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Wolf Investigations and Securities Inc. Series

Book 1

Bad to the Bone

By Crystal Dawn

Cover by ZH Designs

2016 Copyright by Crystal Dawn. All rights reserved.

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Chapter 1

Security Issues

Bone tired after a long day of work and some additional training, Moe walked in the house and dropped her keys on the table by the door. She sat on the chair in the entry way to untie her combat boots and take them and her socks off. Moe wiggled her toes and stretched them out. A sound of relief and pleasure slipped out. Damn, that felt good. Not as good as the shower she would be taking soon, but it was a start.

Stripping as she headed toward the bathroom, she let her guard down since she was finally home. Fully naked and feeling gloriously free, she stepped through the door in the bathroom and rough hands grabbed her. The desire to scream filled her, but there was no point. She was alone, unarmed, and at the mercy of a much larger male. He’d not bothered to put a hand over her mouth. Why would he? They were miles from the next nearest house and if she screamed, all she would do was increase his pleasure. Judging by the shaft pressed up against her, he was enjoying this a great deal already.

Think! She instructed herself. Moe was trained for this, but she was truly in a hopeless situation. The male had her pinned, her arms pulled tight against her body. His hot breath fanned against her ear distracting her. Her head was against his chest. A chest hard as a rock, head butting it wouldn’t help. Too bad she had taken her boots off since her feet were the only thing left she could move.

Slumping, to where he had to hold her up, she kicked him hard in his knee. Grunting in surprise, his hold loosened just enough that she was able to jerk free and elbow him in the ribs. Another grunt, this one of pain and she turn breaking his hold. She went for his balls, but he moved to protect them so she kneed his stomach instead. His breath whooshed out of him as she ran to hit the alarm. Help would soon be on its way.

The male stood smirking and had the nerve to applaud. “If I was an assassin you would be dead. You can’t let your guard down just because you feel safe at home. I loved the recovery though. An abductor would be writhing on the floor now.” He looked at the stun gun she now had in her hand.

She raised her brow. “Hmm, what should I do now?”

“C’mon Moe. You can’t mean to stun me.”

“Why not? This is a test, right? We need to see if I can follow through.” He was surprised when she pulled the trigger, but he’d been trained to avoid hits by stun guns. Moe laughed wickedly. “Looks like you passed the test, Tyne. You’ve lived up to your reputation.”

“Female.” He said as he stalked her. “You’re about to get that luscious ass turned bright red.”

Moe only cackled at him. “Promises, promises.” Tyne looked really put out and for a moment, a niggling of fear ran through her. What if he really attempted to spank her? The knock on her door negated the concern. She ran to her bedroom to throw on some clothes and hurried back.

Tyne headed to answer it growling at his guys. “Took you long enough.”

They seemed to blame her for his irritation and they all glared at Moe. Their boss was the nicest guy anyone knew, except when he was around his girlfriend and they all knew she had refused to complete the mating. She knew it made him grumpy, but she had the right to be sure, didn’t she? Mating was a forever thing with no way out.

She didn’t know why he couldn’t be happy with an exclusive, live-in relationship. He was older than she was, had lived through more, and was experienced in all ways, so wasn’t it easier for him to know what he wanted? Moe wasn’t even sure what she wanted to do for a living, not completely.

“We got here in three minutes, Boss. How can you complain about that? Five minutes is our goal.” Jesse asked. Poor dumb new kid.

Tyne’s head whipped around and he growled. Jesse looked at the floor and suddenly had nothing more to say. “Hey guys. Have you eaten yet?” Moe asked. Hell, it didn’t look like Tyne was happy she’d extended the invitation and all the guys saw it.

“Nah, we just ate.” Jesse explained. The other guys all agreed and they rushed to get out the door.

“Big, bad alpha wolf! What the hell is wrong with you? Those guys wanted to stay and enjoy your company. They wouldn’t have stayed long.”

“I wanted to spend an evening with you. Just you and me, because we don’t see each other much.”

“Whose fault is that?”

“Are you blaming me?”

“You travel two to three weeks a month.”

“I asked you to come with me every time.”

“I need to have a job of my own, not just following you around wherever you go.”

“You could be one of the team when I go. You choose not to.”

“So it’s my fault? If I had a business, would you want to follow me all over?”

“Why does it have to be a fight every night? I love you, damn it! Mate me and everything else will fall into place.”

“What if it doesn’t? If we can’t work things out now, why do you think it would be so easy then?”

“Look at Ariel and Blake, Damon and Marissa, and Mac and Mandi. Have you ever seen happier couples? They mated first and then it all worked out for them. Why wouldn’t it be the same way for us? How do you feel about me Moe?”

“You know how I feel. You’re important to me, very important.”

“That’s the best you can do?” Tyne asked with frustration hanging off each word.

