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Chapter 1

Elmwood, New York, one of Western New York's predominant places. A city known for its criminal underworld that has different factions of different races. Even law enforcement is as crooked as the criminals they proclaim to be cleaning the streets of. It was a cold winter morning as the streets, sidewalks and buildings were covered in snow. The winter season was always harsh on the citizens of Elmwood. In the Middletown area of the Elmwood, was a brown colored apartment building that housed luxury penthouses. Mostly doctors, surgeons, attorneys and business individuals stayed in the $6,500 a month apartment complex. A trio of friends stayed in one particular apartment on the top floor of the nine floor complex. They were known as Kristal, Chloe and Desiree also known as Dey Dey, and they made heads turn everywhere they went.

Kristal was a dark skinned woman that was African American. She was built like a Goddess, and had the face of one too. Kristal was a short woman with brown eyes, long black hair that was curly, size 34C breasts and an ass along with thighs that would have your favorite porn star put to shame. She exited out of a white colored bathroom with a peach colored towel wrapped around her body. Kristal stepped inside her bedroom which had black walls, a black carpet and a red ceiling. She approached a black closet door and opened it. Kristal looked ahead at the variety of clothing items at her disposal inside of the enlarged closet and tapped her chin with one of her manicured fingers.

A short and petite Caucasian woman stepped inside the bedroom. She had long brunette hair with blue eyes, small breasts and a firm yet small ass. The woman wore a navy blue pantsuit with a white buttoned shirt and a pair of black open toe heels all made by Brooks Brothers. Custom jewelry rested on her wrists and ears. The woman looked at Kristal and shook her head in amusement at how the yellow skinned woman couldn't figure out what to wear. She placed her hands on her hips and licked her lips. "Can't figure out what to wear?"

"Nope." Kristal said while moving different items of clothing across the clothing rack. "Is everything good, Chloe?"

"Yeah. Everything is good girl."

"Alright." Kristal said while pulling a black pantsuit off a rack along with a turquoise buttoned shirt, the items all made by Gucci. She turned around and laid the clothing items on her bed and stepped back inside the closet, only to come right back out with a pair of black heels that was made by Gucci as well. "Where's Dey Dey?"

"She's on her way up here. She had to get dressed. Bitches always taking forever." Chloe said jokingly while adjusting the lapel on her suit jacket.

A short yet thick Dominican woman walked up behind Chloe, wearing a navy blue pantsuit, a white long sleeve buttoned shirt and a pair of black heels, all of which were made by Salvatore Ferragamo. She had long black hair that was wavy with dark brown eyes, small breasts with thighs and an ass that would make any man drool over. "Dey Dey heard that. Bitch."

Chloe turned around in laughter and gave the Spanish woman a fist bump. "That's my bitch. We straight?"

"Yeah. Everything is a go." Dey Dey said while looking over at Kristal.

Kristal walked over to a black dresser and picked up a custom made diamond watch, diamond bracelets and proceeded to put the items on as she looked at a mirror that was resting on a wall. "Give me ten to fifteen. Then we roll out of here."

In the basement of an abandoned building in the Rock Side section of Elmwood, a meeting was taking place. It wasn't the average kind of meeting either. The basement was covered in filth, garbage and feces. Syringes used by dope fiends and crack pipes laid all over the floor of the grey colored basement.

A Caucasian man appearing to be in his early twenties was bound to a brown wooden chair by multiple roles that were tied around his torso. His arms were tied behind the chair and his ankles were tied together. The man wore only a pair of sky blue boxers and was covered in blood and bruises. His nose had been broken and six of his teeth had been knocked out, evident from the teeth being sprawled out on the basement floor.

A brown skinned African American man appearing to be in his mid twenties slowly made his way down the white colored basement steps. His hair was cut low into a wave cut, and his goatee was freshly trimmed. The man wore a black suit, a grey buttoned shirt that had the top button left open, a grey pocket square and black shoes. A scar ran across his cheek along with customized jewelry that rested on his wrists, fingers, and ears. He approached the man in the chair and stared down with a look of evilness. "You robbed my men."

The man in the chair had a frightening look and started to cry as he pissed on himself. Tears flowed down his face as he lowered his head. "I had to. They would've killed my family if I didn't, Original."

Original was a major player in Elmwood's drug game. He had cocaine and heroin moving through the South Ground area, Kaiser-Ville area ,the Rock Side section and the Black River section. He had made his name on the streets as a money maker and a killer. His crew held their own and were loyal to their leader. The man before him had robbed a stash house that Original's crew used in the Rock Side section.

Two light skinned men with long braids approached the man in the chair from behind. They wore matching outfits: red leather jackets, red tee shirts, black jeans and black & red Air Jordan Thirteen sneakers. The men slipped latex gloves on their respective hands and proceeded to beat on the man with their fists coming down on his head.

