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The Claiming of Selena

Bella Swann

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Chapter 1

Selena moaned in her sleep and tossed her silken blanket off her feverish, naked body. She shook her head restlessly in confusion. She was moving deeper inside a massive dark cave. There were rough outcroppings of pure black rock hanging from the top of the cave and the floor of the cave was covered with a rainbow of sparkling crystal. “Please,” she whispered, “I need you.” Her golden brown eyes widened in surprise as a snow white dragon appeared from the shadows and turned its massive head to peer intently at her. She gasped as she fell under the spell of its mesmerizing purple eyes.

“Yesssss,” growled the dragon. He roared and flames came from his massive mouth and covered Selena’s entire body. “You have come to me.”

Selena screamed in fear and dropped to the crystal floor. She whimpered for mercy she felt herself bathed in pure white flames that burned away her clothing but left her soft, white skin unharmed.

The dragon laughed at her panic and slowly licked her slender back from the top of her pale neck down to the curves of her beautiful bottom. He placed his heavy claws on her rounded hips and slowly pulled her thighs further apart so he could sniff curiously at the puckered rose of her sweet hole and roughly lick her pale, pink flesh.

Selena shuddered in fear mixed with pleasure as she felt the dragon burrow the tip of his heavy tongue more deeply between her wet, sticky flesh. She moaned helplessly as he impaled her with his rough flesh and slowly moved his tongue deeper and deeper inside her cunt until she was half-lifted off the ground and her legs had wrapped around his massive snout to give him better access to her body.

As the dragon pushed her soft body against the sharp, beautiful crystal floor, Selena winced in pain as her tender pink nipples were rubbed painfully back and forth against the beautiful crystals. The dragon slowly pulled his massive tongue out of her wet sticky folds and turned Selena over onto her back so he could inspect his beautiful captive more closely.

Selena shuddered in pleasure as she felt his warm, heavy tongue lick her from her sticky, pink folds up her firm stomach and soft, heavy breasts.

“Beautiful slave,” said the dragon as he rubbed his massive rough claws over her tender tits. He scratched her soft nipples with his claws and smirked to see how Selena moaned in pleasure as her nipples puckered in pleasure. He massaged her heavy tits with his rough paws and growled as they swelled under his rough treatment. He blew his heavy sulfuric breath over Selena’s beautiful face until her startled golden-brown eyes met his and fell under his spell. He licked her tits while he gently scraped her tender pink folds with his claws.

Selena opened her mouth in confusion as her arms came around his massive head and she stroked his heavy, rough flesh. “Who are you?” she whispered.

“Your master,” said the dragon as he licked her face and red lips. He then pushed the tip of his tongue into her mouth and murmured in approval as Selena opened her mouth wider to suck more of his massive flesh. “Good girl,” he purred as he licked the inside of her mouth and down her throat as thoroughly as he had licked her sweet pussy.

Selena choked as he forced his tongue deeper down her throat and tried to pull away from his heavy tongue.

“You dare to challenge me,” said the dragon with a smirk. He reached down with his claws and twisted her pink nipples painfully back and forth as Selena gasped in painful pleasure. He curled his majestic white tail around his body and roughly prodded at her tender pussy with the rough ridges of the tip of his tail.

Selena gasped in surprise as she felt the rough, ridged tip rub against her sticky pussy folds like a heavy rock cock. Unable to stop herself, she spread her thighs further apart so that she could feel more of the tail rub up and down against her tenderness.

The dragon smirked as he penetrated her sticky folds with the tip of his rough tail.

Selena screamed in panicked pleasure that was muffled from the weight of his tongue pushing so deep down her throat. She pushed her soft thighs up and down against his tail as she felt him fuck his way deeper down inside her as he twisted her nipples so roughly against her nipples she felt as if he was going to twist them off.

The dragon chuckled as he felt her wet, sticky juices wash down over his tail that was pumping around and around inside her cunt.

