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A Dungeon Weekend

Donna Russet

Copyright 2018 by Donna Russet

Smashwords Edition

This award-winning author takes the reader into a mildly erotic novel. Unlike many heavy and brutal stories, avoiding the extreme violence she looks at the mental and emotional relationship between a volunteer submissive and an experience dominate. Following the sub into the arms of her Dom, you will see what each think about themselves and the other. Showing that a submissive woman is not a slut, but a functioning female serving her Master. How does bondage and punishment fit into this kinky relationship?


Mary Lou had her instructions. The twenty-two--year-old knew that if they were not followed to the letter, she would be in serious trouble. Later this same evening, Mary Lou had to travel to her Master Gary’s estate for an entire weekend of sexual activities. The young lady was very much into physical, emotional and sexual submission and received enormous erotic pleasure while being dominated.

She had been visiting Gary for well over a year yet knew very little about him. Mary Lou did know, however, that her thirty-one--year-old Master was a multi-millionaire and his palatial home reflected his vast worth. Since she was not permitted to ask unnecessary questions while in his presence, Mary Lou had never found out exactly what Gary had done to become so rich. Such a question, if she were to ask it, would be deemed unnecessary, because the answer had no bearing on her life or her visit. That was one of her Master's rules. However, she had inferred through the course of time that he had invented some type of computer programs and made an absolute fortune selling them to a major company. She did know that he was very intelligent and heavily into domination.

Mary Lou also had a few assets of herself, one of them being a body, which had been sent down from Mount Olympus. A tall, stunning blonde, Mary Lou had the legs of a showgirl and the face of an angel. She possessed a lean, jet-stream figure, which also had its share of voluptuous curves. She was extremely proud of her proportions; an eye-catching 36C-24-35. The green-eyed California Girl also had a friendly and sweet personality, which allowed her to maintain a long and never-ending list of friends and acquaintances.

Gary had instructed Mary Lou to pack all of her lingerie and a couple of tight outfits into a suitcase and bring it with her to his mansion. The young lady was also told to bring three pairs of high-heeled shoes along with two normal, everyday outfits. It was Friday, and she only intended on staying until Sunday evening. Yet, Mary Lou knew that it was a distinct possibility that her Master would see to it that she tries on every single piece of attire before the weekend ended.

The longhaired blonde was to be at his home by no later than 7:30pm tonight. Therefore, she intended to leave at 5:45pm, since it usually took no more than 90 minutes to drive to Gary's estate. She was a resident of Los Angeles County, and he lived in the northern part of Ventura County. However, the long-distance trip was not a problem for Mary Lou, simply because of the great pleasures she anticipated receiving throughout the weekend.

At 5:40pm Mary Lou stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, making sure she looked as good as possible. She ran a brush through her silk-like mane and shot a mist of hair spray upon the blonde locks.

The attractive woman did not appear as if she were headed for continuous days of sex and submission in a BDSM Dungeon. Dressed in a pair of black spandex pants and a blouse, which had white and black stripes on it, Mary Lou looked as though she was set for another day of college. She wore sandals that matched the spandex, and her long hair was tied into a ponytail with the help of a pink ribbon that was knotted in a bow.

Once concluding she looked as near perfect as possible. Mary Lou walked over to the closet and fished out a black leather jacket. It was to be a bit chilly out tonight with moderate winds coming in from the mountains. She put the jacket on and picked up the suitcase, then headed for the door.

Mary Lou told her family good-bye and informed them that she was going to a girlfriend's house for the weekend. She dragged the heavy suitcase down the cement steps of the apartment complex where she lived, in route to her car in the parking lot. Once there, it took all her strength to lift the luggage up and into the trunk of her red Mercedes SL500. Then, she got into the flashy vehicle, started the powerful engine, and drove off toward her weekend of erotic pleasure.

It was already dark when Mary Lou pulled up to a large mansion seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The house itself was huge; Mary Lou figured she did not even know how big it was by merely just looking at it. Though it could not be seen now due to the darkness, the grounds were green and sprawling, with beautiful trees and shrubbery in several places. Behind the main house were three separate bungalows, sometimes used for guests.

Mary Lou considered the mansion a wonderful place to visit, the same place that the shapely blonde hoped to one day call her permanent home. But there were currently more pressing matters on the girl's mind, as she frantically hurried to get out of the car and grab her suitcase from the back. She made sure everything was locked, then ran as quickly as possible to the front entry of the estate. Once there, the exhausted female dropped the luggage and banged upon the door with her fist.

Seconds later, the door was unlocked from the inside and it opened. Breathing heavily, Mary Lou smiled as she saw Gary standing before her. As usual, he was looking extremely handsome. He was tall and muscular, and the white dress shirt and gray slacks he wore gave a nice hint of his build. He had short brown hair, which always looked nice; it was feathered-back on top. He also had the same color eyes, and a clean shave.

The happy smile upon Mary Lou's lips faded away and turned to a frown once she noticed Gary look at his wristwatch, then shake his head.

"I am sorry, Master!" she exclaimed in a frightened tone.

"Mary Lou, I told you to be here at 7:30," Gary said in a calm tone. "You are eight minutes late. Is there any explanation for this?"

