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Sólo me arrepentí de una cosa. Y otros relatos eróticos de temática gay. Serie Marco Azul Nº1 by PROMeBOOK Sólo me arrepentí de una cosa. Y otros relatos eróticos de temática gay. Serie Marco Azul Nº1 by May 26, 2016 $4.48 22268 words Sample 20%
Este volumen incluye los siguientes relatos eróticos de temática gay del escritor Marcos Sanz: Iván, Pepo, Ruleta cerdaca, El psiquiatra, El centro del placer gay, Sólo me arrepentí de una cosa.
Vile by Cornelius Coe Vile by May 26, 2016 $2.99 40461 words Sample 10%
‘Pick a memory. Any memory…’ In a city held by crime lord Frisk’s vice-like grip, disillusioned dreamer, Cornelius Coe, peddles a chemical which he originally concocted with the best of intentions to those who can’t stand the pain of living in the now… even after waking up next to his dead wife. Join Coe on a trip of self-realisation, love, death, and betrayal, as he scratches away the debris
All successful entrepreneurs require the right mindsets first, and then all through their entrepreneurial journey. This revised and updated book delves deep into applied psychology practically founding mindsets that thriving entrepreneurs are living. Also, this book offers a mental compass for both budding and existing entrepreneurs to help them discover, nurture and sustain this mindsets.
Cryo by Lon Varnadore Cryo by May 26, 2016 $3.99 33838 words Sample 25%
4Pollack escaped the events that took out his partner and lover. Now, he has to navigate a darker and twisted coverup that starts with the viewing of a bloodclip and ends at the steps of some of the most powerful men on Mars.
Home Soil (Team Blake Pt 1) by Doug E Diamond Home Soil (Team Blake Pt 1) by May 26, 2016 $4.99 100333 words Sample 20%
While serving overseas with an elite Australian Special Forces unit, LOGAN BLAKE's father and sister become victims of a devastating terrorist attack. When Logan is given the chance to investigate those responsible, the investigation soon becomes a man hunt as well as a race against time. Plans for a catastrophic attack on Australian soil have been discovered… The clock is ticking.
Business Development WTF by Frederick Zaccarini Business Development WTF by May 26, 2016 $0.99 25772 words Sample 20%
My name is Asenoff Krapp. I have been a business development manager for many years. I’m originally from Russia, and moved with my parents to Aberdeen in Scotland in 1964. “I was really sick of that beetroot and cabbage soup anyway.” I finished my education in the Granite City and went into sales in 1976. Although I would not claim to be an expert, I would say that I know the business inside out.
Just Keeping it Simple. by Darren Hobson Just Keeping it Simple. by May 26, 2016 Free! 6434 words Read a sample
This is the latest edition to the Just series of books, this time the author has returned to basics bringing the reader a simple and cleaner style of poetry.
Welcome to the Milk Farm by Meagan Days Welcome to the Milk Farm by May 26, 2016 $0.99 6340 words Sample 10%
Welcome to the Milk farm where women are used like human cows for their precious breast milk. We have waiting lists to come visit and play down on our farm. The women are treated like animals, either bred or forced to come into their milk by a slow and torturous process exposing their full ripe jugs to pregnancy hormones and timed sucking, either by milk machines or people.
Diseño Web con CSS - 2ª Edición by Alicia Durango Diseño Web con CSS - 2ª Edición by May 26, 2016 $2.95 18504 words Sample 15%
CCS es el formato recomendado para las páginas escritas en formato HTML en base a los estándares de "Cascading Style Sheets" (hojas de estilo en cascada), publicado por el World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
Crystal Passion by Bradley Stoke Crystal Passion by May 26, 2016 Free! 79374 words Read a sample
It is the 1990s and Crystal Passion and her band are on tour in America. In those days, they weren't as famous as they are now and nobody could guess how they'd be received. Would this be the tour that broke them in America? Or would America break them? Neither Crystal Passion nor her band were likely candidates to be the new Beatles or Rolling Stones of a fresh British Invasion.