Original watched without remorse. He watched the victim fall on his side with the cigar breaking in the process as the light skinned duo proceeded to stomp away on the man chest and face. "Tell me who hired you. You don't have the balls to rob my men on your own. Who gave you the drop on my men and who helped you?"

The duo sat the man up and he looked defeated. He was grimacing in pain. This man had been taken on a physical roller coaster that few could handle. Pain rested on his face as he looked up at the drug czar. "I can't tell you. I just can't. They'll kill my family."

"Then I'll make you a deal. You give them up, and I'll protect your family. Everyone can have a nice night, eat some breakfast, instead of being here. Look at how easy I found you. You were messing with a girl that went to the same college as one of my people. Think... very carefully."

"I can't. I just can't. Kill me. I'm not afraid to die. I'll protect my family."

"Fine with me." Original pulled out a black pistol from the back of his waist and cocked it back, keeping his eyes on the man. "You did this." He then raised his weapon at the man and fired a round, sending a bullet right through the man forehead. Original looked down at the deceased man and tucked the pistol in the back of his waist. "Put the word of that I got $50,000 for someone to bring me any one of the mothafuckas responsible. $25,000 for someone to drop anyone that's responsible for our boys getting robbed. Dump this nigga body outside for everyone to get the message. Call Chavez. Tell him to get his ass down to the barbershop."

It was a little past noon and the snow was still pouring down. A church was having a funeral in the Joy-Ville area, and plenty of people were in attendance to pay their respects to a man that was held in high regard by some people and not so much in the eyes of others.

A black Range Rover pulled up on the side of the church in the parking lot. Chloe exited the vehicle from the driver side, Dey Dey exited the vehicle from the passenger seat and Kristal exited from the back seat behind Dey Dey. The trio of women made their way around to the front double black doors of the church. Kristal entered first and adjusted her suit jacket with Dey Dey & Khloe walking in behind her. The women walked down the aisle and stopped at a brown casket.

A Puerto Rican man in his mid forties laid in the casket wearing a black suit, a long sleeve white buttoned shirt with a black & blue tie along with a blue pocket square. His chinstrap was neatly trimmed as was his short hair. The trio of women all made a cross motion over their chests and proceeded to walk over to the front row.

Kristal bent down and hugged an elderly Hispanic woman whom was clearly the man mother. "If you need anything Ms Melendez, feel free to ask."

The elderly woman was a sobbing mess and hugged Kristal back. Her tears flowed off her face onto Kristal's shoulder as her face was beet red. "Thank you so much. Felíx, would be thrilled to know that he has good friends."

Kristal rubbed the elderly woman back and stood up straight. She then proceeded to walk down the aisle with her two friends behind her. Kristal approached a bench that was located in the back of the church and decided to take a seat with her girlfriends following in motion.

A tall and athletically built light skinned African American man was seated to the right of Kristal. He had his hair cut low into a wave cut and wore a black suit, black buttoned shirt, black pocket square and a pair of black shoes. Tattoos were on both sides of the man neck and a long scar ran from his temple down his cheek to the side of his jawline. The man looked over at Kristal, and kissed her cheek. "How's things going? I see you came by to pay your respects."

"Yeah. I had to. Felíx was always good to me. I remember when I was little, he would always look after me, and let me hang out in his in candy store before he closed it. How you doing, Eric?"

Eric was Kristal's older brother and was very protective of his younger sister. He grabbed her hand  and squeezed it, signaling that he was doing alright. "I can't complain sis. I'm good."

A tall and athletically built Puerto Rican man wearing a black suit with a blue buttoned shirt and black shoes approached the bench that Kristal was sitting on with her girlfriends and brother. He appeared to be in his early thirties and had tattoos on his hands and neck. "Eric, mind if we go outside to talk?"

"Sure thing, Carlos. Stay put, Kris."

Carlos placed his hands inside his pants pockets and watched Eric make his way over to him. The two individuals then proceeded to walk out of the church with Khloe & Dey Dey following behind.

Eric stood on the sidewalk in front of the church and looked over at Carlos. "What's up?"

"Thanks for making it. I mean it amigo."

"No problem. So what's up?

Carlos rubbed the back of his neck and had a look of worry. "I need you to sign off on sanctioning a hit."

"Who you hitting?"

"That Dominican bastard, Enrique."

Eric bit his bottom lip and patted Carlos on the shoulder. "I'm not signing off."

Carlos didn't like what he just had heard and shook his head in anger. He wanted the hit to be sanctioned. He needed it. "Eric, I respect you. You know that. I'm just trying to keep things going the way that Felíx would. When one of the Mexicans killed his little brother, Felíx went to war with them, and your brother gave his approval. That was six years ago, and I'm coming to you for a favor."

