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Double Standard School: Stories 81 – 90

By KC Crozetti

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Table of Contents

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Story 81: ROTC PFT

Story 82: His and Her Chores

Story 83: Tele-phony

Story 84: The Rewards of Swimming

Story 85: Swim Team Slap Down

Story 86: Caught Stairing

Story 87: Biologic Variation

Story 88: Judge Julie Rules

Story 89: Shane’s Double-Standard Service

Story 90: The Olympian Strikes Back

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Story 81: ROTC PFT

Central College Freshmen Cast:

Kate (The Sympathizer): 18 years old, 5’ 5” tall, slender but curvy body, dirty-blonde hair, gray eyes

Nellie (The Minx): 18 years old, 5’ 4” tall, nice figure, dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes

Robby: 18 years old, 5’ 10” tall, ruggedly handsome, wavy sandy-colored hair, gray eyes

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~

Robby’s ROTC physical had been a nightmare! The military medical staff had forced him to parade around their facility without a stitch of clothing on. Only a small clipboard kept his private parts from being constantly exposed to the prying eyes of female classmates and nurses. As a last humiliation before lunch, a bosomy, middle-aged nurse named Captain Belle had taken his clipboard and examined his penis in front of nine nursing students. Intentionally or not, during her extraordinarily personal examination of his genitals, she touched him intimately until he became sexually aroused, His dick had engorged, much to his horror and the amusement of all the women watching! He’d shuddered to think what they had planned for him after lunch!

Robby remembered approaching the lunchroom with trepidation. Nurse Belle had kept his clipboard, and he had no way of hiding the embarrassing hard-on she’d given him; but she’d ordered him to lunch, and to lunch he had to go. Trying to be invisible, he opened the door and slipped inside.

“Stand at ease, cadet!” joked a plain-looking, senior ROTC female on her way out of the lunchroom.

A few heads turned and women snickered.

The older coed paused to look over the stiff-dicked recruit. She liked what she saw: sandy hair, gray eyes, good build, and a circumcised dick that was about six inches long and pointing right at her. “Looking good soldier,” she complimented him with a snicker. “What’s your name?”

“Robby,” he replied while his eyes had searched for an escape.

“I’m Birkin. Hope to see you in one of my work details.” The knowing leer she had given him worried the nude recruit. He’d excused himself and hurried past.

Another college girl offered a more succinct opinion when she saw him entering the room. “WOO-HOO!” she cheered when she spotted his excitement, then fired off a loud wolf-whistle that got everyone’s attention.

The new recruit blushed as other veteran cadets – girls and guys – joined in with more gibes and taunts. A nubile blonde wearing ROTC gym clothes turned his body to face her before looking pointedly down at his bulge. “Planning on launching that missile, soldier?” she quipped. Raucous laughter filled his ears.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves,” retaliated Kate, a new friend that day who suddenly appeared by his side. She gripped the red-faced freshman’s hand and led him towards her table, where her cousin Nellie sat.

“Bet she wants to clean his cannon!” was the least offensive taunt that followed.

Kate ignored their comments. “Sit there while I get you something to eat,” she said, directing him to a spot on a bench beside Nellie.

Kate’s cousin grinned to see her friend’s aroused condition as she patted the place beside her. Feeling foolish, Robby took a seat and tried unsuccessfully to hide his upstanding manhood beneath the long table. Everyone else forgot him and returned to their conversations. By his side, Nellie gave him sympathetic smiles while sneaking peeks at his lap. She was sorely tempted to give that circumcised silo a surreptitious squeeze.

A few minutes later, Kate returned with a bag lunch for him. Robby thanked her, and then the disconsolate recruit tried to choke down its contents: a dry ham sandwich, a small bag of chips, and a chocolate chip cookie washed down with a bottle of water. He hadn’t relaxed until his erection had subsided and the next victim of Nurse Belle’s naughty fingers arrived to a welcome of gibes and taunts.

Twenty minutes after Robby had arrived, a tall and attractive blonde cadet assembled five new female recruits near the exit door. Kate and Nellie were among them. “We will be traveling in a van to the Crusaders’ Field House for your Physical Fitness Test,” she informed them. “Make sure you have your clipboards and follow me.”

An ROTC Major entered the lunchroom and interrupted their exit. “Further ROTC Physical Fitness Tests are postponed,” he’d announced. “The Field House has received a bomb threat. Everyone is dismissed.” As the relieved students began to move towards the exits, he added, “Turn in your clipboards at the reception desk. All of you will be notified by mail when to report back here for your Physical Fitness Tests.”

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~

The bomb threat had been a false alarm, and ten days later, Robby returned to Central College for his ROTC PFT, his Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Physical Fitness Test. He carried a gym bag this time, because the notice he received ordered him to bring running gear and report to the Health Center’s receptionist for his paperwork.

Inside the building, Robby found a much shorter line than the day of the physical examinations. All the students wore civilian clothes, and most were freshmen guys. He looked for Kate and Nellie but didn’t see them. When he reached the front of the queue, the same white-uniformed receptionist asked for his name and gave him the clipboard with his paperwork. She ordered him to step to the side and wait. When four other young men had received their clipboards and joined him, she directed the group to the men’s locker room.

When the five students entered the locker room, they found a tall, perfectly-uniformed, thirty-year-old drill sergeant waiting for them. “Good morning, gentlemen. I am Sergeant Cartwright,” he said.

To Robby, he seemed much nicer than the Cadet Sergeant who’d shouted at them before their physicals.

“Please choose a locker and place your belongings inside, then return here with your clipboards in hand, and sneakers and socks on your feet.”

All five recruits balked. “The notice we received told us to bring running gear,” said a student with more courage than the rest.

“Yes, he’s right,” the others seconded.

Sergeant Cartwright showed them a cruel smile. “That’s right; sneakers and socks are all the running gear you’ll need. We have a new administrator running the tests named Captain Belle.”

