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Knocking Up The Wet Nurse

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"Remember honey, make sure she has all the right qualifications," my wife reminded me just as the doorbell rang.

"Sure, I'll handle it, no problem," I eased her mind as I shut the phone cover and answered the door.

Since my wife had been called away on business at the last moment, she wasn't able to be here personally to interview our new wet-nurse, Suzie. So, naturally, it fell to me. Other than a list of questions she wanted me to cover, I had no idea what I was doing, but seeing as this meant a lot to her, I set aside my fears and agreed.

"Hello," a voice squeaked on the other side of the door as I opened it. "Is this the Bernard residence? I'm here for --"

"Oh, I'm really sorry, miss," I sighed and started to close the door, "we only accept adults for this position. I'm sure you can understand." Damn! She might be able to understand, but my wife was going to be furious.

"No, wait!" she said, putting her foot in-between the door and the frame. "I'm old enough. Here, look," she quickly dug through her purse and brought out her ID. "See."

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