Moe felt terrible because she could see she was hurting him, but love scared the hell out of her. There was so much she wanted to see and do before she settled down with him. She knew he was her one and even though she was afraid she might lose him, mating right now was out of the question. Stepping closer, she pulled him into her arms. He didn’t fight her, he just made her work for it. Pulling his head down, she nibbled on his lower lip just the way he loved. His wolf growled, needy, but still pissed off. There seemed no way to settle this, but she would still seduce him and he would give in. Tomorrow it would start all over again.

His lips parted just for a second and she was sliding her tongue into his mouth making him forget why he was angry. Tyne’s hands grabbed her ass, her large ass, but he loved it. She’d never doubted it was true with the time he spent worshipping said ass and her large legs too. Moe had a good body image and she knew most men liked big butts, but pretended not too. It wasn’t society’s ideal of the perfect female. Fuck that. At least some day when they had babies, the little pups would come out easier because of her childbearing hips.

Moe didn’t really care what other people thought about her body anyway. She was happy with it and had long since decided she would never be a skinny girl, so she would enjoy life without trying to be something she wasn’t. Food was something she loved, but she ate healthy part of the time and she exercised often. Working security with Tyne demanded she be in the best possible shape. Her family were fanatics about being able to defend one’s self so that was nothing new.

It was something she had in common with Tyne, besides the incredible sex. She wouldn’t admit it to him, but she loved the mangy wolf. Okay, he wasn’t mangy. He was actually super-hot in every way. Her hands were running all over that sexy muscled body, but what she saw in him was so much more than looks. Tyne was smart, loyal, and now she was making him sound like a pet dog. Maybe she just needed to stop over thinking things for now and just fuck her boyfriend? That was a damn good plan.

She wriggled out of her shirt, not pulling back from the kiss until she had to. They were both breathing hard, but Tyne’s look was still guarded. Moe unsnapped and removed her bra and took his big warm hands and placed them over her perfectly sized C cups. Her breasts were not too big and not too small. Her one perfect feature. Not that she thought she was ugly, she wasn’t. It was just that most of her parts didn’t match up with the expectations of what was ideal for a woman these days.

Tyne couldn’t resist her breasts. He began to pinch her nipples, plucking at them as if they were a fine musical instrument. Moe moaned, her breasts were sensitive and he knew just how to play them for maximum pleasure. His big slightly rough hands applied just the perfect pressure. When he lowered his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth, she almost came. When he lightly bit it she exploded.

“Yes, cum for me, Moe. So sensitive and easy to please.” Tyne whispered. For now, his mind was off their argument, but she knew it would be back on it eventually.

“Only for you.” And that was the closest to a commitment she could give him. His eyes sparked gold with his wolf barely held back. She knew there was a danger that he would lose control and mark her, but she couldn’t resist him.

He picked her up and carried her to their bed laying her on it. Stepping back he began to undress and she wriggled out of her pants. Her eyes never left the incredible show he was giving her. The male was gorgeous, big, and muscled without an ounce of fat anywhere and a cock that didn’t look like it would fit in her, but oh, boy, did it.

Watching him undress turned her into a drooling fool. He was all male and one hell of a beast in either form. Right now, he was all hers. “I’m glad to see you got naked too.” Tyne said as he laughed devilishly. His look told her she was going to be thoroughly ravished before he was sated.

In the blink of an eye, he was on the bed with her rolling them over until she was on top. “Where’s my cowgirl? She ready to ride?” Tyne asked. The first time they’d met he’d driven her to her family’s farm. They had been breaking some horses and her brother wanted her to ride one of them. He said the stallion loved females and wouldn’t let any males on him. The horse let her on alright and once she was completely astride, it was rodeo time. She rode him until they both wore out. Her legs were weak when she slid out of the saddle.

Tyne told her later that was when he knew she was the one for him. He’d said how could anyone not love a woman that could ride like that. So his favorite position was letting her ride him. She was only too happy to do it now that she had adjusted, somewhat, to his size. Just because he liked being ridden, didn’t mean her male wasn’t a dominant alpha bad ass. Tyne’s was one of the biggest baddest wolves around.

She positioned herself to take his full length as she stared down at him. “My, what big ears you have.”

“The better to hear you with.”

“My, what big eyes you have.”

“The better to see you with.”

“Hmm, my, what big teeth you have.”

“The better to eat you with and you’ll like it, Red.” It was a nickname he sometimes called her because her hair was red. She loved it when this playful mood came out and they could relax and tease each other. Right now though, the play was done.

Tyne was filling her up and she was dying to move. Slowly she rocked and rolled her hips then she moved faster. Pretty soon she was riding him like she meant it, which she did. He was so fucking hot she was on the edge of her orgasm almost immediately. His growls and groans lit her fuse like nothing else could and she exploded all over him.

