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Teasing the Master


Robyn Hunter

© November 2014

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved.

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If you want something done right, get an expert to do it.

I’d been fourteen when mom remarried and we went from having no male authority in the house to suddenly having two authoritative, strong men around: Mon’s new husband Carl and Carl’s younger brother Leon. Carl was like a rock, strong and dependable. Leon though was the irresistible force. If he said “jump”, people would jump.

That statement about experts was wisdom both Carl and Leon were really font of. And they had a point, hadn’t they? Following their advice, I’d decided to look for an expert. But not just any expert. I needed an expert on fucking.

I was going to turn twenty in five weeks and I’d decided I wanted to get rid of my final piece of innocence. Even though I’d been sexually active for a while now—experimented with girls and boys my age—I’d never tried anal sex. At least nothing that went beyond a finger in my own hole. I wanted to get fucked. I wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked and fucked hard by a real, grown man who knew what he was doing. I wanted to get fucked by someone, who’d fucked his share of asses and could give it to me. I wanted an expert on fucking and I already knew the perfect man. Who just happened to be my step-uncle and one of the two male authority figures in my life.

Leon had never made a secret out of the fact that he was gay or that he liked younger men, though, he usually didn’t bring them to the house he shared with mom, Carl, me, and my younger sisters. Having an openly gay step-uncle had definitely helped me come to terms with my own burgeoning sexuality and my growing interested in men.

He was also the hottest man I’d ever seen and had starred in my jerk-off fantasies for years. At first, I’d been confused by that, because he was the brother of mom’s new husband. Even though Carl hadn’t officially adopted me or my sisters, he was the definite father-figure and authority in the house. But Leon was close behind him. Didn’t matter whether it was Carl or Leon. Their word was law and everyone accepted that.

Didn’t stop me from lusting after Leon, though. Over the years, I’d more or less come to terms with the fact that I wanted him. In my book, that fact also made him the perfect choice for my plan. He fit all of my requirements for an expert. Experienced and hot. I wanted him and he liked younger men. Perfect, really.

Leon was the kind of man mothers warned their daughters about. Tough, hard, and dangerous. He was built like a brick shit house, with broad shoulders, slim hips, and muscles that came from a combination of hard work and a meticulous and disciplined workout regime. I’d seen him work out often enough to have a good idea of what kind of body he normally hid under his clothes. That incredible body was paired with a striking face; pale skin, black hair with the first sprinkling of silver, and the most intense deep-blue eyes I’d ever seen. He was gorgeous in that absolute dominant, masculine way that just drew attention.

I wanted him something fierce. One look from him was enough to get me hard. I wanted all that strength, power, and experience. I wanted to feel those big hands on my body and that big cock in my mouth and ass. I wanted to get fucked by him.

I wasn’t exactly shabby in the looks department either. Years of playing soccer had given me a toned body with a nice, tight ass. Add curly light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a full mouth to that and I got my share of compliments and offers. I did lack the overwhelming masculinity that Leon possessed, though. I was more the epitome of pretty boy than manly man. I could live with that, if it got me what I wanted. And I knew that Leon liked them young and pretty. Now, I only had to make sure that the next pretty boy who caught his attention was me.

Knowing what I wanted was step one. Step two was figuring out how to get it. I probably could have simply asked him, but somehow that didn’t sound like a feasible plan. The chances of him simply saying “no” were too high. Instead, I settled on something like seduction, but the kind of seduction that pushed his buttons. I wasn’t really interested in romantic candle-light dinners or something similar. I wanted something nasty, hard, and dirty.

Mom and Carl going on vacation and taking the girls with them, was the perfect opportunity. Leon and I would be alone in the house for two weeks. Enough time for me to work on him and get him really riled up

I started by dressing more provocatively; tighter, torn jeans, t-shirts a number or two too small, no underwear. Sunning myself out on the deck wearing only a skimpy Speedo that showed of my ass and package. Giving him a good look at what was on offer.

I made sure that I was spending a lot of time in Leon’s company. Wriggling my ass at him, dropping sexual innuendo, touching myself, playing with myself. I considered that first step successful when Leon spent more and more time staring at me and especially at my ass. But staring was all he did, no matter how much suggestive innuendo I dropped. It was fucking frustrating.

On Friday, I decided to push things further. I was really beginning to itch for sex and was also slowly running out of time. Mom, Carl, and the girls would be back on Wednesday.

I dressed in shorts so thin that they were almost see-through and went commando underneath. My thick thatch of pubic hair was casting a clear shadow. The shorts were also cut in a way that they molded around my cock and balls. The head of my cock would peak out from the leg, especially when I moved. When I bent over the fabric would ride up into my crack and rub over my hole. The shirt I’d picked was too big and strategically torn, showing off my smooth chest and my tiny, pink nipples. I was basically naked and wearing a sign around my neck that said: “Fuck me! Now!”

If that wasn’t enough to push Leon into bending me over and fuck me, I didn’t know what would. If that plan failed, I really would have to resort to getting down on my knees and begging.

Now, all I had to do was wait for Leon to show up. He’d mention something about being back for dinner. I was in the kitchen, wondering if I should cook, throw a frozen meal into the microwave, or order pizza. Ordering take-out sounded like the least trouble, especially if my plan worked.

I looked up and around when the back door opened. Leon walked in. My mouth watered at the sight of him. Today, he was dressed in tight black jeans, biker boots, black t-shirt, and a leather jacket. He looked mean, dangerous, and too hot to be real. My cock liked the sight a lot and tried its best to crawl out of my shorts.

Daryl?” Leon said and stopped dead, staring at him. His eyes wandered up and down my body, stopping at my ass before moving to my face. They darkened with hunger and I felt a spark of victory travel through me.

I still decided to play it cool. “Hi, Leon. You want pizza for dinner? I’m too lazy to cook,” I said.

I turned around and leaned back against the kitchen counter, thrusting out my pelvis, showing off the bulge between my legs. I probably looked like some cheap whore or the star in a porn-movie, ready for the taking.

“Take-out? Sounds fine,” Leon said after a moment. His voice sounded faint and he had to clear his throat.

I considered that another small victory in my plan to get his cock up my ass.

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