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That Girl

Next Door

Luxx Monroe

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Chapter One


“There’s no way I’m babysitting tonight. I’m too old to babysit some brat that I don’t even know.” I rolled my eyes and placed my backpack over in the corner of the kitchen, giving my mom the best teenage sass I possibly could. She better be kidding me. Babysitting was the absolute last thing I was thinking about when I only had one short month until my graduation.

“Sam, don’t you give me sass, young lady. You’re still under my roof.” She lifted up one of her brows, letting me know that she didn’t find my response even close to amusing.

I rolled my eyes even more dramatically and kicked off my shoe while side-stepping her, trying to make my way to the fridge so I could grab a soda before she wrangled me into something I knew I’d regret saying yes to.

“Samantha, I’m serious. I already told Mrs. Whitman that you were available this afternoon. She sounded like she was in a real bind, and she has no other options. She also said she’d pay you a hundred bucks.” My mom smiled when I turned around and snapped open my drink, looking at her like she was playing some kind of joke.

“A hundred?” I asked, and took a sip of my soda.

My mom nodded and motioned for me to sit at our kitchen island, and then pushed over a plate of chocolate chip cookies that she knew were my favorite. She was buttering me up. But for a hundred bucks, I’d consider watching some little kid.

“Okay, you’ve piqued my interest. What are the deets?”

My mom sat down across from me and shot me a confused expression, but then rolled her eyes at me. “Deets? Sam, seriously?”

I laughed and grabbed a cookie, taking a bite while watching her watch me. “Okay, what are the d-e-t-a-i-l-s, mother?” I pronounced dramatically before shoving another cookie in my mouth.

Shaking her head at me, she grabbed a cookie for herself and gave me a little sigh. “Well, sweetie, you know our new neighbors?” She stopped talking and pointed out our side window, motioning to the large, white house to our right. I knew we were getting new neighbors, and unless they had a super-hot teenage son, I wasn’t interested. In fact, he would have to be fucking gorgeous to keep my attention. I had exactly three and a half months, including summer, of this small town hell before I was out of there and on my way to college.

“Not really,” I replied and waited for her to continue.

“Anyway, Mrs. Whitman and her husband have the cutest little boy, and it looks like Mr. Whitman is out of town for business. She’s really in a bind, honey, and could use your help tonight. She said she isn’t able to bring him to her meeting this afternoon, and Mr. Whitman’s flight doesn’t get in until very late. It should only be a few hours, and I figured if you were making that much money that you wouldn’t mind. She seems desperate.”

I let out an exaggerated sigh and looked at my mom while shrugging my shoulders. “And you just happened to tell her that your teenage daughter was free?”

My mom laughed, again, and apparently found this whole thing way too amusing. “I did. It’s a Wednesday night, sweetie. I didn’t think you’d mind.” She gave me a knowing look because she was right. Fuck. She was right. At least I’d get a little spending cash for the weekend.

Chapter Two


Checking my watch for the fifteenth time, I stared at the numbers that still told me my flight was exactly forty-two minutes late. I fucking hated being late. Looking over at the man in the seat beside me, and he must have felt the same way because his knowing look matched mine to a tee.

“Sir, are you sure I can’t get you anything else?” The flight attendant bent down, distracting me, showing just enough of her luscious breasts that I knew I had an open invitation to fuck her. It sounded appealing, I’m not going to lie, but I was so beat that my bed sounded better. Which was so unlike me.

“Thanks, doll, but I’m good.” The disappointment that covered her face let me know that I really did need some sleep. Shooting down a leggy brunette with a killer body should be unheard of, but I was done.

About an hour later, I pulled into my new driveway and noticed that all of the lights were off, except one bulb that was barely lit, hanging off the front of our porch. That needed to be fixed.

My wife, Sarah, son, Thomas, and I had just moved to a sleepy town in the outskirts of Chicago, and it took everything inside of me to make that move with them. It wasn’t a secret that Thomas wasn’t my son, but I loved him like my own, even if I knew his father could come back at any moment and claim him as his own. Sarah and I were purely in a marriage for convenience. Sure we’d tried to hook up a few times at the beginning, I mean I am a man, but in the end I was there to help her raise a son that my stupid ass brother couldn’t commit to. Fucking pussy.

Slipping my key into the lock, I almost pushed the door open when I heard a text message come through my phone, making me stop and pull the son-of-a-bitch out to see what was going on.

Went out for a drink with a few ladies from work. Sorry! I have a sitter, but you owe her two-hundred dollars. She stayed late. I’ll pay you back, promise.

I sighed and pulled out my wallet, making sure I had the cash. Two-hundred fucking dollars? Jesus. Sarah must have really been in a bind, which made me feel like shit that I wasn’t there.