Diseño de Software - 2ª Edición by Alicia Durango Diseño de Software - 2ª Edición by May 26, 2016 $2.95 37367 words Sample 15%
Antes de comenzar el estudio y la práctica en la disciplina de la Arquitectura de Software, es apropiado que sepamos donde encaja a lo largo del Cuerpo de Conocimiento en Ingeniería de Software (Software Engineering Body of Knowledge). El diseño arquitectural, o proyecto de la arquitectura, es la primera de las dos actividades que componen el área de conocimiento de Diseño de Software (Software De
Coaches by Dave Evans Coaches by May 26, 2016 $1.44 7026 words Sample 15%
Two high school buddies unexpectedly meet up before a coaching conference. This meeting would change their lives forever!
Estrategias para el Uso de un CRM by Antonio Valle Estrategias para el Uso de un CRM by May 26, 2016 $2.95 31521 words Sample 15%
A lo largo de este libro se tratará de poner de manifiesto la importancia del CRM para una compañía, independientemente del tamaño de la misma. Para ello se tratarán diferentes aspectos para su implantación, tanto a nivel de cultura empresarial como de desarrollo de aplicaciones.
Computación en la Nube - 2º Edición by Ángel Arias Computación en la Nube - 2º Edición by May 26, 2016 $2.95 15491 words Sample 15%
El crecimiento continuo, en tamaño y complejidad, de la infraestructura de TI que soporta los sistemas de información, ha llamado la atención, a la necesidad de simplificar la administración y reducir los costes asociados a su mantenimiento, y más recientemente, a la necesidad de reducir el impacto ambiental causado, principalmente, por el excesivo consumo de energía.
Aprende a Programar ASP .NET y C# - 2ª Edición by Ángel Arias Aprende a Programar ASP .NET y C# - 2ª Edición by May 26, 2016 $3.95 16846 words Sample 15%
ASP.NET es la plataforma de Microsoft para el desarrollo de aplicaciones Web y es el sucesor de la tecnología ASP. Es un componente del IIS que permite a través de un lenguaje de programación integrado en la .NET Framework para crear páginas dinámicas. No es ni un lenguaje de programación como VBScript, PHP, ni un servidor web como IIS o Apache.
Inside Man by Alex Hansen Inside Man by May 26, 2016 $0.99 25035 words Sample 20%
While trying to save his hometown from being overrun by the cult's demonic army, Jason encounters an old foe, meets the creator of the universe, and learns of his role in a larger conflict that could change Hell forever.
La Gestión Profesional de Ventas by Luis Antúnez Gordillo La Gestión Profesional de Ventas by May 26, 2016 $1.75 20091 words Sample 15%
Con este libro aprenderá los diversos aspectos que intervienen en todo el proceso de la venta, para que usted pueda corregir y mejorar las prácticas que lleva a cabo en el día a día de su empresa o trabajo.
Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book Two) by Marian Middleton Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book Two) by May 26, 2016 $2.99 5350 words Sample 10%
Alexander is happy that Sara wants to have sex with him. When they go downstairs to find something to eat the power goes out and he assures her that he can comfort her in the living room. He comforts Sara while the storm rages on outside by having Sara sit on his lap and letting him touch her body. Alexander loves that Sara is so weak when it comes to storms...
Intense Lust by Chris Johns Intense Lust by May 26, 2016 $3.45 3804 words Sample 20%
Sam is by far, a very successful multi-millionaire at twenty-five and even more so at twenty-eight. Young, independent, and driven describe who he is. Being a constant visitor at Markus’ studio for photo shoots, Sam scouts for models who can spend the night with him for a price. Of course, he’s willing to pay. Afterall, he has more than enough for spending.
Giải sư (phần một): Cây đổ by Việt Văn Giải sư (phần một): Cây đổ by May 26, 2016 $4.02 58553 words Sample 22%
Cuộc chiến phép thuật của những con người phi thường.
Empire’s Desire by Chris Johns Empire’s Desire by May 26, 2016 $3.45 18915 words Sample 20%
In a world bound by judgement, how will love survive? Alexander, son of a wealthy patrician, participates in his first slave trade. He only wants to find someone worthy to pleasure him but instead, he finds something more. Set during the time of Masters and Conquerors in an empire full of promise, Rome finds comfort in pleasure slaves. The recent capture: pale-skinned beauties from the North.
Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book One) by Marian Middleton Golden Tulip: Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance (Book One) by May 26, 2016 $2.99 5623 words Sample 10%
Sara and Alexander are running the shoe business after it was left to them in Sara's father's will. Leaving them with the mansion, the money and the company they have been working together for over a year. As a thunderstorm begins to brew Sara confesses that she still has the fear of thunder and lightening. Alexander offers to calm Sara's fears by doing what they use to do when they were younger.
