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Everyday Miracles

Powerful Steps to Wonderful Experiences

Kelly Wallace

Professional Psychic Counselor

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About Kelly Wallace

Kelly is a bestselling spiritual and self-help author, former radio show host, and has been a professional psychic counselor for over twenty years. She can see, hear, sense, and feel information sent from Spirit, the Universe, and a client's Higher Self.

Whether your problems or concerns center on love, finances, family, career, health, education, or your purpose in life, she writes books that will help you easily make lasting changes.

Kelly also offers professional psychic counseling, caring guidance, and solutions that work! More than just a typical psychic reading or counseling session, you will feel you've found a real friend during your time of need--whether you simply want answers and guidance to your current worries or concerns, or you're interested in learning more about your soulmate, spirit guides, angels, past lives, or anything else.

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What's in This Book:

You Can Create Miracles!

Trust and Faith

Being Grateful

What Are Miracles?

Tapping Into Those Vibes

How We Attract Miracles

Energy Shifting Exercises

Facing Challenges

How Will You Know?

Types of Miracles

Miracle Type 1

Miracle Type 2



What Do They Mean

Miracle Type 3

Naming Your Miracles

Miracles Are Everywhere

Want to Prove This Theory True?

Discipline and Dedication

Attracting Miracles




Law of Attraction and Miracle Making

Conscious Awareness

Miracle Making Basics

Believe It

Get Clear

Start Small

Focused Intent

Follow Good Feelings

Meditation and Miracles

Meditation not Medication

Affirmations Help Create Miracles

Affirmation Exercise

Miracle Meditation

Medication Exercise

Patience and Dark Days

Tell Me About Your Miracles

Contact Me/Book A Reading

You Can Create Miracles!

When you hear the word 'miracle' your mind probably conjures up something out of the ordinary and completely different than the norm of everyday experience. You may think of someone with cancer who somehow beats the disease, or a person who falls down the side of a mountain yet only ends up with a few bruises and scrapes, or perhaps a homeless person who wins a multimillion dollar lottery. Those are indeed miracles, and big ones at that!

There are also smaller miracles we don't often pay attention to, though they're still helpful. For example, you may have an overdue bill and your paycheck is still days away. You're stressed out, wondering when your electricity will be turned off when out of the blue you come into just enough money to pay that bill.

Or, you've been single for a while and thought of an ex and wondered how they were doing—and if they were single. By sheer coincidence this person emails you and wants to reconnect. These types of miracles happen far more often, though we don't really notice them much and rarely put them in the category of miracles.

I want you to know that miracles happen every single moment of every single day. Big miracles, small miracles, and everything in between. Honestly, they aren't as rare as you probably think they are. And you know what? You can experience miracles in your own daily life!

As a spiritual being in a human body nothing "out of the ordinary" is beyond your reach. We've only become accustomed to thinking that miracles are totally out of the realm of common experience. Why deprive yourself of something that should be completely natural?

A life filled with miracles is one of incredible happiness and wonderful experiences. Once you accept that this is your natural right as a spiritual being, you'll find that the Universe works right alongside you in the miracle-making process.

Yes, miracles can bring about love and money, but they also heal. Those areas of you that are hiding or stagnant due to doubt, fear, anxiety, or anger? Once you learn to create miracles you'll find that those dark parts of you fade, lighten, and expand. You'll attract new opportunities you never would have experienced before.

Trust and Faith

Having trust and faith in ourselves and our spirit guides are two things we often struggle with. We waste so much time complaining, beating ourselves up, and believing good things only happen to other people. Without trust and faith, you subconsciously create obstacles that nothing can get around, under, or through. Your obstacles then become the sole focal point and you end up blind to assistance and intervention in any form.

Even if a miracle stood right in front of you, you wouldn't see it since most miracles aren't Earth-shattering. Instead, miracles typically come in smaller, softer ways to help you out or give you strength and optimism to move forward in your life. Rather than waiting around for divine intervention to drop a miracle in your lap, it's you who must take the first step. I'll show you how to do this in just a bit.

Remember, a life of happiness and success is your right, and living a life of miracles should be a common state to be in.

Being Grateful

Other things that stand in the way of miracles taking place in your life are feeling like a victim, being filled with doubt, and acting out of desperation. These are negative mindsets that create barricades, keeping any good from entering your life. Nobody is perfect, and you won't feel optimistic all the time, but do try to be grateful for what you currently have.

Always thinking that nothing good happens to you, or following the old, "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality won't get you anywhere. Yes, I'm guilty of thinking that way at times. We all do. It's especially easy to give up hope and curse the things you don't like about your life rather than focusing on the good and looking forward to a more positive future.

What you focus on expands! If all you do is look around and see bad things, then this is the life you'll have. It doesn't matter if you make a six-figure income and have many friends and loved ones, if all you can see is negativity then your life will always be lacking.

Right now, start focusing on anything positive in your life, about yourself, and things you encounter daily. If you've been under a lot of stress it won't be easy seeing things to be grateful for at first, but I guarantee there's always something.

I have a friend who was trapped in a vicious cycle of negative thinking. Because of this, she only attracted negative into her life. One day we were at a café and I had a talk with her. I told her that, unless she started focusing on some things to be grateful for, she'd never have the type of life she'd been dreaming about for so long.

As she complained about every wrong thing in her life that she felt powerless over, I asked her to stop and name just one thing that was positive. Something that was good. She took a sip from her cup, smiled and said, "This coffee is amazing!" She then laughed, knowing how silly she was being for only focusing on everything that was wrong.

Nothing is ever so black and white that it's either all bad or all good. Getting her to admit that there was at least something to be happy about—even if it was just a cup of great tasting coffee—got her to change her way of thinking.

She began focusing more and more on what she desired in life, seeking out proof daily that things weren't as bad as she thought and were indeed getting better. Soon, her life was in alignment with her positive way of thinking. She believed miracles would take place, leading her where she wanted to be, and they unfolded right before her.

You and your spirit guides work hand-in-hand because you are an extension of this power. You co-create every miracle you experience, so never feel that you need to beg, plead, feel like a victim, or have any doubt about your right to a wonderful life.

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