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Sometimes We Are Hurt By Traumatic Events:

How to Talk to Kids About PTSD*

By Robert K. Weinkle,


Richard Wallace Klomp,

MOB, MS, LPC, BCPC, Certificate as Clinical Traumatologist

Atlanta, Georgia. USA. 2018

Along with “My Own Journal”

that can be printed out, written in and illustrated by:


* Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Robert K. Weinkle, Bachelor of Science (Communications)

Master of Science (Logistics Management)

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF)

Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP)

Richard Wallace Klomp, Bachelor of Arts (Communications)

Master of Organizational Behavior

Master of Science (Community Counseling)

Licensed Professional Counselor

Board Certified Professional Counselor

Certificate as Clinical Traumatologist

Behavioral Scientist and EAP Counselor

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Characters in this book are fictional and were created by the imagination of the authors to illustrate challenges, interactions and possible coping strategies and in no way, shape or form do they represent specific individuals. Any resemblances they may have to actual, real people, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

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Table of Contents


A Suggestion (to adults)

Dedication (for adults)

Note to Children

The Story



My Own Journal (Pages)


Each title in this expanding collection of children's books is intended to help children between the ages of seven and ten begin to deal with one of the major challenges a person may encounter as she or he attempts to grow up. The series began in response to one author's struggle to make sense of the death of his parents and a loving sister along with his own cancer battle. It became clear that as difficult as it can be for an adult to develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stressors and potentially-traumatizing situations, it can be even more troublesome for children to adjust to unexpected, unwanted changes in their environments or in their lives.

Important Note and Warning to Adult Readers: The simple, straightforward approach of this book is not intended to trivialize the seriousness of potentially-painful events. As experienced professionals and loving parents who care greatly about children’s needs, the authors attempt to shed light on topics that have remained in too much darkness. This book for children is designed to present a specific sensitive subject, surface relevant issues, and open the door for appropriately-detailed, supportive adult/child dialogue.

The authors sincerely hope this effort can validate the feelings of and illuminate alternative constructive thoughts and behaviors for children who might be struggling. We also hope this book can help caring adults reach out and open doors to children's hearts that may have slammed shut in a natural response to serious and in some cases sustained emotional trauma.

Remember that each child has a different interest in and capacity to deal with the facts and choices of a given situation. Some might need a bit more time, love or support to benefit from the factual approach taken in this book. Please be sensitive to where your child is in the shock/grief/adjustment process. Don't force them to accept truths faster than they are ready to. Generally speaking, they need to be able to adjust to a new reality at their own pace. This book emphasizes healing not hurting, so please ponder the appropriate time, location and manner in which sensitive topics like this should be introduced to an innocent child. Please act in harmony with what is in their immediate and long-term best interests. Many people are able to find the comfort, guidance, understanding and encouragement they need from trusted friends or immediate and extended family members. Others benefit greatly from working with reputable mental health or medical professionals. Like many things in life, one size usually does not fit all.

The ideas, observations and options shared in this book are general information and do not constitute medical or psychological assessment, guidance, counseling, treatment or clinical recommendations of any kind. This material may be unsuitable for some children with special needs, a history of trauma or who may have been diagnosed with a condition that could be triggered by this type of candid conversation. If you have any questions or concerns about the advisability of initiating this kind of discussion or the best time or way to proceed, please contact qualified medical and/or psychological counseling clinicians for guidance for your specific situation.

A Suggestion to Adults: Many children might want to draw their own pictures or jot down words to illustrate Ethan’s situation or their own similar story. That is fine and could be helpful. So if you’d like to, feel free to print out ONE copy of this eBook you bought, with the accompanying “My Own Journal” for your child. Hopefully it will be OK with you for that child to use markers, colored pencils, watercolor or other art supplies to draw or paint pictures on whatever paper pages they choose. The authors hope your young one enjoys adding their own artwork to this special, semi-interactive book! That will make it their very own. That process could help them express feelings, worries and maybe even plans through their creative art, in this supportive, encouraging and safe format. Thanks for caring and trying to help an important child grasp what is happening, make peace with or plans for a changed reality and move forward in their life with more optimism, perseverance, courage, kindness, peace, love and wisdom!

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