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The Flasher - Part Two

Anna Mann


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It all began with a set of nude photographs, and his sister in law!

A perverted game! Andy had left the photographs mixed in with a stack of harmless holiday snaps on the coffee table, because he knew that his nosy sister in law just couldn't resist. Sure enough he had watched her on a hidden camera as she reached forward and took the stack. Two safe pics first... and then, his cock! She had looked, she had enjoyed, and Andy had found himself a new pastime.

Evolution! Charles Darwin suggested it. Of course Andy wasn't going to prove the theory one way or another... but he did evolve. He needed to feel the thrill again, the thrill of an unsuspecting girl or woman seeing his hard cock just as his sister in law Helen had. He had played games at home, pretending to be asleep on the sofa with his gown sagging open to reveal his stiffy. She had looked, gasped, he had enjoyed her reaction... but soon the act became jaded for both of them, he wanted it to look accidental, but how many times could an accident happen before it began to look staged?

The next stage of Andy's evolution came one summer's evening as he drove around admiring the girls... he spotted her, the perfect girl on a deserted road. Filled with desire he had parked and waited for her to pass by, he had called to her through the open window, and used the excuse of seeking directions... and then he had called her again.

“There's just one more thing!” he said quickly to draw her attention inside the car.

“Sure.” she replied happily and bent back down to the window.

“Will you take a look at this for me sweetie!” he groaned, and as her eyes locked on the end of his cock and her mouth fell open in shock... Andy shot a jet of creamy cum high into the air.

He had found a new avenue to explore. His first flash had been so perfect that he felt an addiction growing, and over the weeks that followed he used the same technique successfully many times.

And he should have been happy with his success, he should have restricted himself to harmless exhibitionism... But Andy was still evolving, and it wasn't until he spotted sweet and innocent Hanna that he took the next step on his journey toward becoming a monster.

Sweet Hanna, the girl that he forced to lick his cum.

Innocent Hanna, the girl that he raped, repeatedly.

Pregnant Hanna, the girl that carried his baby, and remained silent about her attacker. The girl who lied to protect the man who raped her.

But Andy hadn't known that she would shield him from the consequences of his actions... and so he had run.

He would make a new life for himself, in Spain, a land filled with sexy señoritas. A land where he wasn't known... a place where he could fall from the radar.

A place where he could continue to do what he loved most...

To see their tears as he forced his cock deep inside their unwilling bodies...

A place to...


Chapter 1

Passport control lay behind. France lay ahead. Andy tasted freedom from the threat of arrest that had been ever present since he had lost control and forced himself onto pretty little Hanna.

His mind had been a maelstrom of guilt and indecision and gnawing doubts, but those feelings had dropped away from him as he drove steadily south, he shed his fears like a serpent sheds its skin. He was reborn, and filled with confidence.

But his confidence was edged with caution. He wasn't going to take the fastest or most direct route to his final destination, he would meander, use the smaller roads... take in the scenery... and you don't get to look at the girls when you're speeding along a motorway he had chuckled to himself as he found a route across the scenic and rugged Breton region of western France. He had a vague idea where he was going, generally south he planned to cut across Brittany from the port of Brest toward La Rochelle, down to Bordeaux, and from there it would be just a short hop to the Spanish border at Pau.

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