Her male wasn’t ready yet so she rode out her orgasm and Tyne flipped them when she calmed and started drilling into her hard and fast. It wasn’t long before Moe was screaming his name and he pushed his own climax forth. Her channel squeezed every last drop out and he jerked against her until the last throes of his orgasm stilled. Holding her, he rolled back over so she would be spread out on top of him with her head lying over his heart.

They both relaxed and even though neither intended to, they both fell asleep. It was a couple hours later when they woke. “Holy crap, I didn’t plan to fall asleep.”

“Me either.” His soft sexy voice whispered in her ear.

“I’ll get up and fix us supper after I take a shower.” Moe offered.

“Sounds good. Do you want some company in the shower?”

“Only if you don’t care if we eat before midnight.”

“I have to say I am hungry, but for more than just food.” His smile made her melt.

“Food first, then we can get busy.”

“I’ll remind you that you said that.”

“As if I would forget.” Tyne smacked her ass as she got out of bed. She just giggled and ran to the shower.

Moe turned on the water waiting until it warmed before stepping in. Under the soothing warmth of the water, she wished things were simpler. If Tyne was the usual male she wouldn’t have to worry about them getting serious so quickly, but he wanted to mate. Her refusal to jump right in, hurt him and his pain hurt her. It caused a vicious cycle of fighting and making up just to fight the next day.

She wanted him, but she wanted to wait. Why was that so wrong? Moe washed her hair and soaped up. When she rinsed off, she was done. Drying off and dressing, she headed right for the kitchen. “Hey, get out of there.” Tyne was rummaging in the fridge. “Go take your shower.”

“Alright.” He turned and did as she asked leaving her to prepare a meal for the two of them.

By the time he came back, she had tossed together a salad and some leftovers. Nothing sensational, but some good filling food. The surprise was the cherry pie for dessert. That was his favorite and she had bought it off Cassie, one of her cousins. She made the world’s best pies. Not that Moe couldn’t make pies, but lately she didn’t have the time.

They ate in silence, until Tyne saw the dessert. “Oh, goddess! You got me my favorite pie.”

Moe turned pink in embarrassment as he raved about it. She took a big piece and gave him most of the pie which he gobbled down like he was starved. She didn’t mind, he had to keep up his strength since he was the biggest baddest wolf around. In her mind, Tyne was bad to the bone. Tougher, stronger, and more able than anyone she knew or had ever met. If push came to shove, she would deny that was her opinion, because the man had a big enough head without further encouragement.

His whole crew, the one he worked with regularly, was made up of bad asses. Someday he might even make her part of that crew. What? Stranger things had happened and she was tough in her own way. Tyne had even said she was partly trained. The truth was, he didn’t even know everything she could do. Her dad had always said to keep a few secrets. A person never knew when they would come in handy. Her dad may have disappointed her, but she still loved him and it didn’t negate his advice.

“That pie was fucking fantastic!” Tyne admitted and Moe smiled. It wasn’t like his preference in desserts was a secret. She was still pleased he was happy. Tyne leaned back and patted his flat stomach. It drew her eyes to his perfect physique. “I guess it’s bedtime now?” He wiggled his brows.

“Yes, I’m very tired. Sleep sounds good right about now.”

“I said bed, not sleep. I’m going to keep you up all night and make you scream my name until your voice is hoarse.”

“Hmm, sounds wonderful, but someone has to do the dishes and I think I’ll be asleep by the time you’re done.”

Tyne jumped up clearing the table in seconds. They’d finished everything so he didn’t have any leftovers to put up. He rinsed the dishes and stacked them in the dishwasher like a pro. Moe hurried to the bedroom to undress and put on a baby doll in blood red she’d bought just for him.

She had barely gotten changed and posed perfectly on the bed when he came rushing in. He abruptly came to a stop and his eyes practically popped out. “Damn female. You look unbelievable. Good enough to eat. My appetite is returning fast.”

It was times like these Moe wished she didn’t have the pale skin most red heads did. It turned so red when she was embarrassed or excited. At least Tyne seemed to appreciate it. He’d joined her on the bed, pushing her flat on her back, and just staring at her like a starving male. Her body released some honey to help ease his way and his nostrils flared as he scented it. The male moved like the predator he was sliding down her body to take what he wanted. It just happened to be what she wanted too.

He bit her breast lightly, but moved on past it. Tyne ran his tongue down her abs and her stomach until he was just there. His hot damp breath hit her pussy lips and drove her crazy. She wanted to beg for his touch, but knew from experience he’d hold back if she did. Her whole body ached for him and her awareness all hung on that one part of her body that he was staring at. As she watched him waiting for him to touch her, he licked his lips with that big hot tongue. Damn him! She almost came from that.

