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This book is Part Five of the “Romeo Alpha Blood Lines Romance Series” and follows twenty-four years after “The Romeo Alpha BBW Paranormal Shifter Romance Series

Book 1

Twenty-four years have passed in relative peace for Amanda and Romeo. They’ve raised five children into adulthood and are thoroughly enjoying their lives as the Alpha King and Queen of the werewolves. At twenty-four, Sarina is just stepping into her powers and will be ripe for mating when her birthday comes in two weeks. What no one knows is the danger that lurks just outside their tight knit community. Romeo has made peace with the other clans and has enjoyed that peace, but it will all come crashing down around him when his oldest daughter comes of age to take a mate.

Book 2

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Book 3

Lilith is on the loose, plotting and planning with Fenris to take down the Delta pack and its alpha, Romeo. Sarina and Brody have their work cut out for them in order to stop the hostile takeover. With their wedding on the horizon, both feel compelled to spend time with their family even as danger lurks around every corner. When the twin babies, Jedidiah and Brody Jr., go missing, all hands are on deck to search for the leaders of the next generation of the Delta pack. And as Sarina and Brody dig deeper into Lilith’s past, especially where Romeo is concerned, they find a mind twisted by deception and an overly unhealthy obsession with power.

Book 4

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Book 5

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Alpha Revelation

Alpha Romeo Blood Lines Romance Series

Book 5

Copyright Revelry Publishing 2017

By Darla Dunbar

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten


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Chapter One

WE’VE GOT some serious decisions to make,” Amanda said, chuckling when Romeo rolled his eyes. Deep down, she felt uneasy proceeding with the wedding while everything was still in turmoil but for now, she had to play along. “Well, it’s not every day you give away our eldest daughter you know.”

“Seems to me I did that a while back when she mated that little whelp,” said Romeo, joking.

“Oh come on, he’s good for her.”

“Meh,” Romeo said, with a careless shrug of his shoulders. “He’s alright.”

“You love him and you know it.” Amanda smiled.

“Yeah well, I can’t hate him forever. Sarina would never talk to me again.”

Amanda rolled her eyes and slid her arm through his. She loved him, even if he was twice as stubborn as any man she’d ever met, human or not. Had it really been nearly twenty-eight years since he’d all but forced her to marry him? Okay, he’d been nearly irresistible, but still; he’d also been an annoyingly arrogant dick. “Would you have picked anyone different?”

He turned those smoky eyes on her and set her insides fluttering with his crooked grin. “Honestly? Never. I wasn’t about to tell her that. But Brody fits her to a T and…,” he paused with a sigh, “you were right.”

“Excuse me?”

“When you said she’d hate us; that we’d destroy any trust she had in us. You were right.”

Amanda smiled, but not laughingly. It had certainly been a tense moment in their family.

If only she’d known then how much more tense things would get from that moment on, perhaps she’d have been somewhat prepared. The last three years had been both joyous and torturously painful. She’d welcomed two healthy, bouncing grandsons into their pack, thanks to Sarina and Brody. She’d also buried her eldest son, Sarina’s twin, Jason. She’d fallen apart and somehow put herself back together after his death. Now, things started to settle down. That is, until last night when she visited the special room and spoke to the beautiful keeper of that room. Amanda sought her council after suddenly feeling the weight of worry that Sarina was not actually her Sarina. The bond between mother and child is one of the strongest and purest in nature, and when she went to hug Sarina earlier that evening, she felt something missing. A feeling of warmth and sincerity that was non-existent.

Faced with terrifying knowledge that Lilith had managed to convince the Devil himself to allow for her to inhabit Sarina’s body, and therefore also aiding in the eventual destruction of the entire Traverse family, Amanda had no time to waste. Torn between saving her daughter or ruining a joyous occasion her family was looking forward to, the latter would have to wait. Of course it could wait! Her daughter was being held captive in purgatory! Giving her head a shake, she wrung her hands as a worried look furrowed her brow. She decided to broach the subject with Romeo with the most delicate touch, so as not to anger him beyond control, especially when he found out that Lilith was behind it all. She couldn’t risk Lilith using her incredible power to keep Sarina a prisoner forever, or worse, end her daughter’s life altogether. Lilith could be unpredictable and extremely dangerous if she knew Amanda and Romeo were on to her, especially before Amanda was prepared with a plan to save their daughter.