Sliding the cash out of my wallet, I pushed open the front door and looked around our kitchen. It was covered in boxes and plastic wrap, and I wondered who was sitting for Thomas, and if they managed okay through all of our mess.

I threw the cash on the counter and pulled off my shoes while shoving my suitcase into the corner, knowing I’d deal with that in the morning. Thinking of Thomas, a tinge of guilt passed through me whenever I thought how I wasn’t quite ready to play the role of ‘dad’. I made it very clear to Sarah that I was always going to be known as Uncle Blaine. My brother was a fucking prick, but I didn’t want to lie to Thomas. The kid had a right to know the truth, even if he was only three.

When Sarah came to me and told me that my brother had left her and her one-month-old son, I was shocked that I hadn’t even heard the news from his own mouth that he was a father. Sure we were close as kids, but as adults his selfish ways made me have to write him off until he could get his shit together. How he’d landed Sarah was beyond me, but leaving a woman and my nephew to fend for themselves would make me even lower than him. And I wasn’t about that.

Sighing, I started up our staircase, heading to Thomas’s room to find this mystery babysitter, but about fell on my face with the amount of toys that were scattered across the hallway. “Shit,” I cursed as I kicked a Rescue Bot character out of the way.

While tossing more toys aside, I thought to myself how much a little person can destroy an area. Every toddler should have the name hurricane in front of their own. It makes more sense.

I crept toward Thomas’s door and squinted at the bursts of light that shot through the crack of his door from his galaxy projector. How he was able to sleep with all of those blinking lights was beyond me.

It took my eyes a while to adjust to the dim light of his room, but when I was finally able to see, I saw Thomas lying on his bed, fast asleep. I smiled at him, but then everything in the room came to an earth shattering halt. The damn stars that were flying around his room on the walls seemed to gather right around the angelic body of whom I assumed to be the babysitter. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Grabbing my chest to make sure I wasn’t having a heart attack or some kind of fucking stroke, I tried to gather my thoughts but there was no way I could. Lying beside Thomas was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in my life. She was on her side, sound asleep as well, but her very short shorts had ridden up, exposing the underneath of her perfect, tight little ass. And the tank top she was wearing was a size too small, but it wouldn’t have been right if it were any bigger. Her small stomach was peeking through the bottom, taunting me, begging me to walk over and run my tongue down her creamy, white skin. Her breasts were well endowed for a younger woman, but holy shit they were fucking perfect. I could already tell that she would have the pinkest little rose nipples, nipples that were also begging for me to rip them out of the see through white tank and suck them hard into my mouth.

Fuck! Now my dick was so hard that I couldn’t hide it if I tried. That girl was young, but she was doing something to me that no other girl had ever done. She made me want her with such vengeance that I contemplated going cave-man on her and scooping her up right there and having my way with her. But that wouldn’t be right. None of it was right.

I didn’t know what the hell to do, because I knew if I walked over and woke up the gorgeous girl that was lying practically naked and begging me to fuck her every which way, I wouldn’t be able to control myself. So, I turned around and walked down the stairs to figure out what the hell I was going to do.

When I made it to the kitchen sink, my dick was fucking screaming at me to make the ache go away. I’d never thought about a random girl when I’d jacked-off, but I didn’t give one shit. I needed a release to get my head straight.

When I pulled out my aching dick and started to slowly stroke it, immediate relief flooded my body. “Yessss,” I hissed and thought of that tight little body I’d just found. That tight little body that had me so worked up that I’d be cumming in no time. What’s wrong with me? I asked over and over again, but when I thought of shoving my thick cock into her tight cunt, I seriously saw stars.

Chapter Three


Having a small hand smack you in the face wasn’t exactly the best way to get woken up, but it just happened to be my lucky day. Or night. Where the hell was I?

I jumped out of a small race car bed and almost fell on my face after tripping over a plastic whale, or whatever the hell it was, and groggily staggered back while realizing I was at my neighbor’s house. Oh right, I’m babysitting.

After I grabbed my cell, I did a double take when I saw that it was already after one in the morning. Sarah had texted me earlier that evening that her husband was back in the city and should have been home an hour ago. Shit. I needed to get home and sleep. I did have school in the morning.

I looked down at Thomas, who just happened to be the cutest kid in the universe, and was glad I’d taken the job that night. He was easy. No fits; no fussing. We played and laughed all evening. Sure it was the first time I’d really ever been around a little kid his age before, but in all honesty I kind of loved it.

His bed looked super comfy for a cut out box car, and I debated climbing back in but then I heard a little rustling noise coming from downstairs. Mr. Whitman must be home. My cue to leave.

