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Ms. Wellington's Oak Tree (Short Story #3) by Adam Wasserman Ms. Wellington's Oak Tree (Short Story #3) by May 27, 2017 Free! 2728 words Read a sample
A lonely old woman awakes one morning to find that the butcher has climbed into her tree. Ms. Wellington's Oak Tree is a collection of short works spanning a variety of genres. Enjoy!
The Thing In The Ice by E. Catherine Tobler The Thing In The Ice by May 27, 2017 $2.99 26573 words Sample 20%
In the vast, black emptiness between Mars and Jupiter, Ceres was melting Buried within the asteroid's core, Ceres Station provides water-ice for an ever-growing system of corporations and explorers, each intent on carving their names into the future of the galaxy. But no one anticipates the secret Ceres harbors.
Кошмар, сънува мене. by Boris Mihail Кошмар, сънува мене. by May 27, 2017 Free! 767 words Read a sample
За Илина. Стихосбирка от Борис-Михаил. Интелектуална собственост на автора.
EU-Xplore by Pranav Kamlesh EU-Xplore by May 27, 2017 $2.00 5890 words Sample 20%
Europe travel made easy. Low on wallet, full on experience. A must have book for pro-travellers. :)
The Catholic Digital News 2017-05-27 by The Catholic Digital News The Catholic Digital News 2017-05-27 by May 27, 2017 Free! 48409 words Read a sample
The Catholic Digital News gathers the week's most important news stories involving the Catholic Church and publishes them within a single digital volume. Each edition is beautifully formatted with full-color images and features world, national, and Vatican news, plus opinion pieces, entertainment reviews, and daily Mass readings. This issue covers the events of the week ending May 27, 2016.
The Millennial's Guide to a Meaningful Life: How I Found Fulfillment and Learned to Take Life Less Seriously by Daniel Scott Johnson The Millennial's Guide to a Meaningful Life: How I Found Fulfillment and Learned to Take Life Less Seriously by May 27, 2017 $9.95 43217 words Sample 15%
Author and millennial Daniel Scott Johnson draws on dozens of personal development resources and anecdotes from his own self-improvement journey to build a universal framework for satisfaction. Readers will learn how to identify their passions, enhance their productivity, master their emotions, and more, all in a context that acknowledges the unique challenges millennials face.
Seeking Love & A Partner For Life: A Trio Of Historical Romance Novellas by Doreen Milstead Seeking Love & A Partner For Life: A Trio Of Historical Romance Novellas by May 27, 2017 $2.99 35109 words Sample 20%
Dancing Into His Heart - A prima ballerina in London finds that her lover and costar is cheating on her and decides to throw it all in and apply to be a mail order bride in America PLUS If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride PLUS Pregnant & Widowed & Headed For The Gentleman Farmer In Montana. See complete synopses.
Gay Sex With Daddy by Clarice Whet Gay Sex With Daddy by May 27, 2017 $2.99 1782 words Sample 20%
Without knocking, I pushed his door open and I walked in. On hearing me, he snapped his head in my direction and immediately tried to hide his boner. "Dad! What the fuck?!" he screamed. As he tried to hide his erected dick, he fumbled with his computer to stop the gay porn. His face was blushed and he looked incredibly cute.
Galaxy Science Fiction 1956 Omnibus by Jimmy Wilson Galaxy Science Fiction 1956 Omnibus by May 27, 2017 $9.99 455124 words Sample 10%
Featuring 60 short stories and 2 full length novels from 1956 on 660 x A4 pages written by Each volume contains 12 months issues of the magazine without the advertisements and editorials which proliferated the magazines. All you are getting are the gems from the pens of masters and mistresses of the art.
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Family: Season 1 (Episode 1-7) by Luca Satana How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Family: Season 1 (Episode 1-7) by May 27, 2017 $4.99 14598 words Sample 20%
One doesn’t just start doing this sort of thing. Or at least I didn’t. It was just something I feel I simply fell into. In fact, I’m almost certain there was only one way this whole thing could have ever ended up. And it’s with that realization that I finally learned how to stop worrying and love my family. Hopefully this helps. Yours truly, Fisher.