Selena raised her hips off the ground and ground her hot pussy against his tail as her body thrilled at his rough possession of her pussy and mouth.

The dragon stopped as he felt her on the verge of exploding into an orgasm and forced her body to lie motionless against the crystal floor.

“Please,” whimpered Selena as tears of frustrated pleasure streamed gently from her golden brown eyes.

The dragon slowly pulled the heavy tip of his tail out of her dripping wet pussy at the same time as he pulled his heavy tongue out from her little mouth. He gently swirled his tongue around her swollen breasts and over her hard nipples as Selena panted in helpless pleasure. He looked down at her sticky, pink folds and puffed warmly against her tender flesh as Selena shuddered and begged for him to fuck her.

The dragon pulled her soft hands down to her firm thighs and ordered her to hold herself wide apart for him.

Selena shuddered under the strength of his dominant purple eyes as she opened herself as wide apart as she could for her master’s pleasure. Fear filled her eyes as the dragon lifted himself off the ground and she saw his massive cock for the first time. ‘No,” she whimpered as she looked at the monstrous cock about to fuck her tender flesh. “You will tear me apart.”

The dragon smirked as he moved his massive claws to hold her thighs even further apart as he held her captive beneath him. “Your only reason for existence is to be fucked by me.” He gave her trembling pussy a rough lick and sighed in pleasure at her sweet juices. Then with a roar of possession, he forced his rock hard cock into her pussy and began to pound deeper and deeper into her tender flesh.

Selena screamed in pain at the force of thrusts as he slammed her soft back roughly against the crystal floor of the cave.

The dragon roared in pleasure as he felt himself break through her virginal flesh and smelt the sweet scent of her blood. “My virgin whore,” he shouted in triumph as he felt her whimper helplessly beneath his power.

Selena moaned in pain as he fucked her faster and deeper than she could ever have possibly imagined being penetrated by any man.

The dragon paused as he smelled her sweet tears that were trickling down her beautiful face. He stopped thrusting and gently licked her face and soft lips. He lowered his head down over her heavy tits and began to suck hard on her nipples as Selena relaxed herself against his heavy body and stroked his massive head with her gentle hands. The dragon gently scratched at her swollen clit with his claws while he sucked and nuzzled her tits. Then with another roar of possession, he began to fuck her even harder and faster than before as he groped her tits and scratched her little clit.

Selena screamed as once again she felt herself being fucked like an animal by the monster so determined to make her his. She rubbed her swollen breasts up against his massive head as she thrust her hips up and down against the massive cock that was splitting her open so painfully and yet with so much pleasure. As she felt his massive claw twist her clit painfully back and forth, Selena exploded into orgasm. Waves of pleasure shuddered through her helpless flesh as tears fell down her beautiful face and streams of pussy juice flowed out of her and puddled beneath her.

The dragon roared as he felt his massive cock bathed in her warm, sticky juices. He exploded deep inside her and filled her with his hot, foaming spunk.

Selena moaned helplessly as his musky sperm filled her and then began to bubble its way down her thighs and slender calves.

The dragon chuckled as he pulled his spewing cock out of her convulsing flesh and sprayed her down with his musky spunk. He covered her beautiful face and golden blonde hair before hosing down her firm tits and slender stomach. With his heavy claws, he flipped her roughly over and sprayed his spunk down her back and rounded bottom until she was drenched from head to toe. “I have marked you as mine,” he said with a possessive chuckle. He forced her to get on her hands and knees in front of him.

Selena looked up at him with spunk covered eyes that she tried to wipe away with her soft hands.

The dragon smacked her ass hard with his rough claws. “No,” he roared. “You will wear my mark upon your whore body.” He forced her spunky face against his sticky cock and patted her soft ass approvingly when she began to lick him clean with her trembling, pink tongue. “Good girl,” he whispered as he felt her lick him around and around with her warm tongue. He smiled as he saw her swallow down his spunk. He ran his claws possessively over her spunk covered tits and scratched roughly against her pussy folds as she shuddered in submissive pleasure beneath his touch.