“You’re brooding again,” Romeo said as he drew her into their room. “Not that I don’t find it incredibly sexy.”

Amanda giggled when his lips found the nape of her neck and his arms came around her waist.

“Your mind is so sexy when you’re brooding. Wanna do some brooding in the buff?” he asked.

“And you’re incorrigible. But you did get me to stop brooding, for a minute.”

“If the promise of sex keeps you from sulking, I can make good on it,” Romeo said teasing, playfully nipping her shoulder.

Amanda sighed, wishing that an afternoon romp would cure all her worries. “I just… ever since we got back from defeating Fenris, I just can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right. I haven’t said anything before now, because I wanted desperately to deny it. Now though, that feeling’s getting stronger almost by the minute.”

“Have you done any spells to expel it?”

“No,” Amanda said, not sure she could explain why. She knew she had to try though, for everyone’s sake. “I know this sounds crazy, I’ve almost convinced myself that it is, except I know in here it’s not.” She placed her hand over her heart.

“Well?” Romeo urged.

“I think there’s something wrong with Sarina.”

“But you don’t know what?”

“Right,” Amanda sighed, even though she knew this was not entirely true.

“Maybe we can work together to narrow down what the difference is. I don’t suppose we could chalk it up to her excitement about the wedding?”

“No and that’s just it. She doesn’t seem excited. Two weeks ago she appeared ready to just get on with it. I figured after nearly three years together, maybe it was just a formality to her. But then, as everything settled down she was beaming about it. Now we’re back to ‘I couldn’t give a shit.’

Amanda knew pretty much what he was thinking when she looked at Romeo. She didn’t need telepathic abilities to know what was on his mind.

“Maybe we’ve all been a little too relaxed,” he finally said, his dark eyes meeting hers.

“You think something’s wrong as well.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement of undeniable fact.

“I think you’re not the only one who’s noticed changes,” he agreed.

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because she already thinks I’m paranoid. I wasn’t sure what I saw was real or if it was just a figment of my imagination.”

“So what do we do?”

“What else? We confront her with something she wouldn’t know unless she was our Sarina.”

“Such as?”

“What it was like when she was with Brody that first time,” Romeo said, refusing to flush at the idea of his daughter being with a man. “Only our Sarina would know the answers to those sorts of questions.”

“You want to question whoever is pretending to be our Sarina with intimate questions about her first time. Any woman can answer those questions.” Amanda balked at this suggestion.

“Not the way our daughter can,” Romeo said, grinning when Amanda sighed.

“Have fun with that one,” Amanda said in retort, now sporting her own wide grin.

“Oh no,” he started, putting both of his hands out, palms facing her. “I didn’t say I was going to talk to her, I said we should. You know damn well I’m talking about you, woman.”


Amanda’s laugh poured out so naturally that Sarina felt tears sting her eyes. She might not have had the body she once did, but her emotions were still her own and they were heightened, especially given the circumstances. How do you convince your mother that you were real and not a figment of her imagination when she can’t hear you? Brody had believed her, but he’d been able to hear her, even to see her somewhat. Telepathy, through mates, was a natural part of being a werewolf. She just hoped her mother could hear her as well. There was hope, knowing that her mother was a Radiant. It wasn’t the first time she’d been able to hear someone she loved, despite great obstacles.

Sarina remembered her mother telling her that when she’d been pregnant with Sarina and Jason, Amanda had been tucked safely inside the in-between realm in Ireland. Even then, she’d been able to step outside that space to hear Romeo. It had held her together over the months of their separation when he’d been held prisoner by her Aunt Aurora’s obsessive ex, Remus.