The male was playing her like a fine tuned instrument and it drove her crazy. This was his way of exerting some control and handing out some punishment to her. It was working only too well. Her hips were dying to arch up and put her ripe pussy in his face. If she thought it would work, she’d do it immediately. Instead she tried to act like it didn’t matter to her if he ever licked her there. Even though he knew better, she thought it was getting to him.

When his tongue finally licked her, she nearly jumped out of her skin. A moan was drawn out of her, deep and needy. One of his fingers moved to her channel filling it and finger fucking her with abandon as his tongue glided over her clit sending zings of awareness and tension through her. He added a finger and sped up. Moe knew she wouldn’t last long as aggressively as his fingers were working in unison with his wicked tongue. Her legs opened wider as she arched up toward him open fully for him to do with as he pleased. Sex was always amazing with Tyne.

Faster, harder, and deeper his fingers, now three in number, slammed into her as his tongue slid over her clit and his mouth sucked it in and released it. So close, she rode at the edge of a climax, needing just a feather soft push to go over the cliff and ride it down into perfect bliss. When he scrapped her clit with his teeth, it pushed her over. She screamed his name as she pushed her pussy into his face and grabbed his hair so he couldn’t escape. He only finger fucked her harder and lapped at the honey that gushed from her channel.

As her jerking and bucking slowed, so did his fingers and that magical tongue. Now he slid up her body and placed his thick cock head at her entrance slowly pushing his way into her. Once he was fully seated, he paused so they could both enjoy the connection. Her body wrapped around him like a glove welcoming him home. Never had she doubted they were meant to be together, she just wanted to explore what life had to offer first. Tyne had been everywhere and done everything imaginable. She, on the other hand, had rarely gone far from home.

Moe started to imagine the amazing things the world had to offer, until Tyne moved. Once he began his assault of her senses, nothing existed, but the man and the act of loving they were involved in. She knew she was risking what they had, but she didn’t feel she was a whole person until she had some experiences and travel in the world around her. Tyne didn’t understand it had nothing to do with males, she’d dated some and he blew them all away.

Her legs wrapped around his waist hanging on to him as if they would never let go. Tension built and did everything perfectly, making her scream as her orgasm rolled over her. She felt the jets of hot cum as he filled her with his essence. Moe wanted everything this male had to offer, even the mating, she just wanted to wait. Knowing he might leave rather than give her time, hurt like hell. Tyne was older and he wanted it all now. She was young and just beginning to live and wanted to be sure there would be no regrets.

“You screamed my name.” Tyne murmured in her ear.

“I always do.” Normally this was where the argument began, but he added nothing more.

Tyne rolled keeping his arms wrapped around her. “You are so fucking beautiful.” He whispered.

Moe thought him the most handsome male she’d ever met. It went even deeper than that. Everyone, well except for the bad guys and even some of them, liked Tyne. She had cousins that wanted to claw her eyes out and take him away, but it was clear who he wanted to be with. Besides, family didn’t do that to family regardless of the reward. Her hand was over his heart and it beat steady as he started to fall asleep. His day must have been tiring and she remembered it had started early.

Los Lobos had been spotted in the area and that was a concern for all of them. Tyne covered security for most of her family. He was like the preferred provider. Even though she had mercenaries in the family, Tyne handled most of the issues dealing with safety. They were only called in if the worst things happened. Like when Amee, one of her cousins, had been kidnapped by Los Lobos. Everyone had come together to get her back.

Tyne was good at what he did, no matter what it happened to be. Looking at his face, relaxed in sleep, she admitted she loved him. She’d never told him and that upset him too. Moe just lay there half draped across Tyne and thinking, maybe overthinking, everything until she fell asleep.

Something was missing when she woke up and the smell of coffee and food hit her. Tyne had managed to wiggle out from under her and leave her lying on his side of the bed. The delicious scent of him lingered on the sheets and tickled her nose. That was probably why him leaving hadn’t woke her up. That and the fact that he was good at stealth. Moe got out of bed taking a shower just to wake up. She’d been tired lately.

It was all the internal conflict and uncertainty in her life. She was making plenty of money. Tyne got called in at odd hours and most weekends so she went with him. Sometimes she was a secretary, but other times she was his back up. He knew deep down that she loved him, even if she never told him, and that she wouldn’t ever let him down. Today was Saturday and she expected a call in because that was how life with Tyne worked. Moe didn’t mind, she just needed to stretch her wings and fly alone for a while.

Dressing for work, she went out to claim a cup of coffee and watch him as he plated off their meal. “How did you know? Are you using that crazy Ariel dream stuff?”

“Nope. Give me the details.”

“There are three harpies missing from Ina Sue’s ball sack. One of them was spotted nearby. Our guys are following, but they worked last night and they need someone to take over.”

“I hate Los Lobos. Shouldn’t we call Harm and the gang? She had an agreement and Ina Sue is family.” Ina Sue was mated to Uncle Matt, Ariel’s ex-husband. Once you were part of the family, unless you chose to leave, you were part of the family.

