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Most of the students right now are not busy in thinking about whether they should take exam of ESE or just stick to GATE. They must think about this right now.

The exams can’t be cleared by- “Should I go to take the exam tomorrow? I have filled the form fees already, so I should. But it was just 100 bucks right? I already don’t feel confident about ESE’s Non-Tech part and why pay the travelling fare if I know there are less chances. So I shouldn’t. I’ll see it tomorrow then.”

You need a plan right now and for that you must know what things you have got to cover.

Also this is applicable for the subjects. A lot of students skip some part and/or some subjects of the syllabus. Try to cover the whole syllabus as effectively as you do the basic subjects. However if you come to skip something, Don’t skip A PART of a subject. It’s better to leave the whole subject. So, do it or don’t do it at all.


It’s natural to get bored or feel that this schedule of study doesn’t have the potential to give what you seek. You may want to change the timetable every week or every month.

So, schedule everything but the study and fill the gaps with the study. While starting the studying, sitting for 5-6 hours continuously isn’t possible. So just fill the gaps. Or schedule like this- finish some certain pages or topics in a sitting and then take a break. And then start again. You can even read newspaper while breaks or solve question something else or use GradeUp.


Unless you have joined a coaching, it will be really boring till the exams. And bored person does everything but the supposed. All you see is 6 months, when you are lucky and successfully completing the daily or weekly targets in subjects you’ll feel-“I don’t need 6 months, I can do it in less.”

But before exams you’ll literally cry for one more week, one more day, one more hour. You will remember every stupid thing that you did and should not have done. So better is to not doing them. Keep yourself busy in the things around, don’t waste time though. You can use The Rule of Parallel Universe (read 11 Point Rulebook for Every Student.)

And you’re looking at what I did when I was bored of Microprocessor. You can help people in their study, in your friend-circle or over GradeUp.


Acid test is a phrase used more commonly for a critical exam, Might help you in some English Exam. Collect the details of exams, their notifications date, and form filling dates. You can do this when you’re bored of studying.

Avoid small things that could adversely affect your performance in the exam hall.

Some are-

Avoid sleeping at the exams’ time. Like for GATE avoid 2-5 pm, for ISRO avoid 4-5:30pm. (I was literally yawning in the exam hall whilst GATE this year)

Use similar equipment as of exams. If you own a laptop, still use a usb-mouse.

Try to be more familiar to the environment of exam hall. Leave least surprise for the exams.


I’m not going to ask you to do it hard this time and enjoy for your whole life- because that never happens and I bet you’ve heard it million times.

In the initial stages your mind is active so you can spot confusions and mistakes in the books or notes better than later. You’ll be overwhelmed by “What happened? Why not this way? I read something else at the last page!” when you read the subjects 1st or 2nd time. You won’t ask these questions 3rd time or while revising, because you either know the answer or you don’t want to know because you don’t have enough time. You can use The Silly Question Rule, read 11 Point Rulebook for Every Student.

Use the time of initial stages to learn the subjects and later you need to mug them, do them by heart. So initially you’re actually playing with subjects and later you will need memory power to store. Sleep helps you to have a better memory but not now, you don’t need much sleep in the initial stages. You can use The 7 hour- sleep Rule, read 11 Point Rulebook for Every Student.


GradeUp is a free app for various exams, supported by a team which provides Quick Revision Notes, Daily quizzes. You can take previous papers of various exams according to your subjects also. The more helpful thing is the discussion section, the doubt section. Most of the student keep themselves to just the official team quizzes and short notes. They don’t get involved in the learning process which is possible in the discussion section. You can ask your doubts, start discussion over a topic you feel difficulty in. You must fight for your opinion but also be ready to accept if someone else has more to offer. Not only actively take part in discussion but also read what others have to say. You may find something, something that could help you, something that could simplify some topic or could offer a simpler and better explanation. GradeUp also offers its own Test series for many exams. For more information visit gradeup official website and find the app at google play store for android.

Follow me on GradeUp for Electrical Engineering Quizzes and Study Material.

Similarly Facebook++ app is for MadeEasy students. It has many features- discussion section, daily quality quizzes, blogs, study materials, solution of previous exams’ papers. For more information about Facebook++, visit MadeEasy official website and find the app at google play store for android and apple store for iphones.


1300 Math Formulas is a book written by Alex Svirin. This book contains various categories of mathematics- Number Sets, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Matrices and Determinants, Vectors, Analytic Geometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Series, Probability.

This book is a marvelous collection of mathematics formulas of above categories with zero error found yet (in my studying). This not only helps in the Gate, ESE, SSC-JE, BARC, ISRO but also in many other exams which include Geometry, Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry that are usually omitted in Gate and ESE.

For better command on mathematics try to finish this book once a month though 1300 formulas seem a little too high. This book is available to buy as a hardcopy. If you can’t afford to buy or if you want to know if it’s really worth buying, you can search it online. As a PDF version, it is available for free over internet.


For the most of the students it is always a mystery- which subject to begin with. Try this-

Make a list of the total subjects that you need to cover. You can use Prepare for The Final Acid Test for the details. Make another list that you feel confident in. Now allot time to these subjects both minimum and maximum. You are going to know the use of min and max soon. Minimum and Maximum time should be chosen carefully. Min is- “I need at least XX days for the subject YYYY, WW days for ZZZZ subject and so on.” Max is- “I can’t give more than xx days to YYYY, ww days to ZZZZ and so on.”