Programmed for Failure… But God by Esther V. Smith Programmed for Failure… But God by May 27, 2017 $9.99 51183 words Sample 5%
Esther has the kind of story they make movies about. Her mother was an alcoholic, her father, a two-time murderer. All odds were against her ever becoming a successful, well-rounded woman. But…God intervened in her life. Today, Esther, is an international gospel music singer, teacher, and speaker. Her sincere desire is to inspire others to live a life free from the constraints of the past.
Empaths: The Journey To Personal Empowerment by Carla Gadyt Empaths: The Journey To Personal Empowerment by May 27, 2017 $9.90 20685 words Sample 20%
I’ve written this eBook as a guide for all Empaths that have the desire to live a life from their true self, peel all the layers of what they are not and go in that amazing journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
This Blood by Tara M. Farley This Blood by May 27, 2017 Free! 1139 words Read a sample
A man is convicted and sentenced to die for crimes he didn't commit. Walk with him on his final journey.
The Adventures of Gluskabe/ The Venue by Kamon The Adventures of Gluskabe/ The Venue by May 27, 2017 $3.49 1037 words Sample 25%
The Amerindians of Turtle Island, name formerly given to North America, told lots of stories and legends to their children. One of these famous legends is Gluskabe, the colossal and prodigious hero of the Wabanaki people. This first book of Gluskabe’s magical adventures tells you about the coming of our hero on Earth and how he will be chosen to help and guide his children, the People of Dawn.
The Outsider’s Curse: A Memoir of the First “Outsider” Lady IAS Officer of Jammu & Kashmir by Prasenjeet Kumar The Outsider’s Curse: A Memoir of the First “Outsider” Lady IAS Officer of Jammu & Kashmir by May 27, 2017 $4.99 67071 words Sample 20%
You will find plenty of books on Kashmir by politicians, journalists, army officers, Kashmiri Muslims and Pandits narrating their experiences. BUT you will never find—an outsider IAS officer’s perspective.
Marius' Mules X: Fields of Mars by S.J.A. Turney Marius' Mules X: Fields of Mars by May 27, 2017 $3.99 156576 words Sample 20%
The war in Gaul is over, but the fight for Rome is only just beginning. Facing a war against other Romans, with a new officer stirring up trouble, Pompey and the senate defying them, a father-in-law busily incriminating himself and powerful Roman generals consolidating positions against them, Fronto and Galronus are bound for that worst of all conflicts: Civil War.
10 Minutes To Save Your Marriage by Hluscu Alexandru 10 Minutes To Save Your Marriage by May 27, 2017 $1.00 3384 words
This is the shortest guide for men to reconnect with women. It will take about 10 minutes of your precious time to read it and will expose the "things " that a woman needs from her husband, to feel loved, satisfied and appreciated . Read it, learn it and apply it in your couple life . It will improve your relationship and make it last forever. It's short, cheap and contain valuable information.
short moral collection stories by idrees kankawi, Jr short moral collection stories by May 27, 2017 $5.89 3301 words Sample 20%
truly the best gift to give a child is moral knowledge and this book has been created to help children in their moral behaviour
18 and Needing a Place to Stay 8 by Candace Mia 18 and Needing a Place to Stay 8 by May 27, 2017 $0.99 2003 words Sample 20%
Jarvice is reluctant when his live-in girlfriend invites her niece to stay with them for the summer. He’ll soon get over that reluctance.
Dr. One by Peter Galarneau Jr. Dr. One by May 27, 2017 $3.95 80880 words Sample 10%
In the spring of 2041, a technophobic teenager, on his eighteenth birthday, is forced from the comfort of his West Virginia Greenbrier Valley home when he must travel to New Pitt to help a brilliant computer scientist uncover the reason for her uncle's mysterious death.
