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Linda the Car Mechanic

Chapter One The Halfway House

Following her discharge from the hostel by her probation officer, Linda Marshall took the bus to Aldminster North and booked into the halfway house. She handed over three of the five pounds she’d been given and took her luggage up into her tiny room. It wasn’t fantastic but compared with her accommodation at the probation hostel it felt like the Ritz. And she meant to do everything possible to stay out of trouble.

As she lay in bed that night, trying to sleep in spite of her mixture of excitement at her new freedom and anxiety about how her new job would turn out, she went over in her mind the events of that day. She’d checked in around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and been greeted by the warden of the halfway house.

‘Hello, sir,’ she began. ‘I’ve been sent here by my probation officer.’


‘Marshall, sir,’ said Linda.

In the six months she’d been on probation she had got used to answering just to her surname. To her surprise, the man behind the desk smiled at her.

‘First name?’ he prompted.

‘Oh sorry, sir. It’s Linda, sir.’

‘OK, Linda, you’ve got the paperwork and your money, I take it.’

‘Yes, sir. Here it is.’

‘Good. Well, I’ll just run through the rules of this place. You’ll be pleased to hear that there are nowhere near as many as there were at the probation hostel!’

‘Thank you, sir.’

‘Rule number one – meals are at set times. If you’re one minute late you miss out. Breakfast is at 6 o’clock in the morning and the evening meal is at 9 o’clock at night. We’ll give you a packed lunch and a Thermos flask to get you through the rest of the day.’

‘Thank you, sir.’

‘Lights out is at 11 p.m. and you’re not allowed any visitors in your room after 10 at night. There’s a lounge where you can watch TV or read newspapers and magazines. You’ll also be allowed one free phone call a week if you book it at reception first. You take a shower every night and with the job you’re doing you’ll fucking need it! Car mechanic at Vince’s Garage, eh? They’ll make you get down and dirty there all right! Oh, and by the way, your shower will only have cold water. What do you think about the new conditions?’

‘They sound very generous indeed, sir,’ said Linda carefully. ‘Thank you very much for showing me so much kindness and consideration.’

He laughed when she said that.

‘My God, you ARE well-trained, aren’t you? Maybe you really might be able to survive and stay out of prison after all. OK, just a couple more things and you can do what you like for the rest of the day. First off, masturbating by our residents is strictly forbidden. We have hidden cameras everywhere so don’t even THINK about it. It’s a disciplinary offence and you’ll get a standard twenty-five strokes of the cane if you break that rule. Secondly, if you bring a girl back, any kind of lesbian activity is strictly forbidden. Even hugging or kissing her is strictly against the rules. Of course, being fucked by a bloke is all right, as long as he’s out of your room by ten o’clock at night.’

‘Thank you, sir.’

‘Well, I guess I’d better warn you about Vince’s Garage. OK, as well as your – standard - duties for fixing cars you’ll also be required to suck off Vince and his two sons. You’ll also be expected to suck off customers if they tell you to. You call Vince Mr. Edwards and you call his two sons Mr. Jack and Mr. Matt. Got that, Linda?’

‘Yes, sir, I understand.’

‘Good. Now sometimes - not that often nowadays to be honest – you’ll get a woman coming in with a car that needs fixing and if you do then you might be told to lick her cunt. If they tell you to do that, just do it but make sure it gets written down on the paperwork or else you MIGHT get accused of being a dyke!’

Linda groaned inwardly as she saw right away the possibility of trouble.

‘Other than that there’s not much to tell you. You’ll report there for duty at seven o’clock in the morning and you can expect to finish around seven at night unless they have overtime work they want you to do. That’s about all I can tell you about the job – they’ll fill you in on the details when you start work. In the meantime, go and enjoy yourself and come down for the evening meal later. Like I said, it’s nine o’clock on the dot so be sharpish!’

‘Thank you, sir,’ said Linda.

‘Well, here’s the key to your room. Go and unpack your things and the rest of the day’s yours until mealtime.’

‘Thank you, sir,’ said Linda.

She took the key, carried her small suitcase all the way up to the top floor where her room was, and unlocked it. Sighing, she lay down on the bed and cried silently. She might be free but the horror of the world outside was still with her. A difficult, demanding job was bad enough but she was still going to be sexually abused on a regular basis by her employer and customers. Oh God, when would the nightmare end?

She was still only fifteen years old and could not foresee any kind of future for her since the laws had been changed and become so completely unfairly anti-women. Sometimes, during the six months of her probation, Linda had managed to keep going with the thought of her eventual freedom. Now that she was free at last, she felt as if she might as well be dead.