Billionaire Gay Lover by Chris Johns Billionaire Gay Lover by May 26, 2016 $3.45 7232 words Sample 20%
Nicky Old comes from a poor family, working his ass through college. On weekends, he hangs out at expensive bars searching for rich clients who will rent him for the night. For quite sometime, he dreams of finding a Billionaire who will fall in love with him and make his dreams come true. He says that he will not be forever poor. That’s his goal.
Model Wanted by Chris Johns Model Wanted by May 26, 2016 $3.45 7377 words Sample 20%
Tyler Westbrook, a young “hotshot” who owns a modeling agency knows he has made it big. Little did he know that this very naive young man who’s auditioning for him is about to turn his world around. Gorgeous features, innocent, and down-to-earth makes Tyler almost fall off his chair when he first meets Mika Koslova.
Wolf's Choice by Laura Taylor Wolf's Choice by May 26, 2016 $3.99 116588 words Sample 10%
Skip would be the first to admit she’s no warrior. A genius with technology, she fights the wolf-shifters’ war with the Noturatii from behind the scenes, never venturing onto the frontlines of the battle. But when she’s kidnapped by the Noturatii, she will have to endure the elements, outwit her captors, and even defy her own Den as she fights for her own survival, and that of her entire species.
Alder's World Part III:  Technoprey by Katie Papilio Alder's World Part III: Technoprey by May 26, 2016 $0.99 23033 words Sample 20%
The end of the Alder's World series. The attacks from the Technoprey have become more deadly, the human's position more desperate. Alder and an inexperienced crew must set out on a perilous journey with one goal; destroy the Technoprey once and for all.
Shredding Light: How My Experiences in Today's Music Industry Can Help You Push Past Your Own Artificial Limits by Charles Caswell Shredding Light: How My Experiences in Today's Music Industry Can Help You Push Past Your Own Artificial Limits by May 26, 2016 $6.99 28463 words Sample 20%
When my band was offered a recording contract with a major record label, I thought my music career was just beginning. But I soon realized there had to be a better way to make my lifelong career goals a reality. Now I am making more of a living for my self independently than I ever was while signed to a label. In this book I will share my strategies for success in today's music industry.
Releasing the Panther (Dásreach Council Novel 3) by Josette Reuel Releasing the Panther (Dásreach Council Novel 3) by May 26, 2016 $2.99 125698 words Sample 20%
Charlie Gavin is a panther shifter and the Beta of the Thirteen. From his first site of his mate, his natural instincts took control and his passions rose with each interaction with the emotionally distanced ex-Marine. Natalie Matthews retreated into logic and control early in life to protect her battered heart. Can they release the past before the future they’re building crumbles?
Sinclair by Celia Aaron Sinclair by May 26, 2016 $0.99 14997 words Sample 10%
Sinclair Vinemont, an impeccable parish prosecutor, conducts his duties the same way he conducts his life--every move calculated, every outcome assured. When he sees something he wants, he takes it. When he finds a hint of weakness, he capitalizes. But what happens when he sees Stella Rousseau for the very first time? Sinclair is the prologue to The Acquisition Series.
Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! by Al Stewart & Claire Davis Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! by
& May 26, 2016
$1.99 29297 words Sample 20%
First love—coming of age—family—acceptance. When Charlie was eight, his mum bought him a microscope. Since then, he's known how he wants to spend his life. Anthony is a red-haired force of nature. He writes poetry about their enemies and eagerly participates in Charlie's science experiments. Every morning, he waits so they can get the bus together. But things are changing.
Wicked Secrets by L.M. Fry Wicked Secrets by May 26, 2016 $3.99 74628 words Sample 20%
When Emily Brent, a 15-year-old city girl with a sarcastic edge, moves to the remote town of Carrsville Oklahoma, ghostly visions of a teenage girl haunt her day and night. The visions are a warning against the dark secrets of Carrsville's past. The clock is ticking, and Emily has to find the truth before she becomes the town's next victim.
Home for the Heart by Sarah J. McNeal Home for the Heart by May 26, 2016 $2.99 52373 words Sample 20%
Though Hank Wilding and Lucy Thoroughgood have been lifelong friends, Lucy has managed to lose her heart to the handsome rancher. But Hank’s a sworn bachelor after a soured engagement two years earlier. His heart begins to thaw when Lucy introduces him to the orphans she cares for, but a Lakota premonition threatens the happiness of the inhabitants of Hazard, Wyoming, and may end in Lucy’s death.
