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Midwest Midwinter by Thomas M. Willett Midwest Midwinter by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 7975 words Sample 20%
It's another average day for door-to-door salesman Paul, who wants to do nothing but sell cookware. However, a series of events lead to problems as he crashes parties and witnesses a murder. How will he sell himself out of it all?
Beautiful Music by Jen Selinsky Beautiful Music by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 12419 words Sample 20%
"Beautiful Music" is a book of poems which Jen wrote while listening to Elliott Smith and some of her favorite classical compositions.
The One Left Behind: Magic by Shakyra Dunn The One Left Behind: Magic by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 125168 words
Sometimes the loss of someone close to you allows you the opportunity to atone.
The Man With The Yellowfin Tuna by Bruce Shaffer The Man With The Yellowfin Tuna by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 38453 words Sample 30%
Detective Malcolm O’Reilly peruses travel brochures as he draws near retirement, when a bizarre discovery leads to the case of his life, a case of murder and horrific captivity. Resolving the case takes Malcolm high into the Andes, and down to the desert floor. It takes him to the brink of his physical limits, and into his own painful past.
Protección Pasiva Contra Incendio …y como entenderla by Max R. Schmidt Protección Pasiva Contra Incendio …y como entenderla by Sep. 21, 2017 $5.99 17454 words Sample 20%
La Protección Pasiva Contra Incendios es la medida primaria integrada a un inmueble para brindar una seguridad y protección contra el fuego, respondiendo contra las llamas, el calor y el humo para mantener los requerimientos fundamentales de la compartimentación de los espacios del inmueble, su estabilidad estructural, la separación del fuego y una ruta de evacuación segura.
Desperate Measures by Candace Gold Desperate Measures by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 5598 words Sample 20%
How far would you be willing to go to save your marriage? Would you employ desperate measures? Laurie Moore learns just a little too late how far her husband, Richard has gone to save theirs.
GBQ 3 (The Twins) by Richard Carlisle GBQ 3 (The Twins) by Sep. 21, 2017 $1.99 17880 words Sample 20%
Identical twins, you couldn’t tell them apart! Jessica, the older by 15 minutes, was perfect; 4.0 GPA, graduating college Summa Cum Laude. Jennifer? Not so much. She was the wild one. Impishly deciding to surprise her sister, Jen applies to GBQ to be Gang Bang Queens. Accepted, GBQ plans on the two of them for their 5th anniversary. Only problem? Jessica knows nothing about it! Surprise!
Forever in My Heart by Candy Caine Forever in My Heart by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 77252 words Sample 20%
Can a woman love two men? Ruby Douglas never truly let's the ghost of her fiancé, Peter go, and falls into a comfortable love with a fellow school teacher, Mark Winters..until fate intervenes.
Construction Zone by Wisard Masters Construction Zone by Sep. 21, 2017 $1.99 2340 words
Two male construction workers share a hotel room while on a job together away from home. When one man begins to experience lustful feelings for the other, things begin to escalate quickly in this steamy first-time-gay romance.
Fairyland Detectives by TK Wade Fairyland Detectives by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 30902 words Sample 20%
Fairyland is the land where the dreams of little children become a reality. The only problem is that children are not always so well-behaved. For this reason, the realm had to be policed by the Fairyland Detective Agency. Fairyland Detectives of an exciting story by T.K. Wade that blends comedy and drama with an indomitable wit. A fun book for teenagers and up.
Half Life by Scott Skipper Half Life by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 83720 words Sample 25%
A beautiful young woman and a man she just met are stranded on the beach below fourteen hundred tons of nuclear waste when the earth begins to move. How much time to do they have before the tsunami strikes. Will the cooling ponds that keep the fuel rods safe withstand the shaking
What Happens In the Copy Room: A Billionaire Dinosaur Erotic Short Story by Miriam F. Martin What Happens In the Copy Room: A Billionaire Dinosaur Erotic Short Story by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 9094 words Sample 20%
Millie Samson comes to work with a half-eaten blueberry muffin in one hand and a hot coffee stain on her opposite boob. A perfect way to start Monday, the first day back from vacation. First order of business: empty the inbox. Then do the quarterly reviews. Until Rex Monahan, the dinosaur shapeshifter bossman, knocks on the door. If you enjoy MFF and dinosaurs, be sure to read this one.
Autumn by Crystal Dawn Autumn by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 40721 words Sample 20%
The woman was crazy. He was sure he couldn’t stand her. Every time they were near each other they would fight like this. He was tired of listening to her disagreeing with everything he said. He had finally had enough and just wanted to shut her up. He did it in the only way he knew how. He pulled her up against him and covered her mouth with his.
