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Alphonse The Professor D’Arco

Lucchese Family Acting Boss

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Alphonse D’Arco (born July 28, 1932) is the son of truckman Joseph D’Arco (1909-) and Anna Roxce D’Arco (1913-). In 1940 8-year-old Alphonse lived with his family at 77 North Elliott Place in New York City. Alphonse had a sister, Leona (1935).

Alphonse Little Al D’Arco is a New York mobster originally from Brooklyn. At age 28 D’Arco lived at 847 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn.

In mid-July 1961 D’Arco was one of five men arrested at the Hotel Taft in Manhattan. Apprehended after a New York Police detective fired two shots into the Taft’s ceiling, the five suspects were questioned about a $200,000 securities theft that occurred in April 1961.

The arrested men had attempted to sell $30,000 in negotiable securities, along with $15,000 stolen from another theft. They had tried to market the securities to detectives employed by Manhattan District Attorney Frank Smithwick Hogan (1902-1974). Aside from D’Arco those taken into custody were James Charles McKay (1922-1976), 39, of Hoboken, Robert Fulton Raymond (1916-2001), 46, of 1434 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, Frank de Cicco, 38, of Hoboken, New Jersey and Thomas Kapatos (1915-1977), 46, of 41-40 Parsons Boulevard, Flushing, Queens.

The $30,000 in securities were part of $200,000 that was stolen from a First Discount Corporation safe on April 21st. They were taken from an office at 55 Liberty Street.

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