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Table of Contents

Chapter One – Time for Church
Chapter Two – New Sensations
Chapter Three – The Meeting
Chapter Four – Following Days
Chapter Five – Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Chapter Six – Realization
Chapter Seven – Back to Normal?

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Chapter One – Time for Church

Simon woke to the sound of his alarm clock. It was Sunday morning and it would be time to go to church soon. Simon was a very devout Catholic and couldn’t remember ever missing a Sunday service. This Sunday would be one that would not only haunt him for the rest of his days, but reveal a secret about him he would want to forget.

He was a very ritualistic man. Every morning he would get up, shower, brush his teeth, and get dressed. His closet and dresser contained no variety. Every over-shirt was the same type of button-down, long-sleeve, white shirt. Every under-shirt was a simple white t-shirt, no pocket. Every pair of pants was a pair of black slacks, and every pair of socks and underwear were also black. When he was younger, Simon used to get made fun of for how he dressed. Now, being an adult with very few friends, or people who saw him frequently, he didn’t hear anything about the way he dressed any more.

Simon finished up his typical morning breakfast-- two scrambled eggs and some dry white toast, checked his watch and left for church. He lived just down the road from the church, so he would walk there. He preferred to walk anyway, as his vehicle was in poor shape and with the air conditioning not working with the summer heat, knew he would have been uncomfortable anyway.

He arrived at church and sat on the second to the last bench on the right-hand side facing the altar. Simon liked that this was not a particularly popular church. He didn’t like crowds, as they made him irritable. It was a small church and it wasn’t in the best part of town. Most the patrons weren’t regulars. It seemed there was never more than a dozen or so people at any given service. It also looked as though most were just there to get indoors, rather than for the actual service. This upset Simon a great deal, but he tried not to let it phase his coming to hear the sermon.

Little did he know, this Sunday would be truly unique.

Chapter Two – New Sensation

Simon opened his bible turned to where the last sermon had left off. The priest was somewhat erratic and while Simon was fairly sure service wouldn’t start there, he liked to be refreshed on what was discussed the previous week.

Then, she walked in. Simon couldn’t believe how his eyes couldn’t look away from this tall, beautiful woman. She was wearing a tight fitting red dress that showed her hourglass figure. She had long, flowing blond hair. While many other people may not have noticed, Simon also noted her immaculate posture. He was even more surprised that she caught his eye, as he rarely paid attention to any lust inducing appearances. He had never even dated before, and the concept of sex was almost completely foreign to him.

She walked past him and sat two rows in front of him, closer to the aisle than he was. He quickly realized he must be staring at her and darted his eyes down toward his open bible. He felt strange. His heart was beating rapidly, his palms began to sweat, and he couldn’t concentrate. He kept trying to read the section his bible was open to, but the words didn’t make any sense. He looked up again, trying not to be noticed. There she was, just sitting. Simon started to think the most awful, lustful, things about her.

He then realized that it would all just have to be his imagination. He had no idea how to approach a woman. He had never even asked a woman out and wasn’t sure how to go about it.

His mind then started to show him all the horrible failures that would ensue if he tried. First, he daydreamed about walking up to her and just saying hello and asking if he could sit next to her. In his vision she started laughing frantically at him and he had to leave the church due to embarrassment. Then, he thought he could wait until the end of the service and approach her to say hello. Again, his mind played the cruel trick on him only showing failure. This time not only did she laugh but said to him ‘how dare he approach her’, and how he was ‘inferior’.

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