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Cat wanted to tell herself that she regretted it, that if she could turn back time she would not have had that one night stand with Mike when she had fallen out with her husband Joe. That there would never have been the opportunity for the private investigator to the take those long lens shots of her down on all fours in Mike’s living room with a look of pure animal ecstasy on her face as she begged him to drill her hard and deep right up her nasty ass. Indeed there was perhaps nothing quite so humiliating as someone showing you a video that had perfectly captured your cum face.

Bu now here she was down on her knees, Frank’s enormous erect prick inches from her face, his foreskin peeled back to reveal the gleaming purple head, giving off that musky smell of naked cock.

Frank. The head bouncer of the club she managed. A scoundrel. A man who knew no bounds when it came to getting what he wanted...and her stepfather, the man she had grown up calling daddy, but now Cat was a twenty five year old woman.

“Now I want you to suck this real nice and deep baby girl. I’ve seen the photographic evidence of just how well you can deep throat, so I want you take daddy’s cock all the way up to my fucking balls.”

She should have been disgusted, she should have ran a mile, called the police and taken the consequences, but she did not feel disgusted. She did not want to run and she did not want to call the police. Her mind might have been fighting it but it was in a losing battle with her body as the felt the juices of desire start to flow between her legs. The man she call daddy was blackmailing her into sucking his cock in an act if sheer criminal depravity. And Cat wanted it. She wanted Frank’s cock. She wanted to take the huge thick man meat of the man she called daddy deep into her mouth.

Cat opened wide.


Another cold night on the door. Frank repeatedly made fists with his toes inside his shoes, the rest of his body could just about tolerate these nights but not his toes. He found one of life’s little pleasures at the moment was when he got home, throwing off his shoes and socks then placing his bare feet in front of the fan heater. That would be for later when he got home. For now though, while this was a job that had its drawbacks, it also had its own little pleasures. One of which was walking towards him now.

It was Caitlin. That sexy little bitch with the perfect ass who had been coming here since she had turned legal age not very long ago. Caitlin was a very touchy feely person and always had a hug and a kiss for Frank, complimenting him on just how good looking he was and rubbing his bald head.

“Ooh I do love a man without a hair on his head”, she said without fail every time.

People always assumed that this was a line of work where women were falling at your feet every night. Power being such a great aphrodisiac and all, the mere sight of the big rough tough bouncer made many woman swoon. Frank had been doing the doors long enough however to know that this was not strictly true. Women did not fall down at his knees and suck his dick purely on the basis of his job title. What you did get every night on the door were free samples of the goods so to speak.

Women hugging you, the press of their breasts against your chest, the smell of their perfume in your nose, the kiss of their soft lips on your cheek-sometimes on your lips-the compliments on how good looking you were, some naughty women would even pinch your backside., that stirring in your loins as you felt the warmth of woman. But it was all in good fun. It was all light hearted flirting that was not intended to lead anywhere. And such would be the case with Caitlin tonight. Caitlin was one of those women who insisted on wearing tight leggings every weekend, no doubt, highly aware of that perfectly curved ass of hers that was her gift from god. Short skirts, tight leggings, low cut tops, fishnets, bright red lipstick highlighting those blow jib lips. Oh yes sir the pubs and clubs were a veritable zoo of cock teasing little whores on a weekend. In the case of this club where Frank was the head doorman, it was a zoo where he was the man who kept order, a zoo where he was the alpha male. A zoo where Frank took the animals that he wanted when he wanted, by whatever means necessary.

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