Human Connection: How the Human Connection: How the "L" Do We Do That? by Sep. 21, 2017 $9.99 68942 words
Leadership guru Art Coombs combines fresh perspectives, profound experience, engaging information, and unforgettable stories into a simple formula that will result in rich connections as you live, laugh, learn, love, and lead those who mean the most to you. Begin today to live the authentic, abundant life you were meant to as you build and shape the connections that change everything.
Transformed: Paris by Suzanne Falter Transformed: Paris by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 63579 words
Transman spy Charley heads to Paris to help stop a Neo Nazi plot to plant dirty bombs throughout the city. But it's his lover Electra who soon stumbles upon a group of sinister expats. Then she promptly disappears. Charley is frantic hunt to find her -- and the dirty bombs -- in the City of Light.
Haunted by Kim Antieau Haunted by Sep. 21, 2017 $5.99 60264 words Sample 10%
Kim Antieau captivates readers with stories of compelling characters haunted by loss and the sometimes horrific, sometimes melancholic feeling of “what if?” These stories—haunted by truly remarkable characters—frighten, charm, enchant, and captivate. They prove once again Antieau’s uncanny ability to make us see the world anew, in all its anguish and glory.
Single? Why? Solutions. How To Find Your Single? Why? Solutions. How To Find Your "Perfect" Partner by Sep. 21, 2017 $4.99 11429 words Sample 10%
This is a guide that teaches you what to look for, when you are searching for a partner, so that you are able to have a happy, long lasting, fulfilling relationship. Easy reading, it gives you the right questions you should ask yourself, so that you can better target your partners. It also about self-awareness.
Viviendo Deliberadamente: El Descubrimiento y Desarrollo de Avatar® by Harry Palmer Viviendo Deliberadamente: El Descubrimiento y Desarrollo de Avatar® by Sep. 21, 2017 $9.99 28078 words
¿Cansado de sentirte como una víctima? ¿De ser abofeteado por el Universo? ¿De estar al efecto de familias disfuncionales, de relaciones codependientes, del noticiero nocturno? ¿De sentir que si no fuera por la mala suerte, no tendrías ninguna suerte? En Viviendo Deliberadamente, Harry Palmer nos muestra un camino de salida.
Cat In Space by A. Nation Cat In Space by Sep. 21, 2017 Free! 4221 words Read a sample
A tiny black and white kitten is rescued. He soon is heading on an adventure of his life to the Moon.
When Dark comes to Light by Sameerah Ivory When Dark comes to Light by Sep. 21, 2017 $3.99 38475 words Sample 15%
The poignant, true story of the turbulent life a young girl, raised by a single mother in an inner-city neighborhood. Young Sameerah is forced to confront rape, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse and physical violence in her struggle toward womanhood. After years of violent relationships and bad life choices, Sameerah Ivory reaches an epiphany to rid her life of violence in all forms.
3 reasons why going solar make sense by Ravi Tripathi 3 reasons why going solar make sense by Sep. 21, 2017 Free! Read a sample
Solar power is the sort of power which substantially highlights on the sustainable sort of advancement as well as is known to conserve lots of various other minimal all-natural resources, the straightforward reason behind it, is that it is generated by the roof planetary systems.
Touched by Amy Stearman Touched by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 66033 words
Carrie Walters has a special gift – she can read the history of any item she touches. Though not everything she comes in contact with has led a happy life, she’s built a successful business selling the ones that have. After a painful divorce, she’s anxious to begin rebuilding her life in the small mountain town she grew up in.
Dark Innocence (The Vampire's Kiss 3) by Reed James Dark Innocence (The Vampire's Kiss 3) by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 9338 words Sample 20%
A young, innocent women is claimed by the dark passions of the vampire! Dark Innocence is an 8100 word harem, supernatural, vampire, angel, demon, clergy, sinful seduction, anal, oral, HuCow, creamy treat, adult nursing, first time, virgin erotica that is not for the faint of heart!
Their First Murder Case by Phillip N Hancock, Sr Their First Murder Case by Sep. 21, 2017 Free! 59399 words Read a sample
Staking out a building while regurgitating her earlier years, Megan Ann Morgan PI, closes the case of the missing heirloom. Almost immediately she is handed a murder case for her and JJ to solve thereby relieving a client of the cloud of murder hanging over his head.
Él Conocía Mi Nombre by F. Wayne Mac Leod Él Conocía Mi Nombre by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 10553 words Sample 20%
En este estudio examinaremos las enseñanzas tanto del Antiguo como del Nuevo Testamento acerca del valor de la vida en el vientre.
Texas, Hold Your Queens by Marie S. Crosswell Texas, Hold Your Queens by Sep. 21, 2017 $4.99 34942 words Sample 15%
TEXAS, HOLD YOUR QUEENS, a Mason Page and Farrah Tyler Novella by Marie S. Crosswell.