Robby swallowed.

The sergeant sneered, “Some of you may remember her from your physicals.” He snickered when two recruits blushed. Captain Belle loved getting boys’ cocks up. “She has ordered that male recruits only be allowed sneakers and socks during their Physical Fitness Tests. Now, go get changed.”

The five eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds soon returned, bare except for their shoes and socks, and the clipboards they kept low to cover their shyness. The sergeant considered ordering them to drop their hands but figured they would be exposing their cocks soon enough. Captain Belle would see to that!

“We will be marching to the Crusaders’ Field House in column order,” he announced. He paused for the recruits’ groan and then said, “Follow me.”

The outside temperature on this sunny but raw day was barely above freezing, with a light wind that scoured the men’s bare skin. The trek to the campus indoor sports venue was nearly a half mile, and they were paraded down the street past the Union and the Science building, wearing absolutely nothing. Pebbles scraped their bare feet and cut their toes. Jocular students wearing jackets and jeans shouted taunts as they watched the shivering recruits march by. The clipboards hid their genitals but nothing else.

A gray VW van drove by, its windows partially obscured with frost. Inside, five warm and toasty female recruits waved as they were chauffeured in comfort to the Field House door. Robby could see through the icy glass that the coeds were all wearing t-shirts. He couldn’t believe it; the girls got to ride in a van and wear gym clothes, but the guys had to walk, naked!

The trembling students marched with their cold cocks concealed by the clipboards shriveling and shrinking. As they passed the library, two cute coeds stopped to watch. A lovely brunette cupped her hands in front of her mouth and yelled, “You’re in the army now, boys!”

When the blue-turning boys finally entered the 1930s-era Field House, the steam heat inside gave them an almost orgasmic relief from the cold but made their limbs shake even more. They trembled and shivered as the ROTC sergeant led them forward into the vast building that had been modeled after a German zeppelin factory. Large steel girders, arches, and massive walls supported a three-story-high ceiling. Bleachers and stadium seats ringed a mile-long track that formed an oval around two large indoor fields. Indistinguishable noises that included footsteps, shouted instructions, conversations, music, and rhythmic cadences echoed off the walls.

Students, faculty, and staff members wandered in and out of the building, sometimes pausing on the stands to watch the action. One group of mostly men watched the Crusaderetts, the college’s precision dance team, practicing their routines at the far end of the Field House, some three hundred yards from where Robby and his ROTC squad stood. Five female cadets were running around the track. The column of nude marching men had to pause while the quintet of girls ran past. Robby appreciated their gym clothes-covered bodies, especially a buxom babe’s shapely boobs that bounced beneath her t-shirt as she jogged. When it was safe to cross the track, Sergeant Cartwright led them to where a group of five middle-aged women, wearing sweaters and above-the-knee skirts, waited.

“Hi, boys!” they chirped.

“The ladies are Central College alumni who have volunteered to help us out with today’s fitness tests,” explained the sergeant. “You can get acquainted while I report to Captain Belle.” He turned and walked to where a group of officers were conversing.

Robby was approached by a well-built brunette in her early forties who reminded him of his Aunt Sophie. “I’m Claire,” she introduced herself with a welcoming smile. “What’s your name?”

“Robby,” he replied, shyly, disconcerted by his lack of clothes.

"Nice to meet you, Robby." She shook hands with him and was dismayed to feel how cold he was. “Did they make you walk to the field house?” she asked, starting to get angry.

“Yes, they did,” he admitted, glad to find a sympathetic soul.

“That’s not right.” Claire warmed his hand between hers and then said, “Let me have the other one.” Her smile reappeared when the handsome young man switched his clipboard from one hand to the other, taking care to keep his genitals concealed. “You poor boys,” she fussed while she rubbed his other hand.

On impulse, voluptuous Claire flung her arms around Robby and embraced him in a toasty bear hug. He squeaked in surprise, because her hips pressed against the clipboard and pinched his penis. With her big boobs mashed against his bare chest, Claire rubbed his shoulders, down his back, and even handled his bare backside! She got his skin tingling, and even his dick was becoming dangerously warm.

Embarrassed by the older woman’s concern, he glanced at the other guys and discovered all of them getting the same treatment. They looked as disconcerted as he felt, gripping their clipboards while being embraced by their motherly matrons.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~

When Kate and Nellie had completed – and passed – their physical fitness tests in the Central College Field House, they headed back to the Health Center to shower and change their clothes. As they neared the facility exit, a quintet of shuddering college guys wearing nothing but clipboards entered the building. One of them was their newfound friend.

“There’s Robby,” said Nellie.

“They must be freezing,” groused caring Kate. “Why weren’t they be shuttled in the van like us?”

Nellie shrugged indifferently. “They’re probably toughening them up for the army.” She noticed a boisterous crowd gathering on the ground level bleachers opposite the men’s test area. Most of the onlookers were female students and teachers who were conversing as they waited for the exercises to begin. “Want to wait for him?” asked Nellie hopefully with a gesture towards the stands.

Kate didn’t want to stay; she’d seen Robby and the other guys humiliated enough at their physicals. Running around the track in the nude would be just another example of how they were being mistreated. “We really should get home,” she suggested.

“Maybe if Robby leaves with us, they’ll let him ride in the van,” said Nellie.

Kate agreed, reluctantly. She didn’t think her cousin’s plan would work – Robby would probably be forced to walk back from the Field House anyway – but maybe they could show their support by walking with him.

Nellie giggled and chose a seat in the front row, where they could easily intercept Robby on his way out of the Field House – and where they could see all the action. “How’s this?” she asked, but before Kate could answer, blurted, “What’s going on?” when she noticed the five guys being rubbed down by a group of middle-aged women.

“They’re trying to warm them up!” exclaimed Kate, happy that someone was finally showing some concern for the boys. She laughed when the attractive older woman attending Robbie suddenly gave him a bear hug.