“My thoughts were we should recover her first and find out who took her beyond all doubt.”

“Okay.” He was right. Moe had a tendency to call in the cavalry before it was time.

“Eat your food.”

“Thank you for cooking.” He hadn’t just cooked basic foodstuff but, steak and eggs with refried potatoes and slices of fresh tomatoes, it was her favorite breakfast. Tyne was a dream, he was perfect and other females were always staring at him. Good thing she knew how to fight them off.

“You know I would do anything for you.” He said with an intense look. It was like he was waiting for her to say the same things back, because they both knew it was true. She would die for him, why couldn’t she commit to him?

“It’s delicious.” Moe complimented. She scarfed it down enjoying every bite. “Is this appropriate to wear or will we be kicking ass?”

Wolf Securities had an informal work atmosphere. She wore jeans, but a nice top. Sneakers covered her feet, but her hair was pulled back out of the way so she could work. “You’re fine. You can fight in that.” Tyne smirked. Maybe he thought she was looking for a compliment, but the fire in his eyes anytime he looked at her told her everything.

They headed down the road toward Carr Lane, Mo. It was a small community with only the gas station still operational. The other businesses were defunct. They pulled into one of the businesses that no longer operated and sat there waiting.

“Joe and Tom said they were headed this way. They’re following an old maverick. That should be easy enough to spot.”

Joe and Tom pulled in to talk to them, while the car they had been following turned at the stoplight then turned again to follow a dead end dirt road.

“Hey Boss.” Joe said and Tom echoed. “We’re kind of tired and I’m hoping you’re here to let us go home.”

“You guys saw the girl, right?”

“Yup, we sure did.” Tom said.

“Just have to be sure guys. If we recover her, you two will get a bonus.” Tyne promised.

“Thanks Boss.” They both said in unison before they got the hell out of there so he couldn’t change his mind.

Now that they were alone, Tyne pulled out his phone and called Blake who sounded almost anxious to join them. It worked out well because they drove to the end of the road where they found a house, kicked ass and took names, and recovered the harpy in a spare bedroom with no trouble at all. Moe liked it when things went well and there were no surprises or injuries. This time the victim went free with only bad memories and no physical injuries to remember the ordeal with. Blake had taken the girl to Ariel, and she and Tyne had called in wardens to deal with the bad guys they’d captured. It was sad that they had no clues to the other two females who had now been missing for two and three months respectively.

It turned out the bad guys were a bunch of teen wolves looking to make some money. The man had told them she was his daughter and was trying to kill herself. He hinted that she was crazy and made up stories all the time. By the time he was through, the guys wouldn’t believe anything she said.

“Why is it easier to believe a criminal than the victim?” Moe asked.

“Those boys were greedy and they wanted an easy job. It’s not always the case.”

“It is more often than not. Let’s go home and watch a movie.”

“What do you want to see?”

“Something sweet and romantic.”

Tyne looked horrified. “Who are you and what have you done with my Moe?”

Moe laughed until tears streaked down her face. “Gods, you should have seen the look on your face. It was precious!”

“Ha ha. So what do you want to watch?”

“Hmm, something with lots of action, explosions, fighting, and a happy ending would be nice.”

“That’s my girl. What will we eat?”

“Let’s bake some wings, fix a bunch of deviled eggs, potato salad, open some dip, and heat up the ribs from the other day.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

They fixed their feast working well together in the kitchen. Tyne wasn’t afraid to help out like some alphas who snubbed what they considered female’s work.

Chapter 2

Dedicated to the Job

Tyne got a call in the middle of the movie so she paused it and waited for him to come back. She fell asleep before he did and it was late so the movie would have to wait for another time. He lifted his female like she didn’t weigh a thing, because to him it was true. Tyne was the big bad wolf or bad to the bone as Moe often said. She wouldn’t be happy with what he was going to do, but it wouldn’t stop him, although he would try to make it up to her.

He had to leave and he wasn’t letting her go with him. There was no way he could risk her, she was too precious to him. Yes, Moe would be pissed off, but wasn’t the saying that it was better than pissed on? She wouldn’t appreciate it if he told her that either. Snuggling up to his female, he enjoyed her soft curves, her warmth, and her sweet scent. He also fell asleep and neither of them woke until morning.

“Good morning, Sweetheart.” Tyne whispered when he saw her eyes open.

“Don’t morning sweetheart me. You’re leaving.”

“How the hell do you know these things? It’s a white wolf thing, isn’t it?”

“You’re not even going to deny it?”

He sighed heavily. “What’s the point?”

“No point and that’s my point.”

“You’re making less sense than usual, Baby.”

“No, you are being your usual horse’s ass self. You’re leaving me behind.”

