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Daddy's Toilet In A Public Changing Room

Zehn Harlock

Copyright 2018 Zehn Harlock

Notes from the author

All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

This is a standalone series. You can read any part by itself, in any order you'd like without getting lost. If you want to know the full backstory please see 'Daddy's Toilet The Beginning' otherwise all you need to know is; she is a secret pervert obsessed with watersports. Daddy hates this and is doing his best to punish and train her to be innocent again.


I'm 18 years old and I just had incestuous pee-sex with my father for the first time. Sure, we've done other things; I drank Daddy's pee, I had him and his friends pee on me, I had Daddy drink my piss, I've cum from Daddy's peeing cock and we've even had a drunken pee 69...but up until today his cock has never touched any holes other than my mouth.

Our sick, fucked up game still has the pretense that he hates me for being a sick pervert and that he's trying to fix me. Really though, both of us know we love what we're doing and we just can't stop it. Daddy clearly has trouble reconciling that fact with himself so he punishes me.

I know that if somehow I can get him to just admit he loves it, we can go back to a more normal father-daughter relationship...with incest pee sex benefits. The problem is I have absolutely no idea how to make it happen. The closest he's come to admitting it is when he's drunk. Then he pretends to forget it the next day when he's back to spanking me or degrading me for being a 'sick urine-loving whore.'

This morning I woke up achingly horny with the best idea ever. Maybe it wasn't that Daddy was drunk when he nearly-admitted he loves having pee sex with me. Maybe its because he's always absurdly horny and nearly ready to cum. I just needed to get him that horny again.

I rolled over on my bed, glanced at the clock and saw that it was 9 am. I only got 6.5 hours of sleep but I figured that was plenty. My dreams had to have been filthy since my pussy was aching with horny need as I yawned and sat up. Daddy never woke up before 11 on the weekends, I knew this was my chance. Breaking Daddy would be worth giving up my usual Saturday catch-up sleep.

I quickly and quietly stripped off my clothes and crept to Daddy's room. His door creaked loudly but he didn't wake as my naked, 18-year-old body climbed on top of my father's bed. I felt a rush through my body at the thrill of it. I felt the cool air on my naked skin. Then I hovered over Daddy's much larger, powerful frame beneath me. Usually, I was the one on the ground under him. This time I was the one in charge.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkened room, my hands did my seeing for me. Daddy rarely slept with much on and today was no exception. As I pulled his sheets back I found had on a pair of old boxers and he was already half-hard. I froze, wondering if he was pretending to sleep and if this was a new, sick game he wanted to play...but no...with my hand lightly pressed on Daddy's half-hard cock I heard his soft, obviously-asleep breathing.

Daddy was asleep. His cock was MINE.

My hands trembled with excitement as I took his cock out. I felt my wetness from my pussy drip down my legs. I bent my head down placed my mouth on it.

I started giving my blood-related father a blowjob.

I love sucking Daddy's cock almost as much as I love drinking his piss when he's half hard. I lost track of how long I sucked my father off like that. I didn't want to make him cum. My goal was to just tease him and bring him to to the edge again and again. God, I wish I could've seen how I looked doing it. It had to be exceptionally hot, a horny 18-year-old sucking her sleeping fathers cock while she was on all fours. My free hand teased my horny pussy, masturbating myself as I blew my unconscious father.

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