The feat of climbing over a few toys that Thomas and I had pulled out was a workout in itself, and I cursed under my breath because I’d had all intentions to clean up before the Mr. and Mrs. came home. I followed the noise from what I assumed was in the kitchen, and slowly peeked around the corner, not really knowing who’d made it home first.

Holy. Shit. I covered my mouth as quickly as I could and tried to hold every single little sound that was about to explode out of my body inside. My eyes were instantly pinched shut, and I tried to replay what I’d just seen in my mind except I wasn’t sure if what I saw was real or if it was my mind playing tricks on me. There was no way in hell I really saw what was just happening. So, I decided I needed to look one more time just to make sure.

Yup. It’s what I saw the first time. Mr. Whitman, or whom I assumed was Mr. Whitman, was leaning toward the kitchen sink, holding his very hard, very huge dick in his hand. What the fuck was going on?

I couldn’t believe what I’d just saw, because if I was being honest I’d only ever seen one penis in person before and that was from my friend, Josh, who took a dare to show me it at some stupid party last year. What if Mr. Whitman knew I was just around the corner looking at him holding himself? I quickly pushed myself against the wall and stayed very quiet. I didn’t need that shit-storm to happen at that moment.

But why in the world was his dick in his hands? Curiosity ended up getting the better of me and before I knew it was looking around the corner again, and seriously thought my eyes were going to explode out of my head. Mr. Whitman was not just holding his gigantic dick, but he was stroking it and moaning words that weren’t close to English. I couldn’t get a full view of his face, but his body looked amazing for an older guy. Older, hmm. That had me wondering. How old was he? He didn’t look that old, and probably couldn’t be much older than thirty, but the way he was gliding his hand up and down his shaft made my legs clench together with some kind of need. I could feel a drop of moisture dampen my panties, and I knew I needed to look away, but I couldn’t.

“Oh, fuck.” He cursed and soon hot, creamy liquid was squirting out of the tip of his dick, and he continued to slowly run his hand to the base of his length, making me want to get a closer look. That was the first time I’d watched a man ejaculate. Sure my best friend, Sky, had tried to make me watch porn with her over a hundred times, but it was never something I could do. But this? Shit, I could watch this guy jack-off all day. Speaking of, why in the world was he jacking off in his kitchen? At one in the morning no less. While I was asleep upstairs with his son. Fucking weird, but also for some sick reason it really turned me on.

Sky also loved to throw in the fact that I was still a virgin as often as she could. So what if I didn’t find any guys in our high school attractive enough to sleep with them? Burping and farting contests were not a way to win my V-card. Nope, high school boys just didn’t do it for me. That’s why I was looking forward to college. Maybe some of those guys had grown-up a little.

Just as I wondered what Mr. Whitman was going to do next, he started to turn my way. I quickly hid my face and pressed myself back against the while, hiding myself in the shadows. Fuck. Did he see me?

I stayed completely quiet, but I knew that I’d have to make my presence known soon. It would be awkward as hell if he rounded the corner and found me standing by the kitchen, with what I could only assume as a bewildered expression on my face.

So I coughed, loud, and started to stomp lightly on the stairs, making it seem like I was just walking down the stairs.

I ran my fingers quickly through my hair and adjusted my shorts and tank top. God my underwear was soaking wet, and I hoped for some unknown reason that he wouldn’t know that.

When I finally turned the corner and made eye contact with him, all of the air felt like it had been knocked out of my chest. He was honestly breath-taking.

He didn’t say a word as I stopped and practically drooled all over his kitchen floor. I’m sure I looked like an idiot, with my mouth half open and my eyes on his.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” He asked in a low, gruff voice. Shit, his voice was even sexier than his body.

I finally snapped out of my weird trance and stood up a little straighter, putting on my best façade so that he had no clue that I’d watched him pleasuring himself a few seconds ago. “Yeah, I didn’t mean to fall asleep up there. Thomas was scared of the storm earlier, so I laid with him for a while.”

His eyes roamed my body for a split second before he snapped them back to mine. He almost looked like he was in pain, which was interesting because he’d just jerked off.

“Your money’s on the counter.” He lifted one of his hands and pointed to a stack of cash that was sitting on the corner right by me. “Sarah let me know how much we owed you.”

I knew it was time to go, but I didn’t want to leave. This man intrigued me, even though I knew full well he was a married man. Hell, I’d just spent all afternoon with his kid, but there was something about him that had me wanting to stay. “Thanks,” I said in a much sexier voice than I’d intended. What the hell was wrong with me? That man. That’s what was wrong, and I had no idea why.

