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Quickies Part Two

By Dixie Turrey

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2017 Dixey Turrey



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Table of Contents

Samantha, Brandon and Abe

Brick and Summer

Leif, Ashley and Matt

Shelly and James

Ellie, Clint and Rosa

Blanche, Titus and Blue


Mack, Devon, Alton and Fannie

Chase, Alece and Millie

Gus, Savannah, Manny and Corinne

Angus and Lexi

Preview of Country Roads

Samantha, Brandon and Abe

“Fuck, yes, like that, oh, fuck,” Samantha groaned, her tits hanging over the edge of the truck bed, Abe’s cock deep in her pussy. “Harder, oh, fuck! Yes, harder!” Brandon groaned as he stroked his cock, watching as Abe’s thick dick sank deep into his wife.

“That’s it, baby, fuck him,” Brandon groaned, his hand reaching out to squeeze Samantha’s big tits as they bounced over the side of his pickup.

“His cock feels so good,” Samantha groaned, turning her head to look at her husband who was lying against the back of the truck. Abe groaned, his thick dick slipping in and out of Samantha’s wet pussy as she bent over the bed of the truck.

“Shit, I’m glad you guys chose me at the bar,” Abe groaned, his hands gripping Samantha’s hips, rocking her back into his cock as he sank deep inside her.

Brandon grinned, thinking back to the smoky bar where he and Samantha had arrived earlier that evening. They had been married for ten years, shared three children who were at their grandparents that night. Samantha loved to fuck, both men and women, so every now and then the couple traveled to bars away from their hometown to pick up people to fuck. The two of them had shared women and men, always in the bed of Brandon’s pickup as Samantha loved to fuck under the stars. The encounters were one-night stands as they changed bars each time they hooked up with someone, guaranteeing they would never see them again.

When they arrived at the bar, Samantha had done her normal survey of the room and settled on Abe immediately. He was tall, his shoulders broad. He had mysterious green eyes and a swagger that she found intriguing. Samantha had managed to find a seat at the bar next to Abe and start up a conversation. Within minutes, Samantha and Abe were on the dance floor. Brandon knew his wife had worked her magic.

Brandon watched as Samantha put her arms around Abe’s neck, whispering into his ear. Her big tits pressed against his strong chest as they swayed to a slow song. As Samantha talked, he saw Abe’s hands slide down his wife’s back to her ass, cupping the cheeks and squeezing. The song switched to a fast song and Brandon watched as his wife pulled from Abe’s arms and gripped his hand. He watched her draw him further onto the dance floor and grinned as he realized his wife had hooked another.

For the next hour, he watched as Abe and his wife danced. During fast songs, he saw his wife back her ass up against Abe, her body bent over as she grinded against him. Brandon smiled, picturing Abe’s dick deep inside his wife bent over the edge of his pickup. During slow songs, he watched as she pressed her huge tits against Abe’s chest, opened her legs and pressed her pussy against his thigh. When he saw Abe pull Samantha close, his mouth crushing hers, he knew she had succeeded.

A few songs later, Abe and Samantha stepped from the dance floor. Abe glanced at Brandon but did not meet his eyes. Brandon grinned. Samantha headed to the rest room and Abe walked to the bar, still not looking at Brandon. Brandon could see Abe’s hard cock outlined in his jeans.

“Are you ready?” Brandon asked, sipping his beer. Abe glanced at him, his cheeks red.

“Ready for what?”

“To fuck my wife,” Brandon said, turning to look at Abe. Finally, Abe turned to look at Brandon.

“Look, man, I don’t want any trouble,” he stammered. “It was just flirting….” Brandon cut him off.

“No, it wasn’t,” Brandon said as Samantha came out of the rest room and walked toward them. He waited for her to get to the bar. “She wants to fuck you. And I want to help you fuck her. There are just a few things to get out of the way.” Samantha turned Abe toward her.

“We fuck in the bed of the truck under the stars,” she said. “I love getting fucked outside.”

“She has control,” Brandon said. “If she just wants to fuck you, that’s fine. If she wants us both to fuck her, you gotta agree.”

“Sometimes, I like dick in my ass and pussy at the same time,” Samantha said. “You need to be okay with ass fucking me.” Abe looked at the two of them, his mouth open.

“If you are not into all of that, let us know now and we’ll move on to someone else,” Samantha said, turning to survey the room. Abe’s cock jumped and he grinned.

“What are we waiting for?” he asked. The three of them paid their tab and headed outside. They climbed into Brandon’s pickup, Samantha in the middle.

“Suck his cock,” Brandon said, climbing behind the wheel. He pulled from the parking lot as Samantha unbuttoned the fly on Abe’s jeans. She pulled his thick cock from his boxers and lowered her head, her mouth circling the head. She gripped him with her hand as her head bounced up and down, her tongue circling as her mouth moved along his shaft.

“Oh, shit,” Abe groaned. His hands twisted in her hair. Brandon slid one of his hands between Samantha’s legs, moving up under the short skirt she wore. He grinned as he realized she had removed her panties in the ladies room. His finger found her clit and he stroked as she sucked Abe’s cock.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Abe groaned, his hips rising and falling as Samantha sucked him. “Oh, shit!” Samantha groaned as Brandon’s fingers stroked her. Suddenly, she pulled her mouth from Abe’s cock and cried out. Her hand continued stroking as she came, her head lying on Abe’s thigh.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck! Yes” her body jerked as Brandon’s fingers worked her clit. As the orgasm subsided, her mouth returned to Abe’s cock.

