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House Wife

Five in on


MR. Pitso



Amber is a house wife, married to a marine guy because of her husband gone away for too long, she's caught by some strange sickness where she called her special doctor and her sick where things turn wrong, that innocent Amber turn into a bad house wife. when she spread her legs for the doctor.


Is been 3 days and Amber has not forgotten how her doctor fucked her hard by she try to clear it on her mind as it didn't last long when she saw a young handsome man pass by the street as she realize that he lives next door. as she was just sleeping on the bed, someone knock at the door and she was surprise to found out it was the young man she saw pass by and she was bringing her some cake with rigid cock, would she reject such special gift, i wonder!


Amber has became sexually active ever since she cheated on her husband with her next door boy and the doctor. however, Amber is facing a problem trying to avoid her her next door boy, she wanted to stop cheating on her husband where she thought it will be a good idea if she take her self out to have some fresh air and clear her mind from her distortion but she had no idea that in life you always counter distortion. where she meet with a well build handsome guy who she couldn't resist him


this is book is ongoing book series of Naughty boy series, Danny run away from his Auntie apartment to his father house when his cousin pressure him into a award position. Amber was surprise to find her step son cooking supper for her but she had no idea the dirty secret behind her step son.


when Amber told her step son to dry the dishes. Danny was angry at her but he got lucky when meet with the beautiful woman from the next door where he find out that is his friend's mother. Danny couldn't control his dirty behavior on his mother's friend.





MR. Pitso

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She knew it’s wrong even though it was her first time cheated on her husband. Amber is the house wife, who married to handsome men(Frank) who is a marine. She fell in love the first time they meet at the restaurant.

years later they got married, Amber and her husband (Frank) they were living a happily life even now they still live a happily life but things are about to change now that she has sex with her own doctor.

It begins when Amber she started to fell sick since her husband is a marine.

The government covers the Marines Medical aids including their family. his husband was force to take off for few months to look after his wife.

Frank medical aids can afford any doctor in the world he desires. no matter how expensive the doctor can be? He can afford any medical bills with his medical aids. Franks, he takes Amber to the best hospital ever and Amber was given her special own doctor that day.

The doctor would visit Frank and Amber to check on Amber at their home every weekend but two months’ later Amber begins to get better but she was not fully recovered yet. however, Frank was called on duty later that day. Amber she knew that her husband it will take him months for him to return home because he is marine. he travels international, sometime Frank will take three months on duty without returning home.

he might return home during the holidays if he is luckily but only for that single day. However, after her husband return on duty. Amber begin to feel that sickness again as she didn’t want to bother her husband or get him worried about her health.

She picked the phone and call her special doctor. The doctor replays immediately as he quickly drives to Amber’s home. Doctor find Amber sleeping on his room. The doctor Check her temperature and it was normal but he gives her some treatment to take the pain away.

“how are you feeling now?” The doctor asked after he give her some treatment,

“batter… I feel little drowsy,” she murmured

Doctor chuckles, “yes, is the treatment… just get a rest ok,” said the doctor as he held Amber’s cheek.

“please don’t leave me here doctor,” Amber murmured, she felt the doctor hands.

She held doctor’s hands with loud sighs nodding her head with a smile on her face but the treatment the doctor gives her make her eyes heavy as it begins to feel heavily and before she realizes— her eyes was shunt. Amber asked her doctor not go before she fell asleep. This give a doctor many thoughts but at the end, the doctor decided to stay for moment to look after her and several hours has pass, Amber is not awake.

The doctor checked the time and it was late but he wouldn’t go living Amber alone in the house sleeping. he waited for few hours for Amber to wake up and Amber wakes up an hour later.

Doctor bring Amber a cup of tea to drink as she prepares her delicious food to eat.

“how are you feeling now?” Doctor asked as he give him the tea.

Amber chuckle while taking the glass of tea, “healthy as horse,” she said.

“that’s what I needed to here and I prepare a food for you, I may not be perfect but I give all my best,” said the doctor giving Amber the Food. Amber sways her head to gaze at the food as she wafts up the scent of the food and she just stretch her lips with a smile. It was amazing and tasty even her husband never cooked for her.

her curved lips persisted gazing at the doctor’s face.