Chapter Four


I needed to get laid. Like yesterday. No, like in the damn plane a few hours ago. If I would have stayed back and fucked that hot little flight attendant, I wouldn’t have a raging hard on for my babysitter. It was wrong; all of it was wrong. Now that she was standing in front of me, I knew she couldn’t be more then eighteen, but she also had a sense of maturity about her that made me think she could have been older. Her body was banging hot. Like really, I wanted to walk right over to her and rip those tiny shorts off her body. I knew I’d like feeling my cock sink deep in that tight little pussy of hers, but I also knew I needed sleep. Shit, I’d just released all of the built-up cum in the sink a few minutes ago, but seeing this girl in front of me, standing there with her nipples practically popping through her tank, had me so hard that I was afraid I’d break in half if I moved. That’s why she needed to leave. Now.

“Let me know if it isn’t enough. Thanks for coming over to watch Thomas tonight. We really appreciate it.”

“I’m Sam, by the way.” She said with a little smirk, giving me the hint that she was a little spicy. I liked that. I liked that way too fucking much.

I nodded and reached over to take her hand in mine. “Blaine. Is Sam short for Samantha?”

When she placed her small hand in mine, a warmth spread through my body that had me stepping back out of her touch. What. The. Fuck.

Looking at me with a strange expression, which I couldn’t blame her, she nodded and crossed her arms under her chest, pushing those amazing tits even more out of her shirt. “Yeah, but everyone calls me Sam.”

I had to look away before I did something so crazy that it would probably land me in jail. “Right, Samantha. Again, thanks for tonight.” I held my glance away from her for a second, but it was as if she had some kind of magnetic pull on me.

When our eyes met, she smiled at me and walked over to grab the wad of cash off our kitchen counter. “It was easy. Thomas is great, and tell Sarah we had a great time. If you ever need me again, just call. Do you want my cell number? You know, so you don’t have to go through my home phone?”

Her cell? Come over again? There was no fucking way that girl could ever be in my house again. I could barely stand and talk with her without wanting to flip her around so fucking fast and have my mouth on her young cunt, that I knew if I had to see her again, well who knows what would happen. No, no fucking way. “Sure, that sounds great.” Fucking traitor mouth.

She smiled and reached her hand out to me. When I gave her a confused expression, the most beautiful noise came out of her mouth. She laughed and said, “Your phone? So I can put my number in it.” She didn’t stop giggling until I placed my phone in her palm.

I watched her fingers glide across my screen, and soon she was handing my phone right back to me. “Here you go. I just put it under babysitter. Let me know if you ever need me again.” And then I swear to every God that is holy that her eyes traveled down to my very erect dick, and not only that, but she bit in her bottom lip.

“I will.” I said so gruffly, because it was obvious she’d caught me having a boner in front of her. Well, I didn’t care, because if I had to ever be around that girl again, well let’s just say I might not be responsible for my actions.

Chapter Five


Fifteen minutes later I was up in my bedroom, pulling out a cropped t-shirt and a new pair of white panties from my dresser. My mom was completely out, so it was pointless to even say goodnight to her. Once that woman was asleep, yeah, dead to the world. I’m pretty sure our house could blow up and she would still be sawing logs out in the middle of our yard while hot firefighters put out the flames.

While laughing at that image, I about fell over when my phone dinged on my nightstand, letting me know that someone was texting me in the middle of the night. I wondered briefly if Sky was out with Bronson? Her and Bronson were a great couple, but when they drank too much they fought like fucking alley cats.

Only, the text wasn’t from Sky. It was from a number I’d never seen before.

You forgot your jacket. I’ll make sure you get it tomorrow.

I sat and stared at the short text for a good minute before putting two and two together. Blaine. Blaine was texting me and I’d forgot my jacket over there. Without thinking too much about it, I hit my reply box and started typing back.

Shoot, I forgot I even brought one over. Thanks, but I can get it later.

Little bubbles popped up on the screen, indicating that he was writing something back, but then they disappeared. Interesting.

Thinking our little conversation was over, I almost started to get dressed when my phone dinged again.

I’ll bring it to you in the morning.

I couldn’t argue with that. I loved that jacket.

Sounds good, but you don’t have to. Where’s Sarah?

I closed my eyes and couldn’t believe I was texting my new neighbor, my hot new neighbor, after watching his son and watching him stroke himself in his kitchen. This was seriously fucked up, but for some reason I really, really liked it.

Out with friends. Sorry to make you stay so late, but it was nice meeting you, Samantha. ;)

I could feel my cheeks warm with the mention of my full name. No one ever called me Samantha, and it was weird reading it, let alone imagining it coming out of his mouth. And he winky faced me. Feeling a little ornery, I decided to reply back, but instantly regretted it the minute I pushed send.