"Carlos, you're the one in charge of the 'Azul Loco Clique'. Keep your ship tight. Move the coke and dope smoothly. No beefing with the 'Araña Asesinas'."

"But they are the ones that killed Felíx!"

Dey Dey stepped forward towards Carlos, a menacing look was on her face. She unbuttoned her suit jacket revealing a chrome pistol that was tucked in the front of her waist. Khloe pulled out a chrome pistol from the back of her waist and cocked it back, ready to end the life of Carlos.

Carlos put his hands up and knew he was defeated. He couldn't risk a war and decided to bow out. "Eric, I got no issue with you. But how you going to not let me avenge my boy? We can't be looking soft out here."

"Felíx got killed because he beat Enrique's sister into a coma." Eric said sternly while staring right through the soul of Carlos.

"Aight." Carlos walked off to go inside the church with a look of anger and embarrassment.

Eric was a drug baron that pushed cocaine and heroin throughout Elmwood's Middletown area and Joy-Ville area. His organization held its own, and had a reputation for being smooth when it came to making money. He made a name for himself by being a killer and a money maker. He recruited Dey Dey and Khloe, when they were juniors in high school, and had them working for him, when he was working for him and Kristal's older brother. Dey Dey was the muscle of the group. She preferred putting people in the ground. It brought a certain calmness to her, and she was known for moving covertly when it came to handling some missions. Khloe was the number two person in charge of the crew. She mostly dealt with hitting off clients or workers with kilos. She handled the transactions and had a love for the game.

Carlos was the head of the Azul Loco Clique. The Azul Loco Clique was a Puerto Rican gang that operated in the Middletown area of Elmwood, and the Joy-Ville area. They worked for Eric, pushing heroin and cocaine on his behalf since he was giving them it on consignment. The Araña Asesinas were a Dominican gang that operated in the Joy-Ville area. They worked for Eric as well, moving heroin and cocaine that they were getting on consignment from him.

The funeral was for a man named Felix Melendez, the former leader of the Azul Loco Clique. His death had sparked lots of talking within the drug game of Elmwood, and everyone was waiting to see how things would be played out.

Original sat inside of a barbershop named 'Sal's'. It was located in the Black River section and had been in business for the last fifteen years with Original becoming the owner four years ago, once the original owner got in debt with Original, due to his gambling addiction. The barbershop had a white tiled floor, white walls with mirrors, a white ceiling with fluorescent lights. Black leather barber chairs were lined up and the placed had customers as always.

An elderly brown skinned man with grey hair reclined the barber chair that Original was slouched in. The barber covered the drug czar face with warm shaving cream and turned around to his barber stand. He picked up a razor and sharpened it on a strop. "Your usual?"


"Very well."

The door opened casing a bell to ring as a Puerto Rican man in his mid twenties stepped inside. He was medium height and slender. The Spanish man had a bald head with a full beard and wore a black leather jacket, black jeans and a pair of wheat Timberland boots. He walked over to Original, patting the side of the drug baron upper arm. "What's good my G?"

"Byron, I'll be right back."

"Take your time." The barber said as he continued to sharpen the razor.

Original stood out of the chair and walked over to the back of the shop, entering a small black colored hallway with the Hispanic man following. He didn't want anyone to hear what he was about to say, and couldn't take that chance as a drug boss. "I put the word out. We gotta find out who robbed our boys, Chavez."

Chavez was Original's best friend. They had been boys ever since sixth grade. He was also the number two person in Original's organization and handled most of the dirty work. He nodded his head and had a look of anger. "I heard you cancelled the bastard that I caught? Why didn't you let me do him in?"

"We needed answers. Couldn't let you ice him before I had the opportunity to speak with him. Besides, last time you interrogated a nigga... you asked him one question and killed him before he could answer."

Chavez chuckled and patted the back of his hand against Original's chest. "That's was some dope shit. Besides, I'm not fucking with that coke anymore. I could've handled it."

"Nigga didn't give us any answers. Someone hired him. He hit our boys over in Rock Side, and took them for everything with some other niggas."

"And you took his life. Sounds about even to me."

Original adjusted Chavez's leather jacket and smirked at his friend. "Shit isn't even. We gotta find out more. He didn't do this alone. Our boys told you that it was five white boys. We caught the one."

"I couldn't believe that Craze would see that cocksucker in the grocery store this morning, four days after he hit our crew."

"Which means that there's four people left from the robbery and the person that hired them."

Chavez ran a thumb across his nose with a look of seriousness. He wanted to kill the people that was responsible, and kill them in slow fashion. "Then we need to find out who did it. We can't be having shit like this happen."