Her cousin felt a twinge of jealousy. “They shouldn't be allowed to touch the guys. I wonder who they are.”

An older woman behind the girls who’d been eavesdropping leaned forward and explained, “They are assisting the boys with their physical fitness tests.”

Nellie looked annoyed at being overheard but asked, “Why? We just finished our tests, and we didn’t have anyone assisting us." There had been six girls, and they’d been required to pair-off and record their partner’s results. Nellie and Kate had counted each other’s push-ups and sit-ups, and then timed one another’s two laps around the track. “Why do the guys get special treatment?”

“The ROTC trusts the girls to record their own scores,” the woman explained. “The boys’ scores, however, are always entrusted to alumni who volunteer to help out.”

“They don’t trust the guys?” asked Kate peevishly.

The woman chuckled, then enveloped the two girls with her arms and pulled them closer. Speaking quietly, she explained, “Boys never flunk the physical fitness test. The ROTC needs all the male recruits it can get, so every boy passes as long as he is medically fit. The army knows that it can train every boy to meet their fitness requirements or wash him out later if he cannot.”

“The women fudge the guys’ numbers!?” marveled Nellie.


“That’s dishonest!” whispered Kate. “Why would the women volunteer to do that?”

The nosy woman nodded towards the men and grinned. “Oh, there are certain, benefits, to volunteering.”

Kate and Nellie glanced in the direction of her nod and then stared as their mouths dropped open. The woman assisting Robby confiscated his clipboard and placed it on the artificial turf beside her. Even more amazingly, the meddling matron pulled his hands away and began warming Robby's dick!

“He-he-he!” snickered the woman while watching Claire rub her cute recruit’s cock. “I volunteered, too,” she said, “but they already had the six alumni they needed.”

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~

Robby gawped down at Claire’s hands while she handled his genitals. He’d gasped and covered when she snatched his clipboard. She’d tut-tutted and simply pushed his hands away, then cupped his balls to warm them.

“Your testicles feel like icicles,” she joked. After she’d heated his scrotum, she groped his dick and complained, “Even your penis is cold!” Robby’s eager assistant rolled his freezing member between her palms while he struggled to remain calm.

The four other volunteers gave the same treatment to the rest of his team. The five boys blushed as they got felt up in the middle of the Field House. The crowd noise, especially the laughter, increased each time one of the guys squirmed or otherwise reacted to getting his penis pulled.

If Sergeant Cartwright was surprised by the sight that greeted him when he returned, he didn’t let on. In fact, he chuckled, for the amorousness of the alumni never ceased to amaze him.

“Excuse me, ladies, we need to get started,” he said to the six women groping the boys’ genitals to ‘warm’ them. The cold walk in the nude to the Field House and the alumni warm-up session served to indoctrinate the recruits to ROTC rules. Their bodies and well-being now belonged to the Army.

The women certainly enjoyed this part of the candidates’ training! They retrieved the recruits’ clipboards and stepped back. The lecherous ladies beamed with happiness. The flabbergasted boys’ skin glowed a healthy red; all their cocks were semi-hard.

The sergeant ordered, “Recruits; stand at attention.”

The young men straightened; heads up, chests out, hands by their sides, and penises pointing at the legs of their ‘helpers.’ Astonishment and shame made them shiver.

“Gentlemen, your physical fitness test will consist of push-ups, sit-ups, and a timed run,” he informed them. “You are to do as many sit-ups and push-ups in two minutes as you can, then run two laps around the track as fast as you can. Your assistants will keep track of your performance, tell you whether or not you passed, and enter the results on your paperwork.”

Robby scowled, appalled that he'd be exercising in the nude; ‘performing’ in front of a live audience. Apprehensive, he glanced at the stands, where a few dozen students and adult women waited for the five-man team to begin the entertainment. He grimaced when he spotted Kim and Nellie. The unexpected sight of the cousins made him feel nauseous. He turned his head and stared at Claire.

“We’ll start with some squats, boys, to warm you up; like this.” Sergeant Cartwright stood at attention, then squatted, parting his knees and raising his arms straight out in front of his chest, then returned to attention.

Claire and the other ladies grinned while watching the line of boys perform twenty squats. All of the young men were slender; they weren't old enough to have the middle-age spread the women were used to with their contemporaries. The women eyed wide shoulders, strong chests, defined abdomens, tight bellies, slim hips, muscular thighs, and dangly genitals. Having the boys exercise in the nude was such an excellent idea! The strength and power of their youthful bodies radiated from head to toe as they squatted and stood. Seeing the gentle motion of their free-swinging genitals displayed their youthful vim and vigor, vitality and virility.

Afterwards, Claire watched the clock and held Robby's ankles while he did his sit-ups. She held his legs slightly apart, giving herself a perfect view of his nearly-hairless balls and adorable, circumcised penis. He had no problem performing the expected number, and she was happy to record the result without having to falsify the number. He was good at push-ups, too, and did more than the required number. Claire could have stopped him, but she was having too much fun checking out his boyish backside.

Robbie despised doing squats, push-ups, and sit-ups, with all the alumni ladies and the audience members watching every sway and bounce of his genitals. He'd been embarrassingly aware of how Claire had persistently peered at his penis while holding his ankles apart during the sit-ups. Every time he sat up, she glanced up into his eyes, smiled, and then glanced down again. During the push-ups, he imagined he could feel the heat of her stare on his backside.

The run around the track was even worse. The floor was hard and scratchy beneath his bare feet, and it slowed down his run. He tried to maintain a steady gait in a hopeless attempt to slow the persistent flapping of his dick and balls. Claire's attentions had swollen his penis, which gave him more length to waggle. And waggle it did! Women around the track cheered the boys as they bobbed along, and even the gorgeous Crusaderetts stopped what they were doing to watch.