It sure seemed like it ;) Good night

Fuck! He was going to know for sure I saw him jacking off in his kitchen. Shit! Shit! Shit! I cursed in my head and jumped off my bed, pacing around my room. I needed to shut my damn phone off and go to bed. This was by far the weirdest, craziest, most bizarre night I’d ever had. The only thing was I had no idea how weird it was about to get.

Chapter Six


I stopped in my tracks and read Samantha’s last text. It seemed like I enjoyed meeting her? What the hell did that mean? Was I that transparent that she could see how much she affected me? There was no doubt she’d caught a glimpse of my boner, but what if she’d caught more than that? What if she saw me pleasuring myself after watching her sleep? When I caught that first glimpse of her perfect body, I couldn’t control myself. I needed a fucking release, and that was the fastest and safest thing I could think of. But what if?

Not sure what you mean. Care to explain?

Nothing. Our texting stopped there, and I knew it was for the best. I decided to call it a night, especially since Sarah had texted me a cryptic, drunk text that basically let me know that she’d had too much to drink and would be staying with a new friend of hers. I did not expect her to stay celebrate during our ‘relationship’, and in fact it made me happy she was getting out there a little.

I looked at my phone one more time before heading up to the master bedroom. I flipped on the light and headed to my walk-in closet. Sarah had basically forced me to take the master, even though I felt it should have been hers. The only way I was able to finally get her to be quiet about it was to take the damn room and talked her into switching me in a few months. She took my deal, but I knew deep down she would never follow through.

After undressing and throwing my clothes in the hamper, I walked out of my closet in my boxer-briefs and was about to crawl in bed when I saw a light come through the window that was directly across from mine.

Curious if it was Samantha’s room, I walked over to my window and hid in the shadows so I wouldn’t be a complete creeper.

Just as I hoped, there she was. Fuck, yeah. Her window was directly across from mine, only on the first floor, and it made me have all of these images that I’d fantasized as a young boy. Having a hot neighbor girl right across from me was every teenager's wet dream. She was that neighbor girl, and I was the luckiest guy. Even if she was way too young for me to be thinking such dirty thoughts about her.

She had no idea that I could see her, but she was standing in a sexy pair of panties and cropped top looking out her window, directly at my house. Almost directly in my room. Just when I was about to be an actual adult and close the curtains, she shook her head and turned around, facing her back to me. Then, she pulled off her tank and unclasped her bra, showing me the most beautiful bare back I’d ever seen. Visions of me fucking her from behind blew through my mind, and then I about lost it when I thought about what It would be like if I pulled out and I covered her with my seed.

“Fuucckk,” I said a little too loudly and wondered if she’d maybe heard me, but of course she couldn’t.

Turn around, I thought and tried to will it to happen. If I could get one little glimpse of those perfect, young tits, well I’d have myself some wonderful wet dreams.

To my surprise it worked, because a few seconds later her body was in motion, and my dick was not prepared for what I was about to see. Perfection. That’s what she was. I also was right on the money when I said she’d have the sweetest, little pink buds as nipples. Pulling out my cock, I was going to jack off to a teenage girl for the second time in one night. Officially a full on perv, but I didn’t care one bit because it needed to happen. My cock was two seconds away from breaking in half.

I started to stroke my aching dick when she looked around outside and pulled down her shorts. Sweet. Jesus. Her panties were next and I got a good look at her young pussy, and about shot hot cum all over my new curtains that Sarah had just put up. Thank God she did, or I wouldn’t have the perfect view of my new favorite obsession.

However, when she turned from the window and started to walk to her bed, I almost shouted with protest because I needed more. I needed to see her naked body. She was a dream that I didn’t know I wanted to have.

When she sat on her bed, I still had a pretty good view of her, but the next thing she did next took me so off guard that I about lost my balance.

While sitting on the edge of her bed, her small hand traveled down between her legs and started to massage her pussy. Fuck me. I pulled my hand from my cock and spit on it, giving me more lube to pleasure myself. That’s it, baby. Think of me when you’re touching yourself. Let’s get off together.

Using the other hand to massage her nipple undid me. My release was so fucking close but I had to see what she looked like when she came. I had to see her face.

She was close, I could tell, and soon my hot liquid was making a mess, but it was all worth it watching Samantha come undone.

I should have felt dirty. I should have felt like a fucking pervert, but I didn’t. Not one bit. I also knew what had just happened could never happen again, but it was more than amazing. Now I just had to convince myself that I had enough will power to make that happen.

Chapter Seven

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