That time seemed like forever ago and Sarina felt her heart drop again when she thought about her now deceased brother. The mere fact that she hadn’t seen him in the underworld was cause for celebration, but her heart wasn’t in it yet. She needed to get her life back and her mother was her only hope of doing so.

Chapter Two

Amanda stepped out of her room and instantly shivered as a cold, nearly frigid, burst of air touched her skin. Her senses were pricked and she stopped, listening carefully for any sound that seemed out of place.


The cold moved from the center of her body and seemed to focus on her cheek, as if someone was touching it.


The single word was less than a whisper, so faint that Amanda wasn’t sure she hadn’t made it up.

“Sarina? Are you okay? What happened to you? Where are you?”

The next words she heard were, help and body.

Looking up at the ceiling, Amanda knew then that her Sarina was in danger. Whoever or whatever was in her body, it wasn’t her daughter. Immediately she got Romeo involved.

“You’re saying that Sarina, our Sarina, isn’t the young woman who should be sleeping next to her mate upstairs?” asked Romeo.

“I’m saying that our Sarina touched my face with a hand, made of the iciest breeze I’ve ever felt. She said she needed help and there’s something to do with her body. I’m guessing that she’s been pulled or kicked out of hers by whoever took up residence in her.”

“So how do we get it out and Sarina back in?”

Amanda sighed. She loved Romeo. Never once had he questioned her, or made her feel insecure. He’d loved her well and supported her in every decision, even when he’d disagreed with her method. He’d been the first to trust her abilities and she knew now he trusted her instincts.

“We need to exorcise whatever’s holding her body captive,” Amanda explained. “It’s not going to be easy, because whenever a demon or entity takes over a body, their actual survival depends on locking that person out or away. If someone has managed to kick Sarina’s spirit from her body, getting her back in will take everything I have in me.”

“Tell me how to help,” Romeo replied, his light eyes simmering. Another alpha trait, Amanda now admired. At first, she’d seen only the arrogance and ignorance. He was so full of himself back then that it overflowed until everyone, including her, wanted to punch him in the face.

Now that arrogance paid off in the cocky way he always backed her up. Never, since the day they’d mated had she ever doubted whether or not he would support her. Be it a decision about their children, her powers, or their pack; Amanda knew that she would always have an ally in Romeo. It was just one of the things she cherished in their marriage.


Brody sat up and looked down at the woman sleeping in his bed. On the outside, she was Sarina, his stunning, gorgeous mate. Her long, flowing hair lay over her shoulder and spilled across her pillow. Her lithe body still turned him on, even after carrying and delivering twins. Sighing, he knew it was the woman inside that beauty though, who had truly captivated him and whoever was there now wasn’t his mate. He’d have known sooner if he hadn’t been so enamored with the idea of finally having peace and quiet.

His whole relationship with Sarina had been so full of drama, battles and stemming all-out war that Brody had wanted desperately to have this time. To nurture what he’d wanted from the beginning, a chance.

She stirred and stretched, a smile forming on her lips. “Good morning handsome,” she cooed.

Brody nearly fell for it, until Sarina’s face filled his memory. Her words echoed in the back of his mind. He felt like jumping out of the bed as if it was on fire but he didn’t want to arouse her suspicions. Instead he stretched and made an excuse about getting a shower.

“I smell,” he simply said.

“Want some company?” asked Sarina.

Inwardly he groaned. He wanted Sarina so bad his body ached for her. “Nah, I won’t be long enough for that. Some of the pack members need repairs on their homes so I’m gonna grab a quick bite to eat and then I’ll be out.”

“Alright,” she said smiling and gave him a wink. It was so much like what Sarina would do that turning away from her was the hardest thing he’d ever done. He shut the bathroom door and sighed. He had to convince Amanda and Romeo that their daughter needed help. True to his word, he made his shower ten minutes and was downstairs in fifteen. He grabbed an apple and a muffin and started toward the parlor when he spotted Amanda and Romeo heading his way.

“We need to talk,” said Brody.