Patrick J. Leach Selected Paintings – Volume One by Patrick J. Leach Patrick J. Leach Selected Paintings – Volume One by May 26, 2016 $2.99 2418 words Sample 20%
This was first published in 2011 and contains Volume One of paintings by artist Patrick J. Leach. It contains 130 full color images of his paintings. Volumes Two and Three are also available.
Falling Through by Ofelia Grand Falling Through by May 26, 2016 $0.99 12719 words Sample 20%
Travis is running himself ragged, trying to keep two jobs, even if it means flirting with creepy old ladies at the pub. One day he'll have someone special waiting for him when he gets home from work. Larry's existence was dead boring until Travis moved in. As far as roommates go, he's the best Larry's ever had. It's not his fault Travis can't see Larry - no one's been able to since he died...
Sound from the Silence: The Spy Who Was A Lover by Aslam Ansari Sound from the Silence: The Spy Who Was A Lover by May 26, 2016 $10.00 33255 words Sample 20%
Inspired by real events: “It’s better to fight for love than for the land or hate,” he always said. He was Roshan Mirza… He could get anywhere… Barriers could not stop him. He was like a free spirit... He was a spy - but a spy who questioned every convention. He was a "new James Bond..." "No guns, no revolver - just poetry and music, that was his tool box." He was the spy who was a lover.
South of Redemption by S.M. Winter South of Redemption by May 26, 2016 $5.99 80689 words Sample 15%
Tabitha thought she knew everything about her new world, but she was wrong. After her escape from the mental institution where she was held captive, her new companion Garridyn introduces her to the world she is really a part of. Something not even her fellow Elementals knew about.
The Fenian Sacrifice by E.S. Gaffney & G.S. Weller The Fenian Sacrifice by
& May 26, 2016
$4.99 84028 words Sample 20%
Wyanet is a peaceful town, where friendly people live sleepy, happy, safe lives. A traveling fair brings a surge of excitement, but it also brings something bigger, darker, and hungrier than any human being. And it has set its sights on Wyanet. No one is prepared to survive…much less fight it.
Unbearable by Tracy Cooper-Posey Unbearable by May 26, 2016 $2.99 21884 words Sample 20%
Carson Connor heads out on one last minor hunt before retiring forever to raise his daughter, Riley, but as Tally goes into labour, tragedy strikes. The hunt for the last two surviving gargoyles—the strongest and smartest of the Stonebrood clan—warps life and love, straining even Nick and Damian’s four century long relationship, in ways that no one could possibly anticipate.
Mutual Reception by Alan Annand Mutual Reception by May 26, 2016 $6.99 80750 words Sample 15%
43% of us have a mutual reception by sign in our birth chart, ie, when two planets simultaneously occupy each other’s sign. It’s a powerful combination linking the effects of two houses in a chart, yet it’s one of the least understood patterns in astrology. This book, an invaluable reference for any astrologer's library, describes the effects for each of the 66 combinations of house lord exchange.
A Lady Forsaken Box Set (Books 1-4, plus Novella) by Christina McKnight A Lady Forsaken Box Set (Books 1-4, plus Novella) by May 26, 2016 $7.99 357287 words Sample 20%
Shunned No More, Forgotten No More, Scorned Ever More, Christmas Ever More, and Hidden No More
7 Secrets of the Sensitive - Harness the Empath's Hidden Power by Diane Kathrine 7 Secrets of the Sensitive - Harness the Empath's Hidden Power by May 26, 2016 $7.99 45731 words Sample 20%
For too long the Empaths have been taken down by an emotionally charged world. Now is the time for that to change! 7 Secrets of the Sensitive reveal the hidden power of an Empath and provide the keys to unlock their true potential. After reading this book you will know how to find happiness, health and emotional stability and you will finally discover your true life purpose.
Heirs Book Two: American Lady by Elleby Harper Heirs Book Two: American Lady by May 26, 2016 $2.99 71083 words Sample 20%
How far should a mother go to keep a secret? Their socialite mothers are childhood friends who share a common background, a clandestine lover and a skeleton-rattling secret that threatens to rock Europe's most glamorous monarchy. From the glittering Cannes Film Festival to the brink of financial ruin and moral bankruptcy, will their mothers’ nightmare shatter Maixent’s and Charley’s dream of love?
