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Toxic Love; Not a Love Story

Dark Secrets of Emotional Parasites





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Narc Marry Empath


Psychoanalysis of a Narcissist

Spotting a Narc in an Early Relationship

Decoding Narcissist’s Statements

Killing a Narcissist

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Toxic Love; Not a Love Story

Dark Secrets of Emotional Parasites


Life is all about stories of people. Their behavior, experience, lifestyle and the basic instant for survival. Survival is of the fittest, is the basic principle that keep people moving and adapting to adverse conditions for their own existence and in this way life in the planet continues.

Every individual live their life according to their mindset which they develop during early childhood upbringing and experiences during later stages of their life. They develop their own prism to look at the world narratives and takes that as reality if that fit somewhere deep in their subconscious and satisfy their own ego and pride for a reason of their own existence, so are the political and religious opinions around the world, like everyone like to debate on others religious and political opinions but no one like to listen to the arguments against their own opinions on their religion or political mindset. It’s like a defeat for them and an ultimate question on their own existence.

Sexuality and gender roles has a big part to play in developing mindset of an individual and they behave accordingly to their sexual orientations and gender responsibilities, however no one is a male and female right from the birth like a child doesn’t even know their own sexes or what’s it like for being a Man or the women .

It’s the social programming during their early upbringing and environment that makes them realize their behavior as man or a woman and they take it as reality and behave as what their biological character are and at times they reverse their gender at point of time when they realize they no longer want to stay as gender role that society thinks they fit in. So are many sex change stories airing around the world. What has made them to become a rebel in the society is the mindset where they raised and approved a point that they can do better as a reversed sex.

The psychology that I am going to describe is irrespective of the gender role and sexual orientation. It’s a mental personality disorder that anyone might suffer from. It’s irrespective of gender or sexuality but is the product of early childhood upbringing and trauma that lead to numerous emotional conflicts and build a defense mechanism to rationalize certain behavior


Narc Marry Empath

A Dead Wedlock

I wish my brain had a map to tell me where my heart should go


She a free soul not only bestowed with a beautiful life but also blessed with a young and a happy family as well. Earning a living and respect for her family is what attracted her to this city.

A fitness freak, morning jogger and a sports lover, Loves literature, lives in small moments appreciating life and nature. Casual drinker, nonsmoker -had been nonsmoker for over 6 years and had a decent group of school, college and students. Friends on her Facebook friends lists with whom she shares posts that encourages life and sometimes shares her heart’s voice on the political and social affairs, meets this guy highly educated, charming, independent and self-made man in his late 30’s.

He a specially able naturally limp , which was of no hindrance for his movement as he had learned to pave his way out and have tackled every life challenges successfully. In addition to this he was a technical geek in field of social online media platform.

They met first time in a company’s party function, she was drunk and somehow this guy won her attention and she was drawn near to this guy who too was drunk but it seemed that this was his first over doze, he was struggling to keep his sense when she asked him his name and appreciated for what he had achieved even after being in such a condition. She brought him his favourite food on his plate after asking his wish to eat and for some reason unknown, when she came with the food he was gone.

Both of them were colleagues in the company and are working in different departments under the same roof. They didn’t meet for another several days and this girl was somehow missing this guy. It seemed she wanted to meet him again and one day surprisingly this man appeared in the bay on his wheel chair, they didn’t talk but after sometime she received a message from him asking help on some official work and in this way they started communicating. Phone numbers were exchanged and the friendship grew.

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