"People will think twice before hitting us. Our boys left his body tied to a tree out near the spot that our crew got hit at. The young bucks handled the situation well. They didn't freeze up."

Chavez chuckled and shook his head. He pointed a finger at Original while smiling. "Sick motherfucker. Sick ass motherfucker. Good to see the you my bucks handling shit."

"My sister is having her party tonight. You still coming?"

"I wouldn't miss it for anything my G."

A few hours had passed and the night had arrived. The evening news covered the incident involving Original's victim, and the streets of Elmwood were talking about the murder. Travel ban warnings were in effect as the snow continued. Heavy winds were in full effect as well. Traffic was slow due to the weather which always brought out the worst road rage for the citizens of Elmwood.

A Caucasian woman in her mid thirties with long brunette hair stepped inside a conference room wearing a tan pantsuit with a burgundy buttoned shirt and a pair of burgundy heels. She was toned and tall, much like an amazon. The woman pulled out a chair and took a seat at the long brown rectangular table. "Someone fill me in."

A short and obese brown skinned man in his mid fifties sat at the head of the table wearing a brown suit, black shirt and black shoes. He leaned back in his chair and cleared his throat. "Nice of you to join us, Agent Williams." He said sarcastically which caused everyone in the room to chuckle. "We have a high profile investigation. We lost a valuable informant. Felíx Melendez, former head of the Azul Loco Clique, was a federal informant after we caught him with multiple firearms in his Range Rover. He was killed by Enrique Ramirez, head of the Araña Asesinas."

"Can we tie Ramirez to the murder, Agent Phillips?" Agent Williams asked while placing her elbows on the table as she chewed on a piece of gum.

"The Elmwood Police Department already tried to interrogate Ramirez, to no avail. Ramirez alibi was corroborated by his mother. A bull shit alibi if you ask me. But nonetheless, we're here with this investigation."

"Lay it on us."

"Melendez seemed to be valuable to some degree. He gave us enough to continue this investigation. We're investigating the 'Reigns Organization'. The Reigns Organization is headed by Eric Reigns. Reigns, is a high profile narcotics drug czar that is a distributor for a drug kingpin whom we don't know. Melendez didn't know Reigns connect and only knew that he was distributing on behalf of a connect."

"So we bring down Reigns, and hopefully we find out who this connect is, right?"

"If someone can give us the connect, then yes. But our main focus is Reigns, and his organization."

Agent Williams moved the gum around her teeth while staring at Agent Phillips. "Any game plan you have in mind? Where do we begin, now that Melendez is dead?"

Agent Phillips stood up from the table and fracked his neck, letting out a sigh of relief. "I want eyes on Carlos Dominguez. Seems as if he's the one next in line to run things with Melendez being dead. Melendez gave us information pertaining to the Araña Asesinas and a Serbian crime family. Both of which receive narcotics from Reigns, as did the Azul Loco Clique."

"Agent Williams opened a tan folder that was on the table and began reading the case file. A stunned look came on her face as she stopped chewing her gum. "The Araña Asesinas and the Azul Loco Clique worked together up under Reigns? And now they could be at war with one another."

"Which is all the more reason as to why we should keep eyes on Dominguez. If he's going to make a move then we should be the first to know and stop it before it happens."

"What if we keep our eyes focused on Reigns? I'm sure he has already made it clear to Dominguez, that he isn't to make a move against Ramirez. We could focus on him primarily. So if any word comes down on removing Ramirez, we would already have knowledge and could use it to flip him on our side. I say we use his sister, Kristal Reigns, night club. The files suggest that he uses his sister's night club as a way to conduct meetings inside of her office the last couple of days, courtesy of Melendez information."

"That could work. Meet with Smith. I want you two to lead this investigation."

A black building had loud music playing in the Middletown section. Plenty of people were try my to get inside the building as the line reached around the block. The venue was a club named 'Seductive Lips'. It was a premiere night club in the city of Elmwood, and was always packed. Seductive Lips had a black Ike's floor, black walls and a burgundy ceiling with multi colored lights that were built in. Thirty burgundy tables were in the club with black chairs along with fifteen black & burgundy booths and a black bar counter that had four bartenders working. The dance floor was enlarged and had everyone in the club grooving to the music that the DJ was playing. Seductive Lips was a club that always knew how to treat their patrons and employees.

Original approached a set of spiral stairs and proceeded to make his way up to the VIP section of the club. He wore a grey suit, a black buttoned shirt with the top button left open, a black pocket square and a pair of black shoes.

The VIP section had a enlarged burgundy booth with an enlarged circular black table with multiple bottles of champagne sitting in ice buckets with sparklers on each bottle. Chavez walked up alongside his right hand man wearing a navy blue leather jacket, white tee shirt, navy blue jeans and a pair of wheat Timberland boots.