WOUNDS OF A JEDI. by MPoetB WOUNDS OF A JEDI. by May 27, 2017 Free! 157 words Read a sample
Thousand years before the clone wars. Once known us a member of brothers in the force. Believing that the true power was through the dark side, Being out numbered the Jedi council vanished him. Having a group of believers. They set upon themselves to get revenge on the Jedi anyway possible.
My Friend Willibrord by BarbaraWKelso My Friend Willibrord by May 27, 2017 $2.99 80769 words Sample 15%
The Anglo-Saxon priest Willibrord, sets off on a mission with eleven monks to convert the Frisians in 690 AD. The story is told by Aidan, a boyhood friend, who follows Willibrord closely. Aidan describes their lives in the Dark Ages, and the dangers, murders, quarrels and mission successes; leading up to the Battle of Tours, which finally brings peace and secures Willibrord's achievement.
The Tragedy of Macbeth by Jessica Selim II The Tragedy of Macbeth by May 27, 2017 Free! 18606 words Read a sample
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The Accident (Books 1 to 3) by Arabella Stark The Accident (Books 1 to 3) by May 27, 2017 $5.00 13539 words Sample 5%
"SHIT! Is she dead?" That's what Paul thought when he almost ran over the gorgeous woman, sprawled in front of his car. After taking her back to his apartment, he discovers that she's lost her memory. Having been pushed around his whole life, he decides to take advantage of her state, convincing her they are to be married. She's desperate to get her memory back... she's willing to do anything.
How Santa Changed by Karl Steam How Santa Changed by May 27, 2017 Free! 6 words Read a sample
Santa wasn’t always a jolly old fellow. He was young and made plenty of mistakes too. But most have forgotten this part of his life. The part that explains so much. Few have heard the story of how Santa changed.
Ultra Taboo Dog Loving Fun Bundle 3 Story Bundle Vol. 2 by Sandy Roughtounge Ultra Taboo Dog Loving Fun Bundle 3 Story Bundle Vol. 2 by May 27, 2017 $7.99 11699 words
***Warning Extremely Taboo erotica 18+ *** This Super Hot 3 Story collection is sure to set you on fire tonight! Here are the stories: Taken by the Bad Dog: My naughty dog jumps me when I least expect it! Things get sexual way too fast and he has his way with me Hard and agressive. Pleasing My Family Pet on Vacation in Hawaii: Sandy goes on vacation in beautiful Hawaii only to get broken up
ThoughtWays 1 by Chandra Pathakoti ThoughtWays 1 by May 27, 2017 $0.99 12966 words Sample 10%
Collections of Poems from various topics and subjects. Penned from time to time, as the thoughts came in and rolled onto the paper through pen.
The Bet by Rebecca King The Bet by May 27, 2017 $1.55 76822 words Sample 15%
Five friends, Rufus, Elijah, Sam, Robard, and Myles place a bet to avoid marriage they all know they can win. But, when an accident draws Estelle into his life, Myles knows he has to protect her, and not just from his poor driving! They are thrown into a dark and dangerous world full of lies, subterfuge, and murder, which makes innocent local folklore something far more sinister.
Know A Better Now, Seven Steps to Empowerment by Ron Conti Know A Better Now, Seven Steps to Empowerment by May 27, 2017 $2.99 7821 words Sample 20%
Changing for the better can be scary. This book will help make the process easier and assist you in creating the life you love by creating new and fulfilling comfort zones.
Tales of Men by Najee Brooks Tales of Men by May 27, 2017 Free! 1905 words Read a sample
These three tales concern desperate men struggling with depression. Three men seek gold. A walking dead man. And a man visited by Death itself.
Contentment by Casper Graham Contentment by May 27, 2017 $4.99 46893 words Sample 20%
Michael Weston has a great career. His lover, Timothy Miller, has moved in with him. He is satisfied. Life will be even better once he solves this mysterious murder case that has been baffling him for weeks. He also has to deal with the reappearance of his high school crush and bully, Ian Davis, who apparently has been infatuated with him all these years. He is so screwed, and not in a good way!