Calculate remaining time and allot that time to the remaining subjects. Use Do it or Don’t do it at all technique while choosing the subjects that you need to finish at any cost. Don’t leave a topic, it will be better if you leave the subject. While you allot the time to those subjects that you feel tough, you have to be more careful. You exactly don’t know how much time a particular subject will take. And these subjects play the crucial role in your exam.

Start the difficult subjects first and if possible finish them before the Max time allotted. Now pick easier subjects. If you still have time you have two options- revision of the subjects that you have already completed, finish an abandoned subject. But only choose the second option if you are sure that you can complete it or the part you finish will definitely give you marks, otherwise focus on revision.


At the end of your preparation, just before the horrific festival of exams begins; you are most likely to lose confidence. You’ll find yourselves saying “Um, I read it. But I’m not sure whether I can solve such question in exams. I should read it once more.”

Make a table, write (subjects, books, workbooks, solved papers) in a column and (number of times you have read or revised them or solved them) in a top row. You can reverse the arrangement too, however you please. Don’t forget to fill the entries inside it whenever you are done. It will certainly give you confidence at the last timing.

But the most important advantage is- you will know exactly: what is left to read, what to revise, what you haven’t touched yet, what you are wasting your time in, where to focus more. This will work as a guide to you. Make sure to keep it safe.


Revision is the key to success. But motivation is the key to keep going on. There must be a reason why you chose this exam; why this exam can be a game changer for you, for your life.

Download the wallpapers of some sports event- Football, Baseball, Rugby game, any Olympic Event, any international game event. You’ll find emotions in them, the sports events are a grand stage for the celebration of victory and pitiful failures. Make those images your smartphone or Computer wallpaper. Connect yourselves to those emotions, and you will feel energy that will push you forward no matter what happens.

If you want more- Write these down on a paper- the lines that describe the fear inside your heart and mind, lines that show what is at stake, lines that show why you have to do it, why you must do it, the lines that show your unfulfilled wishes, lines that show your dreams, lines that contain your pain and anger.

I attach some of the best lines I could find and my own life lessons which you will surely read in detail in my book CODE:

Credit to others:

“The woods are lovely dark and deep,

But there are many promises to keep.

I have to go miles before I sleep,

I have to go miles before I sleep.” – by Robert Frost

“Sympathy or Respect!

What do you want from society?

Choice is yours.” – by Aditya Kanwal

“You’re wasting time if you sleep more than 7 hours” – by Bhupendra Singh

“You’ll never know how close you’re to the success.

So just believe in yourself and keep going on.” – by Aditya Kanwal

Credit to Unknowns:

“Don’t try. Either do it or don’t even start.”

“There is never a beginning, never an end. There’s just becoming.”

“Follow the 100% rule in your life. Give your 100% while doing anything.”

“Start taking responsibilities for the outcomes of events that you were involved in.”

“No compromises for success”

My life lessons:

“There is nothing called Best. There is always room for Better.” –by NB

“You can’t change your own name, but you can change what it means to others.” –by NB

“Failure hits you like a stroke of hammer. You have many options- be brittle and you’ll shatter, be plastic and you’ll live with your wounds forever, be tensile and you can store the energy that you could use to move forward” –by NB (inspired from Material Science)


You are free to read from whichever book you like, but solve the questions from only those books that have available solutions. I provide best books for theory and numerical by my personal experience for Electrical engineering. All these books are available for free over internet if you wish to check if they are worth buying.

The Books under Numerical category are provided with Theory plus numerical and their Solution Manual is available on internet for free.

Analog Electronics-


Schaum’s Electronic Devices


Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory [7th Edition] ROBERT BOYLESTAD

Fundamentals of microelectronics [Behzad Razavi, John Wiley]

Digital Electronics-


Digital Design Morris Mano 5th Ed

Digital Fundamentals Floyd 8th Ed


Digital Systems Principles and Applications [10th Edition] (Tocci, Widmer)

Control Systems-


Ogata Modern Control Engineering 5th Ed

NISE Control Systems Engineering 6th Ed

Schaum's Outlines Feedback & Control System


Modern Control Systems 11th Ed

Electric Machines:


Electrical Machines Drives Theodore Wildie

Electric Machinery Fundamentals 5th Ed Chapman

Schaums electric machines and electromechanics


Electric Machinery by A. E. Fitzerald

Principles of Electrical Machines by V K Mehta

Engineering Mathematics:


Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics [4th Edition] (Glyn James)

Advanced Engineering Mathematics - Kreyszig 9th Ed

Electrical and Electronics Measurement:


Bakhsi measurements

Electric Circuits:


Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (5th Ed) Alexander, Sadiku

Schaum's Circuit Analysis (2nd Ed)


Engineering Circuit Analysis [7th Edition] (Hayt, Kemmerly)

Power System:

Numerical (no solution available up to my knowledge):

Power System Analysis by Murthy

Schaums electric power systems

Power Systems Analysis by Arthur R Bergen


Power system Analysis by Hafi Sadat

Principles of Power Systems by VK Mehta

Power Electronics:


Power electronics by Bimal Bose

Signal and Systems:

Schaum Signals Systems

Oppenheim Signals and Systems 2nd Ed

For such books, previous exam papers, test series of different institutes at one place Follow me on GradeUp.

Make sure to check out 11 POINT RULEBOOK FOR EVERY STUDENT which is specifically written for Engineering Students of EE, but it still contains a lot for every student whatever the stream be.



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