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The Psychology of Life

Part 1: Improve Yourself

Copyright 2018 Muyassar Sattarova

Published by Muyassar Sattarova

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We were born not to merely live, but to improve our skills and achieve. The following exercises will help you in your way of success. They don`t take you any efforts and time to fulfil them. The only thing you should do is to choose the most appropriate ones for yourself. Good luck to you!

Exercise 1

Command yourself! You`ll need a mirror in this exercise. Looking at your reflection give an appropriate command to achieve what you want. You can success and you`ll! I trust you! You are the best player! You`ve already earned 1000000$.

Exercise 2

Write that you`ve achieved what you want at least ten times: I`m the best football player of all times.

Exercise 3

Dot! Choose something attractive! Concentrate on that article and stop breathing for three seconds. Simultaneously imagine that you`ve got what you desire. Finish the exercise as soon as you feel that you really have your wish.

Exercise 4

Count from one to five imagining that you have accomplished what you want. In your mind repeat that you are close to your aim:

  1. I`m the most successful!

  2. My wishes always come true!

  3. I get what I want easily!

  4. Everybody, everything always materialize my wishes for me!

  5. I am the best football player of 2018!

Exercise 5

Imagination. Write a happy end story about yourself in different aspects of life every day: relationship, finance, prosperity, career, et cetera.

I won 1000000$ in lottery today and spend this money wisely.

Exercise 6

Talk to seven people that you`ve got what you desire. I`ve got 1000000$!

Exercise 7

Use your mobile app for notes. Write that you are successful that you have already succeeded and set it for every other day. It will remind you your goals and increase your self-esteem.

Exercise 8

Role-play. Play the part of yourself when you achieve your aim. If you intend to enter a university, wear as if you are already there and replay it. In one word, live as if you had already what you want.

Exercise 9

Write what you want on a piece of paper and burn it visualizing how your dreams are coming true.

Exercise 10

Travel to future. Imagine that you are on the very day when all of your wishes or wish have come true. Describe it orally, feel it, imagine, think about it. Then, act to get it.

Exercise 11

Five steps towards your aim every day. Every night before going to bed make clear what you are supposed to do to materialize your goals. There must be five things to fulfil in your list.

Exercise 12

Find or take a picture of the moment of the realization of your aim and place it somewhere to have a glance and remember about it. Every time when you see the photo, imagine that you are in the photo that your dreams have come true!

Exercise 13

Rename. Every day we accept ten visitors, guests at least. Use this situation to achieve you wish! Believe yourself that not a guest or a visitor, but it is your dream is coming TRUE!

Exercise 14

Say a word! It seems incredible. However, words own the power, which is unseen to casual glance but effective to make your dreams come true. Do you remember how Christ healed people? Not by any kinds of medicine, but by words. Use this method in your life. If you need 1000000$ say it! Give a command! If you need an ideal life partner, say it!

Exercise 15

Success Collection. I`m sure everyone has his own success collection including pictures, videos, films, magazines, books, et cetera. Success Collection items should consist of the valuable things, which always inspire and enable you to succeed in whatever you want.

Exercise 16

Your five close friends. You are the average of the five people you spend most time with. I agree with Jim Rohn. If five people around you reflect you, choose them yourself! Count those five people and think if you want to be the average of them or not. If not, try to find those suitable, trustworthy five friends.

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