Claire's twinkling eyes, crinkling with mirth, scanned him as he approached the end of his first lap. She encouraged him, cheering, “You're doing great, Robby!”

His dick waved its thanks to her as he passed.

Robby couldn’t help noticing Kate and Nellie watching him; Kate with a grimace and Nellie with a grin. Their eyes followed the progress of his penis as he jogged past. He continued his steady pace with the audience applauding his rhythmically waggling wiener.

The nude recruits passed the precision team again. The Crusaderetts weren't in uniform; just a bunch of blonde and brunette coeds in miniskirts viewing every part of five naked freshmen as they ran by.

Robby was tiring and his gait was less steady, causing his penis to wiggle and waggle even more; an obscene cock-comedy for the coeds. They seemed to appreciate it, based on the grins and leers he received as he passed. The girls continued to stare at the quintet of muscular backsides while the guys ran away.

Claire waited for Robby with a white cotton towel when he crossed the finish line. She draped it over his head and started wiping his sweaty hair as she guided him back towards a second towel. When they stopped, she let him dry the sweat from his upper body while she started on his lower half.

Robby jumped when his busty assistant started mopping his balls, and gasped when she began briskly drying his cock with the towel.

“We'll get you good and dry,” she promised. Her comment seemed to be an attempt to disguise her real purpose: to rub his dick and get him aroused.

I can do it," he gasped as he grabbed her towel and held it still. Her drying technique was threatening to give him a full-blown boner!

Robby stopped her from using the towel on him, but that didn't discourage Claire. The sight of his young body had gotten her horny. She simply reached behind the towel and fondled his genitals, and then started masturbating his cock with her bare hand.

"OH!" he gasped as his whole startled body shook.

The audience roared with laughter as all five boys reacted to getting their penises played with.

“S-top!” Robby cried. “Wha-what are you doing?”

“Checking to see if you're completely dry.” Claire snickered and kept stroking. His youthful penis was so responsive! His cock felt hot and strong as its size quickly ballooned within her fingers. A few expert strokes were all it took to get Robby completely hard. Mission accomplished, she stepped back with a broad grin on her face, and the wonderful memory of stimulating a young and healthy penis once again.

Red-faced, the boys snatched their clipboards from the floor and hid away their shame as best they could.

Sergeant Cartwright suppressed his wide grin and ordered, “Recruits; face me and stand to attention.”

The five guys sighed and obeyed. They turned towards the raucous crowd on the bleachers; dropped their hands and presented their erect penises, much to the delight of the ladies. The sergeant walked the line, collecting clipboards and checking the results.

“Very good; you have all passed your PFTs,” he commended them. “Wait here while I inform Captain Belle.”

The college men trembled, causing their hard cocks to quiver.

Claire moved to Robby’s side and placed her hand on his ass. “You did very well,” she said. “You will make a fine officer one day.”

The recruits waited while the lively crowd gawked and talked. Finally, after a seeming eternity that did not ease the pressure in the recruits’ penises one bit, Captain Belle walked in front of them. She smiled and congratulated them all, shook their hands and checked out their stiff cocks.

When the young men were thoroughly frustrated and humiliated, Sergeant Cartwright said, “Follow me back to the Health Clinic, boys. The walk should help you cool down.” He snickered at his joke and led the way out of the Field House.

The five red-faced recruits followed with their oscillating erections receiving a standing ovation from the crowd.

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~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~

Story 82: His and Her Chores

Central College Cast:

Heather (The Bimbo): A 19-year old sophomore, 5’ 8” tall, a beautiful babe with bountiful boobs, blonde hair, blue eyes

Ken: An 18-year-old freshman, 5’ 7” tall, slender, brown hair, brown eyes

Kylie (The Singer): A 19-year-old sophomore, 5’ 3” tall, petite with a well-proportioned body, dark-blonde hair, light-brown eyes

Mylie (The Tramp): A 19-year-old sophomore, 5’ 4” tall, petite with well-proportioned body, light-brown hair, hazel eyes

Wanda (The Tease): A 20-year-old sophomore, 5’ 7” tall, black hair, dark-brown eyes.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~

Ken, an Australian exchange student attending Central College as a freshman, had been judged to be an obsessive masturbator during an embarrassing intervention by the State Heath Secretary and three Dahlia Sampson School staff members. The four women convinced Ken’s host family – Barbara Moonves and her 19-year-old twin daughters – that his opportunities to be alone needed to be severely controlled. Accordingly, Barbara Moonves, Kylie, and Mylie created a list of household rules and an approved masturbation schedule for their eighteen-year-old boarder.

Ken hated his new restricted regimen right from the start. Having his masturbation managed by the non-male members of his host family was extremely frustrating, to say the least, and he considered the new rules to be very unfair. His sponsor family had no sympathy for him.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~


Saturday night’s blizzard dropped more than a foot of snow. When Ken came down to breakfast, Mrs. Moonves ordered him outside to shovel the driveway. “Bob is still in Zurich,” she said about her airline pilot husband, “and while he’s away, you’re the man of the family. It is your job to shovel the driveway.”

“Mylie and Kylie are going to help, aren’t they?” he tested.

Both twins, sitting at the kitchen table, scowled at him.

Barbara gave him a scathing look. “Shoveling will be good for you,” she sneered. “It will keep your hands busy and stop you from playing with your penis for a while.”

The twins’ snickers got him blushing.

“I tell you what,” she conceded. “While you’re shoveling, I’ll have the girls wash the breakfast dishes. That seems like a fair trade.”

Fair trade!? It didn’t seem like a fair trade to Ken. The twins got to stay inside the nice, warm house while he battled the elements outside. They would be done long before he finished. Ken didn’t think it was fair at all, but his host’s combative demeanor ended the argument.