Becoming Papa’s Bride by Rosie Zweet Becoming Papa’s Bride by Sep. 21, 2017 $1.99 4735 words Sample 25%
1814, London, England. Edward’s illegitimate daughter is set to marry a village’s smithy. Her distraught grandfather is blackmailing him to marry his own daughter and make her his marchioness. Everything seems fine, for he wants his daughter to enjoy his wealth and privilege, except she doesn’t know that he’s her father… then one thing leads to another…
Space Girls Are Easy by Alana Church Space Girls Are Easy by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 17704 words Sample 20%
Scout Lieutenant Shaydra den'Kurona was trying to escape the stifling responsibilities of her homeworld. But a quick stop on an out-of-the way planet brought her face-to-face with her own desires. Mark Paxton was stuck in a dead-end job in a small town. But one night a starship landed next to him. Now a sexy alien is living with him. One magic night he will find out that Space Girls Are Easy!
Night Dreams #4 - Tall Man by A. Lopez, Jr Night Dreams #4 - Tall Man by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 25543 words
A fresh start brings a new set of critical decisions for Joseph as the series continues with episode four. Will he help his new patient, Claire Botkins, while knowing the danger in not truly understanding his gift? Claire has a recurring nightmare of a stalker in her own house—a nightmare that tempts Joseph to help her with his unpredictable talents.
Tales From The Last Exit by M.R. Klass Tales From The Last Exit by Sep. 21, 2017 $3.99 5223 words Sample 20%
TALES FROM THE LAST EXIT, a new collection of short stories by M. R. Klass, drags conventional horror to new grounds. Within these six short stories, Klass examines the meaning of fear, death, anxiety, and paranoia. Using classic elements of horror, he combines them with the paranormal, the far-fetched, and the plausible, to create thrilling tales to entertain, and terrify, the masses.
Night Dreams #3 - Rising Darkness by A. Lopez, Jr Night Dreams #3 - Rising Darkness by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 26485 words
The demon attempts to divide the Rickettes' household in an endless evil assault. Its power may be too much for Joseph to handle alone as he learns more about Andrea's past with her sister, Jessica. The haunting novella series continues, with the next intense episode answering more questions about Andrea’s nightmares and the demon that haunts her. Joseph’s gift is severely tested by the demon o
Night Dreams #2 - Andrea's Demon by A. Lopez, Jr Night Dreams #2 - Andrea's Demon by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 21699 words
The novella series continues, with episode two finding Joseph years later, after using his gift to help his mother. In his mind, his gift was all but forgotten, until his wife, Andrea, reveals her secret past and the demon that has pursued her and her sister Jessica, since childhood. The tension builds as Joseph and Andrea both tell their secrets from their childhood and look for a way to end her
To get the right Feelings by Bo Widerberg To get the right Feelings by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 3112 words Sample 20%
To get rid of the drunken Alex Brown, his wife Linda, together with a friend, Burt Jason got rid of Alex, and enjoyed all the sex they could think of, even together with some of Burt's business colleges.
SEPARATION WINDS by Burak akbaş SEPARATION WINDS by Sep. 21, 2017 $1.99 6080 words
Severek ayrılanların acı dolu hikayesi.. a pathetic love story..
Sower by Bea Cannon Sower by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 83682 words Sample 20%
This is the tale of one of the last Sowers. Such a mission as the one with which he is charged can be dangerous. Can he accomplish his duty and keep the natives from learning of the presence of offworlders? Can he run fast enough to escape after being caught with a native female? And, when he finds a deadly problem threating to wipe out the restoral efforts, can he prevent it from spreading?
Unexpected Enemy: Ultimate Revenge by Tim Cagle Unexpected Enemy: Ultimate Revenge by Sep. 21, 2017 $5.99 86858 words Sample 15%
When Ann goes into labor early, she races to her doctor’s office to make sure that he is the one who delivers her baby. The shock of her dramatic entry into the clinic is overshadowed by the appearance of her baby boy, who is black. Ann and her husband, Steven, who conceived via in vitro fertilization, are white.
Thieves: Books 1 & 2 by Lexi Blake Thieves: Books 1 & 2 by Sep. 21, 2017 $5.99 223357 words
Stealing mystical and arcane artifacts is a dangerous business, especially for a human, but Zoey Wharton is an exceptional thief. This bundle includes Steal the Light and Steal the Day by Lexi Blake.
A Spy with Werewolves by Marla Braziel A Spy with Werewolves by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 49687 words Sample 10%
A new heroine. A secret operation. An experience that will forever change the Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation. Taya Raveen has failed. Infected with the lycanthropy disease and trapped inside the Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation, her report on the reservation has been filed away never to be seen again. But someone did read it. Someone has been watching from the outside.