“I’d deny it, but you’re right. I’m going into the equivalent of a war zone. Los Lobos is everywhere. Besides, I need you to run things here.”

“Nice try, Mister. Headquarters practically runs itself.”

“If I need backup, I have to be sure it will come. You’re my ace in the hole.”

“Yeah, the one you never use.”

“I need to know you’re there if I do.”

Tyne got up and began to get ready. He listened with half his attention, the other half on the mission ahead. The harpies ran a casino on their reservation and someone had just stolen almost a million dollars. His reward if the money was returned would be a hundred thousand bucks. That made this a priority mission. There was more to it than that. Ina Sue wanted to open a security company with him as a partner. He would provide the know-how and some people to train the new employees while Ina Sue would provide pretty much everything else.

As far as deals went, it was a winner for everyone. Ina Sue already had a list of businesses including the casino that would be using their services. She already had the property they would use and a list of new employees ready to be trained. All needed equipment would be ordered through the reservation to get their discounts since they would be employing mostly people from the tribe. While everyone was a winner, Moe didn’t look too happy.

Tyne packed and as he got ready to go, a bad feeling rolled over him. Moe hadn’t said much, and that was when she was the most dangerous. She tended to react rather than discuss things when she got riled. How a little female could make a big guy like Tyne nervous was hard to explain unless you knew white wolves. Something bad was coming out of this and it would bite him in the ass, hard. It wasn’t a question of if, but when.

She let him kiss her, neither moving away or fully giving in to the kiss. His female would simmer until the time was right, then she would unleash her fury on him. Goddess help him when the time came. Now that he was loaded, it was time to go. Tyne straightened his back and walked out not looking back. He had a job to do now that would take all his attention to complete. Driving to his business, he felt a pain in his neck that manifested itself physically.

Once he arrived, he was happy to see everyone else waiting for him. Most of his employees lived nearby. There were a few extras that didn’t normally work for him like Tank and Harry. They were along because of the Los Lobos presence. Tyne intended to make full use of their skills anyway.

“I’m glad to see everyone here. We’ll be flying out of the regional airport on a rented plane and we will be landing at the private airport the harpies have on their reservation in Wyoming. All of you, I hope, have made yourselves familiar with the harpy tribe and their reservation?” He paused waiting for questions.

“You are also aware of the presence of Los Lobos. They have stepped up their activity and robbed the harpy tribe’s casino. Getting the money back is a priority, but we also need to watch out for Los Lobos since they have been active in the area. There are still two harpy females missing and they are also a priority. Any questions?” Tyne let his gaze wander over the group. Many of his employees looked away while most of those like Tank and Harry just stared back.

Maybe he’d been a bit irritable lately, but he never wanted his people to avoid him. Once he had things figured out with Moe, things would calm down. For now he had a job to do and they all loaded on the two vans that would take them to the airport. He’d find no pleasure here since most wolves hated to fly. At least the witches didn’t seem to mind.

Arriving at the airport, he managed to circumvent the terminal and they loaded on the tarmac. They loaded quickly and took off right away. Not just were they in a hurry, but he didn’t want to give airport officials time to question the approval he’d gotten to avoid the terminal. Once they were airborne, Tyne relaxed a little. The plane, red, white, and blue in familiar markings, was a large jet, bought off one of the airlines at a surplus auction. The guy he’d rented it from was a friend and a good mechanic. He was probably the one flying the plane.

Tyne just leaned back his chair and tried to sleep. There was a low murmur of voices, but those didn’t bother him. It was the music someone had on entirely too loud that was interfering with his rest. One of his newer recruits was the source and Tyne only had to look at him to get him to turn down the sound. There was a chorus of thank yous, letting him know he wasn’t the only one disturbed by the loud sounds.

Now he was ready to give sleep another chance. It seemed as if he’d only closed his eyes before the plane was landing, but the rest had been welcome. Tyne noticed others waking up too. Now they would be entering the land of the harpies and he wondered how different it would be from the lifestyle wolves lived.

Once they landed, they moved to the nearest building where a car rental place was located. Tyne got some vans and a couple of SUVs. While waiting for the vehicles to be pulled around, a call came through from his office and it was Moe. The review of the information, camera footage and records, had already netted the culprits, but things needed to be tidied up at the casino and changes made to their security. His people were good and the harpies would appreciate the excellent job they would do for them. They weren’t even loaded up yet, when a teenager ran up and whispered in Tyne’s ear. Moe was still on the line so he told her what was going on before he hung up. He sent the two vans on to the casino and he and the other SUVs went to the headquarters where reinforcements were needed.

They could hear sounds and see fighting before they even stopped near the headquarters. Everyone looked ready for a fight which was a good thing since one was taking place. Tyne got out and stripped off his shirt. He carried a club and began to fight his way to the door. His people followed handing out what trouble they could. Halfway there he lost his club and now his fist were giving out the pounding.