Selena moaned as she felt him lick her soft pussy folds and then force her head down over the puddles of spunk and pussy juice that had formed beneath her. With a sigh of submission, she lowered her head and began to lap them up as he rewarded her for her obedience by gently scratching her throbbing clit with his heavy claws.

When Selena had cleaned up the mess of pussy juices and spunk to his satisfaction, Draco lifted her spunk covered body up into his rough arms and held her possessively against him. “Soon, I will fuck you in your last little hole,” he whispered.

Selena shook her head no but when she looked into his powerful purple eyes, she trembled at the knowledge that she was his to do with as he pleased. “Please, don’t hurt me.” She shuddered. “You will tear me apart with your cock if you fuck me there.”

The dragon snorted. He groped her hips possessively and roughly scratched the dark channel beneath them as her little hole puckered in fear. “You are mine.” He shoved his rough tail beneath her sticky pussy folds and thumped her tender flesh back and forth warningly. “You will obey me.”

As Selena moaned in pleasure, she felt him force her back onto the ground on her hands and knees.

“Hold yourself open for me,” he said with a soft yet menacing voice.

Tears of protest filled Selena’s eyes as she moved her hands behind her to hold her rounded hips apart for her dragon master.

“Good girl,” said the dragon as he forced her thighs even farther apart and began to lick her dark channel with his rough tongue.

Selena panted in pleasure as she felt his warm, wet tongue explore her tight channel. She relaxed submissively against his snout as he pushed his face deeper between her hips.

The dragon pushed her back so that her tits were pressed painfully against the crystal floor. He then slowly began to push his tongue into her tight, puckered hole.

Selena squealed in fear and tried to twist away from him but was trapped by the weight of his own body and unable to escape. She squirmed in discomfort as she felt his heavy tongue thrust into her dark hole and then unfurl down into her tender tunnel. “Please, no,” she begged as she felt him slowly push his rough tongue deeper and deeper inside her.

“Relax,” chuckled the dragon. He rubbed his rough tail up and down against her trembling pussy lips and groped her tits painfully with his heavy claws. “I am going to fuck you with something a lot bigger than my tongue soon.”

Tears of panic streamed down Selena’s spunk covered face. She began to beg for mercy until annoyed at her crying, the dragon covered her mouth with one massive claw.

The dragon rubbed her pussy soothingly back and forth with his tail and gently played with her soft, pink nipples with his other clawed hand until Selena’s cries became whimpers of pleasure. He smirked as he scented her arousal in the pussy juices that were starting to flow once more from her sticky folds. He removed his hand from her mouth and patted her warningly against her face.

Selena sighed in pleasure as she felt the dragon grope her breasts and play with her swelling clit. She began to rub herself back and forth against his heavy tail as it thumped her gently against her soft folds. As she relaxed her ass against the tongue that was moving so possessively in her dark tunnel, the dragon purred approvingly against her rounded hips.

The dragon slowly pushed his massive cock against her wet and sticky pussy folds and down her spunk covered thighs as Selena panted in pleasure. He then pulled his tongue slowly out of her ass and held her thighs wide apart to admire the tight puckered hole that he was about to force open. Before Selena could tense up again, the dragon forced the tip of his massive cock into her tight ass and pushed the tip deeper into her.

Selena gasped in pain as she felt herself being forced open by such a massive weapon. “Please,” she whimpered as she turned her head to look up submissively into the dragon’s powerful gaze.

“Yes,” said the dragon. “It will please me.” He roared possessively as he thrust his hard cock deep into her asshole.

Selena screamed as she felt herself being impaled as he thrust slowly back and forth inside her. She could only whimper as she felt her rounded hips being spread apart for the pleasure of the beast fucking her. She tried to get away from the cock that was pounding deeper and deeper into her tender flesh. Yet, she was helpless to stop him from using her like an animal.