Ghost People Explanations Volume:11 by Todd Rohrer Ghost People Explanations Volume:11 by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 755 words
Historical as well as current explanations relative to ghost people and words on accomplishment of the task. Also identification of ghost people from history. Volume 11
Marilyn Monroe Biography: The Inspirational Life Story of The Astonishing Hollywood’s Bombshell Sex Symbol by Chris Dicker Marilyn Monroe Biography: The Inspirational Life Story of The Astonishing Hollywood’s Bombshell Sex Symbol by Sep. 21, 2017 $4.99 12862 words Sample 7%
Marilyn Monroe was a true icon and an inspiration for many women in the entertainment industry. What she went through was quite phenomenal, because most women in Hollywood at that time were discriminated and did not receive an equal pay like men. Marilyn fought for her own rights with big production companies and won. She paved the way for many women who want to become successful actresses...
Sins Of The Flesh by Kelly Addams Sins Of The Flesh by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.49 5389 words Sample 20%
Gemma doesn't think that she's frustrated, but she still can't explain why she has the same dream every night, a dream that makes her blush when she wakes, an erotic dream that features her, not being... Her! She dreams of her fantasy man Dean, young, handsome, muscular and dominant, a guy that she believes is a figment of her imagination, that is until he knocks on her front door! Sins of the Fle
Time Flies: A short story by Mary Fewko Time Flies: A short story by Sep. 21, 2017 Free! 22810 words Read a sample
Time is dead and has flies hovering about it in this story of a *maybe* time-traveling girl living with schizophrenia, her transgender friend battling drug addiction, and the current war-torn mess their country found itself in...
The Beamy Courage Gerta Scholler by Gillespie Lamb The Beamy Courage Gerta Scholler by Sep. 21, 2017 $3.99 31271 words
Orphaned in New York City in the middle of the 19th century, Gerta Scholler finds new family and survives tragedy on a Kansas homestead.
Stephen Hawking Biography: The Life and Work of the World’s Famous Scientist in a Brief History of Time by Chris Dicker Stephen Hawking Biography: The Life and Work of the World’s Famous Scientist in a Brief History of Time by Sep. 21, 2017 $3.99 9472 words Sample 7%
Stephen Hawking, the next Einstein of the 21st century. He explores the mysteries of the universe with the help of modern physics and technology. The concepts of black holes, gravitational waves, baby universes, the big bang, time wraps, time travel, imaginary time, string theory, theory of everything, unified theory, and many others are contributed to Stephen Hawking's work. Moreover...
Wanderlust by Amy Brahe Wanderlust by Sep. 21, 2017 $3.99 48942 words
A British businessman and an American student coming together in a dusty French village, that’s just a matter of coincidence. But only they can give themselves a reason to stay together as well. Or will they succumb and give themselves over to wanderlust? But only once you come back you’ll realize that everything feels better the second time around.
Sparkle by Alexander V Sparkle by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 9015 words Sample 30%
A pack of wolves must make it through the deserted wastelands to reach safety, but the path is perilous. With their lives threatened by hunger, the pack's leader must resort to any means necessary in order to provide food. Thus, when a lone wolf appears in the distance, he decides to kill. There is, however, a strange, mysterious air surrounding this grey, golden-eyed, lone wolf.
The House Hungers by G.K. Roberts The House Hungers by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 10367 words Sample 10%
A dream come true turns into a nightmare. . . Jennifer Berwick always dreamed of having a place to call her own. When a long-forgotten aunt died and left her a beautiful old estate, she thought those dreams had come true. Shortly after arriving at her new home, she starts experiencing things that are strange which quickly turn to horrifying.
As Bob Dylan Said by Thomas M. McDade As Bob Dylan Said by Sep. 21, 2017 Free! 3698 words Read a sample
This short story deals with metal, legal and illegal, light and heavy, as well as two men who collect it. Shuffles gathers the former, Jake deals the latter. A Bob Dylan lyric shows up at the forging of the partnership and accompanies the trip. Mysterious mother and daughter beggars complete the cast. Sit back, pop an Iron City brew.
First Words: Final Lesson by Shakyra Dunn First Words: Final Lesson by Sep. 21, 2017 $0.99 29703 words Sample 30%
Four mystical tales, four parties, all intertwined to set the stage for a bigger event.
The Date (In Diapers) by Joanne Napper The Date (In Diapers) by Sep. 21, 2017 $2.99 6384 words Sample 20%
It was just supposed to be a date. But by the end of the night, this little girl might just end up in plastic. That's not all, she might be a cute little girl for a sweet new daddy.