They closed the doors and locked them. Amanda put a spell on the doors to bar their voices from traveling outside the room. “It’s about Sarina,” everyone said in unison.

“You know?” they asked of each other.

“Sarina came to me this morning as an ice cold wind. She said ‘Mama’, ‘help’ and ‘body’. I’m guessing, but I think she needs help with her body.”

“Sarina is trapped in the underworld,” Brody informed them, “by Lilith and whatever devil she’s aligned herself with. Whoever he is, he must be pretty damn powerful to pull off a stunt like this. We may need more help than we have at the moment. Apparently, from what Sarina says, Lilith agreed to help him get all of us if he gave her one last chance to prove that she could take down the Traverse line.”

“I can deal with Lilith, especially trapped inside Sarina’s body. Do you know what she’s planning?” asked Amanda.

“I’m not sure,” Brody said with a sigh. He paced across the room and turned back toward them. “Whatever it is, it’s not good. Not that I’d expect it to be.”

“Why can’t that bitch just leave well enough alone? How many damn times do we have to kill her for it to stick?” said Amanda.

“I’m not sure,” Romeo finally said, “But I’m going to make sure of it this time.” Before Brody could stop him, Romeo was through the double doors and up the stairs, nearly knocking Sarina’s bedroom door from the hinges when he barreled through it. Already regretting it, Romeo was too late to keep himself from seeing his oldest daughter’s naked backside before he closed his eyes. Still, his indignation came through in the command his voice held.

“Hey Dad,” Sarina said in a way that made it hard for him to see her as anything but the little girl who’d come so quickly into his life. Focusing his mental clarity, he pressed on.

“Don’t you dare call me that,” he growled, nearly changing into his wolf as he did so. “I am fairly certain that you aren’t my daughter, no matter how much you look like her.”

“Okay,” she laughed. “Dad, I get that you and Mom have been under some uber stress lately with Fenris and all, but really? I’m just about to walk down the aisle to marry my best friend. Haven’t we all been through enough?”

Romeo ignored her state of undress and pinned her against the wall, his massive hand clamping easily around her throat. “You won’t be walking anywhere, you harlot,” he growled in a low, menacing voice. It happened so fast that if he’d been questioned sometime later about his certainty of the event, he wouldn’t have been positive at all, except he’d caught it in that instant. Her eyes had changed and he’d seen Lilith under the mask of his daughter’s face. The fierce growl that rent the air was as vicious as Romeo had ever let go, as anger and fear mixed a wicked concoction in his stomach.

Amanda stood back and watched her husband with an admiration that didn’t need words to be expressed. Still, she needed to save her daughter’s body from being permanently disfigured by her father’s anger and there was only one way to ensure that Lilith never, ever had the chance to scratch and claw her way out of the pits of Hell again.

“We need to take her down to the room,” she said, absorbing the steely look Romeo threw her way. Years ago she would have cowered under that dangerous stare. Now she stood her ground and waited. Amanda held out a blanket and Romeo unceremoniously pushed the witch into it to conserve what modesty Sarina would have left when everything was done.

“Lead the way,” Romeo said, his voice still harsh. Amanda could tell though that the anger was edging itself away. Deep down, Romeo knew that when everything was said and done, his daughter would need her body.

Amanda turned without another word and headed down to the room she’d created just for occasions like this. She’d never expected to need it this way, but then again, she’d never much expected any of this, truth be told. “From here on, it’s just the three of us,” Amanda said, stopping both Romeo and Brody at the door. I won’t come out until Lilith is back in Hell where she belongs and we have our daughter back.”

“Make sure of it,” Romeo said as he embraced Amanda, pressing a warm kiss against her startled lips. Pulling back, his blue eyes held all he felt for her.

Amanda stepped through the door and didn’t have to click the lock to seal the door. It wasn’t the first time she’d used the room, nor was it the first time Sarina had stepped foot into this magical place.