For the princely sum of ninety-two pounds and four pence, plus a pound an hour if she did overtime, and if she was lucky – Linda almost laughed at that idea – she MIGHT get an extra penny a day on top of her wages! She’d have to work a MINIMUM of 84 hours a week doing a boring, tiring, physically demanding and exacting job. It COULD work out as much as 140 hours a week for a gross pay of a hundred and forty-eight pounds and four pence. By which time I’ll be so fucking worn out I’ll be lucky to have the energy to find my way home! On top of that, she thought to herself sourly, she would still have to suck cock on a regular basis, at least with the boss and his sons. Still, she thought, at least he didn’t say nothing about being fucked. Though with my luck it’s bound to happen sooner or later!

Chapter Two The New Job

Linda had to admit that the halfway house wasn’t bad at all. The manager treated her quite kindly and even politely. The meals were good too. The evening meal had been the best food she’d had in months and breakfast was OK as well. He’d also given her a packed lunch and thermos flask of coffee to see her through the long working day that awaited her.

Now that breakfast was over, she steeled herself for the ordeal. Walking out of the halfway house, she followed the manager’s directions and within ten minutes found herself at Vince’s Garage. Although she was not due to start work until seven o’clock, Linda was determined to make a good impression by turning up early. At quarter to seven, she stood outside the locked doors of the garage. Knocking on the door produced no response so she simply stood there and waited for the owners to arrive.

At five minutes to seven she saw a car draw up outside. Two young men, aged 15 and 16, got out while the driver, a man about 42 years old, parked the car.

‘You must be the new girl,’ he said. ‘Linda Marshall, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, sir. Are you Mr. Edwards?’

‘Yes, I’m Mr. Edwards. This is my eldest boy, Mr. Matt and this is my youngest, Mr. Jack.’

‘Good morning, gentlemen,’ said Linda politely.

The three men turned to each other and laughed.

‘Fuck me, Linda, you ain’t just a gorgeous looking bit of crumpet, you’ve even got fucking good manners and all! Maybe you and us will get along just fine. Know anything about cars?’

‘Only a little, sir,’ she said truthfully.

‘No worries, girl, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. You can get started off by making the three of us all a brew.’

‘Thank you, sir,’ said Linda instantly. ‘Milk and sugar?’

‘Milk for me, no sugar; milk and two sugars for Mr. Jack; and Mr. Matt likes his tea with milk and three sugars.’

‘Very good, sir. I’ll go and make the teas at once. Thank you, gentlemen.’

Then she disappeared into the kitchen, filled up the kettle with water and made the three teas to the specifications she had been given. Setting down her thermos flask and packed lunch, she brought them out on a tray to the three waiting men.

‘You ain’t got one yourself,’ said Mr. Edwards.

‘You didn’t tell me I could have one, sir,’ said Linda quietly.

‘No, nor I did,’ he said thoughtfully. ‘You know what, lads; I reckon we got us a right good one here. Go and make yourself a tea. From now on, you make yourself one and all first thing in the morning. The work here ain’t going to be easy and you need to keep your strength up. I don’t know how much they told you about the job but it’s hard, physical work. You reckon you’re up to it, Linda? I must admit, I had my doubts when me mate Lee reckoned you’d be OK at fixing cars. Specially what with you having not much fucking experience of it and all. Don’t get me wrong, girl, I ain’t slagging you off but I ain’t never known a girl what was any kind of use with a motor. See where I’m coming from, like?’

‘Yes, sir, I understand,’ said Linda. ‘Could I have permission to speak, please?’

‘Fuck me, yes. Go on, girl; say your piece. I got to hand it to you, anyhow. You certainly got some attitude and no mistake. OK, convince me I ain’t made the worst mistake of me life by taking you on as a trainee mechanic. I mean, I could have got a girl off of work experience trials what wouldn’t have cost me a penny, couldn’t I? You’ll get paid a proper wage for the work you do here. And there’s a lot of money tied up in my cars. I got a reputation in town for the quality of me workmanship. Twenty years now I been running this garage and now me boys has joined me in the business. I did have another bloke what worked for me but he left me last week to get a job as a prison officer in the big new women’s prison they’ve just built in Aldminster to replace the old one. I couldn’t compete with the money they had on offer so he upped sticks and went.’

Linda was beginning to see how Mr. Edwards’ mind worked. He was an old-fashioned but in his own way a fair-minded man. He wasn’t convinced that Linda was capable of doing a job as a car mechanic but because his friend Mr. Johnson had asked him to give her a chance, he was willing to take a risk on her. In a funny sort of way, Linda thought he might turn out to be quite a decent sort of bloke.