అత్యున్నత జీవితం ఆరు ఆవశ్యకాలు by Dharmaja Gopineedi అత్యున్నత జీవితం ఆరు ఆవశ్యకాలు by May 26, 2016 $2.99 7 words Sample 20%
అవనిపై పుట్టిన ప్రతి ఒక్కరు అద్భుతమైన గొప్ప జీవితానికి అర్హులే! అత్యున్నత జీవితానికి అవసరమైన అంశాలను మరియు లక్షణాలను మనం ఈ పుస్తకంలో తెలుసుకుంటాం, అర్థం చేసుకుంటాం, అత్యున్నత జీవితానికి అవసరమైన అంశాలను ఆరోగ్యం అనే పదం ఆధారంగా అవగాహన చేసుకుంటాం. ప్రధానంగా ఆరు అంశాలు అత్యున్నత జీవితానికి దోహదం చేస్తాయి. అవి శారీరక ఆరోగ్యము, మానసిక ఆరోగ్యము, సామాజిక ఆరోగ్యము, ఆర్థిక ఆరోగ్యము, ఆధ్యాత్మిక ఆరోగ్యము
The Devil in the Wide City by Justin Acala The Devil in the Wide City by May 26, 2016 $4.99 81635 words Sample 20%
An average day in Hell is a lot like an average day on Earth. Mind-numbing traffic, dead end jobs, ex-girlfriends, runaway dogs, and all the in-betweens are par for the course when you’re a fallen angel just trying to get by. My name’s Nedonius, and this is my story of redemption.
Poker Slave by Chris Johns Poker Slave by May 25, 2016 $3.45 17601 words Sample 20%
A poker game marked the beginning of Myckie’s nightmare. Michael “Myckie” is Tommy’s best friend, a sex addict who’s also the leader of the gang in school. Tommy’s cool, smart, gorgeous, and sporty - the perfect guy in short. He’s popular and very influential. Myckie, on the other hand is the opposite of Tommy. He’s nerdy, silent, and not into sports of any kind.
Prince of Idiots by Mary Fewko Prince of Idiots by May 25, 2016 Free! 11061 words Read a sample
A late night talk show host is losing ratings. He decides to interview an inmate on death row for multiple homicides. The live interview is a success, bringing his show back to the forefront but the interview has left the host feeling irregular, annoyed, and with a new fear of sleeping...
The Gimlet Eye: Quentaris, Quest of the Lost City Book 3 by James Roy The Gimlet Eye: Quentaris, Quest of the Lost City Book 3 by May 25, 2016 $7.49 43199 words Sample 15%
With the Archon dead, dark forces have come into play in the city of Quentaris. New faces are appearing, familiar ones vanishing, and the horrid Florian has claimed the throne. Then, as Quentaris slips quietly through a vortex into the watery world of the Yarka, Tab Vidler and her friends suddenly realise they are the city’s only hope. Plots, intrigue, magic, mystery, adventure and more!
MYTH WAR: The Gift of Epimetheus by Matthew Snee MYTH WAR: The Gift of Epimetheus by May 25, 2016 Free! 9139 words Read a sample
BEWARE: The Future looms! Who will prevail?? A young former rock star gets more than he bargained for when he steps into the labyrinth of New York City. A serialized story that will blow your mind...
F2m by Hazel Edwards F2m by May 25, 2016 $7.99 66585 words Sample 15%
School-leaver Skye plays guitar in her all-female Chronic Cramps band. Making her name in the punk/indie scene is easier than FTM (female to male) transitioning: from Skye to Finn, from girl to man. Transgender identity is more than injections and surgery, it’s about acceptance. With a little help from her mates and family, Finn is transitioning.
Gamers' Rebellion: Book Three of the Gamers Trilogy by George Ivanoff Gamers' Rebellion: Book Three of the Gamers Trilogy by May 25, 2016 $6.99 45618 words Sample 5%
Tark and Zyra finally make it out into the real world ... but it seems like everyone has an agenda, and Tark and Zyra are to be the pawns in other people’s power games. They discover that kidnapped children have been wired directly into the mainframe. Will Tark and Zyra be able to free the children and save the characters within the game? Or will the Designers’ plans for world domination win out?