A short and skinny brown skinned woman that looked young enough to be in high school stood up on the booth wearing a purple & blue sequin dress that stopped right above her knees with a pair of black heels. She threw her arms up in the air while her face was glowing. "I'M TWENTY ONE BITCHES!" She yelled out in excitement as the posse around her cheered on.

Original chuckled and approached the young woman. "Happy birthday."

The woman leaned forward and hugged Original, trying her best to squeeze the life out of him with her skinny arms to no avail. "YOU MADE IT!"

"Of course. Wouldn't miss my sister b-day for nothing. Plus I'm the one that's funding this get-together."

"True." The woman said and chuckled. She looked ahead at Chavez, and her eyes lit up. "CHAVEZ!"

The Hispanic man walked over to the young woman and hugged her. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RENEE!"

Renee was Original's baby sister. She was always kept out of her brother criminal affairs and was a student at Elmwood State University, trying to earn a bachelor degree in business administration. She was always spoiled by her older brother and looked up to Original.

Original took a seat and grabbed a bottle of champagne out of an ice bucket. He poured himself a drink and took a sip, trying to relax himself. "Yo Renee, you been drinking much?"

"Just a little. Like maybe one or two glasses. I lost count." She said chuckling and threw her arms up in a shrugging motion at her brother.

Chavez knew how protective his boy was when it came to Renee. He chuckled and took a seat next to Octavian. "I got her. Trust me."

"You one of the few niggas I trust."

"No doubt."

Original finished his glass and stood up. "I'm bout to grab something from the bar."

Renee picked up a champagne bottle and handed it towards her brother. "We got all the liquor you need."

"I'm a need something more my speed. Those bottles are for you and your people. I'll be right back." Original motioned with his hand for Chavez to follow him and he turned around heading for the spiral stairs.

Chavez got up and followed after his boy. He placed his arms around the back of Original's neck. "You good?"

"Yeah. Keep your eyes on her company and everyone in this club."

"I know the drill. I got this."

"You holding?"

"I'm always holding. That thang never is without me. Unless I'm getting some ass."

Original chuckled and gave his right hand a fist bump.

Chavez felt his phone vibrating and he pulled it out of his pants pocket, looking at the screen. "It's Craze. Boy might have some information for us."

"Talk outside, away from people. Then let me know what he said."

"I got you." Chavez then walked down the stairs and made his way out the club.

Original made his way over to the bar downstairs and saw a Caucasian women working the bar. They all wore pink bras with black leggings and pink heels. Original licked his lips as he rubbed his hands together. He definitely liked what he saw.

"What would you like?" One of the bartenders asked Original with a smile on her face.

"A triple shot of Hennessy."

"Sure thing. You the one that's booked the VIP section right?"



A cocky smirk came across Original's face as the bartender handed him a glass. "How much I owe?"

The bartender tied her blonde hair up in a ponytail with a smile on her face. "You VIP. You good baby." She winked an eye and poured herself a shot of Ciroc. The bartender raised the glass up and blew a kiss towards Original. "You toasting or what?"

Original picked up his glass and clinked it with the bartender glass. "To dreams and that fat ass of yours."

"I'll drink to that."

Kristal stepped inside the bar wearing a grey pantsuit, a black buttoned shirt and a pair of black heels, all made by Armani. She patted the back of the bartender shoulder and pointed towards a bottle of Louis XIII. "Pour me a glass. How's things looking tonight?"

"Things are looking good. We got a full crowd."

Kristal looked at Original from the corner of her eye and had a smirk on her face as she then proceeded to lick her lips. "Hi Octavian."

Original licked his lips at Kristal, shocked that she called him by his first name. "I see how you playing."

Kristal turned towards Original and leaned her upper body over the bar and kissed him on the lips. "How's your sister enjoying her get-together in my VIP section?"

"She's enjoying it. Thanks for making the right accommodations."

"No problem. I like the time we been spending together these last couple of months."

"So have I."

"What other kinds of businesses do you own besides your laundry mat?"

"I own a restaurant. Actually, I own a couple of businesses. I also own a barbershop and a corner store."

"Not bad. Not bad at all."

"Thanks. Don't you also own a nail shop?"

"I do and a hair salon."

Original picked up his glass and raised it. "To us both becoming successful in the field of making money and to our relationship."

The bartender handed a glass to Kristal, and the female club owner clinked it with Original's glass. "I'll drink to that." She took a sip while watching Original do the same. She placed the glass down on the bar, feeling herself becoming aroused as she stared into Original's eyes.

Original was feeling himself becoming a bit hard below the waist as he admired the outfit Kristal was wearing. He sat up straight and cleared his throat. 

