believe that everything is associated with each other in society and market is not different from it. I don’t find anything bad in markets but as Warren Buffet says everyone wants to be millionaire here overnight and no one wants to wait. Financial frauds are basically result of greed; people don’t use their brain that they are being duped into non-sense lucrative schemes. I really admire those people who have spent their lives into markets and business and have evolved value to themselves and to investors. There can be numerous examples where waiting has paid exponential returns, because a business doesn’t grow overnight, as it is said that Investing is like waiting for paint on the wall getting dry, or again as Buffet says that You cannot make nine women pregnant and get a child in a month. Since last collapse in 2008, again the Euphoria of market was such that there is no ending! Since December 2017 we were of view that this market shouldn’t sustain just because people are pouring more and more money the technicals and fundamentals of market were going out of hand and market touched 11,000 heights for first time, obviously we were happy as our portfolio grow multi fold in few time, but we were cautious also because Market is not designed to give you fruits just like that, and after starting of 2018 we saw FIIs taking money out and market reached 9700, and again market took momentum and reached life time high of 11700. Reasons can only be discussed and it changes every time why market reached top or bottom? But the main thing I always give importance is of learning. But in markets people generally forget basics in lure of big profits and get hammered by bears very brutally. There is a story of an investor getting a tip from shoe polish boy and he started selling in 1929; similarly, was the Bitcoin boom, I must say that we didn’t get it right and missed an opportunity, but we were sure that this cannot sustain for long and people will very brutal lesson sooner or later. In 2011, I came up to know about the thing called Bit Coin and it really fascinated me. At that time being a student of ICAI I submitted article for student magazine but was rejected due to regulatory purposes and now I am laughing on them, this is the basic reason why always FIIs take the major profits out of our markets, we always stick to some non-sense reasons because the people in positions are not well equipped and have no knowledge of how World is changing. I was never in support of Bit Coin but the Block Chain technology behind it can bring a change how we live today, but this also is not full proof because basic tendency to dupe people cannot be changed. In the name of such crypto investment many people have become victim of fraud. I got the signal of this euphoria to collapse when a cola seller gave me tip to buy Bitcoin because he had invested some Rs. 50,000, remember the story shoe polish boy, I got the sure how market works and this was destined to collapse, because any value inclined to a specific asset is just because of its demand and supply. Though you may be having an asset worth trillion but it is useless if no one is there to buy. We are not worried much about markets because we are here for life time, we consider this as our business and we don’t want to get millionaire overnight. We are ready to give time and effort. I also suggest to people those who are involved into markets that before the emergence to technology into markets it was very difficult to analyze but today there are many sources readily available to study, and there are many dedicated people working in markets. People doesn’t want to put efforts but want profits this doesn’t work for long.

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