‘Well, sir, everyone was inexperienced once. Times are changing and us girls have got to change with the new times. Every day we’re getting involved more and more heavily in all sorts of non-traditional jobs for women. We’ve got girls working in construction, down the coalmines, in the sewers, as lorry drivers, heavy lifting work, deep-sea divers, fishing, cab drivers – the list goes on. I’m quite proud of the fact that we are opening new doors for girls and as far as the work here goes, well, I’m up for it and willing to give it my best shot. I may not have any experience in actually repairing cars, sir, but I’m a quick learner and I’ll tell you what, sir. One thing you DON’T have to worry about with me is the physical side of the job. I’m as strong as a fucking ox, sir. Here, feel me biceps.’

She stretched out her arms and an amazed Mr. Edwards felt the muscles on her arm and was genuinely impressed.

‘Pretty good,’ he admitted. ‘OK, you might be a strong girl but how are you about getting down and dirty among oil sumps, messy bits of metal, wiring electrics, changing tyres, all that sort of thing?’

‘I don’t know shit about the technical stuff, sir, but I’ve been down and dirty on lots of other jobs and situations in my life. You don’t need to worry about me on that level either. I’m not the sort of girl who bursts out crying if I break a fingernail. As for the rest of it, I’ll pick it up all right. I’m a fast learner, sir, and if you give me a chance, I’ll be the best fucking mechanic you’ve ever had. I give you me word on it, sir.’

Mr. Edwards laughed when she said that.

‘Well, I certainly got to give you points for cheek and confidence! Go on, get yourself a tea and come out here when you made it! I suppose we ought to start teaching you some of the basics and see how you go.’

Linda made herself the fastest cup of tea she had ever done in her life. She rushed out into the main garage area and stood there waiting for instructions.

‘OK, let’s start off by telling you how the business works. Customers come in here to get their motors repaired. Sometimes it’s an old banger, sometimes a top of the range number. Sometimes it’s a taxicab, a minibus, a lorry or even a police car. We do MOTs here and all so all the work for that has to be 100% perfect. Not that ALL our work don’t have to be perfect, of course. Course, you won’t have driven a car yet, but have you ever driven a tractor?’

‘Yes, I have, sir,’ said Linda, to his surprise. ‘I spent some time working on a farm and one of the jobs I had to do in an emergency was driving a tractor to help the farmer.’

‘Well, that’s just great! You ought to be a natural, then! Ever operated a fork-lift truck?’

‘No, sir, but I’m sure I’ll pick it up quickly.’

‘Fucking hell, you got balls all right, girl. Well, you WOULD have if you WASN’T a girl, I mean to say.’

To her own surprise as much as to his Linda responded boldly to that statement.

‘I ain’t got balls, sir. I’m a girl. But I’ve seen a lot of life over the last three years and I done a lot of thinking in that time. I reckon there’s two sorts of girls myself. I reckon there’s two sorts of blokes and all but that’s another story. When it comes to our lot, well, there’s girls who have pussies and girls who’ve got cunts. I’m the sort of girl that’s got a cunt, sir. It’s our equivalent to having balls, I reckon. Having a cunt rather than a pussy, I mean.’

‘Fuck me, you got some gob on you, Linda!’ said Mr. Edwards. ‘So you reckon you’re a girl with a cunt rather than a pussy, do you?’

‘Too fucking right I am, sir. Look, I’m going to be dead straight with you. I don’t know how much Mr, Johnson’s told you about me but from the age of twelve, I’ve had to put up with a sight more than any other girl I know. I’ve been raped, beaten up, humiliated, tortured, spent time in a right fucking hellhole of a girls’ school, been in an approved school and been on probation doing some of the shittiest jobs community service can offer. I’ve been in fights with girls and with blokes and I’ve won every single one of them excepting when I was massively outnumbered. I ain’t no fucking wimp, sir. I ain’t a pussy girl; I’m a cunt girl.’

Linda finished her speech and it was obvious that Mr. Edwards was completely captivated by her words. Even his two sons stood there staring at her in total amazement.

‘Fuck me, Linda, I ain’t never met a girl like you,’ he said finally. ‘A cunt girl! That really is something for me to think about. Not so much a car mechanic as a cunt mechanic, eh?’

‘If you wanna call me a cunt mechanic that’s fine by me, sir,’ she said, her confidence growing greater with every passing minute. ‘As far as I’m concerned I’m fucking PROUD to have a cunt rather than just a pussy like a lot of other girls I know!’

‘Still,’ Mr. Edwards laughed, ‘you still fuck a cunt and a pussy just the same!’

‘Wanna bet?’ asked Linda. ‘I’m only fifteen years old but I reckon I know a fucking sight more about sex than any of you three blokes do. There ain’t much I haven’t done in my time, I can tell you.’