“wow it taste great, I mean perfect.” She said, she was amazed as she took another bite, “did you baked this pancakes for me?” she asked.

The doctor slightly laughed nodding his head. “yes, I thought you’ll be hungry when you wake up.” He said, “and you should eat using this,”

Doctor give Amber the fork and Amber chuckles taking the fork and she eat one of the pancakes and the taste just melt on her mouth.

Amber shunt her eyes chewing the pancake while nodding her head. “it’s well baked, the sugar and everything is well balance…” Amber fork another pancake lifts it to her mouth.

“Mhm, delicious” Amber sways her head gazing at the doctor. “do you want to taste it?” she asked.

the doctor grinned nervously nodding his head, Amber spear a piece of pancake with her fork and give it to doctor, the doctor shakes his head. “no I’m ok… I have…” but Amber look at her with a smile while the fork with the pancake pause in front of doctor’s mouth. The doctor opens his eyes wide in shock but he calms down with a loud sigh.

“ok you leave me no choice,” he said

he eats the pancakes Amber give it to him.

“it wasn’t that hard huh?” she said with a giggle as she continues to eat her pancakes.

The doctor felt the taste of the pancakes and he keeps demanding more. “please can I eat one last time?”

Amber smile as she shrugged her shoulder refusing to give the doctor.

“you aren’t getting any… you said you’re not hungry.”

“please one more time?” The doctor begs.

Amber shrugged her shoulder looking away and the doctor lean forward as he tried to reach the pancakes but Amber moves the pancakes away from the doctor.

“no you’re not get any,” she said. The doctor, held Amber both arms and Amber protested refusing to giving the doctor a pan cake.

The doctor keeps insisting as he find himself cover Amber with his arms but he didn’t realize it, they keep playing on the bed rolling around the bed like kid.

Amber mistakenly rolled on top of the doctor and they both pause for second without saying a word gazing each other eyes. They both lean their head forward and their lips collide.

Amber felt her nipples harden, he tucked her tongue out to doctor’s mouth but the doctor quickly felt some sense of guilt about it.

he quickly push Amber away. “I’m sorry Amber we cannot do this… this is wrong,” he said. Amber clear her throat nodding her head as she nervously looked down.

she too felt guilt about it and she didn’t know what to say. Amber nervous get off on top of the doctor as the doctor try to act professional but something strange begin between her trouser. Amber glimpse the bulginess on his trouser and it make her crotch tingle. she couldn’t control the feeling she is feeling and it just the same as the doctor.

The doctor tried to take the plate that had the pancakes and give it to Amber. However, Amber nervously take the plate as her fingers brush through doctor's hand while biting her lower lip.

The doctor cleared His throat. "eh I think I should go now," he said.

Amber quickly wakes her head gazing at the doctor with a shock eyes, "You mean now? ..."

Amber sways her head and look outside through a window, she didn’t even give the doctor a chance to explain. “but it is dark out site, why do you stay and you will go tomorrow morning.”

"No I can’t, I need to get some rest, so tomorrow I can wake early… I had a client early in the morning" he said.

The doctor has already pack his tools ready to go, Amber look at the doctor with a smirk but she can't let the doctor go because she scared but that's not the case for Amber, she just bored, she just need someone like the doctor who will cook for her and do all her house work. The way the doctor makes her dinner. she wouldn't let him go.

she started to groan holding her head pretending to feel a headache.

"Amber! What is wrong?" The doctor put the bag down as he rushed to check on her.

"My head is in pain doctor," she yelped. The Doctor held her forehead to check her temperature but her temperature felt OK.

"but your temperature is fine Amber, let me give you Something that will help you sleep."

Amber shook her head, "no... I will be fine doctor, you just go and I will see what I'm going to do,"

she said gaze up at the doctor with the innocent eyes, the doctor gave a thought about it, he couldn't leave her alone in the house in pain. If something goes wrong to Amber, he should be the one to be blame. He sighs looking down but he had no idea that is what Amber wanted.

"OK I will stay and check on you, tomorrow morning, I will head home," he said. Amber flick a smile looking at the doctor while the doctor busy holding her forehead checking his temperature, she felt doctor’s hand so soft as her nipples begin to grew. she wanted doctor to kiss her again but she doesn’t know how? However, that’s beside the point.

it been a couple of months her husband gone. she never had sex with her husband for the last three months that makes it the total of four and half months because of her sickness, they never get a chance to have sex with her husband. However, the way the doctor taking care of her and the kiss she got from him, it changed her point of view on the doctor.