Kristal took a deep breath as two attempt to calm her hormones. She snapped her fingers and another bartender came over. "Send three more bottles of champagne over to the VIP section. Compliments of me."

"Right away."

Original was impressed with how Kristal ran her club. He looked around at the drunken patrons and knew that the dark skinned woman knew how to run a club. "You know what you doing. I seen many clubs open and close. Nice spot you got."

"I worked hard. I worked hard to have this club become the spot that it is."

"Mind if I ask you something?"


Before Original could ask, Chavez walked up beside his right hand and cleared his throat. "Pardon me. I gotta talk to my boy."

"Go ahead. I'll see you later, Octavian." Kristal winked an eye and gave a flirtatious smile. She then walked from behind the bar and headed over to a table where a group of patrons were at.

Original took a deep breath as he knew that Chavez was about to tell him something. He stood up and exited the club, walking along the snowy and icy sidewalk with his best friend. "So?"

"Craze said that he just got hit. He got robbed a half hour ago, up in our store over in Black River."

"Same crew from before?"

"No. Some other crew, I'm guessing. And he told me that Montez got hit over in Rock Side."

"We meeting with Craze, first thing in the morning. Something isn't right."

Chapter 2

Kristal walked inside her living room and sat on the couch wearing a black silk pajama set with black house-shoes, the apparel courtesy of Louis Vuitton. She spread her arms on the top of the couch while looking biting her bottom lip.

Khloe walked outrage kitchen holding a glass of orange juice and headed into the living room wearing a red pajama set made by Gucci. He took a seat on the couch, looking over at her right hand. "What's up?"


"How was everything in the club last night?"

"It was good. Talked to a few of the customers. My secret lover came inside the club last night."

Khloe spit out her orange juice as a look of shock came across her tanned face. "Really?"

"Yeah." Kristal laughed and leaned her head back, looking up at the ceiling. "He rented the VIP section for the entire night. He left early. Some friend of his snatched him away."

"That's a first. You aren't exactly the type to have someone you mess with come up in the club."

"He's not just someone. I like him and he's got some good dick."

Khloe laughed and gave Kristal a high five. "Bitch, that's what I'm talking about."

"But I'm tired of bringing him to my other apartment. It's like I gotta hide to a certain extent that I'm Eric's sister."

Eric walked inside the living room wearing a white tee shirt and blue pajama pants. He was sweating and held a towel in his hand. He looked over at Khloe, and had a serious look. "You caught up on all your work?"

"Yeah, I'm caught up. I did all the bank deposits so we straight on that end. I got a re-up to do with Enrique. He got our money and he wants to see if we can toss him a couple extra keys."

"Do it."

Dey Dey walked inside the living room looking as if she was half sleep, wearing a white tee shirt and purple panties that had her ass cheeks popping out. She gave a half wave to her friends while walking into the kitchen.

Eric bit his bottom lip while his mind was occupied with lots of thoughts. "I have a feeling that Carlos is going to strike at Enrique."

"That's not good." Khloe said with a look of worry. She raised an eyebrow while drinking her orange juice. "We've always been neutral."

"And I say we kill em all." Dey Dey said walking out of the kitchen with a black coffee mug. She took a sip and sat in between her two friends, leaning her head back on the couch. Chloe placed her glass on the table in front of them and sighed. "This the game. Shit is what it is. If Carlos doesn't hit back, either Enrique will try to make a move cause he thinks that Carlos is afraid, or Carlos people will start to view him differently. War is here."

"Who do we have more to gain with?" Eric asked while closing his eyes.

Kristal stood up and walked over to her older brother, kissing him on the cheek. "I have to be at the club. Going to look over some inventory. Y'all be safe. Try not to keep using my club for meetings, or go through the backdoor. Nobody knows I'm your sister, besides those that you do business with. I like to keep things that way." She then headed down the hallway.

Khloe stared up at the ceiling and weighed the options in her head. "Enrique is a loose cannon at times. But Carlos doesn't bring in anywhere near the amount of bread that Enrique people do. Safe choice is Carlos, but Enrique brings in more money."

Eric pointed a finger towards Dey Dey, his demeanor becoming one filled with seriousness. "Send a message to Enrique. Tell him to make peace with Carlos."

"But what will that do?" Dey Dey asked while holding her coffee mug up.

"Whoever makes a move after they've given their word, is the one we have eliminated. Any person that breaks their word isn't a person to be trusted."