‘So how do you fuck a cunt and a pussy different?’ asked Mr. Matt, speaking directly to her for the first time.

‘Well, Mr. Matt, there’s all the difference in the world. With a pussy, you have to coax it a lot and you have to get the girl in the mood and bring her round to wanting what you’re planning for her. With a cunt, you can bet your life that it’ll be fucking wet, juicy and of course willing and able to take any fucking thing you want to try out on it! And she’ll fucking come before you even got yourself in the mood! That’s how us cunt girls are, Mr. Matt. I suppose when it comes down to it we’re the horny fucking sluts your Mums warned you all about when you was still young boys just starting out to learn about sex and stuff.’

‘How many pricks have you sucked?’ asked Mr. Matt.

‘I’ve lost count to be honest,’ said Linda truthfully.

‘And how many have you had up your cunt?’

‘Too many to count them all.’

‘You ever fuck a girl?’

‘Loads of times.’

‘You ever taken it up the shitter?’

‘I’ve had it up my arse so many times I lost count of that and all.’

‘Anything you HAVEN’T done?’

‘I suppose there probably IS,’ she admitted, ‘but only because neither me nor the ones who was doing it to me knew about it. I reckon I’ve done about everything there IS to do when it comes to sex – fucking, sucking, anal, fisting, object insertion, animals, lezzy sex, bondage, discipline, water sports, scat, objectification – I done the whole fucking lot of them!’

The three men stared at each other and then back at Linda in obvious amazement. After a stunned silence, Mr. Edwards spoke.

‘You been through all that over the last three years – and you ain’t got pregnant yet? How come?’

‘I’m not sure, sir. Sometimes I think it’s because a lot of the sex I’ve had has been very rough and it’s probably induced a spontaneous miscarriage. Maybe some of the men just had a low sperm count or something. Of course, the dykes can fuck you with a dildo but you won’t get preggers with that! With the animals I was a bit nervous but maybe it just wasn’t the right time of the month or something.’

‘You been looked at for AIDS and VD and stuff like that, Linda?’

‘Fuck, all the time,’ she laughed. ‘For the last three years I’ve been checked out for them about once a month.’

‘You ever got anything?’

‘I had thrush a few times, and crabs, and a couple of doses of the clap, but nothing worse than that.’

‘Would you say you was a hard case, Linda? A fucking bitch?’

‘Naw!’ she laughed. ‘I ain’t a hard case at all. Like I told you, I’m a cunt girl. Probably you all just been used to pussy girls, that’s all. Well, I ain’t a fucking pussy; I’m a fucking cunt. And that’s exactly why I’m going to be the best fucking mechanic you’ve ever had in here. Linda Marshall, not so much Aldminster’s car mechanic as Aldminster’s cunt mechanic!’

The men looked at their new staff member and burst out laughing. Even Linda couldn’t help smiling when she realised quite what she had said. The thing is, she thought, it weren’t so much WHAT I said as HOW I said it.

‘Well, I suppose we’ll have to stop calling you Linda from now on!’ said Mr. Matt. ‘That’s far too much of a pussy name for a cunt girl like you, ain’t it?’

‘Yeah, it probably is,’ Linda agreed.

‘So what do you reckon we SHOULD call you?’ asked Mr. Jack, the slightly younger of the two brothers.

‘Whatever you fucking like!’ said Linda with a sudden feeling of bravado. ‘I don’t give a shit what the fuck you call me, to be honest.’

‘Well then,’ said Mr. Matt, a big grin on his face, ‘maybe we should just call you Cunt Girl. Or maybe even just cunt. Got any objections to that?’

Linda felt so exhilarated by the sudden heady feeling of freedom that she cast all her normal caution to the wind.

‘Fuck it, go for it!’ she laughed. ‘I AM a cunt – if you wanna call me just cunt then that’s fine by me, Mr. Matt!’

‘Only thing is,’ said Mr. Edwards, bringing the conversation back down to earth again, ‘I’m just wondering about some of our customers. I mean, folk like the bishop, and the vicars, and some of the top of the range people we service. Do you reckon we ought to just call her cunt in front of them and all – and just get her to answer to the name cunt all the time she’s here?’

‘Why not?’ said Linda. ‘I’ve been called just cunt loads of fucking times. It’s no fucking skin off of my nose, I can tell you. And to be honest, you’re right about me name. Linda is such a fucking girly name. It’s a name for a pussy, not for a cunt like me.’

So it was that her name was unofficially changed among the Edwards family from ‘Linda’ to ‘cunt.’

Linda felt a strange sense of exhilaration about her name change. Far from looking upon it as a humiliation, as it had been in other contexts, in terms of the hard, physical and masculine job she was doing it made her feel strong and tough.