Sex in C Major by Matthew J. Metzger Sex in C Major by May 27, 2017 $6.99 113440 words Sample 20%
Stefan has ... fantasies. He knows he's heading for disaster, but he can't seem to stop this self-destructive spiral. Someone has to take control, before Stefan loses it completely. Daz can take control, and stop the destruction. But it's Yannis, Daz's enigmatic partner, who can stop the fear that fuels it.
El Amor [Diario de un Insospechado Psicópata] by Claudio Valerio Gaetani El Amor [Diario de un Insospechado Psicópata] by May 27, 2017 $9.99 33913 words Sample 20%
Queridos amigos, este es el tercer volumen de la serie Diario de un Insospechado Psicópata, serie que nos encartaría recomendar de coleccionar, de la cual El Caos, y El Sexo, son los primeros dos volúmenes, en este libro trataremos, sí, solo trataremos, de internarnos en los meandros de esta extraña combinación de moléculas, que ampliamente hemos descrito en nuestro libro El Sexo.
The Golden Age Dawns by Gabriel Woods The Golden Age Dawns by May 27, 2017 $5.00 92540 words Sample 20%
Journeys to the end of the world, fantastic creatures, and epic battles between good and evil—what more could any reader ask for in one book? The book that has it all is The Golden Age Dawns. Susan fights against time to save humanity from an alien race. She also struggles to contain her paranormal powers. The Protector, a supernatural being, fights to save the planet from Armegadon.
Collected Stories Volume 1 by Philip Mitchell Stein Collected Stories Volume 1 by May 27, 2017 $1.99 71084 words Sample 10%
This collection combines into one volume the stories 1, Coverlid Place, Farmer's Daughter Threesome, Meaningless Masturbation, and Horny Mandy. Also included is a new, previously unpublished story, Vibe Time. Featuring MILFS addicted to gloryholes, horny teenage girls, busty nymphomaniacs, love struck students and vibrator wielding housewives! This volume is as sexy as hell, and has it all!
Where I Belong by Jae Moran Where I Belong by May 27, 2017 $5.99 84634 words Sample 20%
A bestselling author and erstwhile musician desperately wants to leave his troubled past behind him. But after his sister unexpectedly turns up asking him to come home, he travels back to the small North Carolina town where he grew up and falls in love with the buff, blond, social worker living next door.
Fluidity by Kim Davis Fluidity by May 27, 2017 $4.99 39287 words Sample 20%
Scott is forced to move back in with his mother, who secretly wed in Las Vegas. Scott learns he has a new stepbrother, an attractive man his own age named Alex. Soon he discovers Alex has a thing for him. Scott knows that getting intimately involved with him is a bad idea, but sometimes a bad idea is just too good to ignore.
The Gunsmith 425: The Law and Miss Jones by JR Roberts The Gunsmith 425: The Law and Miss Jones by May 27, 2017 $3.50 34606 words Sample 20%
Clint Adams finds himself in a Southern Arizona town where women seem to be in the positions of power. The Mayor is a woman, and so is the local Sheriff. He's curious how this happened, so he sticks around to try and find out, then finds himself siding with the women against a band of Comancheros bent on looting the ranches in the area.
Swim Away The Continuance by Tom Edwards Swim Away The Continuance by May 27, 2017 $3.99 72133 words
Life at sea can be tough; especially without a boat. Sam Willis has chosen to live in the sea. Leaving all his ties to humanity, he escapes from his disastrous life on land. For better or worse; he will not go back to his past. He will deal with whatever the sea has in store for him. Yet the sea is full of surprises; not all of which look like fish........
Find His Way Home by Nell Iris Find His Way Home by May 27, 2017 $2.99 20230 words Sample 20%
Elliot is miserable living in the big city. He longs for tranquility but is unwilling to move away from his partner Mick. After a dramatic event, he flees and goes back home to a cabin in the mountains. Slowly he regains his calm, but being away from Mick is hard. When a ghost from Elliot's past shows up, he’s faced with a hard decision: stay on the mountain alone or go back to the city, and Mick?