Chapter Three

Amanda lifted her arms and power arced out, washing the room in bright white light. Without her fellow Radiants here, it would take every power she had to do what she had to, but this room, this sacred place would help. In the brightness she could see Sarina’s body clearly and also the mirage-like outline of Sarina’s spirit. The urge to talk to her firstborn was nearly overwhelming, but Amanda knew one slip, one falter and Lilith would be beyond her grasp again.

Chanting under her breath, Amanda felt her powers ebb in waves that turned the room various shades of pink, purple, orange, blue, green, and red. “Ancestors of Fenris and Lilith, hear my cry. Come close to receive this alibi. Shelter Sarina Traverse here, until she remains solid and clear. Right this wrong once and for all, help me send this demon back to Hell. Keep her there for the wrongs she’s done and call out any that can be undone.”

The wind that rushed through the room swirled and kicked like a tornado as Amanda fought the war of her life to expel Lilith from Sarina’s body. One by one, the dead began to show themselves, each one helping Amanda pull Lilith from Sarina’s flesh. Amanda smiled when she saw Aunt Mabel. Then Lucia and Brianna’s mothers came as well, each lending their aid as best they could. Thousands of spirits appeared, some in groups, to give Lilith her due. It was then that Amanda knew for certain that Lilith would never bother them again after this. Then the crackle of lightning split the air, leaving the smell of ozone lingering as the woman in white, someone Amanda called “friend”, stood in their midst.

“We here have heard your cry,” the woman said, comforting Amanda as her words soothed away the sadness from Jason’s death and her worry over Sarina. “We will stand witness to the crimes this were-vampire has committed and our judgement will be swift and final.”

Amanda bowed before the radiant woman and then stood like a prosecutor and delivered Lilith’s crimes. Much like a movie reel, they played throughout the room as Lilith was forced to show her true self. It took some time to deliver all of Lilith’s crimes to the woman who stood between the here and now and whatever lay beyond this life. Although time all but stood still in this magical realm, Amanda knew this time Lilith wouldn’t escape the judgement that was due her.

“Lilith!” the woman said. Her lips never moved, but her voice boomed like thunder. Electricity crackled like tension in the air as Lilith fought to stay as she was, locked tightly inside Sarina’s body. “Come forth and free Sarina Traverse from your torment.”

Amanda was in awe. Whatever powers she possessed seemed dwarfed by this magnificent woman. Still, she could tell that Lilith had a plan and it wasn’t a good one. Her laugh, the pure evil in it made Amanda cringe.

“Do you honestly think you have what it takes to put me down?” asked Lilith. Just then, she released Sarina’s body and speared up, her newly acquired wings flowing out like a dragon. “You know nothing of the power that I claim,” she said, her tongue flicking out like a serpent. “You and your pesky, insignificant pack will beg for mercy, which I might decide to bestow.”

“Match her,” the bright woman said to Amanda. Sarina, who was once again inside her body could barely stand, her physical state weakened greatly by her prolonged absence. She watched her mother and Lilith war with each other, almost desperate to lend her aid. She knew the power that spread through her like water, as if it was as much a part of her as her blood and bone. Had she ever thanked her mother for this gift? A small chant had her body invigorated and she stepped over to her mother, meeting her beautiful green eyes with a knowing grin.

Sarina knew whatever powers they had, she and her mother were all the stronger together. Grasping Amanda’s hand, Sarina felt power zing down her arm like a bolt of lightning. Rich and heady, she matched her own abilities with her mother’s and soon white hot light shot out from both women’s palms. Lilith cursed when that light hit her square in the chest. Her wings swept out, moving her from one spot to another. Sarina tracked her well and Amanda followed her lead. Within minutes they had Lilith on the ground, all but begging for her life.

“I don’t know how to be anything else,” she wailed. “It was all Fenris!”

“Fenris was banished and if he’s smart he’ll take the out he was given and live his life in relative peace. You will never know the freedom you could have had, had you left well enough alone. You, Lilith Maggie McDera, are yourself banished from this realm. Never again will you set foot in the land of the living, human or werewolf. You will never torture another soul as long as my line lives.”

