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Episode 3


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Episode 3

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First Publication: October 2018

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To my husband and children for all their support. Love you guys!

A shout-out goes to Jesse and Alexander Bettin for their helpful input!

And to all the people who love a crazy short story filled with drama and characters who aren’t afraid of a fight! That sure does includes Rockie!

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Settle down, I don’t think so. Wandering and fighting are in my Gypsy blood.

I need to sell this b*tch.

Being in this monstrosity of an apartment complex with all these uniquely crazy tenants is having a negative affect on me. My system is so out of whack I’m taking extra doses of fish oil pills every damn day.

Darkolicious and Yellowlicious are at it today but they better not f**k up my sell.

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YOSKA DRAPER – Inherited a mansion that was turned into an apartment complex from his unknown Pimp Daddy uncle, Gitano. AKA Guardian Troll

COMFREY REYNOLDS – Songwriter, Photographer who pays rent with sex. AKA Cookie Maker

ESSIE SOMMERS – Abandoned Teen who is riding for free. AKA Rainbow Teen

JAVIER SOLVAIR – Resident Barefoot, Drug Dealer. AKA Spinning Drug Dealer

ADRIAN FLETCHER – Sexy as fuck Crossdresser who can kick ass. AKA Crossdresser

CARTER MONTGOMERY – Wise, Dark Beautifully Skinned, Symmetrically perfect Yoga instructor with an English accent. He is calm…most of the time. AKA Darkolicious

SANG SANCHEZ – Asian-Hispanic boyfriend of Carter who also has an English accent as well as a foot fetish. AKA Yellowlicious

RILEY AGUERRA – Big eared guy who is lost as fuck…until he isn’t. AKA Big Ears

SHEA BACINO – Troll Fanatic, Beer drinking, Tattoo artist. Yoska is pretty sure she doesn’t own one bra. AKA Troll Lover

SLATE RUTHERFORD – Badass biker boyfriend of Shea’s.

ROCKIE – French Bulldog with Statue and Narcolepsy issues.

Dracu means fuck in Romanian.

Santa Madre de Tierra means Holy Mother of Earth in Spanish.








Yoska Draper

One cup of cinnamon coffee down. I pour a second, add a sprig of rosemary, and settle into my office chair. The ancient chair creaks a bit but it’s comfortable. Yeah, it feels good knowing my uncle Gitano used to sit in it.

I look at my computer screen and groan at the sight of how much merchandise I have to describe and enter for sell today.

First thing is a spiked cock ring. Not my thing but others love them. I’m eyeing it and thinking of how to make it seem special when a door slams.

I peer out my office window. The lovers from apartment number seven are at it again. Carter and Sang. Darkolicious and Yellowlicious. Even in the dim early light their skin is perfectly glowing. You can’t get that from a bottle.

I stare through the window and see Sang enter the lobby and start pacing while Carter sits in a chair and just watches.

That yoga instructor is a cool one. Nope, Darkolicious doesn’t let things get to him. Not in the time I’ve been here.

Just as that thought leaves my mind, Sang flings his arms out and mumbles something and then Carter’s eyes widen. Not so cool today.

Carter jumps up. “Bloody hell, you lost your job two months ago. Stop being a bitch and go get another one.”

Shit, Carter does have some fire in him.

Sang pulls his hair. “I want the bloody one I had.”

“Quit being a fucking wanker.” Carter slaps his hands over his mouth and then tosses his arms up. “Look what you made me do, spicy rice.”

Spicy rice! That’s an awesome pet name for a Hispanic-Asian lover.

“Me? I can’t bloody well make you do anything. Don’t blame your foul mouth on me.” Sang spits out a few Asian words that I can never even hope to understand but they can’t be good.

Carter shakes his head as if that can clear the rough thoughts and guilt from his mind. “I need to meditate and so do you.”

Sang points at himself. “Me? You’re the one being an inconsiderate fucking wanker.”

Carter blows out a loud breath and then counts to ten. He touches his thumbs to his lips and then his heart. “I’m sorry. And you should be too. Now go home and meditate on what you want to do and then act. Go on home. I have clients coming today and they can’t see you. Not when your aura is so out of whack.”

Carter kisses Sang and then pushes his lover toward the front door. I watch Carter move on to his apartment. The droop of his usually straight shoulders is tough to watch.

That little show makes me glad I’m ugly and a Gypsy. Wandering, unhandsome people don’t have relationships.

I grin as I settle in to add more merchandise to Pleasure, Training, and More’s website. I’m happy just the way I am. Darkolicious and Yellowlicious can keep their pretty people problems.

Barely an hour passes before I hear Spinning Drug Dealer talking to Cookie Maker. I glance into the lobby. Javier is barefoot and has a bright-blue spinner going as he talks to Comfrey. Her long blonde curls are pulled back into a wild ponytail and her hourglass figure is hidden by a huge T-shirt. That’s a shame. I do love Comfrey Reynolds’ curves.

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