Octavian exited the passenger seat of a black BMW 760LI. He wore a burgundy suit, a white buttoned shirt with the top button left unbuttoned, a white pocket square, a white pocket square and black shoes. He was joined by Chavez, who exited the driver seat, wearing a black leather jacket, sky blue jogger pants and a pair of wheat Timberland boots. The duo then crossed the street and made their way over to a laundry mat located in the Rock Side section. The walked over to a blue door on the side of the building and Chavez unlocked the door. He stepped inside first to make sure the coast was clear and then motioned with his hand for Octavian to step inside.

Octavian closed the door and walked up to the middle of the room that they were in. The room was one that was 'used' for being an office, but in reality it was used to count money from Octavian's drug business. The drug baron made his way over to his brown colored desk and sat on it. "So?"

A tall and athletically built Dominican man in his mid twenties sat in a black chair. He wore a black bomber jacket with navy blue jeans and black Timberland boots. The man was Craze, the number three person in Octavian's organization. He handled the meetings with Octavian's clients and those that got kilos on consignment. "I got hit. I was coming out of the store and got hit for the cash."

"What they look like?" Chavez asked as he crossed his arms over his chest. He was ready to unleash bullets into people bodies.

"They were all white. They snatched the camera. I walked out the joint and they caught me slipping. It's my fault." Craze said with a tone of disappointment. He lowered his head and had a look of guilt on his face. "I should've been paying attention."

"They snatched the camera?" Chavez asked with a look of curiosity. "I must be losing my damn mind."

Octavian bit his inner cheek and stood up. "So they caught you slipping and walked you back into the store?"

"Yeah. They had me lay down on the floor and they went through everything. They must've been looking for the bricks, butt they couldn't find anything. We don't keep shit in our establishments." Craze said as he looked up at Octavian.

"Good thing we don't." Chavez said sarcastically. His body language switched to one that was serious as he rubbed his hands together while having a menacing expression. "I say we start dropping mothafuckas so that everyone gets the point! You don't fuck with our shit! You don't even think about fucking with our shit!"

Octavian put his hand on Chavez chest, giving his childhood friend a stern look. "Bodying random people won't do anything. You gonna go around shooting every nigga that you see? What will that prove? Shit won't prove a goddamn thing, Chavez. Think brother... think." He said while pointing at his own temple, trying to get his boy to think logically.

"You right. You right my G. But we need to set an example. We can't be having shit going down like this." Chavez took a deep breath followed by looking over towards Craze. "I'm a need you to stay on point."

"No doubt." Chavez said with a serious voice and nodded his head. "It won't happen again."

Octavian rubbed his chin while looking down at the floor. "What happened with Montez?"

"He got hit. Some white boys robbed him. He was leaving the spot, and got caught soon as he opened the door. They laid him down and searched through everything. They did him the same way that I got did in the store."

"Which means that you and his robbery are both connected." Octavian shook his head followed by having a look that said he was start by to become angry and annoyed.

Chavez pulled out a black pistol from the back of his waist and cocked it back, readying himself to go straight to war. "I'm a kill these mothafuckas. Just give me the word, Octavian. Just give me the word. White boys robbing us? I must be losing my damn mind."

Octavian bit his inner cheek while running a hand over his wave cut. He was trying to sort out everything and bit his bottom lip. "Meet up with Montez. Let's make sure that the connect gets his money."

Chavez had a look of anger as he took a step towards Octavian. "Three spots got robbed. We can't be tossing the connect money, when we getting hit. We need him to front us some more, so we can get back to chasing this paper. You closed up shop. We don't have anything to give the connect."

"I'm with Chavez. We don't have the money for the connect. Not all of it, at least. We only got what we made from our boys over in Kaiser-Ville and South Ground." Craze said with a look of worry on his face. "The connect is going to want his money."

Chavez leaned in towards Octavian, a serious expression rested on his face as he placed the pistol against his thigh. "I say we ask him for help. Have him send some of his muscle to help us with this shit."

Octavian felt his blood boiling. He was becoming more angry and wanted the robberies to end. He placed his hands inside the pockets of his leather jacket and looked at his two most trusted friends. "If we go to the connect asking for help... he'll see no further use for us. He'll wipe us out. We signed on to push his shit, not be members of his team. We work for him, in regards to pushing his shit. It's why he gives us bricks on consignment. I'll use some of my money to cover the rest of the cost. But we need everyone trying to find who is robbing us. The white boys hit us twice in one night. We still gotta get the other crew that robbed you, Craze. The nigga I dropped wouldn't give up his crew."

Agent Williams sat on a pool table inside of a bar that was located in the Kaiser-Ville area. She wore a blue FBI jacket, tan cargo pants and a pair of black combat boys with her hair wrapped in a bun. "I'm thinking that we survey the club and install a camera in there. It's our best bet."