Tyne and his people continued on, one enemy after another until they made it to the door. Tyne had sweat running off him onto the floor. The mangy Los Lobos ran when they saw him near. None of them had a chance against him or any of his trained fighters. Knocking enemies senseless, Tyne didn’t veer from his path until he made it into the headquarters. His entourage followed him in.

They weren’t inside long when someone turned on some kind of defensive system that sent rapid fire shots into the enemy. When ask why it wasn’t on earlier, he was told it would take out friend and foe alike. That wasn’t a pretty thought. Good thing they had turned it off long enough for Tyne and company to get inside. Now that they were inside, it looked like they were trapped here too.

Kellie Jo, the alpha’s sister took Tyne to their armory. It was most impressive and after he discussed options with the sister, they settled on using tranqs to hold off casualties on both sides. It was an easy enough decision with all the powerful tranqs the harpies had available. Now armed, they were stuck inside, heavily outnumbered. Tyne knew support was on their way, but he had no clue who or how many.

In the back of his mind, he worried about Moe. Charging into this hostile situation like a crazy rebel was just what he might expect her to do. He wasn’t in any position to enforce his will but he prayed to the goddess that she kept his female safe.

While they were waiting to see what might happen, Tyne shared the news about the casino robbery with Ina Sue. They had quickly solved it and the wardens were getting the money back along with other ill-gotten gains. The wardens would keep whatever went unclaimed. That looked to be a sizable amount of its own.

If a small army would just show up and get them out of here, things would be looking up. A couple wardens joined them a few hours later and people were taking turns catching some sleep. It was hard to say who had it the hardest. The harpy headquarters had food, drink, and beds. It even had comfortable places to sit and converse. Los Lobos seemed to have food available and they could leave if necessary to go where they could sleep. He wasn’t sure he could close his eyes peacefully if he was a Los Lobos in harpy territory.

Sometime had passed and he heard whispers. A plane had landed at the airport. Tyne felt nervous and worried, the way only a true mate could. He hoped Moe realized how much she meant to him and that she’d take care of herself. The sounds splitting the air were so familiar he had reason to doubt.

“Wow, she looks like an avenging angel.” Someone said.

Every worry he had was coming to life. His female was out there leading a small army to him. He’d told her what was happening and cautioned her not to come, but when did Moe ever listen to him? Never, that was when. Now she was at the head of the troops and almost to them.

Tyne couldn’t deny his female looked like a Valkyrie or some other kind of super female warrior. Her hair turned to flame in the light and her skin was snow white. Although she wasn’t tall, her bearing was that of a warrior queen and no one stood in her way. No matter how angry and fearful he was, he couldn’t deny he was proud as well.

He watched, struck speechless as she and her troops moved over those in their way, restraining all that fell before them. It made him wish he was a poet and could describe what he saw in a way that would live on long after he was gone. The emotions ran through him, but words refused to come.

“Moe.” It was little more than a whisper, but her eyes found his and she moved faster.

“You’re alright.” She breathed as her arms locked around his neck.

“Why did you come?” He asked.

“Because you needed me.” She replied.

That was crazy, so very crazy, but he did need her. He would never have wanted her to put herself in danger like this, but more than anything right now, he needed her in his arms. Her warmth and her sweet scent washed over him as he stroked her silky smooth skin and wished they had a bed nearby. He would say somethings she wouldn’t like, but not right now.

Pulling her into his arms so tight she protested, he would save the fight for another day. Today, he would enjoy the feel of his mate in his arms. Tomorrow he would say words that would upset her. Even knowing she would be angry wouldn’t stop the words he hoped would stop her from taking chances again. Tyne tried to forget that she had saved more than just him. Others would be thanking her while he would be showing anger.

Maybe the goddess had made a mistake to give him such a strong female? It was more than his nerves could take watching her risk herself. He loved her, and it was too late to change that. She would have to stop taking risks and start being careful. That was all there was to it. He pulled back and looked into her hazel eyes. They shone with determination and strength. Even though he knew it was part of who she was, it had to be pared back.

Only the goddess could safeguard a female as fiery and spunky as the one he claimed for his own. Leaving his happiness in the hands of the goddess just didn’t sit right with him. Picking up his female, he carried her to the rooms Kellie Jo had shown him earlier. This was where they would clean up, eat, and settle in for the night. It was cowardly, but the talk would wait until the morning. That way all her anger would be on hold too. He turned the knob and kicked the door open. For now he would think of nothing but love.

“Take your clothes off. We’ll shower together.” Tyne promised.

He toed off his boots and began to strip quickly and efficiently. Once he was bare all over, he looked at his lovely lady and saw she was taking off the last item of her clothing. Her pale skin glowed in the light and he reached out to cup one breast lightly. Her pink nipple hardened instantly.