She doesn’t look at him as a doctor anymore. She looked at him as a man who is about to fuck her. she felt being love again, I mean is not that her husband doesn’t love her. he loved her but because he is always on duty. she started to get annoyed of it.

She started blushing when she glace at the doctor, when the doctor held her cheek, she gazed down with a groan even the doctor saw the beauty of Amber as he too couldn't Control the strange feeling he is running inside his vein and the thing between his legs being to tug on his trouser.

He couldn't afford to be control by feeling and he knows that Amber is someone's wife as a doctor, he should not sleep with his patient and if he doesn’t control himself, he’ll lost his job not only his job but lost even his license of the doctor.

He had to act professional as he tried to avoid looking at her. The doctor he kept himself busy with house work helping Amber to clean the house. Since he was far away from Amber that feeling begin to fade away but no so long. Amber finish her food as she didn't bother to call for the doctor. she too wanted to avoid the feeling she had, so she gets off in the bed head to the kitchen. when she stepped her foot to the kitchen, they were no one at the kitchen.

she run her eyes around looking for the doctor. However, she ignores it and concluded that maybe the doctor goes outside. she snorts and she waft up the odor and she looked around to sniff up the pleasant smell but she concluded that maybe is her because she Haven't bath since morning.

she didn't give any second thought but instead she put her plate on the sink tub and head straight to the bathroom before she has a second thought.

she opened the bathroom door and she counter with the doctor busy pleasuring himself.

"Oh my God… " she howled as she quickly closed the door.

“doctor, I'm so sorry I didn't know you’re at the bathroom, " she muttered with the cracking voice. The doctor felt so embarrass caught by Amber Jerking off. he didn't know what to say, she can't imagine looking at her when he gets out of the bathroom. However, at the other hand, Amber return to her room, since she saw everything and how big doctor’s cock is? she too she couldn't control. she felt the wetness between her legs. she tries to get it out of her mind but when she closed her eyes all she saw is the doctor’s cock.

She felt the tangling of her pussy. she too begins to rub her clit slow but she had to be careful when she rubbed her clit because she didn't want to be caught by the doctor. Her ears were open as she heard the footsteps approaching her room.

she knew it was the doctor, as she quickly stops, her forehead was wet with the sweat breed during her pleasure.

she sighs as the doctor open the door. She was angry and annoyed because the doctor disturbed her but at the other hand she was excited because she might get the doctor to fuck her.

she knew that if she let this thing happen. it will be totally wrong but it was too much for her. the tangle between her legs clouded her judgement.

the doctor disturbance make Amber realize that she cannot escape this feeling and if it was a fate for her to have sex with the doctor, so be it.

"Amber, do you need anything to help you before I can go to sleep?" He asked.

Amber chuckles while looking down with blush, "do you know where to sleep?"

her eyes rolled down looking at Doctor trouser.

Doctor nod his head, "yes while I was cleaning the house, I saw the guest room."

Amber chuckles again nervously, "wow you been studying my house huh?" She asked.

Doctor chuckles, "ah never mind me and well sorry about that thing you saw me doing at the bathroom…. " The doctor chuckle nervously. "I promise it will never happen again," he said.

Amber giggle, "tsk, tsk, don't worry about it, it normal for human being,” she said. She was blushing and she felt her nipples tugged against her dress that feeling keep getting strong as she begins to sweat, " come here, doctor I need to do me a favor."

The doctor he did what she said as he sits beside the bed.

“oh, it hot here,” Amber started to unbutton her dress showing her naked breast, Doctor try to look away.

"Amber what are you doing" he asked.

"Your imagining this at the bathroom, don't you?" She asked while reaching her hand on doctor lap. The doctor flash his eyes open as they grow wide with a gasp nodding his head, she couldn't resist the Amber big breast, it was big and her nipples were hard.

doctor saw that and cock begin to stretch when she felt Amber’s hand brushing it.

"you have a nice thing down there" she murmured.

Doctor gasp again holding Amber’s hand. “we must stop this Amber, your married remember and I could lose my license."