A medium and toned Caucasian man in his mid thirties stood at the pool table wearing a blue FBI jacket, navy blue jeans and black Adidas sneakers. Bags were around his eyes, revealing his lack of sleep and his short brown hair was a mess. The man was Agent Francis Smith, one of the FBI's best agents in Western New York. He chalked a pool stick in his possession while staring ahead at the multi colored pool balls that were scattered on the table. "That's not a bad idea. We need a judge to approve of it. We need reason to convince the judge that-"

The male agent was cut off as Agent Williams dropped a tan folder on the pool table. She had a cocky smirk on her face as she stared at her counterpart. "Already got it approved. Once the judge looked into the case we were starting to build with Matías López, he signed off on the camera surveillance."

Agent Smith was taken aback. He shook his head in amusement and tossed the pool stick on the table, followed by grabbing the folder. "You waste little time, don't you?"

"I don't fuck around."

"I see."

"So I say that we observe the scenery. I'm thinking you can go inside, and look at the layout."

"I can do that."

Kristal walked inside her club wearing a burgundy pantsuit with a black buttoned shirt and a pair of black heels. She slowly made her way over to the bar and looked around at the place she built from the ground up. Kristal smiled at her success and shifted her gaze over towards the direction of her front door being opened.

Octavian stepped inside with his arms behind his back. He had a cocky grin plastered on his face as he walked over towards Kristal. "I didn't like the fact that our conversation got cut short. And you never called me last night."

"Oh yeah? So that's what brings you by on this afternoon?" Kristal asked while placing her hands on her hips, raising an eyebrow at Octavian. "What's behind your back?"

Octavian revealed a dozen of roses and handed them to Kristal, slightly grinning in the process.

Kristal accepted the roses and smelled them. She chuckled while shaking her head. She knew that Octavian liked her, and she liked him. "These are nice. Thank you."


"You do this to every woman you like physically?"

"No. Just the ones that I prefer to get to know in and out of the bedroom. You look familiar though."

"Really? From where?"

"You look like my girlfriend." Octavian ran a thumb across his chin as he undressed Kristal with his eyes.

Kristal laughed and pointed a finger at the man before her. "Good one. Smooth talker."

Octavian placed his hands inside of his pants pockets while licking his lips at Kristal. She definitely was someone he had to have. Octavian liked what he saw in her, and knew there was more to what she let on despite them being around one another for the last couple of months. "I'm smooth with everything."

"I'm already knowing that." She nudged his side and laughed.

Dey Dey stepped out the passenger seat of a black Maserati, wearing a black leather jacket, black jeans that did no wonders in hiding her ass and a pair of black knee high boots. She walked across a street in the Love-Ville section and stopped at a barbershop. She stepped inside the venue and looked around. The place had cream colored walls, a black floor and a peach colored ceiling with fluorescent lights. Khloe walked inside the barbershop wearing a purple pantsuit with a black low cut spaghetti striped shirt and a pair of black heels. She looked around at the various Hispanic men that were cutting several customers heads. She then walked over towards a black desk that was positioned in the back of the barbershop.

A Dominican man in his mid twenties sat behind the desk, wearing glasses, a black tee shirt, black jeans and a pair of black Gucci boots. The Dominican man leaned back in his seat while looking at Khloe. "Sup?"

Khloe leaned forward, placing her hands on the top of the desk. Her body language was one that yelled out she meant business. "I need you to not make any moves against Carlos, or anyone from the Azul Loco Clique, Enrique."

Enrique removed his glasses and cleared his throat. He had a look of shock and knew that Khloe was speaking on behalf of Eric. "Can Eric assure me that none of them will make a move against me?"

"He can. He already spoke with Carlos."

"Carlos isn't one to back away. You know that, Khloe."

"Listen, none of them are going to make a move against any of your people. Consider this a truce. Now do you still want those extra bricks that you asked for?"

"Hell yeah."

Khloe extended a hand towards Enrique, biting her inner cheek.

Enrique shook Khloe's hand and knew that this handshake would be him agreeing to the truce. He didn't like it, but Enrique wasn't about to let personal issues conflict with his money. Especially since he got the person that he wanted dead, Felipe.

Khloe spun a finger around in a circular motion above her head, signaling for Dey Dey to head out the shop. "Follow me."

Enrique stood up and rubbed his hands together as a cocky grin came across his face.

Khloe then left out of the shop with Enrique. The duo walked over to the Taurus and Dey Dey stood by the trunk.

Dey Dey popped the trunk open and grabbed a black duffel bag. She then dropped it at Enrique's feet and crossed her arms over her chest.

Khloe pressed her tiny rear end against the side of the car while examining her manicured nails. "There's your re-up plus the extra keys. Where's our money?"

"I got you." Enrique said while pulling out a phone from his pants pocket. He then delivered a text message and looked over at a barber that exited the shop holding a black backpack.

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