‘Cunt!’ she practised saying her new name to herself. ‘Yes, I’m a cunt now, not a fucking pussy like the other girls! I’m a cunt, I’m a fucking cunt! Cunt and proud of it!’

Chapter Three Linda learns the ropes

Linda got on famously with the other men in the garage now that the initial suspicion of her had been so stunningly dispelled with her act of bravado. They laughed and joked with her and they showed her lots of stuff that they hadn’t even bothered to with the previous girls they had.

‘Thing is, cunt,’ said Mr. Matt, ‘up until now all the girls we’ve had working here have come to us from work experience trials. None of them has lasted longer than two weeks and most haven’t even made it to a full week! I got the feeling you’re going to be different from them girls. After all,’ he laughed, ‘they was only pussies, wasn’t they? But now we got ourselves a proper cunt working here, ain’t we?’

By the end of the day, Linda had lugged all the heaviest gear by hand around the garage. She not only did it without making any mistakes but also didn’t even find it strenuous at all. They got her to do all the heavy lifting, made her drive a forklift truck, jack up a car and change a wheel. When it was time for them to go home, all four of them stripped out of their overalls in front of each other.

‘Tell you what, cunt, you’re WELL fit,’ said Mr. Matt. ‘I can’t make up me mind what it is I like best about your body – those big bouncy tits of yours, that fat round arse, or that juicy well used cunt of yours!’

‘Thanks, Mr. Matt,’ said Linda. ‘I’m glad you like looking at my body. All three of you are very handsome and sexy gentlemen yourselves. How big are those gorgeous pricks of yours when you get a real hard-on?’

‘Only one way to find out,’ he grinned. ‘You up for a threesome?’

‘Too fucking right!’ said Linda, happier about THIS group sex than ANY sexual act she had ever performed in her life up to now.

‘Well, since she wants it, who goes where? Dad, you get first pick – cunt, arse or gob?’

‘I’ll take her gob,’ said Mr. Edwards. ‘Matt, which do you prefer – cunt or arse?’

‘Tough choice!’ he laughed. ‘I think I’ll fuck her up the cunt. You get to use her arse, Jack.’

So the three men fucked Linda vigorously and, for the first time in her life, she actually felt pleasure in being used by them in this way. She managed to have her first ever orgasm just from the act of sex alone.

That night Linda slept in her bed at the halfway house in a state of elation. For the first time in her life, even though it had been a simultaneous penetration and not physically tender either, she’d had sex with a man and had not felt like she was being used. She’d been the one pulling the strings, the one who’d initiated the full-on group sex and she felt absolutely exhilarated by the whole thing.

I done all that, she told herself in a state of amazement. I was the one in control, not the blokes. I used my body to get sex instead of having it used by other people so they can get sex. Fucking hell, I reckon I’ve found the answer to what I’ve been doing wrong! When all them other blokes was wanting me, I was acting like a pussy instead of a cunt. Well, fuck that for a lark! From now on, I’m a fucking cunt and not a dozy fucking pussy! Cuntpower, here we come! Yeah, I’ve got the power – the power of a cunt! From now on, it’s gonna be my fucking turn to call the shots in life! Cuntpower forever!

The manager of the halfway house noticed the change in her at once when she came down for breakfast in the morning.

‘Hello, Linda,’ he said. ‘How did you find your new job?’

‘Oh, it’s fucking great!’ she told him/. ‘I really love the work and they’re a really nice bunch of blokes and all. Somehow, I feel like I’ve really turned the corner now. I don’t think I could have had a better job when me probation was up.’

‘Well, I’m glad you like it, Linda, though a little surprised to be honest. Vince Edwards and his two sons have been getting through girls at a rate of knots over the last two years. Not one of them has lasted longer than two weeks.’

‘Ah, but that’s because they hadn’t met ME yet,’ Linda grinned. ‘I’m special, you know. I’m not like the other dumb bitches they had working for them previous.’

‘And what’s your secret then?’ he asked, smiling at the girl’s lack of modesty as much as her obvious enjoyment of her new situation.

‘Ah, that’s dead easy,’ she laughed. ‘All them other bitches was nothing but a bunch of dozy fucking pussies. Like I told the gentlemen yesterday, there’s two kinds of girls. One kind is just pussies and the other kind is cunts. And I’m a cunt. Funny, I found out yesterday just how much of a difference it makes to a girl’s life if she is a cunt instead of a pussy. Well, welcome to the world of Cuntpower! Welcome to my world where cunts rule and fucking pussies get put down like the worthless fucking shit twats they are! From now on my life is going to be a WHOLE lot different, I can tell you.’