The dragon roared in pleasure as he felt her struggles to get away as he knew his prey was helpless beneath him. He grabbed her tits roughly and twisted her nipples back and forth as he pushed her body back and forth against him. He chuckled as he felt her nipples harden in pleasure and scented the pussy juices that were gushing down from her over his heavy tail that was slapping harder and faster against her tender folds. With a smirk, he aimed the rough tip of his tail and forced its way into her dripping folds as he fucked her pussy and she gasped in pleasure.

Selena cried in pleasure and pain as she felt the dragon fuck her harder and faster in her pussy and her asshole. She was unable to stop herself from shoving her hips against his cock and then forcing herself back down onto his tail. As he groped her tits and tugged her hard pink nipples, all Selena could do was scream and cry as her body was abused by the rough beast that was giving her such intense pleasure at the same time. “I can’t take it,” she screamed as she wiggled her ass around and around his cock like a bitch in heat.

The dragon roared as he crushed her tits painfully with his heavy claws and shoved his cock so deep inside her that she felt as if she was being split open. He reached around and bit her hard down on her shoulder as he marked her as his possession.

Selena screamed in pain as she felt the dragon bite her with his powerful fangs. Yet, her tears of pain quickly turned to mindless pleasure as she felt the dragon’s tongue began to lap at her torn flesh and his powerful, healing fluids began to close the wound on her shoulder. She began to pant in pleasure once more as she was thrust back and forth between his tail and cock until she could only moan and cry from what he was doing to her helpless body. With a final moan of submission, Selena exploded into an orgasm that rocked her body back and forth against his tail and cock. Her sweet pussy juices poured out of her tenderized pussy and pooled onto the floor below. All Selena could do was lie back and whimper as she came in shudders of submissive pleasure.

With a smirk as he felt his whore shudder beneath him, the dragon roared. Fire spewed from his mouth as he came deep inside Selena’s tight asshole. A firestorm covered the two of them as his hot spunk overfilled her tight hole and began to flow back out of her. Yet, as before, the flames did not burn Selena’s tender flesh but only served to force her into an even deeper state of submission.

The dragon pulled out of her tight ass and covered her body once more with his musky spunk. He then flipped her over and hosed her down from head to toe with his sperm. He chuckled to see how unresisting she was to being covered with his purest essences. When he had emptied his cock and she lay under a blanket of spunk, he lay down beside her and purred happily. He reached down and gently rubbed her tender pussy with his heavy claws possessively as Selena unconsciously spread her thighs apart so he could have better access to her body.

“Mine,” he said as he scratched her sticky folds with his rough claws.

“Yours,” said Selena with a submissive sob of pleasure as she relaxed against the monster who had invaded her dreams and fucked her like the whore she was.

Selena woke up in a moan of pleasure as she felt herself being spread open and a warm tongue licking her sweet pussy up and down. For a moment, she relaxed, convinced it was her dragon master come to life. Yet, as her mind slowly woke up, she looked down in startled confusion to see the Royal Cook had his mouth between her legs and was giving her such pleasure.

As she moved her hands down in confused sleepiness to push him off her, she realized there were two other mouths over her warm tits that were sucking and nibbling on her nipples. “What are you doing?” she said in confusion as she tried to use her soft hands to push them off her breasts.

The servants smirked as they looked up into her sleepy face. One of them reached up and tied her hands above her head with his belt. “Shush, little one,” said the Royal Stable Master as he groped her right tit roughly. “You have had too much to drink and are just dreaming this.”

“Yes,” said the Royal Butler as he roughly massaged her left tit and warningly pinched her swelling pink clit. “You’re just a little slut who dreams of being fucked by the men around her.”

“I’m not,” said Selena with a whimper of protest as she shuddered in pleasure against the Cook’s mouth that was sucking her pussy so possessively.

