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Splash's Colorful Adventure

By H.M. Ruiz

Copyright 2018 H.M. Ruiz

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My name is Splash and my human is always busy. Busy doing what you ask? She is always using these wet blobs to create, what she calls new pictures. I think she calls these wet blobs, Paint. Normally I am not fond of things that are wet. I am a cat after all, but these wet blobs are amazing! What's so amazing you ask? Well using just my paws, I can step into the blobs and make marks wherever I walk. My human didn't really care for that the first time I did it. But it was so much fun I just had to do it again!

That's when I realized I could make new blobs of paint different from the ones my human had made. I think she calls them colors. It happened by a happy accident. I stepped in one blob that was the color of strawberries, red, she calls it. Then I accidently stepped in a blob the color of bananas, yellow. Then it happened! As I was walking on the paper my human left on the floor, the blobs changed. They were now the color of my human's favorite treat, orange!

I was so excited, I decided to use my back paws to try making another new color. I picked the yellow color again and the blob that looked like the sky on a clear day, blue. I walked to another paper and wouldn't you know it, it changed! It was now the color of cool grass I like to lay in on a warm afternoon. Green!

What happened next you ask? Well I couldn't stop myself, I had to try again. This time using my tail, I picked the colors blue and red. The color of grapes appeared, Purple! Who would have thought by mixing the blobs together you could make the colors of the rainbow.

I wish I could tell you my adventure with the colored blobs ended happily. But my fur was getting hard and felt heavy from the weight of the paint. So my human decided it was time for a bath. Much to my dismay and disappointment. However my fur was nice and soft once she finished drying me off.

The next time I play with the colored blobs I hope to make a picture, just like my human. Till then I will just lay here and take a short nap, or maybe. . . hum . . . I wonder what other colors I can make?


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H.M. Ruiz

About the Author:

Heather M. Ruiz, lives in Texas and loves teaching her students the wonders of the art world. While also being a teaching Artist she is happily married and the mother of three.

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