Shoveling required more than an hour of back-breaking work. The winds were swirling, and half the time the snow Ken tossed aside blew right back into his face. Snow drifts kept piling up in the cleared areas, and the town plow went by and buried the end of the driveway after he’d already shoveled it. By the time he finished, his ears, nose, lips, and fingers tingled from the cold, and his back was stiff and sore. He checked the frosty face of his wristwatch and smiled with relief: the job was done, and he still had ten minutes to spare before his movie started. Mrs. Moonves had promised to let him watch Rio Bravo after he finished. He loved Westerns, and the thought of watching a good John Wayne movie was the only thing that had kept him going.

Ken still grumped about the unfairness of the tradeoff, however, when he entered the warm house and peeled off his frozen outerwear. Icy snow coated his hat, gloves, boots, and parka, which he left by the door to dry. He walked toward the living room with every muscle weak from exhaustion, entered the room, and stopped. The twins and their mother sprawled on the couch, covered with blankets and sipping hot chocolate. They had the only television set in the house tuned to a ‘girl’ movie.

“We’re watching Little Women,” said Mrs. Moonves. “Go to your room and change out of those wet clothes. Then come directly back here and join us. I’ll get you some hot chocolate.”

“You said I could watch Rio Bravo,” he reminded her.

“The girls are already watching this,” she stated. “It’s pretty good! I think you’ll like it.”

The angry exchange that followed resulted in Ken losing his Monday masturbation privileges. In addition, to make sure her teenaged boarder didn’t cheat, Mrs. M made him stay in the room until the next commercial. Then, she accompanied him to his bedroom, watched while he stripped to the skin and donned dry clothes, and then escorted him back to the living room again.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~


Mrs. Moonves dangled her car keys in front of Ken as if they were some kind of prize. “While Mylie and Kylie finish getting ready for school, you can go outside and start the car,” she said. “Make sure to turn the heater and defroster on high so the car will warm up before we head for school. Brush the snow off and scrape the windows. Then, if there is still time, you can clean up the snowdrifts in the driveway. We’ll be out in a few minutes.”

The frustrated outburst that followed resulted in Ken losing his Tuesday masturbation privileges.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~


Preoccupied with his unfair situation, Ken forgot the rule about keeping the door cracked open whenever he used the bathroom, whether taking a shower, using the toilet, or just shaving. Standing over the commode, he had a good stream of urine flowing when the door swung open and banged against the wall.

“OH!” he gasped. The hand aiming his penis shook, sending his golden stream at the raised toilet seat and splashing onto the floor.

“Watch what you’re doing,” snarled Mrs. M as she entered the room.

“Sorry,” he muttered and quickly corrected his aim. “You surprised me.”

“I told you he was in here,” snickered Mylie, who entered the bathroom behind her mother.

Embarrassed to be caught with his dick in his hand, he whined, “Can I have some privacy in here?”


While the two women watched the abashed boy continue urinating, Mrs. Moonves laid down the law. “From now on, Ken, you are to keep this door open whenever you’re in here, for whatever reason. Wide open, not just cracked.”

“Can’t I …?”

“I also expect you to sit on the toilet seat every time you go to the bathroom, no matter if you’re having a bowel movement or just peeing.”

“Why …?”

“So that you won’t spray your disgusting pee on the floor again; and that way, you won’t forget to put the toilet seat down. Again.”

“Yeah,” said Mylie.

Ken hung his head in shame, unable to devise a well-crafted defense while jiggling his dick to lose the last drops. Finished, he rushed to put away his penis and zip up his fly.

“Now that you’ve made a mess in the bathroom, I expect you to clean it,” said Mrs. Moonves.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied, trying to suppress his anger and humiliation. He opened the cupboard door beneath the sink and retrieved a roll of paper towels and a squirt bottle of cleaner.

Mrs. Moonves took them from his hands. “Take off your clothes first.”

Mylie giggled.

“What! Why?”

“I just washed them. I don’t want you getting them dirty,” she stated. “Now, take them off.”

The heated argument that followed accomplished nothing and lost him his Wednesday masturbation appointment. Mrs. Moonves made him remove everything, including his underpants.

She gathered his clothes and said, “These will be downstairs with me when you’re done. Mylie, I want you to stay here and supervise. Make sure he does a good job.”

“I will!” her delighted daughter snickered her response. “Clean up your pee first, Ken,” she directed, “and then the toilet.” She sat on the side of the tub and ogled the nude Australian hunk’s backside and balls while he crawled around on the floor.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~


When Ken’s alarm clock sounded, he woke up with ‘morning wood.’ He found his penis to be completely, almost painfully, engorged with blood. His condition didn’t worry him, for he knew that occasionally waking with a hard-on was a natural, physiological state. No big deal. A doctor once told him that ‘morning wood’ or ‘morning glory’ was called ‘penile tumescence’ by physicians.

Wednesday’s erection was worse than usual, however, because he’d been dreaming about blonde and beautiful Mylie. While he slept, his mind had replayed the scene from the day before, when he’d cleaned the bathroom in the nude while Mylie watched. Her bright, blue eyes had repeatedly gazed down his body, leering at his genitals; staring at his dick. She hadn’t been the least bit embarrassed whenever he caught her looking. Instead, she’d give him a superior simper or a smug smirk and then glance down at his groin again. She amused herself by teasing him, putting a blush on his face that lasted until he finished.

A full bladder also added to Ken’s condition; he needed to pee in the worst way. Not stopping to don his robe – he’d gone to bed in his royal-blue pajamas – he grabbed a clean shirt and pants, socks and boxers. With his clothes held at chest-level, he strode through the now always-open doorway, burst into the hall, turned towards the bathroom, and nearly knocked down Kylie. At the last second, he dropped his clothes and reached for her, to keep her from falling; but what he accidentally grabbed were two handfuls of the nicest, softest boobs he’d felt in a long time.

“Oof!” grunted the twin, then gasped when she realized where Ken had his hands.

“Sorry!” he exclaimed, quickly releasing her breasts and stepping back. The feel of her boobs and the sight of the clingy, pink nightshirt she was wearing tormented his already aroused condition. “Are you alright?”

