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Pantyhose Sex and the City
J.T. Peters

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Author's Note

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Even after a month, New York City was still a bit nerve-wracking to Gabe. The sheer amount of people, the tall buildings, the bustle of the subway… if it wasn't for the well-paying job that had led him there, he'd have been fine with settling in the suburbs somewhere. As he glanced around him in the train car and tried to ignore the foul smell of God-knew-what that occasionally wafted his way, he attempted to not look as harried as he felt, and instead tried to maintain the same placid, spaced-out look that the rest of the passengers had.

Finally, the train slowed as it approached his stop, and he practically dove headfirst out the doors. With a downward tug of his blue hoody, he set off for the exit and stepped out onto the streets of Astoria. He had come down there only once before, so it took him a moment to get his bearings. It didn't help that he was distracted for a moment as a young brunette in business attired walked by, and Gabe's eyes were automatically drawn to the woman's shapely legs in black tights that glistened in the late afternoon sunlight. But even though he wanted to watch her just a bit longer, he was running late, so he reluctantly headed east at a brisk pace.

Although it his new IT job at one of the bigger advertising agencies in the city that had brought him there, it was Gabe's brother, Jonathon, who had kept him from leaving. Jon had been living there for several years and loved it, and continually espoused reason after reason for staying. Gabe didn't need many reasons other than Jon and his brother's family being there. The two had always been close, and Gabe really liked his sister-in-law, Gail. And now he was much closer to his nephew, Matt, the three-year-old that he would be responsible for that evening.

Following a ten minute walk past the people leaving their jobs for the day and after crossing the streets that were busy with people who were insane enough to drive, Gabe approached the cluster of identical brick apartment buildings where his brother lived. The first building that he thought was the correct one turned out not to be, and as he scanned the rest of the buildings he recalled that his brother's was actually the closest to the parking lot. Hustling over to building eight, he was about to buzz Jon's apartment when a woman opened the door to leave.

"Oh!" she said, startled at Gabe's presence at first. Then she smiled, and Gabe swore she looked him up and down. He had to admit that he did the same – even though she looked to be about his mom's age, she was dressed very nicely in a dark red dress that showed off a lot of leg, and those legs just about made his eyes pop out of his head. They looked like the belonged on a woman half her age and were sporting black pantyhose. Not opaque tights like the young woman he had spotted earlier, but elegant sheer pantyhose with a silky sheen to them. He snapped his eyes back up and gave the black-haired woman a nervous smile before she asked, "Who are you here to see?"

"Uh, Jon. Jonathon Borelli. On the-"

"Fifth floor," the woman finished Gabe's sentence. "That's where I live, too!"

"Really? Uh, I'm his brother, Gabe."

"Oh, Gabe!" the woman said and her dark brown eyes brightened. "Your brother has talked a lot about you! How are you enjoying the city?"

"It's… different."

The woman laughed. "It certainly is. If you live here long enough, though, it all becomes normal to you. Anyway, don't let me keep you. I know Jonathon and Gail are looking forward to a night out. If you need any help with Matty, I'm right down the hall in apartment 504. I'm just stepping out to grab some dinner, but I'll be in the rest of the night."

"Thanks, uh…"


"Nice to meet you, Arlene."

"You too, Gabe." The older woman gave him another up and down glance, and then walked off as Gabe grabbed the door from her. He took a moment to admire the woman's legs as she sauntered down the concrete pathway towards the street. Then he realized the clock was ticking and hurried into the lobby to the rickety elevator.

After a painfully slow ascent, Gabe stepped out of the lift and into the fifth floor hallway. The smell of onions cooking assaulted his senses and at the same time made him realize that he had been in such a hurry to get there that he hadn't stopped anywhere for food. Oh well, he thought as he knocked on the door to his brother's apartment, maybe he could scrounge something out of the fridge.

Gail opened the door and smiled at her brother-in-law. "You're early!" she said. "Come on in!"

"Early?" Gabe said, his eyelids the only part of him that moved for a moment. Then he stepped into the apartment and saw the shit-eating grin on his brother's face.

"I know you're still learning to navigate the city, so I told you to be here a half-hour earlier than we planned on leaving."

"Smart," Gabe said and shook his head. "But you're still a bastard."

"And you're a saint," Gail said, giving Gabe a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you again for watching Matt." Gabe couldn't help himself and studied his brother's wife as she walked away, dolled up in a nice spaghetti-strap dress that ended above her knees. While his fetish for pantyhose extended to feet as well, he was disappointed to see that the pretty blonde was bare-legged, although the light-pink toe polish made her dainty feet stand out a bit.

"Where is the little guy?" Gabe said, walking around the corner to the little dining nook and seeing the three-year-old in his high chair. "There's the handsome man!" The little boy's face lit up when he saw his uncle, and his hands pounded on the tray of the high chair in excitement, sending bits of unidentified food into the air.

"Unca Gabe!" The smiling toddler had only really met Gabe on a handful of occasions, but he had taken a liking to his uncle instantly.

"That's right, Matty," Gabe said, reaching out and tickling his nephew. "You're stuck with Uncle Gabe tonight!"

Matt responded by slamming his hand down into a puddle of milk and splashing his uncle's face.


"…and if you can't get a hold of me, there are emergency numbers on a Post-It on the fridge," Gail said as she was preparing to leave. Gabe almost didn't hear her because he was momentarily entranced by the woman putting her dainty feet into sparkling black high-heeled sandals. "But if you just need help with something simple, you can go down the hall to 504 and ask Arleen."

"Oh, I, uh, actually met her downstairs," Gabe said, wrenching his gaze away from his sister-in-law's feet.

"Oh good. She's really sweet. She's watched Matt for short periods of time for us, so she's a big help." Gail stood and clomped down the hallway to her bedroom.

Jon sidled up to Gabe and whispered, "Be careful with Arlene. She's a bit of a cougar." He grinned and nudged his brother, who gave him a concerned frown. "Oh come on, I would never cheat on Gail. I meant you. You're a young single guy, I'll be she'd have fun with you."

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