He was genuinely surprised by her outburst but, once you decoded the bravado and the obscene language, what the girl was saying made sense. If a woman was a doormat, she would be stepped on, but if she developed self-confidence and skills, she could hold her head as high as any man could.

‘You know, I think I just might understand what you’re saying,’ he told her. ‘Good luck anyway. However it turns out I wish you well.’

Linda could hardly wait to return to work. She actually hung around outside the garage from half past six onwards even though she knew that no one would be there to open up. When the car drew up at five to seven Linda felt like dancing for joy.

‘Morning, cunt,’ they greeted her as they arrived.

‘Morning, gentlemen,’ she said right back to them.

But she noticed that Mr. Edwards was looking a bit worried this morning.

‘What’s the problem, sir?’ she asked him straight out.

‘The problem is what happened last night,’ he said grimly.

‘But didn’t you enjoy it, sir? Wasn’t I good enough for you?’

‘It’s not that,’ he said quietly. ‘I enjoyed it very much. So did my two sons. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy fucking you – or that I don’t want to do it again. The thing is that I don’t want to fuck you up the cunt any more. It wouldn’t be fair to get you pregnant and I don’t think any of us want to be the father of your child. You’re a fantastic cocksucker and I’ll certainly enjoy using your gob and arse regularly. What I don’t want to happen again is anyone fucking you up the cunt. That’s my last word on the subject.’

Linda’s face fell. She had so much enjoyed her first vaginal orgasm and now it was all going to be taken away from her because of the chance she might get pregnant. Just when she had finally developed some newfound confidence this blow set her right back. She really enjoyed the job and all. Linda had always been good with mechanical things and she’d always preferred physical activity to more cerebral pursuits.

‘OK, sir,’ she said quietly. ‘If that’s the way you want it.’

‘I’m afraid it has to be that way,’ he told her. ‘I’m not willing to risk getting you pregnant. Now go and make us all a brew before we start working.’

‘Yes, Mr. Edwards. Thank you, Mr. Edwards.’

She threw herself into the job to try and take her mind off the disappointment she felt. Linda had never felt so happy and sexually fulfilled as she had last night and now it looked like it was all going to be a one-off experience.

Linda worked like a demon, lifting the heaviest possible gear and supplies with her own hands. She loaded up the forklift truck and drove it furiously around the garage; she jacked up several cars, two vans and a large lorry; she changed around twenty wheels and tyres; and she tightened up nuts and bolts on practically every vehicle in the garage. In a spirit of cold fury and desperate concentration, she virtually ignored the men for around four hours.

Finally, Matt got fed up and decided to take action.

‘Come on, girl, you’re coming with me!’ he told her. ‘I got some really heavy equipment needs shifting and I need some female muscles to do it. Move that fat lazy arse of yours at the fucking double!’

‘Yes, Mr Matt. Thank you, Mr. Matt,’ said Linda.

He drove her off to a supplier and neither of them said a word throughout the journey. When they arrived at the depot Linda saw boxes of stuff like heavy metal cables, joints, and a whole load of stuff. Without a word, she walked over to them. She stood there waiting further instructions from Matt.

‘OK, girl, let’s see you loading up all that stuff onto the van. All of it has to go back to the garage. Move your fat arse, bitch!’

‘Yes, Mr. Matt. Thank you, Mr. Matt.’

Linda worked flat out, lifting the heavy loads entirely unaided onto the van. When she was finished, Matt gave her a grudging smile.

‘I got to tell you, girl, you’re the hardest worker I’ve ever known. I didn’t reckon you had a prayer of loading up all that gear on your own and yet you managed it just the same. Well, I think that deserves a reward. Get in the cab and I’ll drive you somewhere before we go back to the garage.’

They drove off and within a few minutes he pulled up outside a retail park in Aldminster. Leaving her in the van, Matt went inside and came back about ten minutes later. Linda had no idea what he had bought but it was in a carrier bag that he put by the side of the driver’s seat.

‘Right, go and take this,’ he told her, when they stopped again after a few minutes.

‘What is it?’

‘The morning after pill,’ he said. ‘If you ARE pregnant it’ll stop you having a baby.’

‘OK, thanks,’ said Linda.

She took the pill and then waited for him to say something else.

‘OK, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to things after the way you carried on this morning. I’ve come up with a solution that will keep me, me Dad and you happy so that can’t be bad, can it?’

‘I suppose not,’ said Linda warily. ‘What’s the solution, Mr. Matt?’

‘This is how it’s going to be from now on. Me, me Dad or me brother can all fuck you up the arse whenever they want to. You can also go on sucking all our pricks when we want you to. On the other hand, since me Dad is worried about fucking you up the cunt and Jack only ever likes fucking girls up the arse, we’ve got a problem. Now for what it’s worth I DID fucking love fucking you up the cunt. And you seemed to like me doing it and all. On the other hand, if we don’t want no babies then something has to be done about that.’