Angry and embarrassed, she shouted, “WHY DON’T YOU WATCH …?” Kylie’s eyes widened when she spotted the erection pushing out his pajama pants. She pointed accusingly at his hard-on and snapped, “THIS WAS NO ACCIDENT: YOU’VE BEEN PLAYING WITH YOURSELF!”

“No, I haven’t,” he said as he gathered his clothes. He held them low to hide his hump and asked, “Can I get by? I need to go to the bathroom.”

“So that you can close the door and think about my tits while you jerk off? No way. Mylie told me what happened yesterday.”

“I was just going to the bathroom and forgot to leave the door cracked. That’s all that happened.”

“Sure.” She scoffed. “For grabbing my tits, I’m taking away your Thursday privileges.”

“Come on,” he whined. “It was an accident. You can’t do that.”

“I just did.”

“What’s all the commotion out here?” asked angry Mrs. Moonves as she exited her bedroom donning a furry robe. Mylie entered the hallway as well, wearing a pastel-blue nightdress.

“Ken’s been playing with himself.” She pointed at his pajamas and said, “See for yourself.”

Ken inwardly groaned as Kylie’s mother and sister moved in front of him. Mrs. Moonves separated his hands, and the three women gazed down at the evidence of his erection. “I woke up this way,” he explained.

“Really?” asked Mrs. M, looking into his eyes and trying to judge whether he was telling the truth.

“Yes; I need to go to the bathroom,” he said; “urgently.”

Kylie scoffed again. “Sure, you do.”

“This happens to men sometimes; even to your father,” Mrs. Moonves defended him; “It’s called ‘morning wood.’”

Her daughters looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Kylie said, “Yeah, we know about those, Mom, but how do you know that’s what Ken has?”

“It’s a convenient excuse,” added Mylie.

“Well, thanks to Nurse Dolly, we can find out.”

Ken gasped as Mrs. M stretched down the front of his pajamas, exposing his hard cock and balls for their inspection. He blushed as the three women gazed at his male parts for a moment, and then Mrs. Moonves gripped his stiff cock and leaned down to study its head, looking for any signs of chafing or other evidence of masturbation.

Mylie joked, “I’ll check his boysenberries.”

Kylie laughed when her twin reached beneath their mother’s hand and cupped Ken’s balls. Mylie held a testicle in each hand, lifted and felt them, and then reported, “They’re ripe: heavy and full. This boy’s ready for harvesting.”

Ken clenched his Kegal muscles, trying to contain his need to urinate, while the Moonves ladies looked for signs of masturbation.

When Mylie dropped his scrotum, Kylie snickered and groped the flabbergasted houseguest’s balls. “You’re right,” she agreed with her sister; “but just because he hasn’t emptied his balls recently doesn’t mean that he wasn’t playing with himself.”

Ken gasped again when Mrs. Moonves gave the puffy head of his penis a squeeze and a tease to test his sensitivity, then dropped his stalk and caressed his balls. “Boysenberries,” she snickered as she felt him up. “That’s pretty good, Mylie.” She fingered his testicles for a moment and then declared, “No, he hasn’t been masturbating. He’s just got morning wood.”

Now that Ken had been judged innocent, Mrs. Moonves raised his pajama pants and covered his penis at last. Disgusted and thoroughly embarrassed, he asked, “Does this mean I get my Thursday privileges back?”

“What do you mean?” asked Mrs. Moonves.

“He groped me,” said Kylie; “so, I canceled tomorrow’s jerk-off session.”

“Groped you?” The older woman, starting to get angry for the first time, stretched his pants back down and exposed his penis and balls again.

“It was an accident,” he said, galled to be have his genitals bared once more.

“He grabbed my tits.”

“Naughty boy!” Mylie joked. She held his shaft and began to torment the head of his penis with a thumb; giggled each time she made him gasp or sigh or fidget.

“We bumped into each other,” said Ken. “It was an accident!

“You grabbed my tits,” she accused. “It was embarrassing, and it really hurt!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Uh!” he gasped when Mylie tickled his pee hole. His penis leaked fluid.

“Mylie, stop,” said Mrs. Moonves. “You’re going to make him cum.” As soon as her boy-loving daughter let go of Ken’s penis, she turned to her more serious daughter. “It’s up to you, Kylie. Do you want to cancel Ken’s masturbation session for tomorrow?”

“Please, Kylie?” he begged.

She looked down at his penis, still exposed, still inflated, and now glistening at the tip from leaked drops. “Yes, it’s canceled,” she said with finality.

“It’s settled,” said Mrs. Moonves. “Ken, you are not allowed to masturbate until at least Friday.

Ken sighed.

Mrs. M didn’t like his attitude. “Keep this up, young man, and you will lose Friday’s session as well.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said and managed to suppress a second sigh.

Now that Ken’s sentence had been read, his judge raised the front of his pajama pants and covered him again; but the evidence of his excitement was undeniable.

“Kiley, I want you to accompany Ken to the bathroom.”

Her daughter wrinkled her nose.

“Stay with him until he’s showered and gotten dressed. Make sure he doesn’t masturbate.”

Kiley smiled and promised, “He won’t. I’ll make him take a cold shower.”

Mrs. Moonves glowered at Ken and said, “And you keep your hands to yourself.”

“ME!?” he exclaimed, feeling violated and shamed after all three women had exposed him and handled his penis and balls. The scowl that Mrs. M gave him, however, made him quickly back down. He lowered his chin and said, “Yes, Ma’am,” then quietly followed curvy Kiley to the bathroom.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~


Trash day. Taking out the garbage was another job for “the man of the family.” Ken understood that this was his chore, and he went about it without complaining. He much preferred handling the trash to his sisters’ opposing chore, helping their mother with the laundry.