Sarina, her own body tiring, watched as Amanda raised her hands, light exploding from her being. It spread through the room like a wave, blotting out anything and everything until every square inch of space was covered in the purest white light. So intense was it, in fact, that Sarina was forced to close her eyes for a moment. “Lilith Maggie McDera is, from this day forward, dead, deceased, passed on. Her spirit is and shall forever remain in Hell where she was first banished. As long as the Traverse-Duscene line survives, you will never see the light of a day here, nor will any from your original line with Fenris. Evil is stopped here today and with the cleansing of this room, every last vestige of your line will die with you.”

As if the light couldn’t possibly get brighter, Sarina felt the heat and heard Lilith’s scream as a burst of flaming white light consumed the dragon she’d been. In just minutes, Lilith had burned away until nothing, not even ash, was left behind. Her existence, for all it had been, had finally finished.

Sarina, so relieved at that moment, faltered and fell to her knees. Immediately she felt her mother’s arms encircle her. “Oh my baby,” she cooed. “I’m so thankful you’re alright.”

“I wouldn’t have been if you hadn’t listened to your heart.”

“You’re my heart, you and your siblings, your father. Without all of you I’d have nothing left to live for.”

“I know how you feel,” Sarina sighed as she rested against her mother. “Jed and Brody Jr. are my lifeline, their father as well.”

“Sarina…” Amanda started. Sarina could hear the caution in her voice as she continued. “You realize that Brody didn’t know you weren’t yourself. You can’t blame him for—”

“I know, Mama. We’ve already talked about it. I didn’t expect him to have stayed chaste in our bed when he didn’t know the difference. Lilith is… was, a very persuasive seductress.”

“Maybe,” Amanda said, her voice lethal. “But the love you two share can undo any whore’s game. Don’t you forget that, darling. It’s you Brody wants, not just your body.”

“I know,” she replied.

“I’m going to send Brody in when I leave. Spend the night here… find what she tried to take from you.”

“Alright,” Sarina said, easily acquiescing. She didn’t have it in her to fight, even if she’d wanted to. When Amanda stepped out, Sarina turned to face the woman in white.

“You certainly changed.” Sarina didn’t have it in her to be nice, to pretend that this woman who’d banished Lilith to Hell wasn’t the same woman who’d sent her there.

“My master released me,” the glowing figure replied. “I no longer take orders from him. He said I wasn’t useful to his plan, so now I’ll work to make sure whatever he’s planning isn’t allowed to take place. As long as I live, none of the Traverse or Duscene line will suffer because of anything he tries to do, at least not while in this room.”

“Is this a gateway then?”

“Of sorts,” she said with a smile. “There are others, more powerful than here. But this certainly opens itself up to that realm. You can’t have magic in your life without accepting the bad things people and demons alike can do with it.”

“So you’re on our side now?”

“I always was,” she replied. “Even before I made you choose the reality you most wanted, I watched over your mother and her aunt before her. I’ve watched over your grandparents and theirs as well, as far back as the beginning of your line.” The woman paused to reflect on her memories.

“Before now, I was always doing so as an informant, for him. Despite keeping my details to a minimum, I couldn’t do anything he didn’t allow me to. Now, I’m my own person. I will no longer provide him with anything to aid him.”

“I’m glad to hear it,” Sarina said.


Amanda let Romeo take her hand and lead her to their room. “They get tucked in?”

“I think so,” she said, a smile gracing her face. “It’ll take a day or two to really believe that Lilith won’t come back around just for spite. I’m not sure Sarina realizes yet that this is permanent. I want to make sure she knows, truly in her heart, that Lilith will never, ever touch what’s hers again.”

“And you’re positive, really positive that Lilith can’t come back?”

“She’ll never step foot or any other appendage, outside the gates of Hell. I’m almost positive her captors won’t be in such a forgiving mood this time around. If there really is a pit down there, I’m sure she’s roasting in it right now.”