“Oh, fuck!” he groaned as she worked his thick rod. The road grew bumpy and Abe looked up to see that they had pulled into a grassy area overlooking the city. The truck came to a stop, but she did not stop. Her mouth moved up and down, her tongue circling. Abe groaned, his hands in her hair. Samantha moved up and down, her head bobbing as the truck pulled to a stop. Brandon turned to Abe.

“You want to come or fuck her?” he asked.

“Shit, both,” he heard Abe moan. Brandon grinned and leaned back to watch his woman suck another man off.

Samantha’s mouth sank deep onto Abe’s cock. Her tongue circled around his thick cock.
Her mouth slid up and down, her hand moving in time with her lips. Her tongue circled the head, then took him deep. Her hand stroked, moving with her mouth. Her mouth moved faster, her hand stroking his cock. Abe groaned, his hand on the back of her head.

“We’re here,” Brandon said, pushing at Samantha to open the door. Her mouth left Abe’s cock and she leaned up. Her mouth found his and she kissed him, her tongue deep in his mouth. Brandon hopped out and reached behind the seat to pull out a wad of rubber. He pulled a tab and the rubber inflated into an air mattress that fit perfectly in the bed of the truck. Samantha pulled her mouth from Abe’s, guided his hand and pulled him from the truck, his cock standing at attention from his open jeans. She pulled him to the back of the truck and guided him up on the tailgate with Brandon right behind them.

Samantha rested her hands on the side of the truck bed, her knees on the soft air mattress, guiding Abe behind her. Brandon pulled the low-cut top over her head, tugging down the cups of her bra to expose her huge tits. She spread her legs, her big tits hanging below her as he gripped her hips and slipped his cock into her pussy. Brandon leaned against the cab of the truck, stroking his cock as he watched another man slide his cock into his wife.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Samantha groaned, her hips backing up to take Abe’s dick. Her hands gripped the sides of the pickup, her tits swaying over the edge. Brandon groaned, his hand moving up and down as he watched Abe’s cock sink into his wife’s pussy.

“Oh! Oh!” Samantha cried, her hips moving faster as she rocked back and forth.

Abe gripped her hips, moving her faster as his he felt himself reach his peak.

“Don’t stop! Fuck! Fuck!” Samantha screamed as she came, her body shaking, her tits bouncing. Brandon groaned as his wife’s pussy creamed Abe’s cock. Samantha quivered for a moment as the orgasm took her and then suddenly pulled from Abe, causing him to groan loudly.

“I want you both to fuck me,” Samantha breathed, leaning back.

Samantha backed herself from the edge of the truck and lowered her ass to Brandon’s cock. She slid his cock smoothly into her ass. Abe’s eyes grew wide as she placed her feet on either side of her husband’s knees, opening her pussy up. She looked at Abe with lust glazed eyes.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. Abe moved between her legs and slid his cock into her dripping cunt.

The men adjusted until they moved in a rhythm, moving back and forth at the same time, feeling each other inside Samantha.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!” Samantha cried, her body moving in time with the men. She met their thrusts, her nipples hard and thick. Suddenly, Brandon shifted.

Brandon slowed his movements to the point he was pulling out of Samantha while Abe shoved in. The alternating friction caused Samantha to cry out, her body quivering.

“Like that! Oh! Oh!” she cried. Her body tensed, her ass gripping Brandon and her pussy gripping Abe. “I’m coming! Oh fuck! NOWNOWNOWNOW! OH FUCK!” Samantha convulsed, her body stiffening as she came. She threw her head back, her eyes open to see the bright stars above her as she came. Her hips jerked, impaled in two different ways as her pussy and ass convulsed.

“Shit! Yes!” Brandon screamed as his cock unloaded inside her. Abe grunted and Samantha felt this cock fill her pussy with come. The three of them shook together as the orgasms took over. Abe fell forward first, his cock slipping from Samantha’s pussy. Samantha fell backward, Brandon’s cock still in her ass.

Abe rolled onto his back, looking up at the bright stars and grinned. Samantha slid from Brandon and fell onto the mattress. Samantha smiled, looking at the stars.

“You think the stars will be upset if we do that again?” she asked. Brandon and Abe laughed.

“Give us a minute and we’ll find out.”

Brick and Summer

“Shit, like that, oh shit!” Brick groaned, his hips rising and falling as Summer’s mouth slid up and down his cock. Her head moved faster and faster, her hand in time with her mouth. His hand gripped her head, pushing her down on his hard cock. She pulled her head back, kissing along his thick cock. Sounds around the tent enhanced her lips and tongue. He groaned.

“Oh, shit, this is so good,” he moaned as people walked around the tent, no idea about what was happening inside. He moaned again, her mouth moving up and down.

“Suck me, oh shit,” he groaned as her head moved up and down. “Take it deeper.”

Summer slid his cock deep in her throat, taking him as deep as she could. Her hand stroked his thick cock in time with her mouth as his hips rose and fell with her movements.

“Shit, baby,” he groaned. Her hands gripped his cock as her mouth moved up and down. She moved faster and faster as his hips moved up and down.

“Now! OH FUCK! NOW!” he cried as his hips moved up and down. His cock jerked as he came, her throat filled with hot jism. She swallowed as one, two three wads filled her mouth, his cock quivering. She held him in her mouth, his cock deep in her throat as his cock stopped quivering. She pulled her head back and smiled, her chin glistening with his come.

“Louder when you fuck me, I want the neighbors to hear.” She slid up his body. Brick groaned as she lowered herself to his cock. Despite his recent orgasm, he was still hard. He gripped her hips, hearing people standing next to their tent in conversation.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” he groaned as his cock slid deep inside her wet pussy. Summer moaned, loudly, her hands squeezing her nipples as she moved up and down. Her hips moved up and down, back and forth, grinding against his pelvis as she fucked him.

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