Linda waited in silence for him to enlarge on his plan.

‘What I’ve done is gone to a chemist and bought a load of condoms,’ he said. ‘If I want to fuck you up the cunt I’ll use one of them. That way you won’t get pregnant. Now I’d have much rather fucked you bareback but that’s not possible so you’ll have to be fucked with a condom. What I done, though, to make it more fun for me, was to get some of the more – specialist range of condoms. These babies come with all kinds of attachments and other stuff that makes it sexy to fuck a gorgeous bitch like you even with a fucking condom. What do you say, girl?’

‘Whatever makes you happy, Mr. Matt,’ said Linda. ‘I’ll go along with your wishes. Thank you for being so considerate of my feelings.’

‘Well, that’s a relief!’ he said. ‘OK, that’s settled then. I’m gonna try them out on you later and see how much fun I can have with them!’

‘Thank you, sir. I’ll look forward to that.’

‘I bet you fucking will – cunt!’

Matt and Linda both laughed happily as the harmony between them was restored once more.

Chapter Four An Old Enemy Returns

Life for the next few weeks was blissfully happy for Linda. Although Mr. Edwards and his two sons fucked her on a regular basis, she didn’t feel as if they were using her. Linda felt more sexually fulfilled than she had been at any time during her life. Matt, who was clearly very taken with her, not simply sexually either, began giving her driving lessons as well as showing her more advanced mechanics than his father would have been willing to risk.

Then one day her worst nightmare came true. Her old enemy Mel Hammond’s mother came into the garage. She took one look at Linda and laughed.

As her bad luck would have it only Jack was in charge at the time. Mr. Edwards and Matt had gone out to an auction and were hoping to pick up some bargains to do up and sell at a profit. Linda knew from experience that Jack hated and despised women and she knew only too well the cruelty of which Mrs. Hammond was capable.

‘Well, well, this IS a pleasant surprise!’ she laughed. ‘I HAD come in here to get my car seen to but I’m rather concerned that you’re employing criminals. I take it you DO know about her criminal record?’

Jack laughed.

‘Hard not to, seeing as all our girls come to us from the Probation Officer. This one’s the first that’s lasted longer than a week. Six whole weeks she’s been with us now!’

‘And do you trust her to handle money?’

‘No, we look after all that side of things,’ Jack grinned.

‘And how is she as a worker? Lazy? Incompetent? Rude?’

‘No, not at all, as it happens. She’s the hardest working bitch we’ve ever had here and she’s a fucking brilliant mechanic and all. Seems like a natural to me. As for rude, well, no, she does exactly what she’s told and she never gobs off or nothing like that.’

Mrs. Hammond sniffed derisively.

‘Maybe her spell on probation has knocked some of the bad attitudes out of her! Then again, we can soon see about that. Linda, come here.’

‘Is it all right, Mr. Jack?’ asked Linda anxiously.

‘Yeah, go and see what the customer wants.’

‘If I’m having my car looked at I’d rather talk to the organ grinder than the monkey. Fuck off, Linda. I’ll talk to Mr. Jack.’

Jack grinned. He could see at once there was ‘history’ between the two of them.

‘So what can I do for you?’ he asked.

‘I’d like a full service and MOT, please. My car’s been giving a bit of trouble recently and I’d appreciate it if you’d check it over for me and fix any problems there might be,’

‘Yeah, sure. I’ll get it taken care of for you. Was there anything else?’

Mrs. Hammond smiled grimly, anticipating her moment of triumph.

‘Well,’ she said carefully, ‘I’ve heard from a couple of friends that you offer a – special kind of service to valued customers.’

‘What, the personal service, you mean?’

‘Yes, that’s right.’

'Well, of course, it costs extra if you want that.'

'I realise that. How much?'

'It depends on exactly WHAT kind of personal service you want.'

'Well, do you have a tariff or do I have to keep asking questions?'

'No, you're all right, luv,' Jack laughed. 'It's fifty quid if she licks your cunt.'

'OK, I'll take it.'

'Of course that's on top of any work you need doing on your car.'

'I understand that.'

'Well, tell you what, you hand over the money and I'll take a look at the motor. In the meantime Linda here can give you our personal services.'

Up to now Linda had just been fuming silently. Now she spoke up, determined not to get into any unnecessary trouble if she could help it.

'You'll need to fill in the paperwork first,' she said quietly. 'This isn't the usual personal services! All the paperwork has to be in order otherwise I can't - do the job.'

Jack stared at her, a cold light in his eyes.

'Are you refusing to carry out an order, girl?'