"Master, I am sorry!" she reiterated, still scared. She wondered if he would punish her for this transgression.

"I do not care if you are sorry," he said, his ire raising slightly. "You should know that 'sorry' does not cut it around here. I asked for an explanation, and I want one. NOW."

Mary Lou looked at the ground beneath her for an instant, then stared back up at him, tears streaming from her eyes. "I left early enough, but there was a wreck on the freeway which slowed me up. A truck and car crashed together. I was stuck in a traffic jam for about a half-hour. I tried to get here as fast as I could, but did not want to get caught for speeding, either."

Gary folded his arms and glared at her. "You should anticipate wrecks. You should anticipate anything that may slow you up when coming here. When I tell you to be here at a certain time, I expect you to be prompt, no matter the circumstances. Have you ever heard of a news-radio station? Instead of listening to your music on the way over here, you should have been listening to the traffic reports. Then, you would have avoided the accident and taken a different route."

"I promise, Master, I will never be late again!"

"You better not be," he warned her. "But no matter. You are late NOW, and we need to take care of that." So, he was going to punish her.

His words nearly seemed to take the very life out of her. Hunched and now sobbing, she asked, "Are you going to punish me?" She knew and hoped he would.

Her worst fears were realized as she watched Gary slowly nod his head. The sight caused an involuntary shriek to escape from within Mary Lou's throat. She was extremely scared and becoming sexually aroused now.

"You know that anytime you disobey the rules, you get punished," he told her in an even tone. "NOW, stop your crying or I will double your punishment. Would you like that?"

"NO, MASTER!" she exclaimed in horror. Mary Lou sniffed her nose and wiped the tears away from her. "I promise, Master, I will stop crying."

Gary reached behind his back and pulled a set of black, leather handcuffs from his belt. He held the shiny item before her eyes for a couple of seconds. "Turn around, bitch," he finally demanded. "Hands behind your back, clasped together."

Still very unsettled from the knowledge that she was going to be punished, Mary Lou obeyed him, turning halfway around and bringing her hands together behind her slender back. She had her car keys in one of the hands and felt Gary pry them from her grasp.

"You will not need these for the rest of the weekend," he told her, placing them into his shirt pocket.

Knowing better, Mary Lou did not protest. She felt the cold leather of the handcuffs being wrapped around both of her wrists. The 22-year-old tested the restraints, only to find them comfortable but tight.

Gary spun her around, so she was facing him. "Good girl." He proceeded to pull her into the house and picked up the suitcase, then brought it inside and closed the door behind him.

"May I say something, Master?" she quietly asked.

"As long as it is not a complaint or a cry," he replied.

"Oh no Master, it is not that," she softly returned. "It is just, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to come here dressed this way, Master. Spandex pants and a regular blouse are not too suspicious. Some people may see be leaving my apartment."

"You are welcome," he told her. "Did your mother suspect you were going someplace other than your girlfriend's house this weekend? I know she did last weekend, when I had you come here in a tight dress with a low-cut hem and spiked high-heels."

"Not outwardly, Master," Mary Lou replied. "She may have been thinking it to herself. However, she was very suspicious last week. I would have been too, if I saw someone wearing the type of dress that I had on. But, again... thank you. Thank you for letting me dress conservatively."

Gary moved behind his submissive and gave her a soft push in the back. "Come on, enough of the chit-chat. We are not here to socialize. Go to your regular bedroom. I will follow right behind you." He picked up the suitcase and let her lead the way.

Mary Lou had decided that no one, including her family, and even her best friend, should know of her sexual escapades with Gary. It was not as if Mary Lou's parents would forbid her from coming here to visit her Master. After all, she was a twenty-two-year-old adult, capable of making her own decisions. She just did not want them to know about her submissive and very kinky side. Mary Lou did not want anyone to know that she was a willing sex toy who would happily do anything Master Gary told her.

She was not raised to be like this, yet it was the person she had become. Mary Lou was truly addicted to life as a submissive. She wanted to experience this lifestyle more than once every weekend, too.


As Mary Lou walked through the large mansion, she could sense that the eyes of her beloved Master were fixated upon her spandex-clad bottom. Sure enough, that was exactly what Gary was looking at. He admired the way her shapely ass moved and wiggled with every step. The way it shifted from side to side as she went along was very alluring to him. The hours she has spent in the gym has paid off. Her ass was perfect to him. He quickly decided that Mary Lou would need to be spanked this weekend... her perfect ass spanked… several times. He was also weighing some other, more risqué options for that sweet little ass of hers.

After a minute or two of weaving through the endless hallways and corridors, Mary Lou came to a stop at the closed door of the bedroom where she normally stayed when visiting here. She turned around and watched as Gary opened the door and went in first. He ordered her to step inside, which she immediately did.

Gary swung the suitcase onto the bed and opened it right up. Mary Lou watched as he began to sort through her clothing and lingerie. If it were anyone but him doing this with her personal belongings, she would feel violated. But not with her Master. He had direct and immediate access to everything that she owned.

After several seconds of searching, Gary came to the item he had been looking for. He pulled out an emerald-green chemise that had small, gold embroidery in front. The tiny chemise had wide shoulder straps, and it just so happened to be Mary Lou's favorite piece of lingerie.

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