He emptied the wastebaskets from the bathroom, the laundry room, and the living room into the kitchen trash, then hauled the lot outside and dumped it into the large metal trashcan. He collected the wastebasket in Mrs. Moonves’s bedroom, added the trash from his own bedroom, and then approached the land of the pampered princesses. A whiteboard attached to their bedroom door warned “KEEP OUT!” Ken knocked.

After a moment’s pause, he heard one of the girls call, “COME IN!”

When Ken opened the door, he saw the blonde twins sitting on Mylie’s bed looking a little guilty, with bright-eyes and flushed faces. “Do you have any trash?” he inquired.

“It’s right over there,” said Kylie as she pointed to a corner where they had stacked forty or fifty unwanted fashion magazines and movie star rags. “We cleaned out our closet,” she deadpanned.

Ken felt a sudden burst of anger but suppressed it. “Will you help me carry them outside, please?” he requested calmly.

“That’s your job,” Kylie reminded him.

Ken wanted to growl at her, but he didn’t dare. He did not want to lose his masturbation privileges for Friday. He was so horny that the sight of the attractive blonde sophomores, with their perky breasts rounding out their tight sweaters, made his groin feel heavy. He tried not to think about how soft Kiley’s boobs had felt in his hands.

Mylie explained, “We’re too busy looking at our magazines. We are definitely keeping this one.”

“Mylie, don’t!”

Her twin sister ignored Kylie’s warning. Reaching beneath a pillow, she produced a glossy Playgirl magazine, opened it to the gatefold, and showed her brother the photograph of a smiling hunk wearing nothing but a cowboy hat. He was sitting on the wooden steps of a porch with his knees bent and his legs open wide, displaying a heavily-hanging circumcised cock and manly ball-sac.

“What do you think?” Mylie asked. She turned the magazine and stared at the model’s assets for a moment before turning it back towards the shocked exchange student. “Don’t you wish your dick was this big?” she teased.

Ken blushed. “Where did you get that? You’re not supposed to have one of those! You know your parents prohibits pornography in the house,” he protested while feeling himself starting to lose control of his horniness. The twins were looking at photos of naked men!

“If you tell our mother, I’ll make sure you don’t play with your dick for another week,” cautioned Kylie with a meaningful glance down at the crotch of his pants.

“I won’t,” he promised, knowing that Kylie and Mylie could easily make his life even worse.

“Kylie, do you think this guy plays with himself?” wondered Mylie as she turned the open gatefold towards her sister.

Kylie relaxed and grinned. “I doubt it. He’s probably got lots of cowgirls willing to play with it for him, especially after he did this photo spread!”

The girls ignored Ken and giggled over more pictures while he gathered up their discarded magazines and made his first of four trips to the trash bin. Outside, the bitter cold quashed any thoughts of an erection. Although he didn’t complain, Mrs. Moonves couldn’t help but notice his frustration. She felt sorry for the sex-deprived young man and did not cancel his Friday masturbation session.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~


Ken’s long, masturbation-free week finally neared the end. Keeping his hands off himself had been a struggle, made easier by his sponsor family keeping track of him and giving him almost no opportunities to be alone. Mrs. Moonves had even performed another snap inspection of his genitals on Thursday evening to verify that he hadn’t been cheating.

At eight o’clock on Friday night, he approached Mrs. M while she was cleaning the kitchen. She pretended to ignore him but couldn’t help noticing his arousal already pushing against his jeans.

“It’s eight o’clock,’ he reminded her.

“Oh?” she replied while wiping down the cupboards.

“It’s time for my Friday session.”

She remained silent and continued cleaning.

Ken’s needy penis threatened to cream his pants. “May I go to my room?” he asked, rather urgently.

He waited while Mrs. Moonves opened the oven door and wiped down the racks, then slammed the door with a bang that startled him. She placed her hands on her hips and replied, “No.”

“What!” Ken whimpered, feeling the aching tightness in his balls. “Why not?”

“You haven’t earned it, Ken,” she stated. “You’ve been petulant and irritable all week; argumentative and unhelpful. Whenever I asked you to do the least little thing for me, you protested. You’ve been combative towards the twins. Even when you were taking out the trash yesterday, you were sullen and surly. No, Ken; your masturbation privilege is canceled for tonight.”

“But, it’s been a week,” he whined. His need for sexual release was painful. Women just didn’t understand how urgently guys needed release. He tried to explain it to her. “I need to …”

“No, you don’t,” she growled at him. “Go read a book; do some homework. How about cleaning your room? Think about something else for a change, Ken. Stop thinking about your penis all the time!”

Mylie giggled as she entered the kitchen. She and Kylie had noticed the ever-present bulge in the front of Ken’s pants lately. The poor guy really needed to cum, but their mom seemed bent on torturing him.

Mrs. Moonves made one concession. “While I’m away tomorrow night, Kylie and Mylie are in charge. They’ve invited Heather and Wanda to a sleepover. If you’re nice to the girls while I’m gone, they might let you have a special session tomorrow night. I’ll leave it up to them.”

Ken glanced towards Mylie just as she raised her gaze from his pressing problem to his wide-open eyes. She gave him a sly smile, pleasantly pleased that the pair of princesses had been presented with power over his penis. “We’ll see,” she snickered.

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~


Mylie and Kylie had ignored his hints all day. “Wait until tonight,” they kept repeating, and, “We’ll see.”

Ken’s need for release was getting more and more urgent, especially when the two attractive party guests arrived in time for a pizza dinner. Voluptuous, blonde Heather flirted with the Aussie college man, giving him coy looks and letting him see her peeking in the direction of his groin. Raven-haired Wanda was a natural-born coquette who enjoyed the company of men. She liked teasing her friends’ younger houseguest, whose perky penis was perpetually pressing against his pants. All day, the girls wouldn’t let Ken out of their sight for more than a few minutes at a time. Hour after hour, his need just kept growing and growing.