“Well isn’t that a pretty picture?” Romeo said, feeling satisfaction in his heart. Amanda accepted his kiss and drew him closer. On a sigh of regret, she pressed her forehead to his, “I have to check on the boys. I promised Sarina I would.”

“We’ll both go. Then I’ll talk you out of that pretty outfit.”

“This?” Amanda chuckled. “Please. I’ve had this thing for years.”

“And it’s beautiful, because a) it still fits you and b) nothing looks bad on my wife.”

“Well when you put it that way.” She gave a knowing smile.

They tiptoed up to the room that had been guarded by sentries around the clock since Jason’s death. Walking quietly into the room, they looked down at two beautiful sleeping little boys who were the perfect mixture of their handsome parents. Brody Jr., who was nearly the spitting image of his father, slept on his side like Sarina, while his twin brother, Jedidiah -his mother’s carbon copy - slept on his back like his father, Brody. Together they kept one another company and comfortable in sleep.

“We’ll wake them if we stay longer,” said Amanda.

“Well in that case, let’s vamoose, baby,” Romeo said with a grin. He all but chased her from the room and had her giggling by the time they reached the quiet, soundless refuge of their room. “How did we ever manage to make five beautiful children?”

“I did it in three pregnancies,” Amanda chuckled. “That’s how. Or don’t you remember?”

“Hmm,” Romeo teasingly growled. “I certainly remember all the fun we had trying.”

Amanda chuckled, allowing him to pull her close and remind her just how much fun it had been. By the time morning came, the Traverse home was blessedly quiet and everyone greeted the day with a renewed sense of calm.


“Now this is living,” Gina said without a care in the world, her chair positioned close to Turk. He’d agreed to submit to the rule of the Traverse clan and had shown himself to be trustworthy, something that had amazed nearly everyone. Only Gina had seen the goodness in him. Tall, dark and muscular, Turk had proved to be one hell of a helper. He was adept at carpentry and would be able to assist Brody in fixing up any homes that had damage or any new ones that needed to be built.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Romeo said as he forked scrambled eggs into his mouth. “Sarina and Brody up yet?”

“We’re here,” Sarina said, kissing her dad on the cheek as she and Brody took their seats. She winked at Gina who blushed. “So cousin, tell me your plans.”

“Um,” Gina stumbled. Turk came to her rescue, something Sarina greatly approved of.

“I’m going to ask permission to marry her as soon as her parents return. If they take too long, I’ll send word and ask you, Mr. Traverse, if that doesn’t bother you.”

“Gina’s my niece, young man,” Romeo responded with authority. “Truth be told, I couldn’t have picked anyone better for her. You should ask her parents first, but failing that, you absolutely have my permission.”

Sarina beamed at Gina’s happiness. She knew what it was like to long for love, compassion, sex even. The fact that Gina had found it, and with a werewolf to boot, spoke volumes about the similarities between humans and their werewolf counterparts. Perhaps there could be some intermixing without jeopardizing either species. After all, without humans, werewolves wouldn’t have taken so well.

“Thank you, Uncle Romeo,” Gina said, tears brimming her eyes.

“You’re welcome, my dear.”

Chapter Four

Two days flew by and Saturday dawned gorgeously sunny and warm as Sarina sat in a chair, her hair up in huge rollers. Her Aunt Aurora was smudging a smoky eyeshadow over her lids to bring out her light green irises. Her lips had already been stained a red rose hue and the last thing to go on was the necklace her mother would put on just moments before she walked down the aisle.

“You are breathtaking,” Amanda said with a sigh, her tears quickly patted away with the tissue in her hand. “And here I told myself I was done crying.”

“Me too,” Sarina said, giving in to the happy tears that started to well up in her eyes. Her makeup was redone and half an hour later she stood in front of a huge mirror looking at herself in her mother’s dress. New pearls had been sewn on so that it looked as if the dress had been dipped in a pool of them. Her hair hung in soft curling waves halfway down her back. Her mother’s necklace, one that had been handed down from her grandmother, hung around her neck. It sparkled and twinkled in the sunlight that streamed in through the huge windows in her old room.

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