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Paranormal Defense Agency:

Nocturnal Nightmares

Ari Ito

First Kindle Edition, September 2016

Published by Fantasy Xtreme

Art by Kawaideska

Copyright © 2016 by Ari Ito

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage and retrieVera system—except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review to be printed in a magazine or newspaper—without permission in writing from the publisher.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.




Demon Train of Depravity

Possessed by the Phantom Pervert


Sadie Ganett’s boot collided with the corroded iron rail. The rail failed to shudder with the impact, but several flakes of rust scattered when the sole of her boot scuffed over the surface. This tunnel had seen better days, that was for damn sure.

No one wanted this case. That was why they had shoved it off on her. It was supposed to be quiet...nothing too interesting and almost certainly bogus. The urban legend had it that this was the site of a yearly supernatural phenomenon—known to locals only as the ‘Demon Train’.

According to the tale, this supposed train appeared every year on October 31st. It was always punctual, arriving exactly thirteen minutes after midnight. It appeared on the tracks to sweep away unwary individuals teetering too close to the edge. Of course, in Sadie’s mind, whoever was traipsing around an abandoned subway platform after midnight in the first place deserved to be abducted by a demonic entity. But that was just her opinion.

Needless to say, the list of victims was less than phenomenal. Up until this point the missing had consisted largely of the homeless; the sheer number of which made it nearly impossible to keep track of. People without ID’s tended to slip through the cracks. It didn’t help that no one in Arkadia City seemed to care until a young blonde college student had vanished, stumbling down into the abandoned subway on a dare. As expected, the official police report had filed the nineteen year old college freshman as a missing person. But the Paranormal Defense Agency had more than enough reason to suspect that the unfortunate victim was an apparent sacrifice for a demonic entity.

That was, of course, assuming the rumors held any ground. The legend had been circulating for fifty years, ever since a group of cultists crashed a train as part of some mass sacrifice to their eldritch god. Such gods were not known for being benevolent, from what little Sadie had read about them. It was probably a load of bullshit anyway...the train had crashed, but the newspapers blamed a malfunction with the wires. Even so, everyone aboard had died on that fateful Halloween night—the date of the accident no doubt helping to fuel rumors of the supernatural.

When Chief Sova had plopped this case on her desk, Sadie already knew of a thousand better ways to spend her night. Her partner, Vera Aria, had been particularly vocal about not wanting to waste her Halloween trudging around the subway in hopes of finding a phantom train. Their last three cases had turned up nothing, and Vera—always eager for excitement and danger—was getting disillusioned. Heck, Vera hadn’t even bothered to show up—leaving Sadie to handle the case alone!

Sadie continued walking down the dark, empty tunnel. She frowned at the thought of spending Halloween alone, waiting for a train that would never show. She was going to call it quits at 12:14 and maybe she would make it to the tail end of the party she had been forced to cancel on. She hated that her job often kept her working on holidays, but it was a hazard of the trade.

She was getting closer to the alleged hot spot, where the train was rumored to appear. Sadie lingered in the tunnel, trying to keep herself from leaning against the filthy, slimy walls. Her thoughts lingered on what she would wear to the party once she got off work.

The wind moaned as it buffeted the walls of the tunnel, howling as it passed by the wide cavernous mouth. At first Sadie was startled, wondering how there could be wind down in the subway. But then she remembered the tunnel map, recalling that the subway led to an outside track not far ahead.

Sadie glanced down at her smart watch, waiting for the time to pass from 12:12 to 12:13. Only one more minute, and then this ridiculous excursion would be over. Maybe she wouldn’t even go to the Halloween party. Maybe she’d just go home, pop a bowl of soup into the microwave and turn on a scary movie...

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