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Knocking up the Naughty Nanny

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It had been a long time since I had a day like this. With all the kids at school and everyone gone, I finally had the house to myself for once. I smiled as I thought about the first thing that I wanted to do.

Being a single father of four was one of the toughest jobs that I had ever had. Even with the help of a nanny. I sat down at my computer in my study and thought about my departed wife. She was a very beautiful, vivacious woman who had a lot of life left in her – which was tragically taken away all too soon.

Of course, I didn't expect to have to raise the kids all by myself, but all of that was in the past. When she had left, I hired her best friend and confidant to be our live-in nanny. She loved the kids like her own and so was a perfect fit. She was also just as devastated as I was about the loss of her friend.

However, I found myself shucking my clothes as I brought up images of the two of them together. My wife was a few years older than her friend, and was tall and muscular, while Candy was a short, petite girl. She had just enrolled in some courses at the local community college when she found out the news. As soon as I offered her the nanny job, she dropped out of her courses to help her friend out. I couldn’t thank her enough.

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