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First Time with a Bad Boy

CeCe Fox

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Table of Contents

First Time with a Bad Boy

Bad Boy’s Possession

First Time with a Bad Boy

I’ve never been touched by a man before. I’ve never felt such rough hands on my fragile body.

Now I never want them to leave my flesh.

I’m going to give myself to the bad boy biker and pray that he’s gentle… or not.

Though his face is gruff and his beard is long, he has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

I swallow thickly, lost in the grey depths. He blinks, appraising me like I’m cattle to be bought, his long lashes sending a shadow down his tan cheekbones.

“What’re you doing here?” He asks, voice more a growl than anything else. It makes a shudder crawl up my spine, “Little girls like you don’t come around here often. If they know what’s good for them.” He adds with a smirk, pearly white teeth exposed.

It’d only been minutes earlier that the tall, burly man had strode forward towards me, every inch bringing him closer and closer and making my heart beat faster and faster. I’d never once had a man with such fiery eyes and dark hair look right at me, not like this, and I found it hard to breathe under his burning stare.

The air between us sparkles with electricity, making it hard for me to breathe. I inhale shallowly, heart fluttering in my chest.

His hardened eyes scrutinize my own and I can feel the warmth of his body rolling off of him, warming me to the core as I continued to gaze at him, gawking like a schoolgirl in front of her crush.

Then again, everyone had to be head over heels in love with someone like this. Even the men would. He was flawless in every way, muscled and tall and sexy.

The air of the bar is heavy with cigarette smoke and beer. If the line of metallic glinting motorcycles hadn’t been intimidating enough, the burly men seated at the bar and playing pool definitely were.

Even still, I’d come inside.

I had to. I was drawn in, my pencil skirt tight around my thighs, crisp button up stretched over my breasts. I’d been lured in here like a sailor to a siren, desperate for something, anything that didn’t have to do with paperwork or endless conference calls.

And I’d caught his eye. It was hard to break contact with those eyes. I wanted so badly to stare at my black kitten heels, but his gaze was a magnet and I was helpless to tear away.

This man towers above me, his leather jacket taut over his bulging muscles. His jaw is set fiercely, eyes wild. He reminds of an animal. A predator. And I am the weak rabbit caught in his snare. But unlike the rabbit, I won’t fight.

I want him. All of him. And I don’t even know his name.

My friends would have argued that he wasn’t my type. Too brash and loud and bearded. If he wasn’t my type, though, why was I so insanely and instantly attracted to him?

Maybe my so called friends didn’t know me as well as they thought. Maybe I didn’t even know myself.

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