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The Minorities

By Damiete Davies

Copyright 2018 Damiete Davies

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The following contains real life characters and events; however it is entirely fictional and should not be regarded as fact.

Table of Contents

The Ghost of Fela

The Legend of the Twitter

The Atheist

The Writer

The Corps Member

The Actress

The Foreigner

The Truth

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The Ghost of Fela

It was an unusual night, in an unusual time, a teenage boy slept peacefully, oblivious of the impending events, and how they would change his life forever. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a bright light appeared, and though the boy was fast asleep, he could feel the brightness creep into the pacific blackness of his mind. He tried to ignore it, but the light reached deeper and deeper, until he could no longer bear it, he woke.

His eyes were not prepared for what they saw next, his mind couldn't make sense of it either. He closed his eyes for a moment, and then opened them again, hoping the image before his eyes would be believable when they open. What was it he saw? He saw the figure of a man form in the midst of the bright light, a slim man, he had a saxophone hanging down his thin neck, and he wore nothing but a pair of blue underpants that clung desperately to his skin. The boy tried to speak, but he couldn't find the words to say, he trembled as he sat up on his bed, staring at the half naked man in the midst of the light. “Don't be afraid young Eze, I am the ghost of Fela” the slim man spoke softly, “what is this? I must be dreaming” the boy replied in fear, knowing full well that he was indeed awake, “wow! Is it really you?” he continued to say, as his eyes examined the figure before him. Eze watched as a smile grew on the face of the mysterious half naked ghost of the Afrobeat legend, and then he said to the boy, “yes, it is me, and I have a mission for you”.

It was usual for IB and Moyo to come over to Eze’s house on weekends; they'd rush over there but crawl out. That day however, their feet danced to a different tune as they rushed over to Eze's, he had said to them on the phone, “Hurry, I'm in trouble”. Before they could touch the door, it swung open. Ada walked out smiling; her face looking radiant as always, she and her female companion strolled passed the boys without bearing them any mind. “Hello Ada” IB said, with mischievous confidence, “good afternoon ma” Moyo added, and she replied with a demeaning huff. It wasn't unusual for a teenage boy to fall head over heels for an older, way sophisticated girl like Ada, no, IB didn't think it was unusual at all.

The boys rushed into the house, eager to discover what the problem was. They made their way into the house where they found Eze pacing nervously. “Moyo, IB! Finally, come in, I have something important to tell you”. “Wait first, can I just go to Ada’s room for a while?” IB said, already going up the stairs. “Why?” Eze shouted back, a reply that was obviously not going to change anything. “Her scent has completely faded off the thong I took, I need a new one!” IB yelled back. Eze wanted to disagree with IB but he had other important things to worry about, there was something bothering him that was more important than a sixteen year old pervert with a severe crush on his sister. “Who be the oda girl?” Moyo asked as he sat on the couch, “I neva see am before” he said.

IB hurried down the stairs, just in time to hear Eze reply Moyo, “yeah, she's pretty right? Don't waste your time. My sister says she's a dyke”. Moyo and IB were silent for a while, their eyes fixed on Eze. “Wetin be dat?” Moyo asked, breaking the silence. “As in, she's a lesbian” Eze said, “ehn?” Moyo replied, his confusion about the matter deepening. “Moyo, she’s a lesbo” IB said, “oh!” Moyo replied, his expression reeking of disgust.

“You guys, something incredible happened to me last night” Eze said wide-eyed. “You finally listened to the playlist I made for you?” IB asked, “you decide say you go dash me moni?” Moyo asked, “no!” Eze replied. “Last night the ghost of Fela appeared to me. He asked me to do something for him”. Moyo and IB exchanged glances, and then stared at Eze in confusion. “Who be Fela” Moyo asked, IB threw his head back in frustration at Moyo’s lack of knowledge. “Why would Fela appear to you? You know he has AIDS right?” IB asked, choosing to abandon Moyo in his ignorance. “Moyo, how don’t you know who Fela is? The legendary afrobeat king? He did music the way it should be. I'm sure you know his songs, but you didn't know he was the artist behind them” Eze said. “That wasn't the only thing he did apparently...he did his backup singers too” IB said with a smirk. “You guys need to help me” Eze said as he resumed his pacing, “we have to get him before a large number of people before midnight or else, he'll start haunting me, I don't want to be haunted by Fela for the rest of my life”.

The trio hurried out of the house and made their way to the motor park, uncertain of where to go and what to do, but one thing was certain; they were running out of time. “How do we go about this? Time is running out” Eze said, “chill bro, I have an idea” IB replied. “Wetin be dat” Moyo asked as they skipped across the busy road. “Rhythm unplugged!” IB yelled back. “Thousands of people turn up for that show, and the whole thing is aired on TV” IB said as they got to the other side of the road. “You're sure people will turn up no matter what? No matter who is performing?” Eze asked, he had to be sure that there wouldn't be any regret, the thought of Fela haunting him all his life was crippling. “Even if na persin wey everybody hate?” Moyo added, “Exactly, would they turn up if it were Buhari?” Eze said, “Or shekau” Moyo added. “People will turn up no matter what, it’s freaking rhythm unplugged” IB answered them reassuringly.

IB laughed inside as a thought filled his mind, he grinned mischievously at the thought. “Hey you guys, I just imagined Buhari performing Ignition Remix with R. Kelly at rhythm unplugged, hilarious!” IB said, laughing terribly. In his mind he could picture the good looking, well built, famous RnB, and confusingly occasional gospel singer, R. Kelly, standing next to the slim figured president who’s wearing his usual native attire with white adidas sneakers, on stage at rhythm unplugged, singing Ignition Remix. IB imagined the duet and narrated it to the boys.

R. Kelly

It’s the remix to ignition


Aisha get back in the kitchen

R. Kelly

Mama rolling that body


Got PDP members snitching

The crowd goes crazy at the performance, excited, R. Kelly rips off his shirt, revealing a perfectly carved body, and the females go crazy. Buhari, in the same spirit takes off his top, revealing a pot belly as they continue the song.

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