He dropped his hand and grabbed hers to pull her into the bathroom. Turning on the water, he set the temperature and his cock ached with need as he thought about what they would soon be doing. “First we’ll clean up, Moe. Then we’ll make love.”

Now they stepped under the warm water and inside the shower stall. Steam filled the air as Tyne filled one hand with shampoo. Once Moe’s hair was dripping wet, he began to work the shampoo into her scalp causing it to foam.

“Ooh that feels so good.” Moe moaned as he’d expected. He knew his female well and all the things that she liked. Being shampooed and lathered up was at the top of her list.

Pushing her under the spray, he made sure the water ran clean before he pulled her out from under the water and massaged conditioner into her hair. Leaving it on for a while, he filled a hand with soap and worked up the lather in his hands. Starting at her neck, he slowly worked his way down her front taking special enjoyment in massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her moaning and writhing made his cock grow harder.

Working his way down her legs, he avoided her nether region for now. Moving up the back of her legs, he squeezed her delightfully plump ass. There was no doubt he was an ass man because he loved having something nice to hold onto. Reluctantly, he moved on up her back before he moved back to her sweet pussy. Now she would get the attention she’d been deprived of earlier.

The soap was so slippery, but he slid over her lips anyway. Sliding back again, this time he made sure his fingers moved between her lips. In seconds he was pumping the fingers of one hand in and out of her tight channel while the fingers of his other hand played with the clit. His female was moaning and clenching around his fingers. Goddess it was wonderful to be playing with so much wonderful female.

Curvaceous, that was what he liked and Moe delivered. He just worked her channel and her clit feeling her shiver as she tried to hold back, but he wouldn’t allow that. Tyne wanted that sweet she-wolf to cum all over his hand. There was no way he’d let her deny him what he was willing to work for. Picking up speed and adding one last finger so he was pumping three in and out of her, he pinched her clit and she went flying into pure bliss.

Once Moe’s convulsing body calmed, she wanted her turn. “I’m ready to cleanse you now, Tyne. Wet you hair for me then lower your head.” She instructed. He did as she directed and she began to massage the shampoo into his hair. Loving the way it felt, he didn’t ever want her to stop, but she did. Putting his head under the water, he waited until all the shampoo was gone. Next she put conditioner in his hair even though he rarely did himself. It was okay since it smelled good and it made his hair so soft that Moe ran her hands through it all the time once it dried. He could live with that.

Before she started to soap him up, he rinsed out the conditioner. He didn’t want to smell too pretty. She began to lather him down right away and he bit back the groan that threatened to break free. Her soft hands sliding over his body felt so perfect. Starting at his neck she slid down to his nipples. Moe pinched them both making them hard little points of sensitivity. Moving down his washboard abs, goosebumps broke out from the pure pleasure of her touch. Nothing in his life had ever felt the way Moe touching him felt.

She moved past the place he most wanted her to touch, soaping up his legs. Looking at her kneeling at his feet made his already hard cock jerk. “Wanting some attention big boy?” She asked with a smile. Moe was enjoying her turn to tease and titillate.

“You know exactly what I want.” He growled, but she wouldn’t be convinced.

Moe moved up the back of his legs and thoroughly washed his ass. It felt nice, but made his cock feel neglected. He knew that wouldn’t be the case for long, but he ached right now. Moving on up his back she washed and massaged him. Now she turned her attention back to the place she had ignored. Her hand reached firmly between his legs grabbing his shaft and stroking from one end to the other. The other hand went lower, massaging his balls lovingly.

It felt amazing and the tension built as she stroked his shaft harder and faster. Tyne felt a tingle running down his back bone to his tail bone. The tingle increased as he neared his climax. He struggled to hold it at bay and enjoy her ministrations as long as he could. Her grip tightened and he had no doubt she was aware he tried to delay and she pushed his orgasm nearer. Finally, he felt his balls draw up, the final sign that he was about to explode.

He could delay no longer and a deep groan burst forth as his seed erupted in white ropy streams hitting the wall of the shower and coating it until the water washed it off. He jerked, his body sensitive to the slightest touch from the aftereffects of an all-consuming release. Now he managed to rinse off and shut off the water. They dried off and fell into bed, both asleep as soon as they hit the sheets.

A few hours later, they woke reenergized. Tyne made slow sweet love to his female and then they cleaned up and got dressed. They went in search of food and found it in the kitchen area of the headquarters portion of the building. Thanking Debbie, one of the harpies, for fixing them each a plate of food, they sat down and wolfed it all down.

Tyne had negotiations to deal with but there was no reason Moe couldn’t come with him. He and Ina Sue ended up locked in battle not over money, as one might expect, but over the authority to run the daily business. When he accepted her challenge to a game of pool to determine the winner, he’d never thought Ina Sue could be a pool shark.

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