“You are,” said the Cook. He raised his face glistening with her juices to look up into her sweet golden eyes. “Every night, I see you play with your sweet tits and your sweet pussy until you are gasping in pleasure and cum.” He gently rubbed her tender pussy folds and smirked to see how she rubbed her pussy up against his calloused fingers. “After you cum, you lie back with your legs spread wide apart for everyone who passes by your room to see.” He rubbed her more roughly against her swollen folds.

The Butler smirked as he licked her face up and down while she shuddered in protest beneath him. “You want us to come and play with you.” He bit her nipple hard and then licked and sucked on it as she moaned in pleasure.

The Royal Stable Master smirked. “You sleep naked and play with yourself because you want to be caught and punished for your sins.” He massaged her tits and kissed her on her soft lips. “You want to be used and pleasured like a little slut, don’t you?”

Selena opened up her mouth to protest but realized to her shock that she was kissing the Stable Master and sucking down hard on his tongue that was probing her mouth. Tears of confusion fell down her face as she rubbed her pussy up and down against the Cook’s rough face and arched her back to press her breasts further into the hands of the men groping her.

“Good girl,” said the Stable Master as he pulled her head down over his glistening cock. He slapped her face roughly back and forth until Selena opened up her mouth and began to suck and lick at his heavy flesh.

She opened her legs even wider as she felt the Cook press his own hairy cock against her pussy folds. With a submissive sigh that opened up her throat even more to the pounding of the Stable Master’s cock, she rocked her pussy against the Cook who was thrusting deeper into her tender flesh.

“You have beautiful tits,” said the Butler as he massaged her swollen mounds roughly and pulled harder and harder against her pink nipples. He then reached down and massaged her hips. “But my cock wants a hole to fuck too.” He squeezed her rounded hips possessively as the other men laughed and Selena’s eyes widened in protest.

Yet, before Selena could twist her hips away from him, the men had roughly re-positioned her body on the floor so they could fuck her in all her holes.

She was forced to lie down over the thrusting, sticky cock of the Cook who moaned in pleasure as she slowly slid down over his hard flesh and rocked back and forth against him. As the Cook reached up to play with her bouncing, swollen tits, she turned her head to the side and rubbed her face submissively against the Stable Master’s cock that was eagerly seeking out her hot, wet mouth. Selena opened wide and took his cock deep into her throat as she sucked and licked on his hard flesh.

“Good whore,” said the Cook as he stroked her golden locks and ground his balls up and down against her chin.

Selena sighed in pleasure as she rubbed her face up and down against his hairy balls and sucked his cock even deeper inside her mouth. She rocked her pussy up and down against the cock that was impaling her sticky, throbbing folds and squealed as she felt strong hands painfully squeeze and grope her swollen tits.

The Butler chuckled as he saw Selena bounce up and down in pleasure as she was fucked in her mouth and cunt. “My turn,” he said as he spat on his hands and then rubbed his spit all over his long, hairy cock. “Time to open wider, little one,” he said as he pushed Selena’s hips apart and sighed at the sight of her tiny puckered hole.

Selena panicked at the feel of his hands spreading her apart and the feel of the tip of his cock probing her tiny hole.

The men laughed as she tried to get away but they held her tightly against their bodies while the Butler began to push his cock into her asshole.

Selena gasped in pain but pleasure soon overwhelmed her body as the men played with her tits and swollen clit until she had relaxed once more against their hands and cocks.

“Good girl,” said the Butler as he began to thrust his cock deep into her tight hole.

Selena sighed in shameful pleasure as she felt the Butler’s cock push deeper and deeper into her sensitive flesh. Her pussy juices flowed faster out of her as she rode the Cook’s cock more roughly and sucked the Stable Master’s cock even more deeply into her mouth to the thrusting rhythm of the Butler’s cock claiming her tight ass. She was helpless to resist the men using her every hole for their pleasure. She wanted them to use her even more roughly until she had no choice but to submit to them as they forced her to cum.

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