'No, Mr. Jack. I'm just saying that the paperwork has to be right otherwise it could be seen as a lezzy job and that's strictly against the law now.'

'Oh, fuck the paperwork, just do what you're fucking told!' he said angrily. 'If I give you an order - ANY order - you fucking well JUMP and you fucking well DO it!'

'I'm not refusing an order, sir. I'm just refusing to do it without the paperwork being in order first.'

Jack stared at her again, looking extremely angry now.

'I'm the fucking boss here and what I tell you goes. You do exactly like I say or else it's down to the Department for you. And I hear they're looking for coalminers right now so unless you fancy working underground in a pit digging up coal I suggest you give our customer what she wants.'

'I would, sir, if only you'd just get her to fill in the forms first and you countersign it to show that it's all an official personal service and not some lezzy thing.'

'Anyone would think you hadn't had plenty of lesbian experiences before, Linda,' said Mrs. Hammond, a big grin on her face. 'Why are you such a prude suddenly? You've licked lots of cunt in the past, haven't you?'

'Yes, ma'am, I have. But now the laws have changed and by the terms of my employment I have to get you to fill in and sign and form and Mr. Jack here or the other two gentlemen to countersign it.'

Just when things seemed to be turning really nasty, Mr. Edwards and Mr. Matt came back to the garage. Linda's heart almost skipped a beat as she thought how now she'd be safe from Mrs. Hammond.

'You having a problem, Jack?'his father asked.

'It's this fucking cunt,' Jack grumbled. 'Got a customer here wants her cunt licked and the fucking bitch is making a right palaver about it. Says she won't do it till she fills out a form and I countersign it.'

'I see,' said Mr. Edwards. 'Is that right, girl?'

'Yes, sir, it is right, I'm afraid. I'm happy to do the job if it's official but otherwise people will think I'm a fucking dyke and of course lezzy sex is against the law now. That's why I'll only do it if the paperwork's right and then it'll be official.'

‘She's got a point, Dad,' said Mr. Matt. 'If we don't get the customer to fill in the paperwork there might be some complications with the way the law is now. Better to get it official and there's no harm done then, is there?'

'Yeah, suppose you're right,' said Mr. Edwards. 'OK, I'll go and get the form. If you just fill it in then I'll get you set up for a proper cunt licking. In the meantime, we'll take a look at your car.'

'OK,' said Mrs. Hammond, with a very bad grace.

Linda almost smiled as she realised how narrowly she'd escaped what was obviously a pre-arranged trap by the school secretary. Thank goodness Mr. Matt and Mr. Edwards came back in time, she thought.

Even though she still had to lick the Hammond bitch's cunt out, she somehow saw it as a triumph that she'd been able to get one over on the cow rather than, like in the old days, just do whatever she wanted.

The car was examined and only minor problems found.

'OK, you can leave it with us for about an hour and it'll be ready when you get back.'

'Very well,' said Mrs. Hammond.

As soon as she'd left Mr. Jack started in on Linda again.

'You disobeyed a direct order from me, you fucking cunt!' he shouted.

'But I didn't, sir,' Linda protested. 'I know that evil bitch of old. She was trying to set me up. She KNOWS that lezzy sex is against the law now and that's why she didn't want to do the paperwork. Next thing you'd have known she'd have gone straight to the Old Bill and accused me of lezzy rape - and I'd have been banged up in the fucking nick faster than you can say change the spark plug!'

'And we'd have lost a good mechanic and all,' said Mr. Matt. 'You done the right thing, cunt. In future if we get any more girls coming in wanting the personal services we always get the paperwork done right first. I reckon, anyhow. What about you, Dad?'

'Yeah, you're not wrong, son,' said Mr. Edwards. 'Still, now we know, eh? Good thing we don't get that many girls coming in her, innit? Much easier when it's just a bloke. After all, you're fucking brilliant at sucking cock, ain't you, cunt?'

'Thank you, sir,' said Linda. 'I try to please the gentlemen in my life.'

'Well, for doing what you done to me today I'm gonna fuck you up the arse,' said Mr. Jack.

'Thank you, sir,' Linda replied meekly.

Epilogue Linda learns her trade

Over the next few months Linda became a pretty skilled mechanic. She not only did all the heavy lifting and all the manual work but became expert at performing the most delicate, involved and intricate type of repair job on a variety of vehicles. Mr. Matt had taught her to drive and even though she was still too young to drive on the roads legally she became a good driver just the same.

Things were better than they had ever been in her life and even if she did get fucked regularly by both the family and customers, she felt it was a price worth paying for her independence and self-respect. She was a free woman, had her own room, money in the bank and could buy clothes and jewellery.

For once in my life things are going my way at last, she thought excitedly!

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