Towards nine o’clock, Kylie said she was going to bed. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was about to start, and she wasn't a fan, even though TMTMS was one of the most popular programs on television. “I’m going to finish reading my book,” she excused herself. “I have a book report due on Monday.”

After Kylie left the room, Ken asked, “Miley, would you mind if I go to bed and … you know?” He left the rest of his request unspoken.

Curious, Wanda smiled and asked, “Go to bed and what?

“Um,” said Ken.

“He wants to play with himself,” said Miley.

“MYLIE!” he exclaimed. Hot blood warmed his face as he blushed.

Heather and Wanda laughed. “He has to ask for permission?” Heather chuckled.

“Yes; he masturbates too much,” Mylie replied.

“Come on, Mylie,” he whined. The girls’ amusement made him feel humiliated. They all looked for the ever-present bulge in his jeans, but shame had deflated his enthusiasm.

“While my mother’s away, Kylie and I are in charge. We say when and if he can jerk his cock.”

“Miley ...”

Heather sat straighter on the couch, Mary Tyler Moore forgotten. “This could be fun!” she snickered.

Wanda smirked. “Just once I’d like that kind of power over my younger brother. He won't leave it alone, either.”

“How do you know?”

“I can hear his bedsprings squeaking every time he plays with his dick.”

The girls laughed. Ken wished he could crawl away and disappear.

“Why don’t you get ready for bed, Ken?” Mylie suggested. “Take a quick shower, brush your teeth and use the bathroom, change into your pajamas, and then be back here in …” She looked at the clock and said, “six minutes. Then we’ll see.”

“Six minutes!?” exclaimed Heather. “Why only six minutes?”

“I haven't given him permission to masturbate,” Miley stated, “and this way, he won't have time to cheat. Now, hurry up, Ken, and don’t forget to leave the bathroom door open.”

“Yes, Mylie,” he mumbled and pouted out of the room. Behind him, he heard the twin ask, “What do you think, girls? Should we let him play with himself?”

~~~ D ~ S ~ S ~~~

Washing his genitals had awakened Ken's penis again. He desperately wanted to stroke himself but didn't dare. A quick spray of icy water at the end of his shower gave him temporary relief. Less than seven minutes after he left, he was back in the living room wearing his royal-blue pajamas. Mylie was the only person in the room. “Where are Heather and Wanda?” he asked.

“They’re getting ready for bed in Mom’s room,” Mylie replied. “You’re late.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.” She grabbed his hips as he was passing her chair, then turned his body towards her and pulled his pajama pants to the floor.

“Mylie!” he gasped, quietly so the girls wouldn’t hear.

“Did you play with yourself while you were in there?”


“Hold your shirt up.” Her hands were busy caressing his balls, which seemed near to bursting.

Ken lifted his shirt tails, trembling with fear and trepidation as Mylie handled his genitals. “Come on, Mylie,” he whispered, urgently. “Wanda and Heather will be back any minute.”

The twin deftly checked his penis. Her warm fingers touching his neglected member quickly got him aroused, although she wasn’t purposely trying to excite him. “Yes, I can see you’ve been a good boy,” she teased after a moment of intimate inspection.

Girlish laughter tittered behind Ken. “What’s going on?” chuckled Wanda when she spotted his bare backside.

“Looking for something?” teased Heather.

“Just making sure he hasn’t cheated,” answered Miley.

The girls hustled into the room to see more, but Ken grabbed his pajama pants and pulled them up before they got a peek. They pouted.

Now may I go to my room, Mylie?”

“No, I want you to stay here and watch the rest of The Mary Tyler Moore Show with us.”

He sighed.

“Yeah, Ken, sit on the couch with me,” said Heather, who plopped her curvy bottom onto the sofa and patted the cushion by her side. He sat where directed, and Heather leered at the prominent bulge over his crotch. Wanda sat on his other side and also eyed the lump in his lap. Both girls had changed into nightwear, and the thin clothing made them kittenish and playful. Ken found himself squeezed between their firm, silky thighs, with their soft hair tickling his face as they cuddled up beside him. He realized, too late, that he should have kept his tighty-whiteys on; underpants would have restricted his excitement a little.

Heather’s nightgown was a soft-pink color, with a high neck but a short hemline that showed off her long legs. Often when she moved, Ken got tantalizing glimpses of the white panties she was wearing underneath. Wanda was dressed in a knee-length, navy-colored gown with a scooped neckline that gave Ken peeks at the top curves of her boobs.

The three girls spent every commercial break during the next thirty minutes teasing Ken’s dick with conversation about boys and boobs. Wanda wished her breasts were as big as Mary Tyler Moore's. Heather told her that having big tits meant that guys assumed she was dumb and easy. Ken listened quietly with his skin tingling and his pounding pulse throbbing his penis.

Mylie said, “I once flashed my boobs to a high school boy on school grounds.”

“You did!?” exclaimed Wanda with a snicker.

Mylie grinned and nodded.

“Who was it?” asked Heather.

“You wouldn’t know him, but Kylie did, and she was furious with me!”

“What for?”

“Why should she be mad at you, wondered Wanda, “just because you flashed your tits for a boy?”

Mylie gave them a guilty smirk. “We're identical twins, remember,” she reminded them. “When the guy saw my boobs, she felt like he’d seen hers, too.”

The girls laughed.

“I hadn't thought of that!” said Wanda. “Ken, have you ever had a girl flash her tits for you?” she teased.

The college boy's penis pulsed and he answered, “No.”

His sullen reply got the girls giggling.

When the program was finally over, Mylie turned off the TV and gave Ken a sly glance. “Now, Ken what was it you wanted to ask me?”

He frowned, hating to make the request, but needing release too urgently. He thought about simply going to bed and masturbating anyway, but Mylie was sure to find out. He had no choice but to swallow his pride and ask. “May I go to my room and have a session, Mylie? Please?”

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