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Tentacle Summoner (Book 1)

Ari Ito

First Kindle Edition, March 2017

Published by Fantasy Xtreme

Art by AngeroX

Copyright © 2017 by Ari Ito

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage and retrieval system—except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review to be printed in a magazine or newspaper—without permission in writing from the publisher.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are 18 years old or older.

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1669 —

It had started out as a simple game. But nothing was simple when summoning an Ancient One. Regina had found the old book amongst her father’s vast collection of antediluvian manuscripts. Something had stood out about this particular tome. Perhaps it was the book’s significant weight, or the black foreboding cover? More likely, it was the scarlet text within, each word portending doom as its inscriptions detailed the ritual to awaken an unearthly being of indescribable evil. But it was just a book. Surely, reading the arcane passages would amount to little more than harmless fun…nothing would actually happen, right?

Those had been Regina’s thoughts only moments prior. However, her outlook had drastically changed since then. The beast’s purple tentacles slithered around her body, tearing her frilly white dress in the process. With the haste of a striking serpent, one of the slimy appendages latched around Regina’s ankle and pulled her to the dirt floor.

“Help!” she cried. But she knew no one could hear. She was alone in her father’s old barn and the raging storm outside would muffle any human scream. The driving rain and claps of thunder seemed to come out of nowhere. Only minutes ago the skies had been calm, with not a cloud in sight. Could the sudden storm have been this monster’s doing? Regina didn’t have long to ponder the question.

She crawled to her knees, but the tentacle’s grip tightened. Another tendril whipped out, binding Regina’s other leg. The writhing appendages spread her legs wide and dragged her to over to the darkened corner of the barn from which they had emerged. To whatever foul horror the tentacles were attached to, Regina could not see.

Regina gasped as one of the slimy tentacles worked its way under her long skirt, slinking its way up her bare leg while leaving a sticky wet trail. The probing end of the monstrous tendril slipped under her underwear and, with a sudden firm pull, shredded the cloth off.

“N-no, let go of me, please!” Her begging did little to deter the tendrils as they drew her closer. More glistening limbs swung out of the shadows, each slithering up her legs. What remained of Regina’s delicate clothing was torn with ease as the rough members shifted over her body. Their touch was harsh and uncaring. A palpable sense of malice could be felt exuding from the unseen creature.

The tentacle inching near Regina’s maidenhood reared back and, with one swift motion, thrust itself into her. She howled as the insidious beast pulled its appendage partway out of her pussy, before ramming it into her again, doing so in repeated rhythmic strokes.

“Uggghhhhhh!” Regina’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Drool ran down the corner of her gaping mouth. She tried to squeeze her legs together, but the tentacles were too strong. They kept her bare legs spread.

Avert your eyes to this manuscript, dear Regina, her father had once told her of the dread book that rested on the nearby dirt, just feet away from where the violating tendrils had decided to assault her. No good can ever come of it, my darling. Destroyed it should be, but I dare not provoke whatever foul horrors that desire this book to remain in our world, for it has existed for so very long. Surely that can not be by fate alone. His voice echoed in her head, his sharp tone more clear now than when she had first heard him utter those words years ago. Who would have thought that mere paper could conjure a nightmarish fiend from the darkest recesses of the netherworld?

The tentacle’s continued violation upon her pussy drowned out every sensation that the world around her had to offer. More tendrils descended upon her, some curling around her petite breast, others wrapping around her waist. Her nipples were already hard from the stimulation and her breathing had become erratic. Each new punishing thrust sent her chest rising, bouncing up and down in response. She felt a wave of shame and humiliation and, yet, something more. Despite the creature’s aggressive attack on her, she felt…pleasure.

What would father think? Regina asked herself, disgusted at her willingness to oblige the dark beast.

No longer fighting to close her legs, she spread them wider. The squeezing of her sensitive tits drove the breath from her lungs. Regina’s vision blurred as she gave herself over to the mounting exhilaration. Something inside her wanted to fight, to repel the violation, but she couldn’t bring herself to resist as the tentacles plowed her deeper. She felt her pussy getting wet with each passing thrust. This was a foreign sensation to her, and she wanted more.

“I-I’m overflowing!” Regina shouted as she squirted, feeling the crescendo of ecstasy course through her every muscle. She could feel her vagina contracting, her face flushing with heat, and her fingers tightening into fists. Her nails dug deep into the dirt beneath her and she shut her eyes. “Ahhhh!”

The beast retracted its tentacle from her dripping pussy. And, for a moment, all was still. All was silent. Regina tilted her neck up and opened her eyes. The dark, murky corner of the barn was gone—the tentacles were no longer emerging from the shadows, but from an emerald light.

Regina was prepared to scream but, before she could, the tendrils ensnaring her legs pricked up. They pulled, dragging her into the yawning portal. As she entered the mysterious glow, a disturbing sound could be heard—a thousand tortured voices chanting in unison. The infernal intonations were not born of human origin. Some of their voices were shrill, some deeper than any she’d ever heard before, but all were in concert, reciting the same word in perpetual succession.

Vogoth. Vogoth. Vogoth…

A moment after Regina was drawn completely into the portal, the green light dissipated. Seconds later, the raging storm outside the barn ceased. The earthshaking booms of thunder were replaced by the soft harmony of crickets and a tranquil wind, heard only when echoing through dead tree branches. At the center of the barn, the cursed book rested, open to a page scribbled with strange words, inscribed in crimson ink. All was quiet. The ritual had ended. The book snapped shut, whether by a rogue gust of wind infiltrating the old decaying barn, or of its own volition, none bore witness to know for certain.

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