Fated Fortunes (The Crucible Series Book 7) by Angela Colsin Fated Fortunes (The Crucible Series Book 7) by May 27, 2017 $3.99 100931 words Sample 25%
After an unexpected encounter with a mysterious figure from his past, the draconian, Dalris Dra'Kai, learns that his mate, Jada Tavar, isn't what she seems. Furthermore? The elf is on a treasure hunt of her own, but the prize she seeks isn't riches or esteem, and the conclusion of her quest may reveal a truth that would condemn their fated connection for all time ... .
Sonata by Tiago Lameiras Sonata by May 27, 2017 $1.99 11905 words Sample 20%
If the heart could speak, Poetry would be its voice. To quiet it down would be to stop breathing.
The Glassy Side of the Reef by Tim Grollimund The Glassy Side of the Reef by May 27, 2017 $2.99 2875 words Sample 20%
The variability of salinity levels in Florida Bay is important to the food chain. What does this have to do with glass minnows? Well, everything. He examined the relationship between mesozooplankton, salinity and bay anchovies. The ecological implications center on the the relationship between salinity, mesozooplankton and bay anchovies. Future changes in salinity could have significant effects.
Between Lost and Found by Adelise M Cullens Between Lost and Found by May 26, 2017 Free! 16359 words Read a sample
Growing up in an orphanage, the girl had never known family. Sick of the abuse and in search for love, the girl runs away but finds more than she bargained for. She awakes to find herself in a strange land that is bright and full of color and light, completely different to what she is used to.The girl thinks that she will finally be happy... But some people are simply unlucky
The Copeland Way: How The Blessing the Lord Will Make Rich Your Beyond Your Wildest Imagination by Dimeji Joseph The Copeland Way: How The Blessing the Lord Will Make Rich Your Beyond Your Wildest Imagination by May 26, 2017 $12.99 38051 words Sample 20%
The Blessing is the power of God to create wealth and to make you rich beyond your wildest imagination. The Copeland Way is about how Kenneth and Gloria Copeland applied the word of God and activated the Blessing and has prospered them and made them rich beyond their wildest dream. In this book, you are going to learn how to put the blessing to work.
Ganged On Her Wedding Day: An Interracial M+/F Cuckold Bride Story by Vara Damon Ganged On Her Wedding Day: An Interracial M+/F Cuckold Bride Story by May 26, 2017 $2.99 6896 words Sample 50%
It's Dana's wedding day, and her four close friends, large black muscular guys have gone off with her leaving her fiance Sal waiting at the altar! Little does Sal know that Dana was intercepted by her friends and tempted with one last hour in memory of all the fun times they've had together.
Hooked On Mama #2 by Jack Ryder Hooked On Mama #2 by May 26, 2017 $0.99 4518 words Sample 20%
Roger was the first of my buddies to notice that mom seemed to be showing up at places we frequented. "I think she has the hots for you," he taunted me. "If she gets tired of that...I'd be happy to help her out," Roger told me in a snarky tone. "I'd crawl all over that gorgeous body," he snarled while he openly gawked at my mama's mostly exposed body.
From Fables, to Drama, to Noir: A Collection of Short Stories by Briana Morris From Fables, to Drama, to Noir: A Collection of Short Stories by May 26, 2017 Free! 3660 words Read a sample
The Realistic stories in A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES by Briana Morris range from something sweet and innocent with a great moral, to something tragic and heart wrenching. Fiction is the route that I went down with these stories.
The Undomesticated Strain by Stefon Mears The Undomesticated Strain by May 26, 2017 $2.99 4640 words Sample 20%
Jerry takes three scientists camping at Crater Lake, Oregon. Not his idea, but they pay, and he needs money for his son's twelfth birthday. Why would they pack a tranq rifle and all that expensive equipment? What could scientists hunt around Crater Lake? Bigfoot?
Cuckold Collection Volume 2 by Don Johnson Cuckold Collection Volume 2 by May 26, 2017 $5.00 13809 words Sample 20%
3 'Definitely Cuckold' Tales with a 4th Bonus story!