Amber bite her lower lip with a smirk, "if you tell them but I knew you won't doctor, so let’s keep it that way, it will be our little secret," she murmured opening the zip of the doctor’s trouser lean forward to doctor.

she pressed her lips on doctor’s lips, the doctor groan when she felt Amber’s hand held his cock. Amber pause close to doctor’s face and some chuckles come out from her.

“do you like the way I handle your thing?” she asked.

The doctor groan nodding his head, he wanted to speak but she stopped her by place her finger on her mouth.

“shh! … let us enjoy this,” she murmured digging her index finger on doctor’s mouth. “do you smell your cock?” she asked.

The doctor nodded his head making Amber to chuckles.

“then taste it by licking my finger.”

the doctor opens his mouth as he licks Amber’s finger.

“I didn’t know you’re such a slut?” he murmured.

Amber chuckle as she slowly strokes doctor’s cock with the another hand. “really and I too didn’t know you’re such a naughty,” she murmured leaning her head forward kissing the doctor.

The doctor yanked her drees down as he unhook her bold and he started to fondle Amber breast.

Amber shunt her eyes as she departs her lips away from doctor’s lips. She whimpers jerk her facing up the roof making her to speed up the phase on stroking doctor’s cock. She felt it growing bigger each and every stroke. She even wondered if it might fit inside her as the doctor groan with a gruff voice when he felt Amber hands stroking his cock harder.

"do you like it" she whimpered. The doctor nodded his head as his hands perch on Amber’s buttocks lifting her and he leaning her on the bed.

he begins to suck Amber’s nipples as Amber arc hold doctor’s head. She felt something melting between her leg and she was so wet that she wanted to feel the big cock of the doctor so badly. The doctor he yanked the dress as he slid her hands to her clit and he felt the wetness on her clit tucked out her tongue licking Amber’s throbbing pussy.

“doctor please don’t tease me fuck me now,” she moans.

The juicy dripped on her pussy as the doctor slurp it with her tongue and the breathless moan come out from Amber as the doctor stop leaning back looking at Amber’s throbbing pussy and it was slurp clean with his tongue and well prepared to be fucked. doctor just rub her clit with her thumb. Amber’s body begins to tremble with a breathless moan making Amber to beg.

“please doctor let me feel that cock of yours,” she begs again,

The doctor stops as he takes it of his trouser, Amber arc tries to look on the doctor’s cock and it was bouncing up and down. She carved her lips biting her lower lips craving for the doctor huge cock.

“are you sure, you want to do it,” he asked.

Amber get frustrated as she kicks doctor on the lap. “come on, I can’t control myself anymore,” she yelled at the doctor.

The doctor had doubt about it but seeing Amber wet pussy, he couldn’t refuse. The doctor held one of Amber’s leg place it over his shoulder as he shoves his rigid cock inside Amber’s throbbing pussy and it slide in so easily as the doctor begin to thrust his cock inside Amber’s pussy Amber moan quietly so she cannot embarrass herself as a house wife. The doctor’s cock was not a problem to penetrate deep inside her pussy because her pussy was already wet. The doctor thrust it deep to Amber pussy and Amber tried so hard not to moan. She clenched her jaws teeth grinding to together as she felt the doctor’s cock thrusting I deep Inside her pussy. she wrapped her legs around doctor waist with a rubble, her virginal wall was clinging on the doctor’s cock and her orgasm erupted like a volcano all over the doctor’s cock.

“oh shit, you make me cum,” she murmured.

The doctor moan as she persisted with her thrust as his eyes rolled and the juicy dripped from Amber’s pussy. She was getting wet again as Amber breathless moan started to get louder and a slightly laugh come out from her, she was enjoying the doctor’s cock. His performance was splendor and he was fucking her hard. “yes I’m Cumming,”

“yes wait for me doctor, let cum together,” she moans.

The doctor speed up his thrusting and Amber’s moaning persisted as she felt her virginal wall cling on doctor’s cock again and her jaw clenched together feeling that volcano expanding making her body trembles. She felt it erupting with an organism as The doctor to spewed his hot sperm inside her pussy as doctor’s cock was thrusting his cock on combine body fluids. Amber was smiling breathing heavily, the doctor’s cock was huge but not huge as her husband’s cock and still it gives her the pleasure she seeks.

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